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List of Teachers; State: IL; County: Peoria Co
LatinAbbie Florence 1897-1905ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
Caroline Brown 1896-1897ILPeoria CoPeoria
Elsie Parsons 1897-1899ILPeoria CoPeoria
Rejoyce Ballance 1899-1900ILPeoria CoPeoria
Eva Bottorff 1901ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
Mary Ama 1898-1899ILPeoria CoPeoria
Bertha May 1899-1900ILPeoria CoPeoria
Appleton Howe 1859-1864ILPeoria CoPeoria
Mabel Louise 1903ILPeoria CoPeoria
Elizabeth 1903-1906ILPeoria CoPeoria
Elizabeth Mcllvaine 1905-1910ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
Edwin Matthews 1837-1840ILPeoria CoPeoria
GermanCharles Henry 1894-1904ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
Louise Stowell 1909ILPeoria CoPeoria
Jean McLean 1901-1904ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
Etta 1903-1904ILPeoria CoPeoria
Martha Eleanor 1892-1909ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
Caroline Montgomery 1906ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
Dena 1901-1904ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
Susie Belle 1905-1909ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School
John Sanborn 1864ILPeoria CoPeoria
MathematicsMarion Ballantyne 1895-1899ILPeoria CoPeoria, High School

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Most Recent Entries
8TeachersIL, Adams Co, Quincy
9TeachersIL, Adams Co, Quincy, High School
4TeachersIL, Bond Co, Greenville
3TeachersIL, Boone Co, Belvidere
8TeachersIL, Bureau Co, Princeton
20TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Champaign
35TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Champaign, High School
3TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Champaign, University Of Illinois
4TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Rantoul
4TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Rantoul, High School
12TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Urbana
21TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Urbana, High School
3TeachersIL, Clay Co, Flora, High School
8TeachersIL, Coles Co, Charleston
4TeachersIL, Coles Co, Charleston, High School
3TeachersIL, Coles Co, Mattoon
13TeachersIL, Coles Co, Mattoon, High School
84TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago
6TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Austin High School
16TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, High School
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Kirkland School
6TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Lake View High School
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Lane Technical High School
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Starrett School for Girls
8TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, University Of Chicago
7TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, University School for Girls
7TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Wendell Phillips High School
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Englewood, High School
11TeachersIL, Cook Co, Evanston
6TeachersIL, Cook Co, Evanston, High School
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Northwestern University
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Morgan Park Academy
8TeachersIL, Cook Co, Oak Park
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Winnetka, Girton School
5TeachersIL, Crawford Co, Oblong, High School
5TeachersIL, DeKalb Co, DeKalb, High School
4TeachersIL, DeKalb Co, Sycamore
3TeachersIL, DeWitt Co, Clinton
7TeachersIL, DeWitt Co, Clinton, High School
3TeachersIL, DeWitt Co, Farmer City
7TeachersIL, DeWitt Co, Farmer City, High School
3TeachersIL, Edgar Co, Paris, High School
3TeachersIL, Ford Co, Paxton
5TeachersIL, Ford Co, Paxton, High School
4TeachersIL, Fulton Co, Canton
4TeachersIL, Fulton Co, Canton, High School
5TeachersIL, Grundy Co, Morris, High School
4TeachersIL, Henry Co, Geneseo
4TeachersIL, Iroquois Co, Watseka
5TeachersIL, Jefferson Co, Mount Vernon, High School
6TeachersIL, Kane Co, Aurora
6TeachersIL, Kane Co, Aurora, High School
4TeachersIL, Kane Co, Aurora, Jennings Seminary
3TeachersIL, Kane Co, Batavia
5TeachersIL, Kane Co, East Aurora, High School
5TeachersIL, Kane Co, Elgin
6TeachersIL, Kane Co, Elgin, High School
6TeachersIL, Kankakee Co, Kankakee
4TeachersIL, Kankakee Co, Kankakee, High School
5TeachersIL, Lake Co, Lake Forest
10TeachersIL, Lake Co, Lake Forest Academy
3TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, La Salle, Peru High School
6TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Ottawa, High School
4TeachersIL, Lee Co, Amboy
5TeachersIL, Lee Co, Dixon, High School
9TeachersIL, Livingston Co, Pontiac, High School
7TeachersIL, Macon Co, Decatur
11TeachersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, High School
4TeachersIL, Madison Co, Alton
4TeachersIL, Madison Co, Alton, High School
7TeachersIL, Marion Co, Centralia, High School
5TeachersIL, McLean Co, Bloomington
9TeachersIL, McLean Co, Bloomington, High School
8TeachersIL, McLean Co, Normal, Illinois State Normal University
10TeachersIL, Morgan Co, Jacksonville
6TeachersIL, Morgan Co, Jacksonville, Womens College
4TeachersIL, Moultrie Co, Sullivan, High School
12TeachersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria
10TeachersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, High School
3TeachersIL, Piatt Co, Bement
3TeachersIL, Piatt Co, Bement, High School
3TeachersIL, Randolph Co, Sparta
5TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Moline
4TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island
3TeachersIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island, High School
5TeachersIL, Saline Co, Harrisburg, High School
7TeachersIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield
4TeachersIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield, High School
5TeachersIL, St Clair Co, Belleville
4TeachersIL, Stephenson Co, Freeport, High School
4TeachersIL, Tazewell Co, Pekin
4TeachersIL, Tazewell Co, Pekin, High School
8TeachersIL, Vermilion Co, Danville
7TeachersIL, Vermilion Co, Danville, High School
4TeachersIL, Vermilion Co, Hoopeston
3TeachersIL, Warren Co, Alexis
3TeachersIL, Warren Co, Monmouth, High School
5TeachersIL, Will Co, Joliet
13TeachersIL, Will Co, Joliet, High School
3TeachersIL, Williamson Co, Herrin, High School
17TeachersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford
12TeachersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford College
16TeachersIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, High School

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