List of Teachers

With their years and location of service

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List of Teachers; State: IA; County: Story Co
EnglishRosa 1905IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
EnglishClara Hanna 1906-1908IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Zoology, AssistantElmer Darwin 1895-1897IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Modern LanguagesJohn Davis 1900-1901IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
BiologyElery Ronald 1925IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Clara M. 1909IAStory CoAmes
StenographyIda M. 1920IAStory CoAmes
DrawingGrace 1916IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
History, EnglishBlanche McMeans 1893-1894IAStory CoAmes, High School
Janet Grace 1919IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Alice Ella 1916IAStory CoAmes
Avis Julia 1916IAStory CoAmes
Beulah 1910IAStory CoAmes
PhysicsJohn Frederic Howard 1915IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Myrtle 1916IAStory CoAmes
EnglishAlbert E. 1892-1896IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Bryan 1920IAStory CoAmes
DrawingElsie A. 1916IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Kittle Belle 1898-1902IAStory CoAmes, High School
ArtWinifred S. 1916IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Drawing, DesignHelen R. 1916IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
EnglishNathaniel Edward 1899-1900IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Chemistry, AssistantAlbert Spear 1885IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
PhysicsFrederick F. 1917IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Chemistry, AssistantHelen 1911IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
GermanKarl Detlev 1897IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Marie H. 1920IAStory CoAmes
Latin, GermanSusan 1909IAStory CoAmes, High School
Margaret 1919IAStory CoAmes
Julius Victor 1919IAStory CoAmes
BacteriologyMax 1915IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Elmo Hamilton 1913IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Belle 1919IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
EnglishAda J. 1901-1903IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Cora 1920IAStory CoAmes
Elizabeth Wilhelmina 1919IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Lucile M. 1930IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Emma Case 1886-1888IAStory CoAmes
Modern LanguagesTheodore Lee 1890-1891IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
EducationAnna Bernice 1923IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Zoology, AssistantHerbert 1880-1885IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Physics, ChemistryRalph L. 1909IAStory CoAmes, High School
English, HistoryMabelle Agnes 1909IAStory CoAmes, High School
Physical EducationPrances Bertha 1916IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Herbert J. 1911IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
ChemistryBurleigh Buren 1912-1913IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
SciencesCharles 1911-1913IAStory CoAmes, High School
EnglishRuth Bogardus 1910IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Mildred 1910-1911IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Fredrica Von Trice 1910IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
AgricultureClaude Kedzie 1912IAStory CoAmes
H. G. 1920IAStory CoAmes
Martha Nitcher 1904-1906IAStory CoAmes
Physics, AssistantLouis Bevier 1893-1897IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
L. F. 1920IAStory CoAmes
Home EconomicsClara M. 1916IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
MusicMargaret Mae 1916IAStory CoAmes
FrenchJohn Charles 1893-1894IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
ChemistryGustav Herman 1913IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University
Lenna Edith 1909-1911IAStory CoAmes
Mary Alma 1919IAStory CoAmes
Grace Francile 1916IAStory CoAmes
Bina 1919IAStory CoAmes, Iowa State University

