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Northwestern University Academy, Evanston, Cook Co, IL

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Northwestern University Academy, Evanston, IL: List of Teachers
Sarah Ella 1879-1883ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
George Henry 1879-1887ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Frank Warren 1882-1883ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
William Edward 1883-1884ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Harriet Augusta 1883-1891ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Merritt Eugene 1884-1886ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Florence Elizabeth 1888-1889ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
PhysicsCharles Burton 1888-1893ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Leila Moss 1888-1897ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Latin, EnglishAda 1889-1893ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
John Adams 1891-1893ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
GermanJohn Albrecht 1892-1894ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Charles Hamline 1893-1900ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Martha Constance 1894-1897ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
LatinMary Emma 1897-1899ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
LatinCarla Fern 1897-1901ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
ZoologyOtto Herman 1897-1901ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
GreekJohn Wesley Ridgaway 1897-1901ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
GermanAnn Estelle 1899ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
Charles Spaulding 1899-1900ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
GreekRoy Caston 1899-1901ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
MathematicsRobert Edward 1900-1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
William Henry 1901-1903ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
GreekFestus Edward 1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
EnglishHiram Erl 1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
EnglishLulu Katherine 1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
GermanEthel May 1902ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy
PhysicsHoward Wilson 1907ILCook CoEvanston, Northwestern University Academy

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