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With their years and location of service

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List of Teachers; State: MA; County: Hampshire Co
Helen Louise 1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Music, AssistantLilian Emily 1905-1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Elizabeth Kemper 1905-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
May Alice 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Catherine De Puy 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Clarke School
EnglishCaroline Isabel 1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Estimate Ruth Eastman 1844MAHampshire CoNorthampton
George 1823-1830MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Greek, InstructorAmy Louise 1901MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Charlotte Cynthia 1889-1890MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ArtLucy Lord 1916MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ZoologyAnne Ide 1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PianoEmma 1892-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mathematics, AssistantSusan Rose 1906-1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Astronomy, AssistantHarriet Williams 1896-1901MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PhysicsHannah Louisa 1906-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
MusicHelen Rockwell 1892-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Gymnastics, AssistantMarjorie 1906-1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Archaeology, InstructorHarriet Ann 1900-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English Literature, AssistantStella Stevens 1896-1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Jessie Johnson 1903-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Anna Gertrude 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Isaac 1892-1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Astronomy, AssistantEdith Imogene 1903-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Frances Grace 1920-1921MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Chemistry, AssistantGrace Adelle 1891-1894MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Dorothea Ruth 1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
English, InstructorLouisa Sewall 1907-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Botany, AssistantHelen Ashhurst 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ArtAlfred Vance 1916MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PsychologyAgnes Grace 1909-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Clara May 1889-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Janet Tucker Howell 1916-1917MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ArtMarion Elizabeth 1916MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
GermanSophia Cook 1886MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
English, AssistantRachael Chadsey 1881-1883MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Celia May 1914MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Robert Allen 1825-1827MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Physics, AssistantJulia Nelson 1897-1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ChemistryEllen Parmelee 1890-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Emerson Davis 1872-1873MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
AssistantRegina Katherine 1896-1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
InstructorMary Beach 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
MathematicsEleanor Philbrook 1881-1883MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Logic, InstructorAnna Alice 1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
VoiceEsther 1915MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Julia Anna 1903-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
English, AssistantEmma Jane 1887-1888MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantAmy Eliot 1905-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
EconomicsJohn 1917-1918MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Ada Florence 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
English, AssistantGrace Boorman 1899-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Cherrie Edna 1909-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Elocution, AssistantNora Gertrude 1899-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English Literature, InstructorMary 1901MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, PhysicsElla Elizabeth 1881-1890MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantIsabel 1889-1890MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
EconomicsCharles Eugene 1898-1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Geology, AssistantCharlotte Frelinghuysen 1901-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
MathematicsBertha Frances 1895MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Georgie Louise 1903-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Clarke School
ChemistryMary Louise 1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
History, InstructorMary Breese 1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
MathematicsLaura 1881-1889MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Nellie 1889-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Mary 1888-1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
LatinClayton Morris 1922-1925MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Rose Standish 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Junius Loring 1850MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Bertha Lee 1903-1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton
ZoologyAnnah Putnam 1900-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Geology, AssistantAida Agnes 1905-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ViolinRebecca W. 1915MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Astronomy, AssistantMary Murray 1906-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Eli Andrews 1847-1848MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
EnglishFrank Gaylord 1888MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, LiteratureCaroline Marsh 1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Agnes 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, AssistantFlorence 1894-1897MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Latin, AssistantAnna Spalding 1895-1897MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Jeannie Cooper 1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Jehiel 1787MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Elocution, AssistantElsie Herndon 1908-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ArtClarence 1916MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Anna Laura 1894MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Alice M. 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Bessie Stebbins 1886MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Clarke School
Clara Welles 1906-1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantElizabeth Dike 1898-1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Zoology, AssistantMargaret 1894-1895MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, InstructorMary Delia 1906-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Botany, AssistantEmily Pauline 1903-1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PianoClara Gertrude 1896-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton
History, InstructorEleanor Louisa 1890-1894MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Grace 1894-1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Lucy Eloise 1904-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Alice Hanson 1896-1897MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Rose Clarissa 1893-1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Rose Clarissa 1909-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
LatinJonathan 1857-1859MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
English LiteratureHarriet Goodrich 1901-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, InstructorElizabeth Spaulding 1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English LiteratureGrace Whiting 1903-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mathematics, AssistantLola 1901-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
FrenchMary Frances 1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
English Literature, AssistantEtta Laura 1894-1897MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
History, InstructorCarrie Tilden 1902-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
William Ward 1854-1857MAHampshire CoNorthampton
DesignLouis Gaspard 1916MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Cornelia Ainsworth 1919MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Elizabeth Keith 1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Florence L. 1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Anna Grace 1907-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Helen Maud Nelson 1903-1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
LatinErnest Mondell 1886MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ArtTheona Clare 1898-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
