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List of Teachers; State: IL; County: Winnebago Co
Fanny Keokee 1895-1899ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Allison Blanche 1909-1910ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Domestic ScienceMary Howe 1909-1910ILWinnebago CoRockford
Alice Amelia 1887-1892ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Helen Louise 1902-1903ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Orlando Cullen 1857-1859ILWinnebago CoRockford
Mary Taylor 1898-1900ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Mary Rawson 1881-1883ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Mary Rawson 1883-1887ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Blanche Wetherell 1892-1896ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Dorothea Despres 1919ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Melinda Strong 1869-1870ILWinnebago CoRockford
Faye Loving 1919ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Ruth 1919ILWinnebago CoRockford
Helen Marguerite 1906-1907ILWinnebago CoRockford
History, CivicsLe Roy Gilbert 1904-1905ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Eliza 1856-1857ILWinnebago CoRockford
Bernice Elizabeth 1919-1920ILWinnebago CoRockford
Bessie 1886-1898ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Otis Miles 1917ILWinnebago CoRockford
Arthur Vernon 1914-1916ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Sarah Matilda 1890-1895ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Frank James Du 1916ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Andrew Washington 1856-1857ILWinnebago CoRockford
MathematicsDenton Loring 1914-1916ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
AgricultureRoy Thomas 1918ILWinnebago CoRockford
Edwin Lyman 1853-1878ILWinnebago CoRockford
Laura Caroline 1899-1901ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Evalyn A. 1909-1910ILWinnebago CoRockford
PhilosophyJulia Henrietta 1890-1902ILWinnebago CoRockford College
ArtMary 1916ILWinnebago CoRockford College
AthleticsWalter Henry 1918ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Homer 1913-1914ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Hugo Henry 1910ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Eleanor Marian 1923-1929ILWinnebago CoRockford
PianoGeorge Nelson 1915ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Mabel Ruth 1910ILWinnebago CoRockford
Alice Louise 1889-1891ILWinnebago CoRockford
Domestic ScienceAda Lillian Baldwin 1911-1913ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Lillian 1884-1895ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Lillian 1887-1891ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Hilah Jane Link 1915-1916ILWinnebago CoRockford
MusicMabel 1904-1905ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Ada Rowena 1919ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Le Roy Lewis 1912-1913ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
ElocutionCharles Theodore 1913ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
SciencesIda E. Carothers 1905-1906ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Maude Evangeline 1901-1902ILWinnebago CoRockford
Charles Oscar 1919ILWinnebago CoRockford
Hannah Kimball 1848-1849ILWinnebago CoRockford
Helen Sinclair 1917ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Library ScienceMary Bell 1913-1921ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Elenor 1907-1908ILWinnebago CoRockford
Elenor 1908ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Madona 1917ILWinnebago CoRockford
PianoFanny Marion 1915ILWinnebago CoRockford
MusicFanny Marion 1915ILWinnebago CoRockford College
King Parks 1915ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Lillian A. 1910ILWinnebago CoRockford
Edna 1902ILWinnebago CoRockford
Herbert Trueblood 1915ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Frances 1891-1893ILWinnebago CoRockford
Jessie Isadore 1885-1905ILWinnebago CoRockford College
Emily 1872-1873ILWinnebago CoRockford
Bernice Ford 1912-1914ILWinnebago CoRockford
