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List of Teachers; State: MA; County: Suffolk Co
Joseph Hale 1833-1855MASuffolk CoBoston
Charles Edwards 1837-1843MASuffolk CoBoston
Jacob 1829-1833MASuffolk CoBoston
MusicJosef 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
ViolinTimothee 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Solomon 1840-1856MASuffolk CoBoston
Henry Mills 1863-1864MASuffolk CoBoston, Lowell Institute
MusicCharles Noke 1870-1895MASuffolk CoBoston
Clara Harrington 1903-1910MASuffolk CoBoston
Clare 1908-1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Miss Mays School
History, MathematicsFrederick James 1899-1902MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Mrs Charles Noke 1869-1875MASuffolk CoBoston
George F. 1878MASuffolk CoBoston
Abby Noyes 1898MASuffolk CoBoston, Girls High School
PianoFrank W. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Carroll Merton 1896MASuffolk CoBoston
Annie Fuller 1911MASuffolk CoBoston, Girls Latin School
ArtMiss M. A. 1882MASuffolk CoBoston, State Normal Art School
Sidney Emory 1885MASuffolk CoBoston
Clarence Edgar 1899-1900MASuffolk CoBoston
PhysiologyAnne Ide 1898-1899MASuffolk CoBoston University School Of Medicine
May Wallace 1903-1906MASuffolk CoBoston, Miss Winsors School
Boyd 1909-1911MASuffolk CoBoston, Latin School
ArtGeorge H. 1882MASuffolk CoBoston, State Normal Art School
Grace Leone 1894MASuffolk CoBoston
EnglishJames Whitford 1878-1879MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Josiah Gardner 1874-1895MASuffolk CoBoston
Gertrude 1885MASuffolk CoBoston
Earl Maltby 1915MASuffolk CoBoston, English High School
Charles William 1879-1880MASuffolk CoBoston
VoiceAxeline De 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
George Stillman 1893-1897MASuffolk CoBoston
Lawson Brewer 1891MASuffolk CoBoston
Miriam 1909-1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
Henrietta 1888-1895MASuffolk CoBoston
SurgeryAlonzo 1887-1890MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Marjorie 1908MASuffolk CoEast Boston
MusicCatherine Augusta 1886-1891MASuffolk CoBoston
Helen Agnes 1907-1910MASuffolk CoBoston
ArtW. F. 1882MASuffolk CoBoston, State Normal Art School
DentistryL. S. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston Dental College
George Monroe 1898-1899MASuffolk CoSouth Boston, Perkins Institute for Blind
Louise L. 1880-1883MASuffolk CoBoston, Chauncy Hall School
Franklin Eli 1887MASuffolk CoBoston, Latin School
Josephine Damon 1907MASuffolk CoBoston, Mechanic Arts High School
ChemistryBessie Marion 1907-1911MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
HistologyCharles Robinson 1874-1876MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Harry Edgar 1907MASuffolk CoBoston
DentistryMelville Bryant 1892MASuffolk CoBoston Dental College
VoiceEdith 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
PianoGiuseppe 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Ebenezer 1867MASuffolk CoBoston, Lowell Institute
Isaac Bronson 1889-1892MASuffolk CoBoston, Latin School
Caroline Lawton 1901-1909MASuffolk CoBoston
ChemistryEdwin Eddy 1883-1884MASuffolk CoBoston University School Of Medicine
Annie C. 1872-1874MASuffolk CoBoston
Agnes 1899-1900MASuffolk CoBoston
ArtC. M. 1882MASuffolk CoBoston, State Normal Art School
Joseph Webber 1866-1872MASuffolk CoBoston, Latin School
George Scott 1900-1904MASuffolk CoBoston
VoiceBertha Gushing 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Silas Smith 1815MASuffolk CoBoston
Domestic ScienceAlice Wilson 1909-1910MASuffolk CoBoston
PianoChalmers D. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
LeRoy Zuinglius 1871-1873MASuffolk CoBoston
