List of Teachers

With their years and location of service

Source: Medical Annals of Maryland, 1799-1899

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List of Teachers
BacteriologyAlexander Crever 1889-1891MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
HygieneAlexander Crever 1891-1896PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
John Robert 1897MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
OtolaryngologyJacob Dennis 1884-1885MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
Thomas A. 1877MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Edwin Candee 1838-1843MDBaltimore City
ChemistryArthur G. 1897-1898MDBaltimore CityBaltimore University
MedicineHarry Rosgelle 1898-1900MOSt Louis CityBeaumont Medical College
SurgeryJames Bates 1898-1901MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
OtolaryngologyEdward J. 1898-1900MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
AnatomyCharles Frederick 1872-1876MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
HistoryJohn Shaw 1893MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
SurgeryCharles French 1894MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
SurgeryWalton 1897-1899MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
AnatomyJoseph Henry 1881-1895MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
UrologyJames 1893-1894MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
TherapeuticsEdward N. 1877-1879NYErie CoBuffalo, University of Buffalo
AnatomyWakeman 1847MDBaltimore CityWashington University
GynecologyJames Read 1873MASuffolk CoBoston, Harvard Medical School
TherapeuticsSolomon Solis 1889-1892NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth Medical College
HygieneClaribel 1893-1895MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
PhysiologyWilliam Thomas 1880MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
Natural HistoryJohn 1812MDBaltimore CityCollege of Medicine of Maryland
SurgeryStephen 1893-1894MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
GynecologyThomas Stephen 1897MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
ChemistryPierre George 1872-1873MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
Anatomy, OsteologyS. Griffith, Jr 1895-1902MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
SurgeryDaniel Zacharias 1894-1896MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
AnatomyWirt Adams 1889-1890MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
OsteologyWirt Adams 1893-1895MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
HygieneEdith 1895-1898MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
OphthalmologyGeorge A. 1901MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
SurgeryHugh 1903MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
Samuel Jayne 1876-1877PAAdams Co
PharmacologySamuel Jayne 1894MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
ChemistryWilliam Wayland 1893-1897MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
AnatomyJ. William 1888-1890MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Optometry, AudiologyJ. William 1895-1896MDBaltimore CityBaltimore University
HistologyJ. William 1895-1896MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
MedicineThomas Barnes 1895-1897MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
ChemistryWilliam Sisson 1885-1886MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
AnatomyEli 1825-1828SCCharleston CoCharleston, Medical College of South Carolina
DermatologyThomas Caspar 1893-1898MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
ObstetricsGustav 1895-1896MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
ObstetricsWilliam 1870-1874PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
AnatomyGeorge Rose 1884-1890MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
AnatomyHarry 1896-1900MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Edward M., Jr 1887MDTalbot CoEaston, High School
OtolaryngologyHughlett 1899-1901MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Archibald Cunningham 1897-1898MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
AnatomyArchibald Cunningham 1900MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
ObstetricsGeorge Andrew 1885-1888MDBaltimore CityBaltimore University
OtolaryngologyJacob Henry 1874-1877MDBaltimore CityWashington University
Edward Mussey 1874-1877MASuffolk CoBoston, Latin School
Edward Mussey 1883-1891MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
John Frederick 1896-1898MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
Nervous DiseasesCharles Geraldus 1882MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
BacteriologyJose Lewis 1898MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
Adolph G. 1895-1897MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
