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List of Teachers; State: IL; County: McDonough Co
Margaret D. 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Lois 1908-1909ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Grace L. 1907-1908ILMcDonough Co
Ralph Thomas 1911-1913ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Lottie J. 1913-1914ILMcDonough CoBushnell
MusicLottie J. 1914-1915ILMcDonough CoBushnell, High School
Loretta E. 1911-1916ILMcDonough CoBushnell
EducationLouis Frederick 1906-1910ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Emma 1912-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Kathryn 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoColchester, High School
Grace 1914-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Hula E. 1911-1912ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Lois K. 1907-1908ILMcDonough Co
Maggie I. 1906-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Ursula 1910-1913ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Edith 1906-1907ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Alverdah 1908-1910ILMcDonough CoBushnell
MusicJennie 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
John Payson 1903-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Myrtle Hopper 1919ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Nellie F. 1913-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Nellie May Frazey Vines 1902-1903ILMcDonough CoBushnell, High School
Flora M. 1912-1913ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Thomas W. 1914ILMcDonough CoBushnell
Jessie L. 1907-1908ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Gladys 1909-1912ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Vera Bernice 1911-1912ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Beatrice 1912ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Florine 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Bessie G. 1910ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Robert Meade 1919ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Latin, EnglishPansy 1906-1908ILMcDonough CoColchester, High School
Caroline 1911-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Cordie E. 1909-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Otto 1919ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
M. Enid 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Biology, AgricultureClyde Whittaker 1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
LiteratureSamuel G. 1902ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Florence 1910-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Kate Bonnell Mann 1906-1909ILMcDonough CoBushnell, High School
Mary 1907-1911ILMcDonough CoColchester
Lena 1911-1912ILMcDonough Co
Clara E. 1910-1912ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
SciencesCyrus W. 1912-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Lily 1914-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Mary B. 1911-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Alice Henrietta 1919ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Jennie 1882-1885ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Alice Emily 1911-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb
ArtHelen S. 1913-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Clara May 1915-1916ILMcDonough Co
Florence L. 1904-1905ILMcDonough Co
Florence L. 1911-1914ILMcDonough CoColchester, High School
Harriet Annice 1912-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Clarice S. 1911-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb
ArtMartha 1911-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Jana 1908-1909ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Eula 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoColchester
Eloise Beryl 1908-1910ILMcDonough CoColchester
Mabel R. 1910-1913ILMcDonough Co
Ashley Rensselaer 1887-1894ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Lena E. 1910-1912ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Gladys Ferne 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Louise D. 1914-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Florence 1910ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Harriet E. 1914-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Alice E. 1914-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Lucy G. 1909-1910ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Nellie A. 1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
BiologyRoy M. 1912-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Lucille R. 1910-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Ruth A. 1904ILMcDonough CoColchester, High School
Margaret 1908-1910ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Lucy L. 1910-1913ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Lenore 1913-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Fannie Lucile 1913-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Lavinia S. 1909-1911ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
HistoryWilliam J. 1902ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Ethel 1914-1916ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Clara 1911-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Gladys 1911-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Ida 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoColchester
Maude 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoBushnell
LatinKathryn Craig 1909-1911ILMcDonough CoBushnell, High School
Mabel E. 1908-1911ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Earl D. 1910-1911ILMcDonough CoColchester
Garnet C. 1911-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb
E. Wayne 1913-1915ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Charles E. 1910-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
Frances Lora 1915-1916ILMcDonough CoColchester
Sylvia 1911-1912ILMcDonough CoColchester
Minnie Mcdill 1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb, State Normal School
MusicEvelyn 1913-1914ILMcDonough CoMacomb
MusicLucile E. 1910-1911ILMcDonough CoMacomb
Updated: 14 Feb 2020

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