List of Teachers

With their years and location of service

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List of Teachers; State: VA; County: Richmond City
Ola Lee 1916VARichmond City
Josephine Crockett 1916VARichmond City
Sadie 1916VARichmond City
Margery 1916VARichmond City
Mamie L. 1916VARichmond CityJohn Marshall High School
Etta Rose 1916VARichmond City
Fletcher E. 1916VARichmond City
Alice C. 1916VARichmond City
Ezra 1861-1864VARichmond City
Caroline Boulware 1916VARichmond City
Sallie W. 1916VARichmond CitySouth Richmond
Caroline Helen 1916VARichmond City
Eva Hughes 1916VARichmond CityJohn Marshall High School
Irene E. 1916VARichmond City
May R. 1916VARichmond City
Elizabeth Bruce 1916VARichmond City
Millian Carter 1916VARichmond City
Lillian Paulett 1916VARichmond City
Minnie R. 1916VARichmond City
Julia Coles 1916VARichmond City
Leslie Lyle 1888VARichmond City
Lucy Overton 1916VARichmond City
Hubbard Gardner 1888VARichmond City
William Staughton 1861-1865VARichmond City
Lillian 1916VARichmond City
Hessie 1916VARichmond City
Lucy Carter 1916VARichmond City
Inez 1916VARichmond CitySouth Richmond
Maria 1916VARichmond City
Lilian G. 1916VARichmond City
Alma Terrell Poin 1916VARichmond City
ArtM. 1882VARichmond CityRichmond Art Association
Evelyn 1916VARichmond City
Zulieme C. 1916VARichmond CitySouth Richmond
Laura Lee 1916VARichmond City
ArtJ. 1882VARichmond CityRichmond Art Association
William Meade 1856-1857VARichmond City
ArtGustav 1882VARichmond CityRichmond Art Association
VoiceJ. Lamont 1915VARichmond City
Florence Esther 1916VARichmond City
Ruth Vernon 1916VARichmond City
Hattie Belle 1916VARichmond City
Lena M. 1916VARichmond City
Lillian 1916VARichmond City
Ruth 1916VARichmond City
Frances 1916VARichmond City
Douglas 1851-1861VARichmond City
Henrietta Estelle 1916VARichmond City
Eugenia 1916VARichmond City
Eunice 1916VARichmond City
Margaret 1916VARichmond City
Carrie 1916VARichmond City
Sarah 1916VARichmond City
Lelia Mae 1916VARichmond CitySouth Richmond
Carrie Irene 1916VARichmond City
Juliette Jefferson 1916VARichmond City
Margaret 1916VARichmond City
Eleanor 1916VARichmond City
Sallie E. 1916VARichmond City
Elizabeth Degge 1916VARichmond CityJohn Marshall High School
George Mellen Prentiss 1865-1867VARichmond City
ArtAlicia 1882VARichmond CityRichmond Art Association
Elise 1916VARichmond City
Ellen 1916VARichmond City
PianoL. Leslie 1915VARichmond City
William 1852-1853VARichmond City
Juanita 1916VARichmond City
Carrie Knoll 1916VARichmond City
Lalla 1916VARichmond CitySouth Richmond
William Gordon 1910VARichmond City
MusicWalter 1915VARichmond City
Diana 1916VARichmond City
ArtMiss M. J. 1882VARichmond CityRichmond Art Association
Bert Carl 1916VARichmond City
Mayme Olive 1916VARichmond City
Clara 1916VARichmond CitySouth Richmond
Elizabeth Hoge 1916VARichmond City
Lula 1916VARichmond City
Page Henley 1916VARichmond City
Ella Blanche 1916VARichmond City
Mildred 1916VARichmond CitySouth Richmond
Fan Nie Harrison 1916VARichmond City
Florence Baker 1916VARichmond City
GeographyArthur Huber 1918VARichmond CityJohn Marshall High School
SciencesCarlos McDonald 1913-1915VARichmond City
Anne Lavinia 1916VARichmond City
Mary Kate 1916VARichmond CitySouth Richmond
