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List of Teachers; State: KY; County: Jefferson Co
Mary Elizabeth 1887-1889KYJefferson CoLouisville
Jessie Andrews 1903KYJefferson CoLouisville, Girls High School
ArtMargaret Steele 1916KYJefferson CoLouisville, University of Louisville
Mary Dorsey 1890-1896KYJefferson CoLouisville
Mildred Walker 1899-1906KYJefferson CoLouisville, Semple Collegiate School
PhysicsWarwick Miller 1807-1902KYJefferson CoLouisville, High School
EnglishWarwick Miller 1896-1897KYJefferson CoLouisville, Male High School
Georgie 1891-1893KYJefferson CoLouisville
Edward John 1915KYJefferson CoLouisville, High School
Rose Jennie 1886-1889KYJefferson CoLouisville
Jerome Harold 1909KYJefferson CoLouisville
John Garfield 1911-1912KYJefferson CoLouisville, Thorpe University School
MusicCarolina B. 1892KYJefferson CoLouisville
Caroline B. 1920KYJefferson CoLouisville
Caroline Williams 1896-1897KYJefferson CoLouisville
ChemistryWilliam Emmett 1898-1905KYJefferson CoLouisville, Male High School
Augustus 1850-1854KYJefferson CoLouisville
PhysicsRichard Ellsworth 1892-1895KYJefferson CoLouisville, Manual Training High School
Sarah Bartlett 1904-1905KYJefferson CoLouisville, Semple Collegiate School
Voice, MusicMrs. Newton 1915KYJefferson CoLouisville
R. E. 1920KYJefferson CoLouisville
KindergartenLouise 1920KYJefferson CoLouisville
Anna Priest 1907-1908KYJefferson CoLouisville, High School
BiologyRuth Atwill Mudge 1902-1909KYJefferson CoLouisville, Girls High School
Emma 1920KYJefferson CoLouisville
Emma A. 1919KYJefferson CoLouisville, Louisville Normal School
Sarah Eleanor 1897-1901KYJefferson CoLouisville, Semple Collegiate School
MedicineRoy F. 1926KYJefferson CoLouisville, University of Louisville
Noah Hallock Gillett 1859-1860KYJefferson CoLouisville
Ethel 1920KYJefferson CoLouisville
Harrison Obiah 1918KYJefferson CoLouisville
Mabel 1883-1884KYJefferson CoLouisville
Claudia May 1919KYJefferson CoLouisville
ArchitectureW. Edwin 1916KYJefferson CoLouisville, University of Louisville
Charles Rush 1850-1851KYJefferson CoLouisville
ArchitectureGeorge Herbert 1916KYJefferson CoLouisville, University of Louisville
Maurice Nathaniel 1915KYJefferson CoLouisville, High School
SurgeryHerbert Hart 1926KYJefferson CoLouisville, University of Louisville
PsychologyReuben Post 1883-1896KYJefferson CoLouisville, Male High School
Katharine Van Dyke 1899-1900KYJefferson CoLouisville
Rachel Davis 1885-1903KYJefferson CoLouisville
Delia Almira 1908KYJefferson CoLouisville
William Gonrey 1919KYJefferson CoLouisville
Mary Zilpah 1919KYJefferson CoLouisville, Eastern Department School
Lucy Belle 1900-1904KYJefferson CoLouisville
Lena 1920KYJefferson CoLouisville
A. M. 1920KYJefferson CoLouisville
Horace 1849-1850KYJefferson CoLouisville
MathematicsC. W. 1902KYJefferson CoLouisville, High School
Grace Anthea 1904-1906KYJefferson CoLouisville, Semple Collegiate School
Chemistry, PhysicsLily Gavit 1901KYJefferson CoLouisville, Girls High School
Viola Cosby 1919KYJefferson CoLouisville, Louisville Girls High School
Harry Thompson 1903-1909KYJefferson CoLouisville, Manual Training High School
Mary Margaret 1894-1895KYJefferson CoLouisville, Semple Collegiate School
Edgar Huston 1887-1894KYJefferson CoLouisville, Male High School
Adolphus K. 1850-1853KYJefferson CoLouisville
William Curry 1926KYJefferson CoLouisville, University of Louisville
William Luther 1892-1894KYJefferson CoLouisville
William Harold 1917KYJefferson CoLouisville, Boys High School
PhysicsJames J. 1902-1906KYJefferson CoLouisville, High School
MedicineClyde 1926KYJefferson CoLouisville, University of Louisville
Chemistry, EnglishRobert Netherland 1901-1902KYJefferson CoLouisville, Male High School
VoiceAnthony 1915KYJefferson CoLouisville
Anna Adele 1896-1900KYJefferson CoLouisville, Girls High School
Helen 1906-1907KYJefferson CoLouisville, High School
PianoCorneille 1915KYJefferson CoLouisville
PhysicsLily G. Kollock 1901-1907KYJefferson CoLouisville, Girls High School
Chase 1895-1901KYJefferson CoLouisville, Manual Training High School