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Most Recent Entries
3TeachersIA, Adair Co, Greenfield
4TeachersIA, Allamakee Co, Waukon
6TeachersIA, Appanoose Co, Centerville
2TeachersIA, Appanoose Co, Mystic
4TeachersIA, Audubon Co, Audubon
7TeachersIA, Benton Co, Belle Plaine
8TeachersIA, Benton Co, Vinton
6TeachersIA, Benton Co, Vinton, College for the Blind
48TeachersIA, Black Hawk Co, Cedar Falls
44TeachersIA, Black Hawk Co, Cedar Falls, Iowa State Teachers College
2TeachersIA, Black Hawk Co, East Waterloo
72TeachersIA, Black Hawk Co, Waterloo
2TeachersIA, Black Hawk Co, Waterloo, East High School
21TeachersIA, Boone Co, Boone
4TeachersIA, Boone Co, Ogden
15TeachersIA, Bremer Co, Waverly
16TeachersIA, Buchanan Co, Independence
6TeachersIA, Buena Vista Co, Storm Lake
3TeachersIA, Buena Vista Co, Storm Lake, High School
3TeachersIA, Butler Co, Greene
2TeachersIA, Calhoun Co, Lake City
3TeachersIA, Calhoun Co, Pomeroy
8TeachersIA, Calhoun Co, Rockwell City
6TeachersIA, Carroll Co, Carroll
7TeachersIA, Cass Co, Atlantic
13TeachersIA, Cedar Co, Tipton
2TeachersIA, Cedar Co, West Branch
32TeachersIA, Cerro Gordo Co, Mason City
12TeachersIA, Cerro Gordo Co, Mason City, High School
1TeachersIA, Cerro Gordo Co, Plymouth
16TeachersIA, Cherokee Co, Cherokee
3TeachersIA, Cherokee Co, Marcus
1TeachersIA, Clarke Co, Murray
3TeachersIA, Clarke Co, Osceola
13TeachersIA, Clay Co, Spencer
5TeachersIA, Clayton Co, Elkader
7TeachersIA, Clayton Co, Guttenberg
5TeachersIA, Clayton Co, McGregor
14TeachersIA, Clinton Co, Clinton
3TeachersIA, Clinton Co, DeWitt
7TeachersIA, Clinton Co, Lyons
2TeachersIA, Crawford Co, Charter Oak
8TeachersIA, Crawford Co, Denison
3TeachersIA, Dallas Co, Adel
1TeachersIA, Dallas Co, Dexter
7TeachersIA, Dallas Co, Perry
1TeachersIA, Davis Co, Bloomfield
3TeachersIA, Decatur Co, Lamoni
4TeachersIA, Delaware Co, Hopkinton
23TeachersIA, Des Moines Co, Burlington
14TeachersIA, Des Moines Co, Burlington, High School
1TeachersIA, Des Moines Co, Burlington, Prospect Hill School
23TeachersIA, Dubuque Co, Dubuque
1TeachersIA, Dubuque Co, Dubuque, University of Dubuque
11TeachersIA, Emmet Co, Estherville
4TeachersIA, Fayette Co, Fayette
2TeachersIA, Fayette Co, Fayette, Upper Iowa University
11TeachersIA, Fayette Co, Oelwein
7TeachersIA, Fayette Co, West Union
14TeachersIA, Floyd Co, Charles City
4TeachersIA, Floyd Co, Nora Springs
1TeachersIA, Franklin Co, Geneva
24TeachersIA, Franklin Co, Hampton
3TeachersIA, Fremont Co, Tabor
2TeachersIA, Fremont Co, Tabor, Tabor College
1TeachersIA, Greene Co
4TeachersIA, Greene Co, Grand Junction
8TeachersIA, Greene Co, Jefferson
6TeachersIA, Grundy Co, Grundy Center
4TeachersIA, Grundy Co, Reinbeck
2TeachersIA, Guthrie Co, Guthrie Center
3TeachersIA, Guthrie Co, Stuart
2TeachersIA, Hamilton Co, Jewell, Lutheran College
7TeachersIA, Hamilton Co, Webster City
11TeachersIA, Hancock Co, Britt
8TeachersIA, Hardin Co, Eldora
4TeachersIA, Hardin Co, Iowa Falls
2TeachersIA, Hardin Co, New Providence, New Providence Academy
1TeachersIA, Hardin Co, Owasa, High School
2TeachersIA, Harrison Co, Dunlap
9TeachersIA, Harrison Co, Missouri Valley
2TeachersIA, Harrison Co, Woodbine
8TeachersIA, Henry Co, Mt Pleasant
1TeachersIA, Henry Co, Mt Pleasant, Female Seminary
7TeachersIA, Henry Co, Mt Pleasant, Iowa Wesleyan University
2TeachersIA, Henry Co, Winfield
11TeachersIA, Howard Co, Cresco
3TeachersIA, Humboldt Co, Humboldt
7TeachersIA, Ida Co, Ida Grove
6TeachersIA, Iowa Co, Marengo
2TeachersIA, Iowa Co, Victor
4TeachersIA, Iowa Co, Williamsburg
7TeachersIA, Jackson Co, Maquoketa
22TeachersIA, Jasper Co, Newton
13TeachersIA, Jefferson Co, Fairfield
15TeachersIA, Johnson Co, Iowa City
34TeachersIA, Johnson Co, Iowa City, University of Iowa
5TeachersIA, Jones Co, Anamosa
9TeachersIA, Jones Co, Monticello
5TeachersIA, Keokuk Co, Sigourney
2TeachersIA, Keokuk Co, What Cheer
6TeachersIA, Lee Co, Fort Madison
11TeachersIA, Lee Co, Keokuk
27TeachersIA, Linn Co, Cedar Rapids
8TeachersIA, Linn Co, Marion
7TeachersIA, Linn Co, Mt Vernon
9TeachersIA, Linn Co, Mt Vernon, Cornell Academy