Annie King 1916VARichmond City
Bessie Eleanor 1916VARichmond CitySouth Richmond
F. Margaret 1916VARichmond City
ArtW. L. 1882VARichmond CityRichmond Art Association
Frances W. N. 1916VARichmond City
Horace Payson 1854-1856VARichmond City
Edward Josiah 1842-1843VARichmond City
Mary Virginia 1916VARichmond City
John Meredith 1871VARichmond City
Catherine Heth 1916VARichmond City
Stephen 1847-1850VARichmond City
Lottie 1916VARichmond City
Eliza 1879-1886VARichmond City

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Most Recent Entries
1TeachersVA, Accomack Co
2TeachersVA, Accomack Co, Onancock
1TeachersVA, Accomack Co, Parksley
1TeachersVA, Albemarle Co, Alberene
1TeachersVA, Albemarle Co, Crozet
1TeachersVA, Albemarle Co, North Garden
1TeachersVA, Albemarle Co, Scottsville
9TeachersVA, Alexandria
6TeachersVA, Alexandria, Episcopal High School
1TeachersVA, Amelia Co
2TeachersVA, Amelia Co, Amelia Court House
1TeachersVA, Amelia Co, Jetersville
1TeachersVA, Amherst Co
2TeachersVA, Appomattox Co, Pamplin
1TeachersVA, Augusta Co, Mint Spring
1TeachersVA, Augusta Co, Steeles Tavern
1TeachersVA, Bath Co, Hot Springs
1TeachersVA, Bedford Co
1TeachersVA, Bedford Co, Bedford
1TeachersVA, Bedford Co, Bellevue
3TeachersVA, Bedford Co, Big Island
1TeachersVA, Bedford Co, Fancy Grove
2TeachersVA, Botetourt Co
2TeachersVA, Botetourt Co, Fincastle
9TeachersVA, Bristol
2TeachersVA, Brunswick Co
2TeachersVA, Buckingham Co, Ransons
1TeachersVA, Campbell Co
1TeachersVA, Campbell Co, Brookneal
1TeachersVA, Campbell Co, Fairfields
1TeachersVA, Campbell Co, Rustburg
1TeachersVA, Caroline Co
1TeachersVA, Charlotte Co
7TeachersVA, Charlotte Co, Charlotte Court House
16TeachersVA, Charlottesville
18TeachersVA, Charlottesville, University of Virginia
1TeachersVA, Chesapeake, Bowers Hill
1TeachersVA, Chesterfield Co
3TeachersVA, Chesterfield Co, Matoaca
2TeachersVA, Chesterfield Co, Midlothian
2TeachersVA, Clarke Co, Berryville
1TeachersVA, Clarke Co, Lewisville
1TeachersVA, Clarke Co, White Post
17TeachersVA, Covington
1TeachersVA, Culpeper Co
1TeachersVA, Culpeper Co, Batna
4TeachersVA, Culpeper Co, Culpeper
1TeachersVA, Culpeper Co, Jeffersonton
1TeachersVA, Culpeper Co, Lignum
1TeachersVA, Culpeper Co, Stevensburg
12TeachersVA, Danville
1TeachersVA, Dickenson Co, Clintwood
1TeachersVA, Dinwiddie Co
1TeachersVA, Essex Co, Occupacia
1TeachersVA, Fairfax Co, Accotink
1TeachersVA, Fairfax Co, Fairfax
1TeachersVA, Fairfax Co, Falls Church
1TeachersVA, Fairfax Co, Lewinsville
4TeachersVA, Fauquier Co
1TeachersVA, Fauquier Co, Morgantown
1TeachersVA, Fauquier Co, Upperville
4TeachersVA, Fauquier Co, Warrenton
1TeachersVA, Fluvanna Co
1TeachersVA, Fluvanna Co, Fork Union
5TeachersVA, Franklin City
2TeachersVA, Franklin Co
9TeachersVA, Fredericksburg
1TeachersVA, Galax
1TeachersVA, Giles Co, Pearisburg
1TeachersVA, Goochland Co
2TeachersVA, Goochland Co, Othma
1TeachersVA, Greene Co, Stanardsville
8TeachersVA, Greensville Co, Emporia
3TeachersVA, Greensville Co, Jarratt
1TeachersVA, Halifax Co
1TeachersVA, Halifax Co, Halifax
1TeachersVA, Halifax Co, Ingram
1TeachersVA, Halifax Co, Nathalie
6TeachersVA, Halifax Co, South Boston
25TeachersVA, Hampton
35TeachersVA, Hampton, Hampton Institute
3TeachersVA, Hampton Co, Phoebus