Drawing, MathematicsHarry W. 1904-1907KYJefferson CoLouisville, Male High School
Alice Bennett 1902-1904KYJefferson CoLouisville, Kentucky Home School
Alice Bennett 1904KYJefferson CoLouisville, Girls High School
Elizabeth Louise 1904-1905KYJefferson CoLouisville, Semple Collegiate School
Bryce McLellan 1839-1871KYJefferson CoLouisville
Edward Clarke 1859-1860KYJefferson CoLouisville
Annie Martha 1908-1909KYJefferson CoLouisville
Elizabeth Gregory 1919KYJefferson CoLouisville, Girls High School
Louise 1919KYJefferson CoLouisville, Normal School
Norman 1854-1856KYJefferson CoLouisville
EnglishStanley 1908-1909KYJefferson CoLouisville, Manual Training School
Ellen Churchill 1883-1901KYJefferson CoLouisville
DesignKeith 1916KYJefferson CoLouisville, University of Louisville
Caroline 1920KYJefferson CoLouisville
Eliza 1874-1877KYJefferson CoLouisville
MathematicsSamuel B. 1895-1909KYJefferson CoLouisville, Male High School
Elizabeth B. 1900KYJefferson CoLouisville
Norman Joseph 1919KYJefferson CoLouisville, University of Louisville
Sylvanus Dexter 1864-1868KYJefferson CoLouisville
Mary 1883-1884KYJefferson CoLouisville
Laura R. 1915KYJefferson CoLouisville
Elrick 1912-1913KYJefferson CoLouisville, Male High School
Samuel Ralston 1854-1859KYJefferson CoLouisville
Nancy Ray 1906KYJefferson CoLouisville, Girls High School
Lisette K. 1911KYJefferson CoLouisville

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Most Recent Entries
2TeachersKY, Allen Co, Scottsville
1TeachersKY, Ballard Co, Wickliffe
2TeachersKY, Barren Co, Glasgow
1TeachersKY, Bell Co, Middlesboro
1TeachersKY, Bell Co, Pineville
1TeachersKY, Boone Co
3TeachersKY, Bourbon Co, Paris
1TeachersKY, Bourbon Co, Paris, High School
3TeachersKY, Boyd Co, Ashland
2TeachersKY, Boyd Co, Ashland, High School
1TeachersKY, Boyd Co, Catlettsburg, High School
1TeachersKY, Boyle Co
11TeachersKY, Boyle Co, Danville
1TeachersKY, Boyle Co, Danville, High School
1TeachersKY, Boyle Co, Danville, State Institute for Deaf Mutes
1TeachersKY, Bracken Co, Augusta
2TeachersKY, Bracken Co, Augusta, Collegiate Institute
1TeachersKY, Bracken Co, Germantown
1TeachersKY, Breckinridge Co, Hardinsburg
1TeachersKY, Bullitt Co, Mt Washington
2TeachersKY, Caldwell Co, Princeton
1TeachersKY, Calloway Co, Murray
1TeachersKY, Calloway Co, New Concord
1TeachersKY, Campbell Co, Alexandria
3TeachersKY, Campbell Co, Dayton
6TeachersKY, Campbell Co, Newport
1TeachersKY, Campbell Co, Newport, University High School
1TeachersKY, Carlisle Co, Bardwell
1TeachersKY, Carlisle Co, Bardwell, High School
1TeachersKY, Christian Co
1TeachersKY, Christian Co, Garrettsburg
6TeachersKY, Christian Co, Hopkinsville
1TeachersKY, Christian Co, Hopkinsville, High School
4TeachersKY, Christian Co, Hopkinsville, South Kentucky College
1TeachersKY, Christian Co, Julien
1TeachersKY, Clark Co, Winchester
1TeachersKY, Clark Co, Winchester, Kentucky Wesleyan College
13TeachersKY, Daviess Co, Owensboro
1TeachersKY, Daviess Co, Owensboro, High School
1TeachersKY, Fayette Co, Donerail
27TeachersKY, Fayette Co, Lexington
1TeachersKY, Fayette Co, Lexington, Chandler normal School
1TeachersKY, Fayette Co, Lexington, College of the Bible
4TeachersKY, Fayette Co, Lexington, Hamilton College
2TeachersKY, Fayette Co, Lexington, Sayre College
2TeachersKy, Fayette Co, Lexington, Sayre Institute
3TeachersKY, Fayette Co, Lexington, University of Kentucky
1TeachersKY, Fleming Co
1TeachersKY, Fleming Co, Flemingsburg
7TeachersKY, Franklin Co, Frankfort
2TeachersKY, Franklin Co, Frankfort, State Normal School
1TeachersKY, Fulton Co
2TeachersKY, Fulton Co, Fulton
2TeachersKY, Garrard Co, Lancaster
1TeachersKY, Graves Co, Lowes, High School
1TeachersKY, Graves Co, Mayfield
2TeachersKY, Hardin Co, Elizabethtown
1TeachersKY, Harlan Co, Harlan
1TeachersKY, Harrison Co
2TeachersKY, Harrison Co, Cynthiana
1TeachersKY, Hart Co, Munfordville
1TeachersKY, Henderson Co, Corydon
8TeachersKY, Henderson Co, Henderson
1TeachersKy, Henderson Co, Henderson, High School
1TeachersKY, Henry Co, Eminence
