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List of Teachers; State: MN; County: Hennepin Co
George Delwin 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
GreekMary Adele 1891-1892MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ElocutionClair Elwood 1895-1898MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
BotanyJoseph Charles 1882MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Organ, PianoStanley R. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Frederic Gibbs 1902-1903MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
Winifred B. 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
William Elliott 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, High School
Hattie V. 1879-1887MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
VoiceMarie B. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ViolinFrancesca 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
VoiceKathleen Hart 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
GeographyMeade 1913MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PianoJames A. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
DrawingCharles H. 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Botany, AssistantCharles John 1900MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Harriet E. 1895MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
HistoryMiriam Woolson 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, North High School
Anthony E. 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
Pearl Vere 1896-1898MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ArchitectureSamuel C 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Romance LanguagesThomas Wainwright 1919-1920MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Jesse Franklin 1860-1868MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PianoAlfred 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
VoiceClement 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Harry Sharp 1926MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Agnes F. 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ArchitectureJohn O. 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
John White 1860-1868MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Prudence S. 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Domestic ScienceAmy 1907-1908MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Mabel P. 1892-1896MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Marie 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Henrietta Maria 1888-1892MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
Josie Bentley 1887-1888MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Leila Moss 1887-1888MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, High School
EnglishBartholow Vincent 1913MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Myrtle E. 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Inez S. 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PianoMargaret 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Anna J. 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
DrawingLyall 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Hattie M. 1884-1888MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Julia 1885-1894MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Frederick 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Ira Chapman 1905-1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
MusicCora Severance 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Grace Ellen 1913MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
SurgeryGeorge Robert 1926MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
May Louise 1911MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
VoiceEdmund Sereno 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
SurgeryWalter A. 1926MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Florence E. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Florence Agnes 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, North High School
Nellie M. 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ArchitectureJames H. 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Alice J. 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
DrawingRobert W. 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
MusicAgnes Moore 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Etta A. 1886-1895MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
VoiceRobert 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Anna 1893-1895MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Chemistry, AssistantPaul Maurice 1895-1897MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
PhysicsArthur Feddeman 1915-1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Henriette Emilienne G. 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Domestic ScienceHelen S. 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, North High School
Una M. 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Olive 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Hattie E. 1878-1879MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Chemistry, AssistantEverhart Percy 1894-1896MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Mae 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Ernest Eugene 1900MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ViolinHeinrich 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
VoiceAnne 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
William Hoit 1862-1863MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, High School
GermanLena Alice 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, High School
LatinLenora A. 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, High School
George Merriam 1892-1896MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PianoGustavus 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Gwen M. 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Kate Weltha 1885-1905MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
Mary Brigham 1883-1884MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Mary 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Elizabeth 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
EnglishMargaret Eliot 1921MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
EnglishKemp 1921-1922MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Charlotte Mary 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Eleanor A. 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
MusicMabel F. 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Nell I. 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Mary Constance 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, North High School
Mary Estelle 1895-1896MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Cora E. 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Astronomy, AssistantBurt Leroy 1898-1900MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Adelaide 1886-1889MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Gabrille 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
EngineeringEdd Charles 1903MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Margaret 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Luther Wood 1912-1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Roscoe Edward 1920-1921MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
VoiceWillard 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Grace E. Skow 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PianoMary W. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PianoF. E. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ViolinJ. Rudolph 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
VoiceHarry 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Emma E. 1890-1894MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PhysicsGeorge Henry Ruggles 1890-1892MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, High School
VoiceAlma Johnson 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Mabel 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Ethel Blanche 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
VoiceWilliam 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Physical EducationFrank 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Jenny 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Mary T. 1900MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, High School
Willard Durant 1884-1887MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ChemistryLandon Arndale 1926MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
LatinCharles Albert 1899-1903MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
PianoCarlyle 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Gordon Hatler 1926MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Blanche Lulu 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Katherine 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
FrenchEdward Hinman 1914-1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Lillian Marchant 1894-1895MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Gertrude 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Margaret 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
Weltha 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Hilda Louise 1911MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
Horace Broadwell 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Margaret 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Charlotte E. 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PsychologyMildred West Loring 1920-1921MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Political ScienceCharles Coleman Jr 1918-1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
Georgia Ilene 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ViolinEdward H. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Mary Louise 1906-1907MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Flora 1885-1889MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, High School
MusicCornelius 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Romance LanguagesGustave Leopold 1916-1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University Of Minnesota
VoiceArthur A. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Elizabeth 1887-1892MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Mary H. 1884-1885MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PianoMinnette Lake 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Blanche Howard 1904MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Ida Viola 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Lydia Margaret 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Emma E. 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PhysicsAlexander Newton 1898MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
Blanche 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Prentiss Mellen 1873-1880MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
Prentiss Mellen, Jr 1873-1880MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PianoCarl R. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis

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