Fred Herbert 1906MASuffolk CoBoston, Girls Latin School
Leonard Newman 1875-1876MASuffolk CoBoston
Charles Henry 1870-1874MASuffolk CoBoston
Charles McLaughlin 1848-1874MASuffolk CoBoston, English High School
DentistryWillard A. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston Dental College
PianoEphraim, Jr 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Henry 1877-1883MASuffolk CoBoston
VoiceGeraldine 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
MusicMabel W. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
LawCharles Kimball 1897-1901MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
Abner Harrison 1860MASuffolk CoBoston
PianoJessie 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Emma Jane 1898-1903MASuffolk CoBoston
William Bradford 1873-1883MASuffolk CoBoston
Walter 1878-1895MASuffolk CoBoston
PianoHenry 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Edwin 1872-1884MASuffolk CoBoston, Chauncy Hall School
Andrew Clark 1856-1858MASuffolk CoBoston
Jessie 1911MASuffolk CoBoston, Miss Mays School
Home EconomicsAlice Norton 1902MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
Cornelia Anthony 1883-1896MASuffolk CoBoston
Elizabeth Anderson 1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Miss Winsors School
MusicJeremiah Lewis 1880MASuffolk CoBoston, Lowell Institute
Orlando Wales 1869MASuffolk CoEast Boston
Frederick Howard 1911MASuffolk CoBoston, Latin School
Joseph 1823-1835MASuffolk CoBoston
Larkin 1899MASuffolk CoBoston
Nora Gertrude 1898MASuffolk CoBoston
Music TheoryLouis C. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Lincoln Fletcher 1850-1864MASuffolk CoBoston
Thomas Jefferson 1871-1876MASuffolk CoBoston, English High School
Abraham Howry 1895-1896MASuffolk CoBoston, Chauncy Hall School
MusicCarl 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Sara Josephine 1919MASuffolk CoBoston
Oliver C. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Channing 1877-1882MASuffolk CoBoston, High School
Ellen Minot 1872-1880MASuffolk CoBoston, Girls High School
Martha Thayer 1900-1902MASuffolk CoBoston
PianoArthur 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
ChemistryMary Louise 1891-1896MASuffolk CoBoston
PianoFelix 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Frank Wilton 1875MASuffolk CoBoston, Latin School
ArtOtto 1882MASuffolk CoBoston, State Normal Art School
Mary Breese 1899MASuffolk CoBoston
Sarah 1857-1869MASuffolk CoBoston
Jane Mayhew 1896-1899MASuffolk CoBoston
Grace Worden 1898-1903MASuffolk CoBoston
Allen 1865-1871MASuffolk CoBoston
Ella 1883-1886MASuffolk CoBoston
Augustine Milton 1860-1863MASuffolk CoBoston
PianoHeinrich 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Clara Arabella 1909-1910MASuffolk CoBoston
EnglishLincoln Robinson 1896-1897MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
VoiceHenry L. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
DentistryJ. B. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston Dental College
Quincy Adams 1849-1853MASuffolk CoBoston
Harry Alexander 1911MASuffolk CoBoston, English High School
Albert 1873-1874MASuffolk CoBoston
ArtF. Melbourne 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
AssistantSamuel Stillman 1842-1844MASuffolk CoBoston, English High School
La Roy Freese 1876-1878MASuffolk CoBoston
LaRoy Freese 1876-1878MASuffolk CoBoston
LaRoy Freese 1899-1900MASuffolk CoBoston, High School
PianoBenjamin 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Florence Amelia 1871-1872MASuffolk CoSouth Boston, Perkins Institute for Blind
Gertrude Maud 1909MASuffolk CoBoston, Mechanic Arts High School
Susan S. 1896MASuffolk CoBoston
Mabel Zilly 1918MASuffolk CoBoston
Delwin Augustus 1893MASuffolk CoBoston