1TeachersKY, Hickman Co, Clinton
4TeachersKY, Hickman Co, Clinton, Clinton College
1TeachersKY, Hickman Co, Clinton, High School
1TeachersKY, Hopkins Co, Madisonville
2TeachersKY, Jefferson Co
3TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Anchorage
2TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Anchorage, Bellewood Seminary
44TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville
1TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Boys High School
1TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Eastern Department School
8TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Girls High School
7TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, High School
1TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Kentucky Home School
1TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Louisville Girls High School
1TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Louisville Normal School
8TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Male High School
3TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Manual Training High School
1TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Manual Training School
1TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Normal School
6TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Semple Collegiate School
1TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Thorpe University School
9TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, University of Louisville
5TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Lyndon, Kentucky Military Institute
3TeachersKY, Jessamine Co, Nicholasville
1TeachersKY, Jessamine Co, Wilmore
1TeachersKY, Jessamine Co, Wilmore, Asbury College
14TeachersKY, Kenton Co, Covington
3TeachersKY, Kenton Co, Covington, High School
1TeachersKY, Kenton Co, Covington, Holmesdale High School
2TeachersKY, Kenton Co, Ludlow
1TeachersKY, Kenton Co, Ludlow, High School
1TeachersKY, Knott Co
1TeachersKY, Knott Co, Carr Creek
2TeachersKY, Knott Co, Hindman
2TeachersKY, Knox Co, Barbourville, Union College
1TeachersKY, Laurel Co, London
1TeachersKY, Laurel Co, London, Bennett Memorial School
1TeachersKY, Lee Co, Beattyville
1TeachersKY, Lewis Co
1TeachersKY, Lincoln Co, Crab Orchard
3TeachersKY, Lincoln Co, Stanford
3TeachersKY, Logan Co, Russellville
1TeachersKY, Logan Co, Russellville, Bethel College
4TeachersKY, Logan Co, Russellville, Logan College
1TeachersKY, Lyon Co, Eddyville
1TeachersKY, Madison Co
2TeachersKY, Madison Co, Berea
2TeachersKY, Madison Co, Berea, Berea College
4TeachersKY, Madison Co, Richmond
2TeachersKY, Mason Co
8TeachersKY, Mason Co, Maysville
1TeachersKY, Mason Co, Maysville, High School
3TeachersKY, Mason Co, Washington
5TeachersKY, McCracken Co, Paducah
1TeachersKY, Meade Co
1TeachersKY, Mercer Co
2TeachersKY, Mercer Co, Harrodsburg
1TeachersKY, Montgomery Co, Jeffersonville
1TeachersKY, Montgomery Co, Mt Sterling
1TeachersKY, Montgomery Co, Mt Sterling, High School
1TeachersKY, Morgan Co, West Liberty
3TeachersKY, Muhlenberg Co, Central City
1TeachersKY, Nelson Co, Bardstown
1TeachersKY, Nicholas Co, Carlisle
1TeachersKY, Ohio Co, Beaver Dam
2TeachersKY, Ohio Co, Hartford
1TeachersKY, Oldham Co, Westport
1TeachersKY, Owen Co, Wheatley
2TeachersKY, Pike Co, Pikeville
1TeachersKY, Pike Co, Pikeville, High School
6TeachersKY, Pulaski Co, Somerset
7TeachersKY, Pulaski Co, Somerset, High School
3TeachersKY, Scott Co, Georgetown
3TeachersKY, Scott Co, Georgetown, Georgetown College
4TeachersKY, Shelby Co
11TeachersKY, Shelby Co, Shelbyville
11TeachersKY, Shelby Co, Shelbyville, Science Hill School
1TeachersKY, Shelby Co, Simpsonville
1TeachersKY, Simpson Co
3TeachersKY, Simpson Co, Franklin
2TeachersKY, Spencer Co, Taylorsville
1TeachersKY, Todd Co, Elkton
1TeachersKY, Todd Co, Hadensville
1TeachersKY, Union Co
1TeachersKY, Union Co, Morganfield
1TeachersKY, Union Co, Sturgis
5TeachersKY, Warren Co, Bowling Green
2TeachersKY, Whitley Co, Williamsburg, Williamsburg Institute
2TeachersKY, Woodford Co, Versailles

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