32TeachersIA, Linn Co, Mt Vernon, Cornell College
4TeachersIA, Lyon Co, Rock Rapids
5TeachersIA, Madison Co, Winterset
14TeachersIA, Mahaska Co, Oskaloosa
1TeachersIA, Mahaska Co, Oskaloosa, Oskaloosa College
6TeachersIA, Marion Co, Pella
2TeachersIA, Marion Co, Pella, Central University
2TeachersIA, Marion Co, Pella, High School
39TeachersIA, Marshall Co, Marshalltown
8TeachersIA, Marshall Co, Marshalltown, High School
1TeachersIA, Marshall Co, Marshalltown, St Thomas Hospital
4TeachersIA, Mills Co, Glenwood
1TeachersIA, Mills Co, Glenwood, Institution for Feeble Minded Children
7TeachersIA, Mitchell Co, Osage
4TeachersIA, Mitchell Co, Osage, Cedar Valley Seminary
1TeachersIA, Mitchell Co, West Mitchell
7TeachersIA, Monona Co, Mapleton
5TeachersIA, Monona Co, Onawa
4TeachersIA, Monroe Co, Albia
13TeachersIA, Montgomery Co, Red Oak
2TeachersIA, Montgomery Co, Villisca
17TeachersIA, Muscatine Co, Muscatine
4TeachersIA, Osceola Co, Sibley
3TeachersIA, O`Brien Co, Hartley
3TeachersIA, O`Brien Co, Paullina
6TeachersIA, O`Brien Co, Sanborn
6TeachersIA, O`Brien Co, Sheldon
12TeachersIA, Page Co, Clarinda
1TeachersIA, Page Co, College Springs
10TeachersIA, Page Co, Shenandoah
1TeachersIA, Page Co, Shenandoah, Western Normal College
8TeachersIA, Palo Alto Co, Emmetsburg
1TeachersIA, Palo Alto Co, West Bend
18TeachersIA, Plymouth Co, Le Mars
75TeachersIA, Polk Co, Des Moines
6TeachersIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, West High School
3TeachersIA, Polk Co, East Des Moines, High School
1TeachersIA, Polk Co, West Des Moines
30TeachersIA, Pottawattamie Co, Council Bluffs
1TeachersIA, Pottawattamie Co, Oakland
2TeachersIA, Pottawattamie Co, Oakland, High School
50TeachersIA, Poweshiek Co, Grinnell
18TeachersIA, Poweshiek Co, Grinnell, Grinnell College
16TeachersIA, Poweshiek Co, Grinnell, Iowa College Academy
6TeachersIA, Poweshiek Co, Montezuma
3TeachersIA, Ringgold Co, Mt Ayr
4TeachersIA, Sac Co, Sac City
31TeachersIA, Scott Co, Davenport
1TeachersIA, Scott Co, Davenport, St Ambrose College
12TeachersIA, Shelby Co, Harlan
3TeachersIA, Sioux Co, Hawarden
4TeachersIA, Sioux Co, Rock Valley
6TeachersIA, Sioux Co, Sioux Center
20TeachersIA, Story Co, Ames
37TeachersIA, Story Co, Ames, Iowa State University
6TeachersIA, Story Co, Nevada
1TeachersIA, Story Co, Nevada, High School
3TeachersIA, Tama Co, Tama
3TeachersIA, Tama Co, Toledo, Western College
3TeachersIA, Union Co, Creston
2TeachersIA, Wapello Co, Eddyville
1TeachersIA, Wapello Co, Eldon
24TeachersIA, Wapello Co, Ottumwa
1TeachersIA, Wapello Co, Ottumwa, Lincoln School
6TeachersIA, Warren Co, Indianola
1TeachersIA, Warren Co, Indianola, Simpson Centenary College
1TeachersIA, Warren Co, Milo, High School
12TeachersIA, Washington Co, Washington
4TeachersIA, Washington Co, Washington, High School
2TeachersIA, Washington Co, Washington, Washington Academy
3TeachersIA, Wayne Co, Corydon
1TeachersIA, Wayne Co, Humeston
4TeachersIA, Wayne Co, Seymour
1TeachersIA, Wayne Co, Warsaw
31TeachersIA, Webster Co, Fort Dodge
15TeachersIA, Webster Co, Fort Dodge, High School
3TeachersIA, Winnebago Co, Forest City
6TeachersIA, Winnebago Co, Lake Mills
11TeachersIA, Winneshiek Co, Decorah
2TeachersIA, Winneshiek Co, Ossian
73TeachersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City
1TeachersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Hunt School
1TeachersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Irving School
4TeachersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Morningside College
1TeachersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Sioux City Normal School
1TeachersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Webster School
1TeachersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Whittier School
1TeachersIA, Woodbury Co, Sioux City, Worcester School
4TeachersIA, Worth Co, Northwood
4TeachersIA, Wright Co, Belmond
5TeachersIA, Wright Co, Clarion
3TeachersIA, Wright Co, Dows
5TeachersIA, Wright Co, Eagle Grove

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