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List of Teachers; State: VT; County: Washington Co
Helen Louise 1903VTWashington CoBarre
Charles Fremont 1883-1885VTWashington CoBarre Academy
Stella Mayo 1911VTWashington CoBarre
Julia Clifford 1916-1919VTWashington CoBarre
Chemistry, PhysicsPhilip Huse 1914VTWashington CoBarre, Goddard Seminary
Ellen M. 1852-1854VTWashington CoBarre Academy
Seneca 1871-1872VTWashington CoBarre Academy
Austin 1855-1856VTWashington CoBarre Academy
PreceptressEliza Charity 1895VTWashington CoBarre, Goddard Seminary
Charles Wallace 1880VTWashington CoBarre
Abby Caroline 1912-1917VTWashington CoBarre
English, SpanishMyrtle Irene 1924-1926VTWashington CoBarre, Goddard Seminary
Mabel 1900VTWashington CoBarre, High School
Walter Russell 1881-1883VTWashington CoBarre Academy
Ferdinand 1853-1854VTWashington CoBarre Academy
Charles Joseph 1895-1898VTWashington CoBarre, Goddard Seminary
Latin, GreekHiram Austin 1891-1895VTWashington CoBarre, Goddard Seminary
Mabel Sophia 1900VTWashington CoBarre, High School
Arthur Newhall 1878-1880VTWashington CoBarre Academy
Lather Denny 1880-1881VTWashington CoBarre Academy
Joseph B. 1930VTWashington CoBarre, High School
David Morse 1876-1877VTWashington CoBarre, Goddard Seminary

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Most Recent Entries
1TeachersVT, Addison Co
1TeachersVT, Addison Co, Bread Loaf
3TeachersVT, Addison Co, Bridport
4TeachersVT, Addison Co, Bristol
1TeachersVT, Addison Co, Bristol, High School
5TeachersVT, Addison Co, Middlebury
4TeachersVT, Addison Co, Middlebury, High School
1TeachersVT, Addison Co, New Haven
1TeachersVT, Addison Co, Orwell
3TeachersVT, Addison Co, Shoreham
7TeachersVT, Bennington Co, Bennington
5TeachersVT, Bennington Co, Bennington, High School
1TeachersVT, Bennington Co, East Dorset
8TeachersVT, Bennington Co, Manchester
9TeachersVT, Bennington Co, Manchester, Burr and Barton Seminary
3TeachersVT, Bennington Co, North Bennington
1TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, Barnet
1TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, East Burke
1TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, East Hardwick
1TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, East Peacham
4TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, Hardwick
6TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, Lyndon
4TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, Lyndon Academy
6TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, Lyndon Center, Literary Institute
5TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, Peacham
8TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, St Johnsbury
14TeachersVT, Caledonia Co, St Johnsbury Academy
21TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington
4TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, Bishop Hopkins Hall
15TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, High School
6TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, University of Vermont
3TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, Vermont Episcopal Institute
1TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Charlotte
1TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, East Charlotte
2TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Essex Junction, High School
3TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Hinesburg
1TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Milton
1TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, North Underhill
1TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Shelburne
2TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Underhill
3TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Underhill Academy
1TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Underhill Center
1TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Westford
2TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Williston
1TeachersVT, Chittenden Co, Winooski
1TeachersVT, Essex Co, Guildhall
2TeachersVT, Essex Co, Island Pond
1TeachersVT, Essex Co, Lunenburg
1TeachersVT, Franklin Co, Bakersfield
1TeachersVT, Franklin Co, Fairfax
1TeachersVT, Franklin Co, Fairfield
1TeachersVT, Franklin Co, Richford
1TeachersVT, Franklin Co, Sheldon
13TeachersVT, Franklin Co, St Albans
5TeachersVT, Franklin Co, St Albans, High School
2TeachersVT, Franklin Co, Swanton
2TeachersVT, Franklin Co, Swanton, High School
1TeachersVT, Grand Isle Co, Grand Isle
1TeachersVT, Lamoille Co, Johnson
2TeachersVT, Lamoille Co, Johnson, State Normal School
2TeachersVT, Lamoille Co, Stowe
1TeachersVT, Orange Co, Brookfield