InstructorJennie May 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mabel Kingsley 1904-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton
EnglishJennette Barbour 1901-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Lucy Augusta 1855-1856MAHampshire CoNorthampton
AssistantLaura 1905-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantGrace Tyler 1909-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Anatomy, PhysiologyGrace Alma 1887-1894MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
SciencesSydna Ellen 1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Mathematics, InstructorEthel Dench 1892-1895MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Laura Dana 1897-1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
AssistantSusan Miller 1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ArtJerene 1916MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, AssistantGrace Potter 1905-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Latin, AssistantMary Lilias 1904-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
EnglishMargaret 1906-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Zoology, AssistantFlorence Rena 1895-1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mary Augusta 1897-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
David Sylvester 1850MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Florence Ethelyn 1903-1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
German, InstructorHelen Winifred 1887-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Greek, InstructorMae Appleton 1888-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
HistorySt George Leakin 1899-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Frances Curtis 1899-1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Botany, AssistantFrances Grace 1900-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Botany, AssistantGrace Angeline 1896-1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
GreekLucy Hannah 1883-1884MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
SciencesSybil Laura 1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Botany, AssistantJulia Warner 1900-1901MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
AssistantPauline 1908-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
FrenchEthel May 1919-1921MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Edith Carter 1885-1891MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Sarah Tappan 1870-1872MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Helen Bruce 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
ArtBeulah 1916MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
LatinCaroline Louise 1897-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, AssistantSarah 1880-1881MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
EnglishHarriet Wadsworth 1899-1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
AssistantHarriet Wadsworth 1900-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Frances Ellis 1903-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Helen 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Helen Elizabeth 1879MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
ArtDwight W. 1916MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
GreekAbbie 1882-1883MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Emile 1916MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PianoGeorge Clifford 1915MAHampshire CoNorthampton
GymnasticsGertrude Annie 1886-1889MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mary Malvina 1882MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
History, AssistantMadeleine 1894-1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mathematics, SciencesLucy Hunt 1900-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Zoology, AssistantGrace Blair 1908-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantEssie 1883-1887MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PianoRay Dickinson 1915MAHampshire CoNorthampton
English Literature, AssistantHelen Isabel 1898-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Bertha Maria 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Lucia Edna 1895-1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
EnglishMary Alvira 1888-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Grace Louise 1890-1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton
HistoryMartha Leola 1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School

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Most Recent Entries
1TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, Dennis
7TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, Falmouth
1TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, Truro
1TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, West Barnstable
1TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, West Brewster
1TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, West Dennis
1TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, West Harwich
1TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, West Yarmouth
1TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, Yarmouth
2TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, Yarmouth Port
1TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, Dalton
1TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, Hancock
1TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, Hinsdale
1TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, Housatonic
1TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, Lanesborough
1TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, New Marlborough
1TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, Otis
1TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, South Egremont
9TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, Williamstown
3TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, Williamstown, Williams College
4TeachersMA, Bristol Co, Attleboro, High School
1TeachersMA, Bristol Co, Berkley
1TeachersMA, Bristol Co, Dighton
2TeachersMA, Bristol Co, Mansfield
27TeachersMA, Bristol Co, New Bedford
7TeachersMA, Bristol Co, New Bedford, High School
3TeachersMA, Bristol Co, North Attleboro
1TeachersMA, Bristol Co, North Dartmouth
1TeachersMA, Bristol Co, North Easton
3TeachersMA, Bristol Co, Norton
1TeachersMA, Bristol Co, Somerset
1TeachersMA, Bristol Co, Swansea
2TeachersMA, Dukes Co, Oak Bluffs
1TeachersMA, Dukes Co, West Tisbury
15TeachersMA, Essex Co, Andover, Abbot Academy
55TeachersMA, Essex Co, Andover, Phillips Academy
8TeachersMA, Essex Co, Beverly, High School
1TeachersMA, Essex Co, Byfield
10TeachersMA, Essex Co, Haverhill, High School
14TeachersMA, Essex Co, Lynn
6TeachersMA, Essex Co, Lynn, High School
1TeachersMA, Essex Co, Lynnfield
1TeachersMA, Essex Co, Marlboro
2TeachersMA, Essex Co, Merrimac
1TeachersMA, Essex Co, Methuen
1TeachersMA, Essex Co, North Andover
4TeachersMA, Essex Co, Peabody, High School
1TeachersMA, Essex Co, Salisbury
1TeachersMA, Essex Co, South Byfield
1TeachersMA, Essex Co, Topsfield
3TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Bernardston
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Buckland
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Charlemont
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Erving
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Hawley
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Leverett
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Leyden
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Monroe Bridge
3TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Montague
3TeachersMA, Franklin Co, New Salem
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, North Prescott
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Prescott
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Shelburne
1TeachersMA, Franklin Co, Warwick
1TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Bondsville
1TeachersMA, Hampden Co, East Longmeadow
9TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Holyoke
18TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Holyoke, High School
1TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Mittineague
24TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Monson Academy
56TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield
15TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield, Technical High School
1TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Three Rivers
1TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Wales
1TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Bradstreet
1TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Florence
1TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Haydenville
2TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, North Amherst
23TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Northampton
11TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Northampton, Capen School
18TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Northampton, High School
40TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, South Hadley, Mt Holyoke College
6TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Arlington, High School
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Boxboro
34TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge
105TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, Harvard University
6TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, Latin School
118TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, MA Institute of Technology
14TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Concord
8TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Concord, High School
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Dunstable
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, East Billerica
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, East Cambridge
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, East Somerville
8TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Framingham
9TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Lexington
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Lincoln
5TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Littleton, High School
20TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Lowell, High School
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Lowell, Textile School
17TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Malden, High School
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Maynard
12TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Medford
4TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Medford, Tufts University
18TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Natick
20TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Newton
3TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Highlands
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Lower Falls
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Upper Falls
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Newtonville
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, North Chelmsford
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Saxonville
13TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Somerville, High School
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, South Chelmsford
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, South Natick
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, South Sudbury
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Sudbury
17TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Waltham
2TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Waverley
2TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Wayland
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, West Somerville
15TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline, High School
1TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, East Walpole
5TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Holbrook, High School
1TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Millis
1TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Needham Heights
3TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Norfolk
1TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, North Weymouth
14TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Quincy, High School
1TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, South Weymouth
146TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley College
1TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Westwood
1TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wollaston
6TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wollaston, Quincy Mansion School
16TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton
14TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton, High School
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Campello
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Lakeville
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Marion
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Marshfield
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Mattapoisett
6TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Middleboro
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, North Scituate
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Plympton
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Rochester
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Rock
1TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, South Hingham
224TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
9TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston Athenaeum
14TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, English High School
15TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Girls High School
12TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Girls Latin School
7TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Harvard Medical School
10TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, High School
4TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Normal School
44TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Simmons College
6TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Charlestown, High School
9TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester
14TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester, High School
11TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury
8TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, High School
5TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, South Boston, High School
1TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Winthrop Highlands
5TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Winthrop, High School
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Blackstone
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Bolton
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Boylston
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Charlton
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Douglas
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, East Brookfield
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, East Douglas
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Linwood
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Lunenburg
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Mendon
3TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Milford
3TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Millbury
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Nashua
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, New Braintree
3TeachersMA, Worcester Co, North Brookfield
3TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Northborough
2TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Northbridge
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Phillipston
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Princeton
2TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Shrewsbury
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, South Berlin
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, South Lancaster
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, South Royalston
8TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Southbridge
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Sterling
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Templeton
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, West Fitchburg
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, West Sutton
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Westminster
38TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester
45TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester Academy
22TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, High School
9TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Highland Military Academy
1TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, North High School
24TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Polytechnic Institute
11TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, South High School

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09 Aug 2020History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania298
08 Aug 2020Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-194912,671200
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19 May 2020United States railroad directory, for 18565,56727
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15 Apr 2020Johns Hopkins Directory 1876-19264,570548
12 Apr 2020Trinity College (Duke), 191692213
11 Apr 2020Boyd's directory of the District of Columbia, 1894706
10 Apr 2020Eastern Illinois University, Alumni Register, 1914569
09 Apr 2020Cornell College Register and Alumni Record, 191380920
07 Apr 2020Register of the State Department, 19162,2506
05 Apr 2020DC City Directory, 1843376
05 Apr 2020American Art Annual, 191649639
02 Apr 2020Who's Who in the Nation's Capital4,95222
28 Mar 2020Polks Medical Register of North America1,8942
26 Mar 2020Directory of trained nurses, 18951,850
25 Mar 2020Georgetown university in the District of Columbia, 1789-1907187
25 Mar 2020Georgetown University Alumni Directory 1789-19122,33912
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22 Mar 2020Physicians, Dentists, Druggists Directory of New England6,8966
20 Mar 2020American Physician and Surgeon Blue Book, 19192,50126
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14 Mar 2020Iowa State Normal School Alumni 19091,04413
12 Mar 2020Directory of graduates, State Normal School, Milwaukee, WI1,96724
11 Mar 2020Teachers and School Officers Directory for Ohio6,3214
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