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List of Teachers; State: IL; County: Cook Co
Physics, ChemistryWilliam Grant 1896ILCook CoEvanston, High School
Domestic ScienceJessie A. Sweet 1906-1908ILCook CoEvanston
Frederic Gibbs 1891-1892ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Physical EducationEunice Louise 1918ILCook CoEvanston
TheologyHenry 1856-1883ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
Florence Stuart 1894-1900ILCook CoEvanston
Harriet S. 1896-1899ILCook CoEvanston
GermanEthel May 1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Greek, LatinWilfred Fitch 1893-1898ILCook CoEvanston Township, High School
Thomas Russell Ercan 1867ILCook CoEvanston
TheologyCharles Frederick 1883-1900ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
Siegel A. 1919ILCook CoEvanston, High School
Ethel 1919ILCook CoEvanston
GermanAnn Estelle 1899ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Mathematics, SciencesCaroline 1890-1892ILCook CoEvanston, High School
LatinMary Emma 1897-1899ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
GreekJohn Wesley Ridgaway 1897-1901ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Leila Moss 1888-1897ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Grace 1896ILCook CoEvanston
Elizabeth Drayer 1919ILCook CoEvanston
ElocutionRobert Mclean 1868-1873ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
ElocutionRobert Mclean 1880-1881ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
Susie Burdick 1915ILCook CoEvanston
Ethel Leila 1912-1914ILCook CoEvanston
Semitic LanguagesFrederick Carl 1902-1905ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
Anna Mae 1909-1918ILCook CoEvanston
GermanJessie Eliza 1898-1899ILCook CoEvanston
Mary Olive 1891-1893ILCook CoEvanston
ArchaeologyRoy 1916ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
GreekRoy Caston 1899-1901ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Mary Lora 1894-1904ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Mary Eldora Mott 1876-1877ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
MusicFlorence 1925ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Mary Olive 1915-1916ILCook CoEvanston
Gertrude T. 1892-1895ILCook CoEvanston
BiologyMary Elgin 1900ILCook CoEvanston Township, High School
Irene 1917ILCook CoEvanston
Anna May 1900-1901ILCook CoEvanston
Paul Emil 1919ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Caroline Elizabeth 1914-1916ILCook CoEvanston
Anna Laura 1896-1898ILCook CoEvanston
Susan Manning 1890-1892ILCook CoEvanston
Florence Elizabeth 1888-1889ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Florence Elizabeth 1893-1895ILCook CoEvanston
George Henry 1879-1887ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Robert Seney 1892-1893ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
Annie Elizabeth 1900ILCook CoEvanston
Lorenzo Nickerson 1886-1891ILCook CoEvanston, High School
English LanguageOlin Clay 1899-1906ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
SciencesLillian Dora Dole 1917-1918ILCook CoEvanston, High School
Anna Marie 1919ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
TheologyDaniel Parish 1856-1871ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
Harriet Augusta 1883-1891ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Margaret Wishard 1886-1888ILCook CoEvanston, High School
William Henry 1901-1903ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
EnglishLulu Katherine 1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Frank Warren 1882-1883ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Esther Margaret Modowell 1902ILCook CoEvanston
Louisa 1901-1901ILCook CoEvanston
Joseph Leland 1881-1905ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Jennie 1903-1914ILCook CoEvanston
Haridas T. 1925ILCook CoEvanston
Marquis Joseph 1800ILCook CoEvanston, High School
TheologyWilliam Xavier 1873-1876ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
GreekFestus Edward 1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
ArchaeologyAmos 1916ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Chemistry, AssistantHarrison Eastman 1893-1894ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Charles Edward 1910-1912ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Raymond H. 1904-1907ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Miriam Elisabeth 1901-1902ILCook CoEvanston Township, High School
Sarah Ella 1879-1883ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
TheologyMiner 1864-1895ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
Henry Bascom 1882-1885ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
Ada Elizabeth 1919ILCook CoEvanston
EnglishHiram Erl 1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
LatinCarla Fern 1897-1901ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
John Adams 1891-1893ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Gertrude Eva 1892-1897ILCook CoEvanston, High School
ArtStella 1916ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Martha Constance 1894-1897ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Elisabeth 1908-1910ILCook CoEvanston
RhetoricCharles Macaulay 1890ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
ZoologyOtto Herman 1897-1901ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Daniel Crane 1919ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Merritt Eugene 1884-1886ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
TheologyMilton Spenser 1884-1895ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
FrenchMinnie Ruth 1899ILCook CoEvanston, High School
MathematicsClarence Manly 1900-1901ILCook CoEvanston, High School
PhysicsCharles Burton 1888-1893ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Latin, EnglishAda 1889-1893ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
GreekMilton Smith 1884-1885ILCook CoEvanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
Albert T. 1919ILCook CoEvanston
Berenia E. 1912-1915ILCook CoEvanston
GermanJohn Albrecht 1892-1894ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Effyan Reel 1898ILCook CoEvanston Township, High School
Harold Bernard 1919ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Winifred Louise 1919ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Political ScienceVictor J. 1910-1913ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
Lewis Gardner 1893-1900ILCook CoEvanston, High School
Ruth Margaret 1919ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
PreparatoryRufus Haymond 1866-1867ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University
William Edward 1883-1884ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
MathematicsMary Louise 1895-1898ILCook CoEvanston, High School
MathematicsRobert Edward 1900-1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Charles Spaulding 1899-1900ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Mary June 1913-1914ILCook CoEvanston
Charles Hamline 1893-1900ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy

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Most Recent Entries
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4TeachersIL, Jersey Co, Jerseyville
2TeachersIL, Jo Daviess Co, Warren
69TeachersIL, Kane Co, Aurora
18TeachersIL, Kankakee Co, Herscher
27TeachersIL, Knox Co, Abingdon
55TeachersIL, Lake Co, Highland Park
34TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, La Salle, Peru High School
21TeachersIL, Lee Co, Amboy
19TeachersIL, Livingston Co, Dwight
3TeachersIL, Logan Co, Atlanta
49TeachersIL, Macon Co, Decatur
2TeachersIL, Macoupin Co, Girard
16TeachersIL, Madison Co, Alton
17TeachersIL, Marion Co, Centralia
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4TeachersIL, McHenry Co, Harvard
61TeachersIL, McLean Co, Bloomington
32TeachersIL, Mercer Co, Aledo
15TeachersIL, Montgomery Co, Butler
37TeachersIL, Morgan Co, Jacksonville
22TeachersIL, Moultrie Co, Gays
3TeachersIL, Ogle Co, Polo
49TeachersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria
26TeachersIL, Piatt Co, Bement
9TeachersIL, Pike Co, Detroit
4TeachersIL, Putnam Co, Granville
3TeachersIL, Randolph Co, Sparta
2TeachersIL, Richland Co, Olney
50TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Moline
8TeachersIL, Saline Co, Harrisburg
24TeachersIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield
10TeachersIL, Schuyler Co, Rushville
7TeachersIL, Scott Co, Winchester
6TeachersIL, St Clair Co, Belleville
10TeachersIL, Stephenson Co, Freeport
14TeachersIL, Tazewell Co, Morton, High School
62TeachersIL, Vermilion Co, Danville
40TeachersIL, Warren Co, Alexis
19TeachersIL, Whiteside Co, Morrison, High School
41TeachersIL, Will Co, Joliet
3TeachersIL, Williamson Co, Herrin, High School
62TeachersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford
11TeachersIL, Woodford Co, El Paso

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