Laura Lillian 1915-1917ILWinnebago CoRockford
Jennie E. 1883ILWinnebago CoRockford, High School
Mabel Thacher 1902-1906ILWinnebago CoRockford College

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Most Recent Entries
1TeachersIL, Adams Co, Payson
82TeachersIL, Adams Co, Quincy
21TeachersIL, Adams Co, Quincy, High School
10TeachersIL, Bond Co, Greenville
1TeachersIL, Brown Co, Hersman
1TeachersIL, Bureau Co, La Moille
1TeachersIL, Bureau Co, Tiskilwa
1TeachersIL, Bureau Co, Wyanet
1TeachersIL, Carroll Co, Lanark
1TeachersIL, Carroll Co, Milledgeville
3TeachersIL, Carroll Co, Mt Carroll
31TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Champaign
41TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Champaign, High School
90TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Champaign, University Of Illinois
1TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Penfield
1TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Pesotum
1TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Seymour
1TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Tolono
23TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Urbana
27TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Urbana, High School
2TeachersIL, Christian Co, Morrisonville
2TeachersIL, Christian Co, Mt Auburn
1TeachersIL, Christian Co, Palmer
2TeachersIL, Clark Co
3TeachersIL, Clark Co, Marshall
1TeachersIL, Clark Co, Martinsville
1TeachersIL, Clay Co, Louisville
1TeachersIL, Clinton Co, Carlyle
69TeachersIL, Coles Co, Charleston
1TeachersIL, Coles Co, Loxa
2TeachersIL, Coles Co, Rardin
922TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago
12TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago Normal College
11TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Bowen High School
24TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Englewood High School
31TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, High School
37TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Hyde Park High School
5TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Starrett School for Girls
66TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, University Of Chicago
8TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, University School for Girls
22TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Wendell Phillips High School
3TeachersIL, Cook Co, Cicero
32TeachersIL, Cook Co, Evanston
13TeachersIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
23TeachersIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Northwestern University
28TeachersIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Northwestern University Academy
5TeachersIL, Cook Co, Kenilworth, New Trier High School
5TeachersIL, Cook Co, La Grange, High School
1TeachersIL, Cook Co, Melrose Park
1TeachersIL, Cook Co, Oak Forest
42TeachersIL, Cook Co, Oak Park
17TeachersIL, Cook Co, Oak Park, High School
1TeachersIL, Cook Co, Palatine
1TeachersIL, Cook Co, Ravenswood
1TeachersIL, Cook Co, Schaumburg
1TeachersIL, Cook Co, South Barrington
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Western Springs
1TeachersIL, Crawford Co, Hutsonville
7TeachersIL, Crawford Co, Oblong, High School
1TeachersIL, Crawford Co, Palestine
6TeachersIL, Crawford Co, Robinson, High School
1TeachersIL, Cumberland Co, Janesville
2TeachersIL, Cumberland Co, Neoga
4TeachersIL, DeKalb Co, DeKalb
6TeachersIL, DeKalb Co, DeKalb, High School
3TeachersIL, DeKalb Co, Malta
2TeachersIL, DeKalb Co, Rollo
2TeachersIL, DeKalb Co, Sandwich
5TeachersIL, DeKalb Co, Sycamore, High School
9TeachersIL, DeWitt Co, Clinton, High School
10TeachersIL, DeWitt Co, Farmer City, High School
1TeachersIL, DeWitt Co, Weldon
1TeachersIL, Douglas Co, Murdock
2TeachersIL, Douglas Co, Newman
26TeachersIL, Douglas Co, Tuscola
6TeachersIL, Douglas Co, Tuscola, High School
1TeachersIL, Douglas Co, Villa Grove
1TeachersIL, Edgar Co, Hume
2TeachersIL, Edgar Co, Metcalf
1TeachersIL, Ford Co, Melvin
4TeachersIL, Franklin Co, Benton, High School
1TeachersIL, Franklin Co, Sesser
1TeachersIL, Fulton Co, London Mills
1TeachersIL, Fulton Co, Summum
