List of Teachers

With their years and location of service

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List of Teachers; State: PA; County: Philadelphia Co
Elizabeth Owen 1893-1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceHelen Wells 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceHelen Hamilton 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John Calvin 1840-1843PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Harold Douglass 1917PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, William Penn Charter School
Jessie Edith 1901PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Girls High School
ArtVictor 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Franklin Institute
ArtThomas 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Academy
Ancient LanguagesJ. Theodore, Jr 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School
PianoAnna Winnifred 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArchitectureFrancis R. 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Library ScienceHelen Antoinette 1926-1933PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
Norman Bristol 1854-1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Albert Henry 1860-1870PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Elizabeth Bowden 1895-1896PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArtCarl 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Franklin Institute
ArchitectureGeorge W. 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
John Wesley 1845-1849PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Fred Wahn 1911-1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Wordsworth Young 1871-1873PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ViolinHedda Van Den 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArchitectureJ. M. 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Dorothy 1930-1931PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
Grace Lillian 1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School
VoiceHelen Macnamee 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceMaybelle Zenobia 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoElla Day 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charles Morris 1842-1848PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Gertrude Durston 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, William Penn High School
ArchitectureC. L. 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
PianoAlfred W. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoLouise B. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Amy C. 1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School for Girls
Ina C. 1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School for Girls
Chemistry, PhilosophyMartin Hans 1845-1859PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Central High School
VoiceFlora 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Francis Burke 1895-1896PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Central High School
French, AssistantCharles Frederic 1903-1905PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Charles Frederic 1912-1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
FrenchCharles Frederick 1903-1905PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Frances Antoinette 1898-1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoFrances I. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Marquis Lewis 1870-1875PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Instructor for Deaf and Dumb
Alice Rebecca 1928-1933PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
Anna Robertson 1883-1885PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
EngineeringRichard Edmund 1917PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
William Hardcastle 1862-1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Martha 1897-1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Girls High School
Mary Cacy 1926PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School for Girls
George 1855-1857PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceMary L. Stuart 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Alice Hill 1909-1911PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Miss Hills School
George Edward 1897-1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Winifred Gillett 1905-1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, William Penn Charter School
VoiceFranklin Pierce 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Chemistry, AssistantOscar Charles Sumner 1880-1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Central High School
Norman White 1880-1881PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Library ScienceHelen Catherine 1931-1933PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
VoiceKate H. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
SciencesEdith Lucia 1894-1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
James Lawrence 1858PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Instructor for Deaf and Dumb
PianoJoseph W. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ViolinCarl 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Clarence Vivian 1912-1914PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Medical College
Giles Butler 1858-1879PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArchitectureJ. A. 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Henry Frederick Jr 1920-1921PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Central High School
Asa Smith 1830-1833PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoLuther 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceRebekah Van Brunt 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ViolinFrederick W. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoicePhilip Warren 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceMrs. N. Hackett 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Ellen 1904-1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Henry Norris 1863-1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoFrancis J. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Henry Greer 1907-1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Anna Stuart 1899-1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