1TeachersVT, Orange Co, Chelsea
3TeachersVT, Orange Co, Newbury
14TeachersVT, Orange Co, Newbury Seminary
2TeachersVT, Orange Co, Newbury, High School
5TeachersVT, Orange Co, Randolph
5TeachersVT, Orange Co, Randolph, High School
2TeachersVT, Orange Co, Randolph, State Normal School
3TeachersVT, Orange Co, Thetford Academy
1TeachersVT, Orange Co, Tunbridge
4TeachersVT, Orange Co, Wells River
1TeachersVT, Orange Co, West Fairlee
1TeachersVT, Orange Co, Williamstown
1TeachersVT, Orleans Co, Barton
3TeachersVT, Orleans Co, Craftsbury
3TeachersVT, Orleans Co, Craftsbury Academy
3TeachersVT, Orleans Co, Derby Academy
1TeachersVT, Orleans Co, Glover
2TeachersVT, Orleans Co, Newport
2TeachersVT, Orleans Co, Newport, High School
2TeachersVT, Orleans Co, North Troy
1TeachersVT, Orleans Co, Troy
6TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Brandon
1TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Brandon, High School
8TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Castleton
13TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Castleton Seminary
4TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Poultney
35TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Poultney, Troy Conference Academy
1TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Proctor
2TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Proctor, High School
15TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Rutland
6TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Rutland, High School
1TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Shrewsbury
1TeachersVT, Rutland Co, Wallingford
2TeachersVT, Rutland Co, West Rutland
5TeachersVT, Washington Co, Barre
8TeachersVT, Washington Co, Barre Academy
6TeachersVT, Washington Co, Barre, Goddard Seminary
3TeachersVT, Washington Co, Barre, High School
1TeachersVT, Washington Co, Cabot
1TeachersVT, Washington Co, Marshfield
8TeachersVT, Washington Co, Montpelier
7TeachersVT, Washington Co, Montpelier, High School
21TeachersVT, Washington Co, Montpelier, Methodist Seminary
5TeachersVT, Washington Co, Northfield
2TeachersVT, Washington Co, Waterbury
1TeachersVT, Washington Co, Worcester
7TeachersVT, Windham Co, Bellows Falls
6TeachersVT, Windham Co, Bellows Falls, High School
16TeachersVT, Windham Co, Brattleboro
11TeachersVT, Windham Co, Brattleboro, High School
1TeachersVT, Windham Co, Grafton
1TeachersVT, Windham Co, Jacksonville
1TeachersVT, Windham Co, Marlboro
3TeachersVT, Windham Co, Putney
5TeachersVT, Windham Co, Saxtons River
15TeachersVT, Windham Co, Saxtons River, Vermont Academy
1TeachersVT, Windham Co, Townshend
2TeachersVT, Windham Co, Westminster
2TeachersVT, Windham Co, Wilmington
2TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Barnard
2TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Bethel
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Bethel, High School
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Bridgewater
2TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Cavendish
9TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Chester
4TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Chester Academy
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Chester, High School
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Hartford
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Ludlow
4TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Ludlow, Black River Academy
3TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Norwich
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Pomfret
3TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Royalton
2TeachersVT, Windsor Co, South Woodstock
13TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Springfield
2TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Springfield, High School
4TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Springfield, Wesleyan Seminary
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Taftsville
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, West Woodstock
2TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Weston, High School
3TeachersVT, Windsor Co, White River Junction
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Wilder
8TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Windsor
2TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Windsor Academy
2TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Windsor, High School
5TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Woodstock
1TeachersVT, Windsor Co, Woodstock, High School

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