1TeachersIL, Gallatin Co, Shawneetown
2TeachersIL, Grundy Co, Mazon
1TeachersIL, Hamilton Co, McLeansboro
1TeachersIL, Hancock Co, Elvaston
1TeachersIL, Hancock Co, Warsaw
1TeachersIL, Henderson Co, Oquawka
1TeachersIL, Iroquois Co, Loda
1TeachersIL, Iroquois Co, Milford
1TeachersIL, Jackson Co, Murphysboro
1TeachersIL, Jasper Co, Willow Hill
1TeachersIL, Jo Daviess Co, Nora
15TeachersIL, Kane Co, Aurora
11TeachersIL, Kane Co, Aurora, High School
4TeachersIL, Kane Co, Geneva
1TeachersIL, Kane Co, Kaneville
1TeachersIL, Kane Co, Maple Park
4TeachersIL, Kane Co, St Charles
3TeachersIL, Kankakee Co, Momence
1TeachersIL, Kankakee Co, St Anne
2TeachersIL, Kendall Co, Lisbon
1TeachersIL, Kendall Co, Millington
1TeachersIL, Kendall Co, Newark
1TeachersIL, Kendall Co, Oswego
1TeachersIL, Kendall Co, Yorkville
9TeachersIL, Knox Co, Galesburg
1TeachersIL, Knox Co, Oneida
6TeachersIL, Lake Co, Highland Park, High School
1TeachersIL, Lake Co, Lake Bluff
22TeachersIL, Lake Co, Lake Forest Academy
1TeachersIL, Lake Co, Libertyville
1TeachersIL, Lake Co, Winthrop Harbor
1TeachersIL, LaSalle Co
1TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Leland
1TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Oglesby
5TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Ottawa
10TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Ottawa, High School
1TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, South Ottawa
12TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Streator
1TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Triumph
1TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Waltham
1TeachersIL, Lawrence Co, Lawrenceville
7TeachersIL, Lee Co, Dixon
3TeachersIL, Logan Co, Lincoln
1TeachersIL, Logan Co, Mt Pulaski
19TeachersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, High School
7TeachersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, James Millikin University
1TeachersIL, Macon Co, Maroa
2TeachersIL, Macoupin Co
1TeachersIL, Macoupin Co, Plainview
4TeachersIL, Madison Co, Godfrey, Monticello Seminary
6TeachersIL, Marion Co, Centralia
1TeachersIL, Marshall Co, Lacon
9TeachersIL, Mason Co, Havana
1TeachersIL, Mason Co, Mason City
3TeachersIL, Massac Co, Metropolis
2TeachersIL, McDonough Co, Pennington Point
1TeachersIL, McDonough Co, Sciota
3TeachersIL, McHenry Co, Marengo
2TeachersIL, McHenry Co, Woodstock
18TeachersIL, McLean Co, Bloomington, High School
4TeachersIL, McLean Co, Bloomington, Illinois Wesleyan University
2TeachersIL, McLean Co, Le Roy
1TeachersIL, Monroe Co, St Joe
1TeachersIL, Montgomery Co, Nokomis
1TeachersIL, Moultrie Co
2TeachersIL, Ogle Co
1TeachersIL, Ogle Co, Oregon
1TeachersIL, Ogle Co, Rochelle
1TeachersIL, Ogle Co, Stillman Valley
27TeachersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria
15TeachersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, High School
1TeachersIL, Peoria Co, Princeville
1TeachersIL, Piatt Co, LaPlace
2TeachersIL, Pike Co, Nebo
1TeachersIL, Pike Co, Perry
4TeachersIL, Pike Co, Pittsfield
1TeachersIL, Pulaski Co, Mound City
4TeachersIL, Randolph Co, Sparta
33TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Moline
7TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Moline, High School
1TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Port Byron
2TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Reynolds
9TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island
8TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island, High School
16TeachersIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield
10TeachersIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield, High School
6TeachersIL, Schuyler Co, Rushville, High School
2TeachersIL, Shelby Co, Moweaqua
4TeachersIL, Shelby Co, Shelbyville
1TeachersIL, Shelby Co, Windsor
4TeachersIL, St Clair Co, East St Louis, High School
1TeachersIL, St Clair Co, Marissa
1TeachersIL, St Clair Co, Mascoutah
1TeachersIL, Stark Co, Lafayette
1TeachersIL, Stark Co, Toulon
9TeachersIL, Stephenson Co, Freeport, High School
1TeachersIL, Stephenson Co, Lena
