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Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Payne Co, OK

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Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK: List of Teachers
Andrew Grover 1910OKPayne CoStillwater, Oklahoma State University
Edith Ellen 1914OKPayne CoStillwater, Oklahoma State University
Edith 1917OKPayne CoStillwater, Oklahoma State University
Hazel D. 1919OKPayne CoStillwater, Oklahoma State University
Edith Adaline 1919OKPayne CoStillwater, Oklahoma State University

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Most Recent Entries
2TeachersOK, Alfalfa Co, Cherokee
1TeachersOK, Alfalfa Co, Cherokee, High School
1TeachersOK, Alfalfa Co, Helena
1TeachersOK, Beaver Co
1TeachersOK, Blaine Co
1TeachersOK, Bryan Co, Caddo
2TeachersOK, Bryan Co, Durant
1TeachersOK, Bryan Co, Durant, Oklahoma State Normal School
1TeachersOK, Caddo Co, Apache
7TeachersOK, Canadian Co, El Reno
1TeachersOK, Canadian Co, El Reno, High School
1TeachersOK, Canadian Co, Okarche
8TeachersOK, Carter Co, Ardmore
1TeachersOK, Carter Co, Ardmore, High School
2TeachersOK, Cherokee Co, Tahlequah
2TeachersOK, Cherokee Co, Tahlequah, Cherokee Seminary
1TeachersOK, Cherokee Co, Tahlequah, State Normal School
4TeachersOK, Choctaw Co, Hugo
6TeachersOK, Cleveland Co, Norman
1TeachersOK, Cleveland Co, Norman, High School
8TeachersOK, Cleveland Co, Norman, University of Oklahoma
1TeachersOK, Coal Co, Lehigh
1TeachersOK, Comanche Co, Lawton
1TeachersOK, Comanche Co, Lawton, High School
1TeachersOK, Cotton Co, Temple
5TeachersOK, Craig Co, Vinita
1TeachersOK, Creek Co, Bristow, High School
1TeachersOK, Creek Co, Drumright
2TeachersOK, Creek Co, Kiefer
7TeachersOK, Creek Co, Sapulpa
1TeachersOK, Creek Co, Sapulpa, High School
1TeachersOK, Custer Co, Arapaho
1TeachersOK, Custer Co, Clinton
1TeachersOK, Custer Co, Weatherford
14TeachersOK, Garfield Co, Enid
4TeachersOK, Garfield Co, Enid, High School
1TeachersOK, Garfield Co, Enid, Jefferson School
1TeachersOK, Garfield Co, Hillsdale, High School
1TeachersOK, Garvin Co, Pauls Valley, High School
4TeachersOK, Grady Co, Chickasha
2TeachersOK, Grady Co, Chickasha, High School
1TeachersOK, Grady Co, Rush Springs
1TeachersOK, Grant Co, Medford
1TeachersOK, Grant Co, Medford, High School
1TeachersOK, Grant Co, Pond Creek
2TeachersOK, Greer Co, Granite
1TeachersOK, Greer Co, Mangum
1TeachersOK, Hughes Co, Holdenville, High School
1TeachersOK, Hughes Co, Wetumka, High School
2TeachersOK, Jackson Co, Altus
1TeachersOK, Jackson Co, Eldorado
1TeachersOK, Jefferson Co, Ryan
1TeachersOK, Jefferson Co, Ryan, High School
1TeachersOK, Johnston Co, Tishomingo, High School
3TeachersOK, Kay Co, Blackwell
2TeachersOK, Kay Co, Blackwell, Blackwell High School
1TeachersOK, Kay Co, Chilocco
2TeachersOK, Kay Co, Chilocco Indian School
1TeachersOK, Kay Co, Newkirk
3TeachersOK, Kay Co, Ponca City, High School
1TeachersOK, Kay Co, Tonkawa
1TeachersOK, Kay Co, Tonkawa, University Preparatory School
4TeachersOK, Kingfisher Co, Kingfisher
2TeachersOK, Kingfisher Co, Kingfisher, Kingfisher College
1TeachersOK, Kiowa Co, Hobart
2TeachersOK, Latimer Co, Wilburton
1TeachersOK, Le Flore Co, Heavener, High School
1TeachersOK, Lincoln Co, Chandler
1TeachersOK, Lincoln Co, Stroud
5TeachersOK, Logan Co, Guthrie
2TeachersOK, Logan Co, Guthrie, High School
