List of Teachers

With their years and location of service

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List of Teachers; Last: Blair
A. C. 1914COEl Paso Co
LatinAbbie Florence 1897-1905ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
GymnasiumAlice B. 1909-1911PALuzerne CoKingston, Wyoming Seminary
Althea M. 1916ILCook CoChicago, Alfred D. Kohn School
Anna A. 1905NYNew York CoManhattan, 272 West 10th St School
Annie W. Mendel 1919MOSt Louis CitySumner High School
SciencesAugustine Wilberforce 1892-1895PAMontgomery CoJenkintown, Abington Friends School
SciencesAugustine Wilberforce 1896-1897NCGuilford CoGreensboro, Guilford College
Beulah 1914COElbert Co
Latin, GreekCharles Francis 1899NYOntario CoCanandaigua
Clara M. 1909IAStory CoAmes
David Hunt 1891-1894NCForsyth CoWinston-Salem
PianoEarl D. 1915ILCook CoChicago
SpanishEdith 1921NYNew York CoManhattan, Washington Irving High School
Effie F. 1916ILCook CoChicago, Eli Whitney School
Elizabeth 1901PAPhiladelphia CoManayunk, Washington Primary School
Elizabeth B. 1911PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Wissahickon Primary School
MusicElizabeth E. 1921NYNew York CoManhattan, Wadleigh High School
PianoElla Day 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
MusicEllouise Sorrells 1914TXRockwall CoRoyse City
Emily L. 1884PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Emma 1883-1885OHBrown CoGeorgetown
Emma Helen 1874-1875WIWinnebago CoMenasha
Emma Helen 1875-1877WIMilwaukee CoMilwaukee
Florence B. 1916ILCook CoChicago, John Harvard School
Francis G. 1899ILColes CoCharleston, Eastern Illinois Normal School
Franklin Otis 1848RIKent CoEast Greenwich, East Greenwich Academy
Genevieve 1914COElbert Co
Georgia Agnes 1915INTippecanoe CoLafayette, High School
MathematicsGolda 1937INMarion CoIndianapolis, George W. Sloan School
LatinGrace 1912KSDouglas CoLawrence, High School
Helen 1905OKGarfield CoEnid, High School
Henry D. 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore City College
Manual TrainingI. S. 1912KSLabette CoParsons, High School
I. S. 1920TXHarris CoHouston Heights
Manual TrainingJ. E. 1912KSCrawford CoPittsburg, High School
Manual TrainingJ. Elva 1913MIWayne CoDetroit, Norvell School
J. S. 1920OHTrumbull CoNiles
James Gilman 1867-1871OHHighland CoGreenfield
Jessie 1883-1885OHClinton CoSabina
Jessie 1914COBoulder CoLongmont, Bryant School
John Jay 1888-1899NCForsyth CoWinston-Salem
Kate Howard 1892CTNew Haven CoNew Haven
Kate Rnth 1880-1882OHUnion CoMarysville
Kate Rnth 1889OHFranklin CoColumbus, High School
Lee M. 1915-1916ILCass CoChandlerville
Lee T. 1884NCWake CoRaleigh, Centennial Graded School
Lillian 1920INMontgomery CoCrawfordsville
French, ElocutionM. Bettie 1885-1887NCPitt CoBethel, Bethel Academy
M. Christine 1926MDBaltimore CityLafayette School
Margaret J. 1905NYNew York CoManhattan, 235 East 125th St School
Margene 1902-1904NYColumbia CoHudson
EnglishMargene 1904NYBroome CoLestershire, High School
Marguerite 1914COLincoln Co
Marian L. Davenport 1912-1913PALuzerne CoPlymouth
Mary 1884NCUnion CoMonroe
Mary 1911PAPhiladelphia CoFeltonville
Mary 1914COEl Paso Co
Mary 1914COLarimer CoLoveland, Lincoln School
Mary 1921INSt Joseph CoSouth Bend, Lincoln School
Mary Ellen 1893-1896ILCook CoChicago
Mary Ellen 1902-1904NYSteuben CoHornell, High School
Mary Ellen 1904-1909NYAllegany CoAngelica, High School
Mary L. 1885OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Brownell School
Mary W. 1926MDBaltimore CitySouthern School
Maude 1913MIWayne CoDetroit, McMillan School
Mertie May Dillon 1904-1907ILMcLean CoNormal
Mertie May Dillon 1907-1910ILCook CoChicago
Mertie May Dillon 1910-1912ILMcLean CoBloomington
Miss M. L. 1879OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Brownell School
Mrs. A. C. 1914COEl Paso Co
Nettie A. 1905NYNew York CoManhattan, Florence Nightingale School
ViolinRobert T. 1902-1903NMBernalillo CoAlbuquerque, University of New Mexico
Virginia G. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Whittier School

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Most Recent Entries
1TeachersBelgium, Brabant, Brussels
29TeachersCA, Alameda Co, Berkeley, University of California
1TeachersCA, Los Angeles Co, Claremont
1TeachersCA, Orange Co, Bristol
2TeachersChina, , Canton
115TeachersCO, Boulder Co, Boulder, University of Colorado
33TeachersCT, Fairfield Co, Bridgeport
26TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury
4TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Abrigador School
2TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Bishop Street School
4TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Brooklyn School
2TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Clay Street School
2TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Dublin Street School
1TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, East Gaylord School
5TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, East Main Street School
10TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Elm Street School
12TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, High School
1TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, McFernan Day School
1TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Sperry Street School
24TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, St Margarets School
1TeachersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, West Side Hill School
1TeachersCuba, , Cardenas
105TeachersDC, Washington, Armstrong Manual Training School
17TeachersDC, Washington, Bliss Electrical School
84TeachersDC, Washington, Business High School
1TeachersEgypt, , Cairo
1TeachersGA, Barrow Co, Bethlehem
2TeachersGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Baptist Seminary
1TeachersGreece, Attica, Athens
2TeachersHI, Maui Co, Maui
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Francis W. Parker School
1TeachersIN, Jackson Co, Brownstown
7TeachersIN, Monroe Co, Bloomington, University of Indiana
1TeachersIN, Noble Co, Albion
1TeachersKS, Nemaha Co, Albany
1TeachersLA, Lafourche Parish, Ariel
1TeachersMA, Barnstable Co, Centerville
21TeachersMA, Hampshire Co, Amherst
6TeachersMA, Middlesex Co, Medford, Tufts University
27TeachersMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton
55TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston University
200TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Harvard Medical School
66TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Latin School
12TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts
82TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Simmons College
4TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Volkmann School
21TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, East Boston, Tappan School
1TeachersME, Sagadahoc Co, Bowdoin
1TeachersME, Waldo Co, Belmont
1TeachersMO, Clark Co, Alexandria
1TeachersMO, Gentry Co, Albany
1TeachersMO, Harrison Co, Bethany
1TeachersMO, McDonald Co, Anderson
1TeachersMO, Reynolds Co, Boyd
1TeachersNC, Beaufort Co, Belleview
2TeachersNC, Brunswick Co, Bethel
1TeachersNC, Gaston Co, Belmont
1TeachersNC, Transylvania Co, Brevard
4TeachersNH, Merrimack Co, Andover, Proctor Academy
10TeachersNJ, Monmouth Co, Red Bank
74TeachersNM, Bernalillo Co
60TeachersNM, Bernalillo Co, Albuquerque
1TeachersNM, Bernalillo Co, Albuquerque, Government Indian School
6TeachersNM, Bernalillo Co, Albuquerque, Harwood Home
1TeachersNM, Bernalillo Co, Albuquerque, Indian Mission
12TeachersNM, Bernalillo Co, Albuquerque, Menaul School
4TeachersNM, Bernalillo Co, Albuquerque, Rio Grande Industrial School
1TeachersNM, Bernalillo Co, Isleta
99TeachersNM, Chaves Co
1TeachersNM, Chaves Co, Elkins
45TeachersNM, Chaves Co, Roswell
1TeachersNM, Cibola Co, Acomita
3TeachersNM, Cibola Co, Cubero
2TeachersNM, Cibola Co, Laguna
1TeachersNM, Cibola Co, Paguate
3TeachersNM, Cibola Co, San Mateo
1TeachersNM, Cibola Co, San Mateo, Mission School
1TeachersNM, Cibola Co, Seama
103TeachersNM, Colfax Co
1TeachersNM, Colfax Co, Cimarron
33TeachersNM, Colfax Co, Raton
1TeachersNM, Colfax Co, Raton, Colfax Co High School
2TeachersNM, Colfax Co, Springer, New Mexico Reform School
97TeachersNM, Curry Co
13TeachersNM, Curry Co, Clovis
1TeachersNM, Curry Co, Clovis, High School
77TeachersNM, Dona Ana Co
17TeachersNM, Dona Ana Co, Las Cruces, New Mexico State University
74TeachersNM, Eddy Co
22TeachersNM, Eddy Co, Artesia
18TeachersNM, Eddy Co, Carlsbad
105TeachersNM, Grant Co
3TeachersNM, Grant Co, Silver City, Normal School
119TeachersNM, Guadalupe Co
69TeachersNM, Lincoln Co
54TeachersNM, Luna Co
30TeachersNM, McKinley Co
1TeachersNM, McKinley Co, Zuni, Indian Schools
103TeachersNM, Mora Co
1TeachersNM, Mora Co, Chacon
1TeachersNM, Mora Co, Holman
69TeachersNM, Otero Co
5TeachersNM, Otero Co, Alamogordo, New Mexico Institute for the Blind
145TeachersNM, Quay Co
20TeachersNM, Quay Co, Tucumcari
127TeachersNM, Rio Arriba Co
2TeachersNM, Rio Arriba Co, Chamita
3TeachersNM, Rio Arriba Co, Chimayo
2TeachersNM, Rio Arriba Co, Dixon
1TeachersNM, Rio Arriba Co, El Rito, New Mexico Spanish-American Normal School