SurgeryJoseph W. 1900MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
ChemistryLouise D. 1897MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
William Travis 1866MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
ChemistryHenry Ayres 1903MDBaltimore CityBaltimore University
John G. 1877-1881MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Nervous DiseasesFrederick Clarke 1896MDBaltimore CityBaltimore University
PhysiologyC. Hampson 1886-1888MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
PhysiologyC. Hampson 1889-1896MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
William Julian 1898-1899MDBaltimore CityBaltimore University
EmbryologyThomas William 1896-1897MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
OrthopedicsJames 1842-1844NYNew York CoManhattan, New York University
PathologyBerwick Bruce 1894-1896MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
SurgeryBerwick Bruce 1896-1900MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
MicroscopyJesse William 1897-1899MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
HistologyWilliam Milton 1895-1897MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
DermatologySylvan H. 1897MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
PathologySylvan H. 1898-1899MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
PhysiologyG. Milton 1896-1897MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
OphthalmologyNorval W. 1867-1868MDBaltimore City
Gynecology, PathologyThomas P. 1899-1900MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
DermatologyThomas P. 1900TXGalveston CoGalveston, University of Texas
AnatomyJere Williams 1890-1891MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
DermatologyJere Williams 1893-1894MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
PathologyJohn S. 1884-1886MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
AnatomySamuel Hall 1828-1834MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
SurgeryDuncan 1897-1898MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
PharmacyEdward Everett 1886-1890MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
Anatomy, SurgeryArthur Howard, Jr 1895-1897MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Otolaryngology, HygieneJ. Fussell 1888-1893MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
AnatomyThomas Pugh 1882-1884MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
PathologyWilliam Irvin 1895-1896MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
AnatomyJacob Edwin 1874-1880MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
PathologyEdward Vincent 1900MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Histology, PathologyCaspar O. 1889-1891MDBaltimore CityWomans Medical College
HistologyCaspar O. 1891-1898MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
PathologyWilliam Preston 1897-1898MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
PathologyCharles Wellman 1888-1893MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
AnatomyJohn N. 1867MDBaltimore CityWashington University
Robert Brown 1877MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Optometry, AudiologyRussell 1868-1869MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
SurgeryBernard Purcell 1892-1893MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons

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Most Recent Entries
1TeachersAR, Hempstead Co, Hope, High School
1TeachersAR, Phillips Co, Helena, State Normal School
2TeachersAZ, Maricopa Co, Tempe, Normal School
1TeachersCA, Los Angeles Co, Redondo Beach, Union High School
2TeachersCA, Riverside Co, Riverside, High School
1TeachersCA, San Bernardino Co, Ontario, Chaffey union High School
1TeachersCA, San Diego Co, El Cajon, High School
1TeachersCA, San Diego Co, San Diego, Normal School
2TeachersCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, High School
58TeachersCO, Denver Co, Denver, High School
1TeachersCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, Kennedy School of Missions
9TeachersCT, Litchfield Co, Litchfield
1TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Crosby High School
1TeachersDC, Washington Co, Brookland
1TeachersFL, Pinellas Co, St Petersburg, State Normal School
1TeachersIA, Black Hawk Co, Cedar Falls, State Normal School
1TeachersIA, Des Moines Co, Burlington, Prospect Hill School
35TeachersIA, Story Co, Ames, Iowa State University
4TeachersIA, Washington Co, Washington, High School
1TeachersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Hunt School
111TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Champaign, University of Illinois
1TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Boys School
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Manual Training High School
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Harvey, Thornton High School