1TeachersOK, Logan Co, Navina
1TeachersOK, Major Co, Fairview
1TeachersOK, Mayes Co, Pryor, High School
1TeachersOK, Mayes Co, Salina
1TeachersOK, Mcclain Co, Purcell
1TeachersOK, Mcclain Co, Purcell, High School
1TeachersOK, Murray Co, Sulphur
4TeachersOK, Muskogee Co, Bacone, Indian School
13TeachersOK, Muskogee Co, Muskogee
4TeachersOK, Muskogee Co, Muskogee, Central High School
1TeachersOK, Muskogee Co, Muskogee, Henry Kendall College
2TeachersOK, Muskogee Co, Muskogee, High School
1TeachersOK, Muskogee Co, Muskogee, Whittier School
1TeachersOK, Muskogee Co, Oktaha, High School
1TeachersOK, Noble Co, Perry
3TeachersOK, Nowata Co, Nowata
1TeachersOK, Okfuskee Co, Clearview
1TeachersOK, Okfuskee Co, Okemah
1TeachersOK, Okfuskee Co, Weleetka
1TeachersOK, Oklahoma Co, Britton
6TeachersOK, Oklahoma Co, Edmond, University of Central Oklahoma
1TeachersOK, Oklahoma Co, Jones
28TeachersOK, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma City
2TeachersOK, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma City, Epworth University
8TeachersOK, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma City, High School
3TeachersOK, Oklahoma Co, Spencer, Spencer Academy
1TeachersOK, Okmulgee Co, Beggs
1TeachersOK, Okmulgee Co, Henryetta
1TeachersOK, Okmulgee Co, Henryetta, High School
1TeachersOK, Okmulgee Co, Morris
7TeachersOK, Okmulgee Co, Okmulgee
1TeachersOK, Osage Co, Fairfax, History and Principal High School
1TeachersOK, Osage Co, Hominy
2TeachersOK, Osage Co, Pawhuska
1TeachersOK, Ottawa Co, Miami
5TeachersOK, Pawnee Co, Cleveland
6TeachersOK, Payne Co, Stillwater
1TeachersOK, Payne Co, Stillwater, High School
5TeachersOK, Payne Co, Stillwater, Oklahoma State University
1TeachersOK, Pittsburg Co, Hartshorne
3TeachersOK, Pittsburg Co, McAlester
2TeachersOK, Pittsburg Co, McAlester, High School
6TeachersOK, Pontotoc Co, Ada
1TeachersOK, Pontotoc Co, Ada, High School
5TeachersOK, Pottawatomie Co, Shawnee
3TeachersOK, Pottawatomie Co, Shawnee, High School
1TeachersOK, Roger Mills Co, Cheyenne
1TeachersOK, Rogers Co, Chelsea
1TeachersOK, Seminole Co, Wolf
1TeachersOK, Stephens Co, Marlow
1TeachersOK, Texas Co, Guymon
5TeachersOK, Tillman Co, Frederick
1TeachersOK, Tillman Co, Frederick, High School
1TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Bixby
1TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Broken Arrow
2TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Collinsville
1TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Collinsville, High School
1TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Red Fork
1TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Sand Springs
15TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Tulsa
1TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Tulsa, Central High School
1TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Tulsa, Henry Kendall College
4TeachersOK, Tulsa Co, Tulsa, High School
1TeachersOK, Wagoner Co, Wagoner
6TeachersOK, Washington Co, Bartlesville
2TeachersOK, Washington Co, Bartlesville, High School
1TeachersOK, Washington Co, Copan
3TeachersOK, Washington Co, Dewey
1TeachersOK, Washita Co, Bessie
1TeachersOK, Washita Co, Rocky
1TeachersOK, Woods Co, Alva
1TeachersOK, Woods Co, Alva, Northwestern Normal School
1TeachersOK, Woods Co, Alva, State Normal School
2TeachersOK, Woodward Co, Woodward

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