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The Tilton School, Belknap Co, NH


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The Tilton School, Belknap Co, NH: List of Teachers
Joseph Augustus 1845-1846NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
John Harrison 1847NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Calvin Sears 1852-1855NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
George Crosby 1857NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
John Wesley 1857-1858NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Sylvester 1857-1862NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
John 1859-1860NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Henry 1860-1862NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
George Janvrin 1865-1871NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Joseph Emerson 1868-1869NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
William Summerfield 1876-1877NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
William Ezra 1878-1881NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
William Cyrus 1879-1881NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
William Rice 1881-1882NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
PaintingIda Anzoletti 1882-1884NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Lewis Whittier 1882-1885NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Robert Henry 1885-1886NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Carrie Clifton 1885-1887NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Albert Raddin 1888-1893NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Art, HistoryEdith 1891-1894NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
George Lincoln 1891-1896NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
John 1897-1899NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Charles Thomas 1897-1902NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
William Henry 1903-1904NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
VoiceMary Louise 1903-1906NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Florence Mabel 1903-1907NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Mary Ruth 1903-1910NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Arlon Taylor 1906-1910NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Frank Lewis 1910-1913NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Henry Lester 1911-1914NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Louis Robert 1914-1915NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Vincent Blake 1914-1916NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Thomas Adamson 1916-1917NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Lynn Howard 1918NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Everett William 1921NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
Elford Floyd 1921NHBelknap CoThe Tilton School
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11TeachersNH, Rockingham Co, Derry, Pinkerton Academy
10TeachersNH, Rockingham Co, Exeter
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3TeachersNH, Rockingham Co, Exeter, Robinson Seminary
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