1TeachersIL, Stephenson Co, Ridott
1TeachersIL, Stephenson Co, Winslow
2TeachersIL, Tazewell Co, Washington
1TeachersIL, Vermilion Co, Olivet
2TeachersIL, Wabash Co, Mt Carmel
4TeachersIL, Warren Co
1TeachersIL, Warren Co, Kirkwood
2TeachersIL, Warren Co, Smithshire
2TeachersIL, Warren Co, Youngstown
3TeachersIL, Washington Co, Nashville
2TeachersIL, Whiteside Co, Morrison
1TeachersIL, Whiteside Co, Rock Falls
13TeachersIL, Will Co, Joliet
28TeachersIL, Will Co, Joliet, High School
1TeachersIL, Winnebago Co, Pecatonica
28TeachersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford
17TeachersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford College
23TeachersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, High School
1TeachersIL, Woodford Co, Minonk

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24 Feb 2021Register of Mass Institute of Technology, 19154,8484,848
22 Feb 2021Alumni record, West Virginia University688688
20 Feb 2021Alumni and students of Lehigh University2,3742,374
18 Feb 2021University of Nebraska, Alumni directory, 1869-19121,7821,782
12 Feb 2021Whos Who in Library Service9,6153,002
06 Feb 2021Educational Directory 1916-17893
04 Feb 2021University of Wisconsin Alumni Diectory 1849-19113,580289
01 Feb 2021Register of the Unversity of Alabama 1831-19012,18551
31 Jan 2021Catalogue of Talladega College693
24 Jan 2021Protestant Episcopal Almanac & Directory521
21 Jan 2021Stowe's Clerical Directory, 19203,801
02 Jan 2021Dreadnaught Project908
28 Dec 2020Register of officers and agents, 1839622
27 Dec 2020Register of officers and agents, 1845523
27 Aug 2020Baptist History445
12 Aug 2020History of Upshur Co WV422
10 Aug 2020History of Barbour Co WV623
09 Aug 2020History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania298
08 Aug 2020Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-194912,672201
29 May 2020Ashcrofts Railway Directory for 18663,5187
19 May 2020United States railroad directory, for 18565,56727
17 May 2020https://archive.org/details/historyofillinoi00rail76
05 May 2020Register of the Officers and Alumni, Purdue University1,941108
03 May 2020Officials of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway5002
30 Apr 2020Biographical directory of the railway officials of America8,660207
29 Apr 2020Poor's Manual of Railroads, 19027,79723
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23 Apr 2020Register and Directory of Physicians of California, 19033,55612
22 Apr 2020Alumni Catalogue, University of Kansas, 1905, 081,51761
21 Apr 2020Georgetown Directory 1874248
17 Apr 2020Medical Directory of NY, NJ, CT, 190714,9211
15 Apr 2020Johns Hopkins Directory 1876-19264,632609
12 Apr 2020Trinity College (Duke), 191692212
11 Apr 2020Boyd's directory of the District of Columbia, 1894706
10 Apr 2020Eastern Illinois University, Alumni Register, 1914569
09 Apr 2020Cornell College Register and Alumni Record, 191381324
07 Apr 2020Register of the State Department, 19162,2506
05 Apr 2020DC City Directory, 1843376
05 Apr 2020American Art Annual, 191650144
02 Apr 2020Who's Who in the Nation's Capital4,95222
28 Mar 2020Polks Medical Register of North America1,8942
26 Mar 2020Directory of trained nurses, 18951,850
25 Mar 2020Georgetown university in the District of Columbia, 1789-1907187
25 Mar 2020Georgetown University Alumni Directory 1789-19122,33912
24 Mar 2020Physicians, Dentists, Druggists of MD, DC, VA2,6503
23 Mar 2020added 'Dentist' type
22 Mar 2020Physicians, Dentists, Druggists Directory of New England6,8967
20 Mar 2020American Physician and Surgeon Blue Book, 19192,50227
19 Mar 2020Directory of Administrators and Teachers in Kansas1,09125
19 Mar 2020Naturalists Directory, 18697186
17 Mar 2020Naturalists Directory, 18983,45166
15 Mar 2020State Normal School for Women, Farmville, Va, 19165601
15 Mar 2020State Normal and Training School, Potsdam 1869-18949904
14 Mar 2020Iowa State Normal School Alumni 19091,04717
12 Mar 2020Directory of graduates, State Normal School, Milwaukee, WI1,96926
11 Mar 2020Teachers and School Officers Directory for Ohio6,3214