1TeachersNM, Rio Arriba Co, Espanola
1TeachersNM, Rio Arriba Co, Truchas
146TeachersNM, Roosevelt Co
71TeachersNM, San Juan Co
136TeachersNM, San Miguel Co
13TeachersNM, San Miguel Co, East Las Vegas
4TeachersNM, San Miguel Co, East Las Vegas, High School
1TeachersNM, San Miguel Co, Las Vegas, Las Vegas Seminary
4TeachersNM, San Miguel Co, Las Vegas, New Mexico Highlands University
1TeachersNM, San Miguel Co, Trementina
46TeachersNM, Sandoval Co
2TeachersNM, Sandoval Co, Algodones
2TeachersNM, Sandoval Co, Marquez
1TeachersNM, Sandoval Co, Pena Blanca
94TeachersNM, Santa Fe Co
1TeachersNM, Santa Fe Co, Ildefonso
1TeachersNM, Santa Fe Co, Nambe
25TeachersNM, Santa Fe Co, Santa Fe
5TeachersNM, Santa Fe Co, Santa Fe, Allison-James School
6TeachersNM, Santa Fe Co, Santa Fe, New Mexico School for Deaf and Dumb
2TeachersNM, Santa Fe Co, Santa Fe, School of American Archaeology
24TeachersNM, Sierra Co
108TeachersNM, Socorro Co
3TeachersNM, Socorro Co, Socorro, New Mexico School of Mines
89TeachersNM, Taos Co
1TeachersNM, Taos Co, Chamisal
1TeachersNM, Taos Co, El Prado
1TeachersNM, Taos Co, Ranchos de Taos
2TeachersNM, Taos Co, Taos
89TeachersNM, Torrance Co
183TeachersNM, Union Co
67TeachersNM, Valencia Co
2TeachersNY, Allegany Co, Belmont
2TeachersNY, Bronx Co, Bronx
1TeachersNY, Greene Co, Ashland
209TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
1TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Institute of Arts and Sciences
44TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Pratt Institute
1TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Brighton
2TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Churchville
15TeachersNY, New York Co, Manhattan, 29 Horatio St School
1TeachersNY, Orleans Co, Barre
1TeachersNY, Rensselaer Co, Castleton
2TeachersOH, Butler Co, Princeton
1TeachersOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, Brandville School
1TeachersOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, Howland School
1TeachersOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, Rogers School
1TeachersOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, St Mary Magdalen School
1TeachersOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, Walbridge School
2TeachersOH, Montgomery Co, Brookville
1TeachersON, Essex Co, Amherstburg
1TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Curry Institute
2TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Duquesne University
16TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, High School
1TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Iron City College
19TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh
1TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Western Penn Medical College
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, West Chester, Friends School
3TeachersPA, Clarion Co, Clarion, State Normal School
3TeachersPA, Dauphin Co, Steelton, High School
2TeachersPA, Fayette Co, Brownsville
242TeachersPA, Lehigh Co, Bethlehem, Lehigh University
3TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Dorrance
5TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Bryn Mawr, Phebe Anna Thorne Model School
15TeachersPA, Northampton Co, Bethlehem
3TeachersPA, Northampton Co, South Bethlehem
1TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Byberry, Benjamin Rush Consolidated School
2TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Byberry, Godfrey Consolidated School
1TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Byberry, Maple Grove School
1TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Byberry, Mechanicsville Consolidated School
1TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery
67TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
2TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Somerton
2TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, West Philadelphia, High School
2TeachersPA, Susquehanna Co, Brooklyn
2TeachersPA, Washington Co, California
13TeachersPA, Washington Co, California, State Normal School
1TeachersPA, Westmoreland Co, Braeburn
2TeachersRI, Providence Co, Burrillville
1TeachersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen
1TeachersScotland, Clackmannanshire, Alloa
1TeachersTN, Davidson Co, Antioch
1TeachersTN, Hickman Co, Centerville
5TeachersTX, Anderson Co, Palestine
1TeachersTX, Brown Co, Brownwood
1TeachersTX, Harris Co, Bellaire
1TeachersTX, McCulloch Co, Brady
1TeachersTX, Shelby Co, Center
2TeachersWA, Clark Co, Camas
1TeachersWV, Putnam Co, Buffalo

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