EngineeringWilliam Walton 1917PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
DrawingWilliam J., Jr 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Winona Bell 1892-1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Friends School
ArtElizabeth 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, School of Design for Women
Martha Worrell 1909-1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School for Girls
PianoDavid Edgar 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoJohn 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Ella Jenkins 1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Friends School
VoiceFrederick R. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
DesignPaul A. 3D 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
GermanRuby 1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Friends School
Sally Haskell 1894-1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Samuel William 1834-1836PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Varney 1910-1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Friends School
MusicWalter 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceElizabeth 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Eva 1893PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School for Girls
Stella Tabor 1908-1914PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
VoiceGertrude A. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
EnglishMargaret Elizabeth 1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School for Girls
PianoSamuel S. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoClara 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceMrs. John 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArtThomas 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Academy
PianoMyrtle C. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceF. Edmund 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Anna Elizabeth 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Alice A. 1882-1883PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoMoritz Hauptmann 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoKatherine 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Florence 1903-1905PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Florence 1909PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Girls High School
Jessie 1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School
MathematicsMary Adelle 1909PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, William Penn High School
VoiceMildred 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArtHerman 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, School of Design for Women
Library ScienceEthel Margaret 1931PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
VoiceNellie B. Hart 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceGuido 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArtStephen J. 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, School of Design for Women
May Margaret 1889-1892PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
James Pinkerton 1841-1845PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceOwen S. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceJustine Arnold 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoMary Woodfield 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoW. Le Roy 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArchitectureJ. Horace 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
PianoAngelina 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
OrganHenry S. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArtEmma W. 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, School of Design for Women
Archibald Victor 1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, William Penn Charter School
Ella 1886-1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoEdward 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John Patterson Shelton 1854-1856PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceWilliam Wallace 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Organ, PianoPhilip H. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoWalter 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charlotte 1895-1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ViolinMeyer 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Albion Dwight 1888-1896PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, William Penn Charter School
PianoWilliam H Atton 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Modern LanguagesCaroline E. De 1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Friends School
William 1890-1893PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Rugby Academy
EnglishNathaniel Edward 1921-1925PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Andrewjackson 1865-1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Carrie 1881-1892PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ViolinFlorence 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John Parker 1851-1852PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Phillip Sharples 1891-1894PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Medical College
ChemistryJames Henry 1889-1892PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Medical College
PianoEllis Clark 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Nelson 1903-1904PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Medical College
PianoElsie Stewart 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Sophia May 1884-1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ViolinWilliam F. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
DesignJohn F. 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
DrawingGeorge M. 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