Rose Standish 1891-1895MASuffolk CoBoston
Emma Bailey 1903-1907MASuffolk CoEast Boston
Marie Emily 1893-1896MASuffolk CoBoston
PianoRaymond 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
VoiceMinnie 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Alice 1881-1884MASuffolk CoBoston
Joseph 1881-1895MASuffolk CoBoston
Stephen Hobbs 1872-1896MASuffolk CoBoston
Bertha 1885-1904MASuffolk CoBoston
DentistryF. M. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston Dental College
Bertram Curtis 1899-1900MASuffolk CoBoston
Hermann S. 1926MASuffolk CoBoston
Melvin Joseph 1884-1907MASuffolk CoBoston, English High School
ViolinJacques 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Myra Coffin 1905MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
Virginia 1905-1906MASuffolk CoBoston, Miss Browns School
PianoHelen 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Marion Robbins 1907-1913MASuffolk CoBoston University School Of Medicine
VoiceEmma S. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Mark Antony De Wolfe 1829MASuffolk CoBoston
Abigail 1889-1891MASuffolk CoEast Boston
Abigail 1894MASuffolk CoBoston, Girls Latin School
Clarence Linden 1876-1877MASuffolk CoBoston, Latin School
Aaron Beede 1831-1840MASuffolk CoBoston
ArtMiss R. L. 1882MASuffolk CoBoston, State Normal Art School
Sophia Olive 1903-1904MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
VoiceArthur J. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Lucian 1846-1864MASuffolk CoBoston
Ethics, HistoryWilliam Edwards 1876-1878MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
DentistryS. C. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston Dental College
ElocutionCharlotte Constance 1875-1888MASuffolk CoBoston
Thomas Murphy Jerome 1856-1868MASuffolk CoBoston
Elijah Utley 1879-1893MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Mary Adela 1902-1908MASuffolk CoBoston
Margaret 1904-1905MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
Sarah Elizabeth 1908MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
George A. 1912-1913MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
Joseph Wadsworth 1871-1873MASuffolk CoBoston
Samuel Robinson 1869-1870MASuffolk CoBoston
Lydia Williams 1897-1898MASuffolk CoBoston
Mary Brigham 1885-1891MASuffolk CoBoston, Girls High School
Maud 1888-1890MASuffolk CoBoston
Anna Louisa 1863-1867MASuffolk CoBoston
Mary Emeline 1861-1865MASuffolk CoBoston
Rebecca Nichols 1900-1905MASuffolk CoBoston, Miss Winsors School
Alice M. 1899-1902MASuffolk CoBoston
Alice M. 1903-1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
Friedrich Wilhelm 1891-1892MASuffolk CoBoston
William Henry 1859-1876MASuffolk CoBoston
Franklin Thomas 1896MASuffolk CoBoston, Chauncy Hall School
VoiceHelen Gertrude 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Organ, PianoMalcolm 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Jessie Linnell 1892MASuffolk CoSouth Boston, Perkins Institute for Blind
ViolinLetty 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
Horatio Bartlett 1889-1890MASuffolk CoBoston
Abby 1880-1883MASuffolk CoBoston
Elizabeth Dwight 1911MASuffolk CoBoston
Margaret Rhodes 1906-1908MASuffolk CoBoston, Miss Winsors School
Caroline Prescott 1864-1865MASuffolk CoBoston, Dudley School
Eliza Gurney 1856-1864MASuffolk CoBoston, Dudley School
Kate Leland 1902-1903MASuffolk CoBoston, Miss Winsors School
Grace Ethel 1919MASuffolk CoBoston, Girls Latin School
Eugenia 1905-1908MASuffolk CoSouth Boston, Perkins Institute for Blind
Mary Stoughton 1880-1882MASuffolk CoBoston
Mary Stoughton 1883-1885MASuffolk CoBoston, Latin School
Mary Stoughton 1893MASuffolk CoBoston
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