1TeachersIL, Cook Co, Maywood, Proviso Township High School
1TeachersIL, Cumberland Co, Greenup, High School
2TeachersIL, McLean Co, Normal, State Normal School
39TeachersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria
5TeachersIN, Putnam Co
1TeachersIN, Vigo Co, Terre Haute, Wiley High School
27TeachersIN, Wayne Co, Richmond
1TeachersIN, Wayne Co, Richmond, Jr High School
1TeachersJapan, , Tokyo, Waseda University
1TeachersKS, Atchison Co, Effingham, Atchison Co high school
1TeachersKS, Rice Co, Sterling, Cooper College
1TeachersKS, Sedgwick Co, Wichita, Fairmont College
1TeachersKS, Sedgwick Co, Wichita, Fairmount College
1TeachersKS, Shawnee Co, Topeka, Jr High School
1TeachersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Kentucky School of Medicine
2TeachersKY, Oldham Co, Westport
1TeachersKY, Warren Co, Bowling Green, State Normal School
1TeachersKY, Woodford Co, Versailles, Margaret College
1TeachersMA, Berkshire Co, North Adams, Normal School
3TeachersMA, Essex Co, Georgetown
1TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield, state normal School
1TeachersMA, Hampden Co, Westfield, Normal School
1TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Waltham, North Jr High School
26TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline
155TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley, Wellesley College
65TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Latin School
2TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Fitchburg, Normal School
1TeachersMD, Allegany Co, Frostburg, State Normal School
28TeachersMD, Anne Arundel Co, Annapolis, Naval Academy
1TeachersMD, Baltimore Co, Towson, State Normal School
1TeachersMD, Prince Georges Co, Bowie, Normal School
1TeachersME, Aroostook Co, Presque Isle, State Normal School
1TeachersME, Penobscot Co, Lee, Normal School
1TeachersMI, Antrim Co, Mancelona, High School
1TeachersMI, Ingham Co, East Lansing, High School
1TeachersMI, Isabella Co, Mt Pleasant, State Normal School
1TeachersMI, Lapeer Co, Almont, High School
6TeachersMI, Washtenaw Co, Ypsilanti, State Normal School
11TeachersMI, Wexford Co, Cadillac
1TeachersMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis, University High School
1TeachersMN, Nicollet Co, St Peter, Gustavus Adolphus College
51TeachersMN, Ramsey Co, St Paul
1TeachersMN, Ramsey Co, St Paul, Derham Hall High School
1TeachersMN, St Louis Co, Duluth, Normal School
3TeachersMN, St Louis Co, Duluth, State Normal School
1TeachersMO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph, Young Ladies Institute
2TeachersMO, Greene Co, Springfield, Normal School
1TeachersMO, Greene Co, Springfield, State Normal School
1TeachersMO, Johnson Co, Warrensburg, Normal School
2TeachersMO, Lincoln Co, Troy, Buchanan College
1TeachersMO, Nodaway Co, Maryville, Normal School
2TeachersMO, Nodaway Co, Maryville, State Normal School
1TeachersMO, Shelby Co, Shelbina, Collegiate Institute
1TeachersMO, St Louis City, Concordia College
1TeachersMO, St Louis City, St Louis Medical College
3TeachersMO, St Louis City, St Louis University
3TeachersMO, St Louis Co
1TeachersMS, Marshall Co, Holly Springs, State Normal School
1TeachersMS, Warren Co, Vicksburg, Jr High School
1TeachersMT, Park Co, Livingston, High School
1TeachersNC, Anson Co, Wadesboro, Anson Institute
1TeachersNC, Buncombe Co, Montreat, Normal School
1TeachersNC, Buncombe Co, Weaverville, Weaver College
2TeachersNC, Davidson Co, Thomasville, Female College
1TeachersNC, Montgomery Co, Star, Carolina Collegiate and Agricultural Institute
1TeachersNC, Pasquotank Co, Elizabeth City, State Normal School
1TeachersNC, Surry Co, Dobson, High School
1TeachersNC, Wake Co, Raleigh, State Normal School
1TeachersND, Barnes Co, Valley City, Normal School
2TeachersND, Barnes Co, Valley City, State Normal School
1TeachersNE, Dawes Co, Chadron, State Normal School
1TeachersNE, Wayne Co, Wayne, State Normal School
1TeachersNH, Cheshire Co, Keene, Normal School
11TeachersNH, Grafton Co, Hanover
1TeachersNH, Grafton Co, North Haverhill
2TeachersNH, Grafton Co, Orford
1TeachersNH, Grafton Co, Plymouth, Normal School
1TeachersNH, Rockingham Co, Deerfield
2TeachersNJ, Atlantic Co, Pleasantville, High School
1TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, State Normal School
2TeachersNJ, Ocean Co, Point Pleasant
1TeachersNJ, Ocean Co, Point Pleasant, High School
14TeachersNJ, Union Co, Plainfield, High School
34TeachersNJ, Warren Co, Hackettstown, Centenary Collegiate Institute
2TeachersNM, Grant Co, Silver City, Normal School
3TeachersNY, Albany Co, Albany, New York State Normal School
1TeachersNY, Monroe Co, East Rochester, High School
4TeachersNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Evening High School
2TeachersNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Girls High School