2TeachersVA, Hanover Co
11TeachersVA, Hanover Co, Ashland
4TeachersVA, Henrico Co
5TeachersVA, Henrico Co, Glen Allen
2TeachersVA, Highland Co
1TeachersVA, King William Co, Beulahville
1TeachersVA, Lee Co
2TeachersVA, Loudoun Co, Lovettsville
1TeachersVA, Loudoun Co, Middleburg
2TeachersVA, Loudoun Co, Purcellville
1TeachersVA, Louisa Co, Louisa
44TeachersVA, Lynchburg
6TeachersVA, Lynchburg, Randolph Macon Womens College
1TeachersVA, Manassas
4TeachersVA, Manassas, Eastern College
3TeachersVA, Martinsville
3TeachersVA, Mecklenburg Co, Boydton
1TeachersVA, Mecklenburg Co, Chase City
1TeachersVA, Montgomery Co, Christiansburg
1TeachersVA, Montgomery Co, East Radford
1TeachersVA, Nelson Co, Lovingston
1TeachersVA, New Kent Co
1TeachersVA, New Kent Co, Lanexa
23TeachersVA, Newport News
1TeachersVA, Newport News, Lee Hall
51TeachersVA, Norfolk
4TeachersVA, Norfolk, Maury High School
1TeachersVA, Northampton Co, Cape Charles
1TeachersVA, Northampton Co, Capeville
1TeachersVA, Northampton Co, Cheriton
1TeachersVA, Northumberland Co, Wicomico Church
1TeachersVA, Nottoway Co
4TeachersVA, Nottoway Co, Blackstone
2TeachersVA, Nottoway Co, Crewe
1TeachersVA, Orange Co, Barboursville
1TeachersVA, Orange Co, Gordonsville
3TeachersVA, Page Co, Luray
1TeachersVA, Patrick Co, Critz
15TeachersVA, Petersburg
1TeachersVA, Pittsylvania Co, Cascade
1TeachersVA, Pittsylvania Co, Chatham
1TeachersVA, Poquoson
27TeachersVA, Portsmouth
2TeachersVA, Portsmouth, Port Norfolk
2TeachersVA, Prince Edward Co, Darlington Heights
7TeachersVA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville
14TeachersVA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville, State Normal School
1TeachersVA, Prince George Co, Prince George
4TeachersVA, Pulaski Co, Pulaski
91TeachersVA, Richmond City
5TeachersVA, Richmond City, John Marshall High School
6TeachersVA, Richmond City, Richmond Art Association
10TeachersVA, Richmond City, South Richmond
21TeachersVA, Roanoke City
1TeachersVA, Roanoke Co, Hollins
5TeachersVA, Roanoke Co, Hollins College
1TeachersVA, Rockbridge Co
1TeachersVA, Rockbridge Co, Brownsburg
1TeachersVA, Rockbridge Co, Buffalo Forge
2TeachersVA, Rockbridge Co, Collierstown
1TeachersVA, Rockbridge Co, Natural Bridge
1TeachersVA, Rockingham Co, Bridgewater
1TeachersVA, Russell Co, Belfast Mills
6TeachersVA, Salem
3TeachersVA, Scott Co, Gate City
3TeachersVA, Shenandoah Co, Strasburg
1TeachersVA, Smyth Co, Marion
1TeachersVA, Southampton Co, Boykins
1TeachersVA, Southampton Co, Capron
1TeachersVA, Southampton Co, Drewryville
1TeachersVA, Southampton Co, Sebrell
9TeachersVA, Staunton
3TeachersVA, Staunton, Mary Baldwin College
5TeachersVA, Staunton, Staunton Military Academy
5TeachersVA, Suffolk
2TeachersVA, Surry Co, Surry
7TeachersVA, Tazewell Co, Tazewell
3TeachersVA, Virginia Beach
1TeachersVA, Warren Co, Reliance
5TeachersVA, Washington Co, Abingdon
3TeachersVA, Washington Co, Glade Spring
3TeachersVA, Williamsburg
5TeachersVA, Williamsburg, College Of William And Mary
3TeachersVA, Winchester
1TeachersVA, Wise Co, Big Stone Gap
1TeachersVA, Wise Co, Coeburn
1TeachersVA, Wythe Co, Max Meadows
1TeachersVA, Wythe Co, Wytheville
1TeachersVA, York Co, Yorktown

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