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List of Teachers; State: MA; County: Hampshire Co
Helen Louise 1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Music, AssistantLilian Emily 1905-1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Elizabeth Kemper 1905-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
May Alice 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Catherine De Puy 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Clarke School
EnglishCaroline Isabel 1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Estimate Ruth Eastman 1844MAHampshire CoNorthampton
George 1823-1830MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Greek, InstructorAmy Louise 1901MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Charlotte Cynthia 1889-1890MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ZoologyAnne Ide 1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PianoEmma 1892-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mathematics, AssistantSusan Rose 1906-1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Astronomy, AssistantHarriet Williams 1896-1901MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PhysicsHannah Louisa 1906-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
MusicHelen Rockwell 1892-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Gymnastics, AssistantMarjorie 1906-1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Archaeology, InstructorHarriet Ann 1900-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English Literature, AssistantStella Stevens 1896-1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Jessie Johnson 1903-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Anna Gertrude 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Isaac 1892-1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Astronomy, AssistantEdith Imogene 1903-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, AssistantGrace Adelle 1891-1894MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Dorothea Ruth 1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
English, InstructorLouisa Sewall 1907-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Botany, AssistantHelen Ashhurst 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PsychologyAgnes Grace 1909-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Clara May 1889-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton
GermanSophia Cook 1886MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
English, AssistantRachael Chadsey 1881-1883MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Robert Allen 1825-1827MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Physics, AssistantJulia Nelson 1897-1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ChemistryEllen Parmelee 1890-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Emerson Davis 1872-1873MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
AssistantRegina Katherine 1896-1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
InstructorMary Beach 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
MathematicsEleanor Philbrook 1881-1883MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Logic, InstructorAnna Alice 1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
VoiceEsther 1915MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Julia Anna 1903-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
English, AssistantEmma Jane 1887-1888MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantAmy Eliot 1905-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Ada Florence 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
English, AssistantGrace Boorman 1899-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Cherrie Edna 1909-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Elocution, AssistantNora Gertrude 1899-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English Literature, InstructorMary 1901MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, PhysicsElla Elizabeth 1881-1890MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantIsabel 1889-1890MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
EconomicsCharles Eugene 1898-1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Geology, AssistantCharlotte Frelinghuysen 1901-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
MathematicsBertha Frances 1895MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Georgie Louise 1903-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Clarke School
ChemistryMary Louise 1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
History, InstructorMary Breese 1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
MathematicsLaura 1881-1889MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Nellie 1889-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Mary 1888-1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Rose Standish 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Junius Loring 1850MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Bertha Lee 1903-1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton
ZoologyAnnah Putnam 1900-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Geology, AssistantAida Agnes 1905-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ViolinRebecca W. 1915MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Astronomy, AssistantMary Murray 1906-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Eli Andrews 1847-1848MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
English, LiteratureCaroline Marsh 1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Agnes 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, AssistantFlorence 1894-1897MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Latin, AssistantAnna Spalding 1895-1897MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Jeannie Cooper 1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Jehiel 1787MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Elocution, AssistantElsie Herndon 1908-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Anna Laura 1894MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Alice M. 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Bessie Stebbins 1886MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Clarke School
Clara Welles 1906-1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantElizabeth Dike 1898-1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Zoology, AssistantMargaret 1894-1895MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, InstructorMary Delia 1906-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Botany, AssistantEmily Pauline 1903-1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PianoClara Gertrude 1896-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton
History, InstructorEleanor Louisa 1890-1894MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Grace 1894-1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Lucy Eloise 1904-1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Alice Hanson 1896-1897MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Rose Clarissa 1893-1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Rose Clarissa 1909-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
LatinJonathan 1857-1859MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
English LiteratureHarriet Goodrich 1901-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, InstructorElizabeth Spaulding 1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English LiteratureGrace Whiting 1903-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mathematics, AssistantLola 1901-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
FrenchMary Frances 1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
English Literature, AssistantEtta Laura 1894-1897MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
History, InstructorCarrie Tilden 1902-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
William Ward 1854-1857MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Cornelia Ainsworth 1919MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Elizabeth Keith 1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Florence L. 1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Anna Grace 1907-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Helen Maud Nelson 1903-1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
ArtTheona Clare 1898-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
InstructorJennie May 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mabel Kingsley 1904-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton
EnglishJennette Barbour 1901-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Lucy Augusta 1855-1856MAHampshire CoNorthampton
AssistantLaura 1905-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantGrace Tyler 1909-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Anatomy, PhysiologyGrace Alma 1887-1894MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
SciencesSydna Ellen 1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Mathematics, InstructorEthel Dench 1892-1895MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Laura Dana 1897-1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
AssistantSusan Miller 1908MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, AssistantGrace Potter 1905-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Latin, AssistantMary Lilias 1904-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Zoology, AssistantFlorence Rena 1895-1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mary Augusta 1897-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
David Sylvester 1850MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Florence Ethelyn 1903-1905MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
German, InstructorHelen Winifred 1887-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Greek, InstructorMae Appleton 1888-1893MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Frances Curtis 1899-1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Botany, AssistantFrances Grace 1900-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Botany, AssistantGrace Angeline 1896-1899MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
GreekLucy Hannah 1883-1884MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
SciencesSybil Laura 1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Capen School
Botany, AssistantJulia Warner 1900-1901MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
AssistantPauline 1908-1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Edith Carter 1885-1891MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Sarah Tappan 1870-1872MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Helen Bruce 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
LatinCaroline Louise 1897-1904MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Chemistry, AssistantSarah 1880-1881MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
EnglishHarriet Wadsworth 1899-1900MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
AssistantHarriet Wadsworth 1900-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Frances Ellis 1903-1906MAHampshire CoNorthampton
Helen 1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
Helen Elizabeth 1879MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
GreekAbbie 1882-1883MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
PianoGeorge Clifford 1915MAHampshire CoNorthampton
GymnasticsGertrude Annie 1886-1889MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mary Malvina 1882MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Burnham School
History, AssistantMadeleine 1894-1896MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Mathematics, SciencesLucy Hunt 1900-1903MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Zoology, AssistantGrace Blair 1908-1909MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
English, AssistantEssie 1883-1887MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
PianoRay Dickinson 1915MAHampshire CoNorthampton
English Literature, AssistantHelen Isabel 1898-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Bertha Maria 1907MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
Lucia Edna 1895-1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
EnglishMary Alvira 1888-1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
HistoryMartha Leola 1902MAHampshire CoNorthampton, High School
Updated: 09 Mar 2020

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