73TeachersNY, Orange Co, West Point, West Point Academy
1TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Oswego, Normal School
1TeachersNY, Queens Co, Jamaica, state normal School
1TeachersNY, Ulster Co
1TeachersNY, Westchester Co, White Plains, Alexander Institute
1TeachersOH, Ashtabula Co, South New Lyme, New Lyme Institute
2TeachersOH, Butler Co, Oxford, State Normal School
2TeachersOH, Champaign Co, Urbana, Urbana University
1TeachersOH, Clinton Co, Wilmington, High School
1TeachersOH, Greene Co, Bellbrook, High School
1TeachersOH, Greene Co, Xenia Theological Seminary
2TeachersOH, Greene Co, Xenia, Xenia College
1TeachersOH, Hamilton Co, Glendale, High School
3TeachersOH, Hardin Co, Ada, Ohio Northern University
1TeachersOH, Jefferson Co, Brilliant, High School
16TeachersOH, Jefferson Co, Steubenville
3TeachersOH, Knox Co, Mt Vernon, High School
1TeachersOH, Medina Co, Wadsworth, Normal School
3TeachersOH, Morrow Co, Mt Gilead, High School
1TeachersOH, Portage Co, Suffield, High School
1TeachersOH, Stark Co, Canton, North High School
1TeachersOK, Carter Co, Ardmore, High School
1TeachersOK, Cherokee Co, Tahlequah, State Normal School
1TeachersOK, Kay Co, Tonkawa, University Preparatory School
1TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Tulsa, Henry Kendall College
1TeachersOK, Woods Co, Alva, State Normal School
1TeachersON, Toronto, Toronto, Baptist College
1TeachersPA, Butler Co, Slippery Rock, State Normal School
10TeachersPA, Chester Co, West Chester, Normal School
1TeachersPA, Cumberland Co, Mechanicsburg
1TeachersPA, Cumberland Co, Shippensburg, Normal School
2TeachersPA, Indiana Co, Indiana, State Normal School
3TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Kingston
4TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Kingston, High School
1TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre, Female Institute
28TeachersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, Dickinson Seminary
1TeachersPA, Monroe Co, Stroudsburg, Normal School
1TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Bustleton, St Lukes School
891TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
1TeachersPA, Washington Co, California, State Normal School
1TeachersRI, Providence Co, Providence, State Normal School
2TeachersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, High School
1TeachersSD, Bennett Co, Allen
1TeachersSD, Bon Homme Co, Springfield, Normal School
2TeachersSD, Bon Homme Co, Springfield, State Normal School
1TeachersSD, Minnehaha Co, Sioux Falls, Baptist College
1TeachersSD, Minnehaha Co, Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls College
9TeachersSD, Yankton Co, Yankton, Yankton College
1TeachersTN, Hamblen Co, Morristown, Normal School
21TeachersTN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga
3TeachersTX, Brown Co, Brownwood, Daniel Baker College
2TeachersTX, El Paso Co, El Paso, School for Girls
2TeachersTX, Ellis Co, Ennis, High School
2TeachersTX, Jefferson Co, Beaumont, High School
5TeachersTX, Lamar Co, Paris, High School
1TeachersTX, McLennan Co, Waco, Paul Quinn College
1TeachersTX, Parker Co, Weatherford, Weatherford College
2TeachersTX, Rockwall Co, Royse City
57TeachersTX, Travis Co, Austin, University of Texas
1TeachersUT, Salt Lake Co, Salt Lake City, State Normal School
1TeachersUT, Sevier Co, Richfield, High School
1TeachersUT, Tooele Co, Tooele, High School
1TeachersVA, Accomack Co, Accomac
1TeachersVA, Hanover Co, Old Church, Jr High School
1TeachersVA, Lexington, Virginia Military Institute
1TeachersVA, Lexington, Washington And Lee University
2TeachersVA, Manassas
1TeachersVA, Pittsylvania Co, Cascade
1TeachersVA, Richmond City, Union Theological Seminary
1TeachersVA, Richmond City, University of Richmond
1TeachersVA, Shenandoah Co, Strasburg, State Normal School
1TeachersWA, Spokane Co, Spokane, Northwestern Business College
1TeachersWA, Spokane Co, Spokane, Spokane College
1TeachersWI, Door Co, Sturgeon Bay, Jr High School
1TeachersWI, Douglas Co, Superior, Normal School
1TeachersWI, Grant Co, Platteville, Normal School
1TeachersWI, Milwaukee Co, East Milwaukee, State Normal School
1TeachersWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, Normal School
1TeachersWI, Pierce Co, River Falls, Normal School
12TeachersWI, Walworth Co, Whitewater, State Normal School
1TeachersWV, Gilmer Co, Glenville, Normal School
3TeachersWV, Jefferson Co, Shepherdstown, Normal School
1TeachersWV, Kanawha Co, St Albans, High School
1TeachersWV, Ohio Co, West Liberty, Normal School
2TeachersWV, Ohio Co, West Liberty, State Normal School
2TeachersWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling, Linsly Institute
3TeachersWV, Upshur Co, Buckhannon, West Virginia Wesleyan College

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