VoiceEdward 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PhysicsDaniel Roberts 1904-1909PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
ChemistryRaymond J. 1895-1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Medical College
French, HistoryWilliam Davis, Jr 1912-1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Friends School
VoiceAugustine 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William August 1926PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Central High School
William Himes 1872-1875PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Rugby Academy
William Hines 1872-1875PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Rugby Academy
VoiceLouise Sterrett 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoWilliam 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoVirginia 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Library ScienceFannie Cox 1929-1933PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
PianoEzerman D. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PhysicsPaul Renno 1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Central High School
Laura Gerhard 1908-1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charles Edwin 1866-1870PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Organ, PianoW. Lane 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Alice Marion 1909PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Girls High School
DesignLeicester B. 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Rachel Elizabeth 1900-1911PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Susan May 1898-1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Voice, GuitarFlorence 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Library ScienceJulia Anna 1909-1912PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
PianoLouise 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
MusicAnton 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceHenry 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
GeographyEdwin J. 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Central High School
Samuel Rutherford 1825-1831PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Instructor for Deaf and Dumb
Leroy Albert 1900-1903PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
VoiceW. Palmer 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Albert Maurice 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Grover Gerhard 1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Martha J. 1909PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School for Girls
Katherine L. 1893-1894PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Emeline Keeler 1892-1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Alice Marie 1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School for Girls
John William 1875-1881PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoLilian B. 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Chloe Edna Jane 1909-1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, High School
PhysicsJ. E. 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Drexel University
Daniel Bull 1862-1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
ArtAlbrecht 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, School of Design for Women
VoiceMary Phillips 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
VoiceBoye 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PianoOlaf 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia

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Most Recent Entries
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1TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Avalon
1TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Crafton
1TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, East Liberty
1TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, McKees Rocks
2TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Munhall
98TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
20TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute of Technology
8TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library School
7TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Shady Side Academy
10TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, University Of Pittsburgh
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3TeachersPA, Beaver Co, New Brighton
1TeachersPA, Bedford Co, Everett
1TeachersPA, Bedford Co, Riddlesburg
1TeachersPA, Berks Co, Boyertown
9TeachersPA, Berks Co, Reading, Boys High School
1TeachersPA, Berks Co, Womelsdorf
5TeachersPA, Blair Co, Hollidaysburg
1TeachersPA, Blair Co, Tyrone
1TeachersPA, Bradford Co, Athens
1TeachersPA, Bradford Co, Canton
1TeachersPA, Bradford Co, Le Raysville
1TeachersPA, Bucks Co
1TeachersPA, Bucks Co, Blue Ridge
1TeachersPA, Bucks Co, Farm School
3TeachersPA, Bucks Co, Hartsville
1TeachersPA, Bucks Co, Perkasie
1TeachersPA, Bucks Co, Riegelsville
2TeachersPA, Butler Co
2TeachersPA, Butler Co, Slippery Rock
1TeachersPA, Cambria Co, South Fork
1TeachersPA, Carbon Co, Lehighton
4TeachersPA, Centre Co, Bellefonte
3TeachersPA, Centre Co, State College
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, Berwyn
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, Coatesville
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, Faggs Manor
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, Hamorton
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, Honey Brook
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, Kennett Square
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, Malvern
3TeachersPA, Chester Co, Oxford
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, Parkesburg
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, West Grove
1TeachersPA, Chester Co, Whitford
4TeachersPA, Clarion Co
1TeachersPA, Clarion Co, Clarion
2TeachersPA, Clarion Co, New Bethlehem
1TeachersPA, Clearfield Co, Du Bois
1TeachersPA, Clearfield Co, Kylertown
1TeachersPA, Clearfield Co, Winburne
2TeachersPA, Clinton Co, Lock Haven
1TeachersPA, Columbia Co, Orangeville
1TeachersPA, Crawford Co, Cambridge Springs
