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Margaret Brent School, Baltimore City, MD

Named for: Margaret Brent


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Principals (2)

Margaret Brent School, Baltimore City, MD: List of Teachers
Margaretta H. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
M. Belle 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Ellen K. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Emma N. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Nettie 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Leonora 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Elsie R. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Margaret K. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Anna A. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Sarah H. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
H. Doris 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Lida A. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Ethel M. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
M. Regina 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Ellen C. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Roberta Lee 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Kate W. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School
Helen S. 1926MDBaltimore CityMargaret Brent School

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18TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Henry Highland Garnet School
13TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Henry Lee School
14TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Henry Schroeder School
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34TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Montebello School
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7TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Mount St Agnes College
14TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Nathaniel Ramsey School
5TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Notre Dame College
19TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Oliver Cromwell School
19TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Oliver H. Perry School
5TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Orangeville School
16TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Orleans Street School
4TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Otho Holland Williams School
12TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Patrick Henry School
25TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Peabody Institute
12TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Pennsylvania Ave School
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25TeachersMD, Baltimore City, William Fell School
42TeachersMD, Baltimore City, William Paca School
15TeachersMD, Baltimore City, William Patterson School
5TeachersMD, Baltimore City, William Rinehart School
11TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Windsor Hills School
25TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Winfield Scott Schley School
12TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Wolfe School
7TeachersMD, Baltimore City, Woodberry School
2TeachersMD, Baltimore Co
2TeachersMD, Baltimore Co, Catonsville
1TeachersMD, Baltimore Co, Fort Howard
1TeachersMD, Baltimore Co, Fullerton
1TeachersMD, Baltimore Co, Owings Mills
4TeachersMD, Baltimore Co, Owings Mills, McDonogh School
4TeachersMD, Baltimore Co, Reisterstown, Hannah More Academy
3TeachersMD, Baltimore Co, Towson
1TeachersMD, Caroline Co, Denton, High School
1TeachersMD, Carroll Co, New Windsor
1TeachersMD, Carroll Co, Taneytown
1TeachersMD, Cecil Co, Chesapeake City
1TeachersMD, Cecil Co, Colora
2TeachersMD, Cecil Co, Elkton
2TeachersMD, Cecil Co, Elkton, High School
1TeachersMD, Cecil Co, Perryville
15TeachersMD, Cecil Co, Port Deposit, Jacob Tome Institute
1TeachersMD, Dorchester Co, East New Market, High School
2TeachersMD, Frederick Co
2TeachersMD, Frederick Co, Frederick
4TeachersMD, Frederick Co, Frederick, High School
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1TeachersMD, Somerset Co, Princess Anne
2TeachersMD, St Marys Co, Charlotte Hall
2TeachersMD, Talbot Co, Easton
1TeachersMD, Talbot Co, Easton, High School
1TeachersMD, Washington Co, Hagerstown
1TeachersMD, Wicomico Co, Salisbury
1TeachersMD, Worcester Co, Pocomoke City

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