1TeachersPA, Crawford Co, Conneautville
1TeachersPA, Cumberland Co, Boiling Springs
1TeachersPA, Cumberland Co, Shippensburg
7TeachersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, High School
1TeachersPA, Dauphin Co, Hummelstown
1TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Chester
1TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Concordville
1TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Drexel Hill
12TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Haverford College
2TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Lansdowne
3TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Media
1TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Radnor
1TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Ridley Park
2TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Swarthmore
15TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Swarthmore College
4TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Wayne
1TeachersPA, Elk Co, Ridgway
1TeachersPA, Erie Co
1TeachersPA, Erie Co, Corry
1TeachersPA, Erie Co, East Springfield
5TeachersPA, Erie Co, North East
7TeachersPA, Fayette Co, Uniontown
13TeachersPA, Franklin Co, Chambersburg, Wilson College
2TeachersPA, Franklin Co, Dry Run
1TeachersPA, Franklin Co, Greencastle
1TeachersPA, Greene Co, Waynesburg
1TeachersPA, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon
1TeachersPA, Huntingdon Co, Shirleysburg
1TeachersPA, Indiana Co, Blairsville
4TeachersPA, Indiana Co, Indiana
1TeachersPA, Indiana Co, Plumville
2TeachersPA, Indiana Co, Saltsburg
1TeachersPA, Jefferson Co
1TeachersPA, Jefferson Co, Brookville
2TeachersPA, Lackawanna Co
1TeachersPA, Lackawanna Co, Carbondale
5TeachersPA, Lackawanna Co, Scranton, Central High School
1TeachersPA, Lancaster Co
1TeachersPA, Lancaster Co, Drumore
1TeachersPA, Lancaster Co, Marietta
1TeachersPA, Lancaster Co, Millersville
8TeachersPA, Lancaster Co, Millersville, State Normal School
1TeachersPA, Lawrence Co, Ellwood City
1TeachersPA, Lawrence Co, Mt Jackson
1TeachersPA, Lawrence Co, New Wilmington
1TeachersPA, Lebanon Co
1TeachersPA, Lebanon Co, Annville
247TeachersPA, Lehigh Co, Bethlehem, Lehigh University
1TeachersPA, Luzerne Co
3TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton
1TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Pittston
1TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Shickshinny
1TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, West Hazleton
1TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, West Pittston
12TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre, High School
1TeachersPA, Lycoming Co, South Williamsport
4TeachersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport
3TeachersPA, McKean Co, Kane
1TeachersPA, McKean Co, Mt Jewett
1TeachersPA, Mercer Co, Fredonia
1TeachersPA, Mercer Co, Sandy Lake
1TeachersPA, Mercer Co, Sharon
1TeachersPA, Mifflin Co, McVeytown
1TeachersPA, Monroe Co
1TeachersPA, Monroe Co, Delaware Water Gap
1TeachersPA, Monroe Co, East Stroudsburg
3TeachersPA, Monroe Co, Stroudsburg
7TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Bryn Mawr
1TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Cheltenham
1TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Conshohocken
1TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Lansdale
1TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Narberth
4TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Norristown
1TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Pennsburg
1TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Rosemont
1TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Tylersport
1TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Wynnewood
1TeachersPA, Montour Co
1TeachersPA, Montour Co, Danville
5TeachersPA, Northampton Co, Bethlehem, High School
15TeachersPA, Northampton Co, Easton
21TeachersPA, Northampton Co, Easton, Lafayette College
1TeachersPA, Northampton Co, Freemansburg
1TeachersPA, Northampton Co, Glendon
6TeachersPA, Northampton Co, Nazareth, Nazareth Hall
1TeachersPA, Northampton Co, Wind Gap
2TeachersPA, Northumberland Co, Shamokin
1TeachersPA, Northumberland Co, Trevorton
1TeachersPA, Perry Co
242TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
16TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Drexel University
37TeachersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
1TeachersPA, Pike Co, Bushkill
1TeachersPA, Potter Co, Coudersport
1TeachersPA, Potter Co, Ellisburg
1TeachersPA, Potter Co, Ulysses
1TeachersPA, Schuylkill Co
1TeachersPA, Schuylkill Co, Mahanoy City
1TeachersPA, Schuylkill Co, Port Carbon
1TeachersPA, Schuylkill Co, Pottsville
1TeachersPA, Schuylkill Co, Schuylkill Haven
1TeachersPA, Snyder Co
1TeachersPA, Snyder Co, Selinsgrove
1TeachersPA, Susquehanna Co, Dundaff
1TeachersPA, Susquehanna Co, Friendsville
1TeachersPA, Susquehanna Co, Harford
1TeachersPA, Susquehanna Co, Little Meadows
1TeachersPA, Susquehanna Co, New Milford
3TeachersPA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna
1TeachersPA, Tioga Co, Blossburg
1TeachersPA, Tioga Co, Mansfield
2TeachersPA, Tioga Co, Wellsboro
1TeachersPA, Union Co, Bucknell
1TeachersPA, Union Co, Lewisburg
2TeachersPA, Venango Co
1TeachersPA, Venango Co, Cherrytree
1TeachersPA, Venango Co, Clintonville
1TeachersPA, Washington Co, Bentleyville
1TeachersPA, Washington Co, Burgettstown
1TeachersPA, Washington Co, Marianna
1TeachersPA, Washington Co, Morganza
1TeachersPA, Washington Co, Roscoe
2TeachersPA, Washington Co, West Alexander
1TeachersPA, Washington Co, West Brownsville
1TeachersPA, Wayne Co, Hawley
1TeachersPA, Wayne Co, Varden
1TeachersPA, Westmoreland Co, Adamsburg
1TeachersPA, Westmoreland Co, Alverton
4TeachersPA, Westmoreland Co, Greensburg, High School
3TeachersPA, Westmoreland Co, Latrobe
1TeachersPA, Westmoreland Co, Scottdale
1TeachersPA, Westmoreland Co, Vandergrift
10TeachersPA, Wyoming Co, Factoryville, Keystone Academy
1TeachersPA, York Co
1TeachersPA, York Co, Cross Roads
3TeachersPA, York Co, York

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