List of State Senators

With their years and location of service

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List of State Senators
L. K. 1881MNGrant Co
Jacob 1813-1815MA
Amos 1840-1842MA
Charles Jeffrey 1866ME
Jonathan D. 1864-1866VTCaledonia Co
Josiah Gardner 1841-1842MA
Oliver Clinton 1884MI
James 1825-1833AL
John William 1896-1898AL
John William 1896-1899AL
George A. 1877-1879WIMilwaukee Co
John 1888-1891VARockingham Co
Ernest R. 1908NJ
Jackson Leroy 1928-1932IL
John J. 1840-1841MI
Benjamin 1822-1825MA
C. P. 1879-1881MNMorrison Co
Charles Francis 1835-1840MA
Charles Henry 1872-1873NY
George Everett 1880IL
Henry B. 1887NC
Isaac 1848MA
John Quincy 1802MA
Perry M. 1887-1889OHCrawford Co
Robert, Jr 1883-1886PA
S. 1840-1843ARJohnson Co
Stephen 1833-1834MS
Thomas 1783-1786VA
Thomas 1786-1787VARockingham Co
William Jackson 1895NC
E. Dale 1924MDWicomico Co
Robert 1891-1893NJ
Noah Alfred 1856-1857AL
Franklin H. 1883-1886PABeaver Co
William 1916OH
Daniel W. 1841-1843VTCaledonia Co
William 1842-1844SC
Lucien Lester 1860-1862IA
Ellery 1869-1870NH
Obadiah Wheelock 1857MA
James Lusk 1848-1854MS
S. F. 1907-1909MNMorrison Co
Charles Hardy 1907NE
Levi 1865MI
Richard Steere 1916-1918RI
Adam Rankin 1817TN
Archibald 1842-1845INHendricks Co
Jesse I. 1850INOwen Co
Jesse I. 1855INOwen Co
John 1822-1823OH
John 1822-1823OHGreene Co
John D. 1841-1844KYCumberland Co
Joseph M. 1867-1871KYFleming Co
L. P. 1871-1873MIBerrien Co
Nathaniel 1801-1802NC
Robert 1795-1802KYWoodford Co
Sydenham Benoni 1879NC
Thomas T. 1859-1862KYAdair Co
A. Sidney 1865KYClark Co
Chilton 1823-1827KYClark Co
Jotham Powers 1902-1910NY
James Frank 1899-1903DE
Alanson 1842-1843VTRutland Co
Alanson 1854-1855VTRutland Co
Benjamin 1835-1837KYHenry Co
Benjamin F. 1838OHCrawford Co
Benjamin F. 1838-1839OHDelaware Co
Benjamin F. 1838-1839OHUnion Co
Benjamin F. 1838-1840OHMarion Co
Charles 1836-1837MA
Charles H. 1823-1827KYHenry Co
Charles Herbert 1883NY
Edward M. 1882-1884MDHarford Co
Elisha 1842-1843VTRutland Co
Horace 1862-1863VTRutland Co
Ira Richard 1894VT
James 1806VARockingham Co
James 1824-1832KYGreen Co
James G. 1843-1847LA
John 1792-1795KYBourbon Co
John James 1828-1831VA
John W. 1835-1836OHCuyahoga Co
John William 1836-1837OH
Matt Hicks 1917NC
Morrill 1844-1846MA
Newton D. R. 1916-1918MDBaltimore Co
Orville Payson 1886-1889NY
Robert 1821VARockingham Co& 23-26
Robert 1821-1826VA
Robert Porter 1875-1878PA
Samuel Clesson 1812-1815MA
Thomas 1850-1854MO
William Franklin 1925-1929DE
William Joshua 1855IL
Willis 1844-1847IL
John Bassett 1852MA
Finis M. 1867-1871KY
John F. 1844-1846INOwen Co
Joseph S. 1882-1884MDSt Marys Co
Robert F. W. 1832-1856SC

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Most Recent Entries
3State SenatorsAK,
96State SenatorsAL,
18State SenatorsAL, Conecuh Co
21State SenatorsAL, Jefferson Co
18State SenatorsAR,
13State SenatorsAR, Crittenden Co
6State SenatorsAR, Grant Co
20State SenatorsAR, Jefferson Co
15State SenatorsAR, Johnson Co
5State SenatorsAR, Lincoln Co
6State SenatorsAR, Logan Co
6State SenatorsAR, Lonoke Co
14State SenatorsAR, Montgomery Co
5State SenatorsAR, Nevada Co
6State SenatorsAR, Phillips Co
11State SenatorsAR, Polk Co
17State SenatorsAR, Pope Co
22State SenatorsAR, Pulaski Co
15State SenatorsAR, Scott Co
14State SenatorsAR, Yell Co
2State SenatorsAZ,
46State SenatorsCA,
9State SenatorsCO,
88State SenatorsCT,
15State SenatorsDE,
20State SenatorsFL,
72State SenatorsGA,
2State SenatorsHI,
55State SenatorsIA,
8State SenatorsID,
71State SenatorsIL,
21State SenatorsIL, Crawford Co
90State SenatorsIN,
15State SenatorsIN, Adams Co
20State SenatorsIN, Allen Co
27State SenatorsIN, Brown Co
15State SenatorsIN, Carroll Co
15State SenatorsIN, Cass Co
53State SenatorsIN, Daviess Co
16State SenatorsIN, Dearborn Co
20State SenatorsIN, Fountain Co
14State SenatorsIN, LaGrange Co
20State SenatorsIN, Lawrence Co
18State SenatorsIN, Marshall Co
7State SenatorsIN, Ohio Co
19State SenatorsIN, Orange Co
18State SenatorsIN, Owen Co
19State SenatorsIN, Perry Co
18State SenatorsIN, Pike Co
13State SenatorsIN, Porter Co
8State SenatorsIN, Pulaski Co
17State SenatorsIN, Shelby Co
18State SenatorsIN, Spencer Co
4State SenatorsIN, Vigo Co
16State SenatorsIN, Warrick Co
15State SenatorsIN, Washington Co
34State SenatorsKS,
71State SenatorsKY,
8State SenatorsKY, Adair Co
8State SenatorsKY, Allen Co
2State SenatorsKY, Anderson Co
3State SenatorsKY, Ballard Co
16State SenatorsKY, Barren Co
4State SenatorsKY, Bath Co
8State SenatorsKY, Boone Co
17State SenatorsKY, Bourbon Co
5State SenatorsKY, Boyle Co
5State SenatorsKY, Bracken Co
2State SenatorsKY, Breathitt Co
4State SenatorsKY, Breckinridge Co
4State SenatorsKY, Bullitt Co
2State SenatorsKY, Butler Co
6State SenatorsKY, Caldwell Co
4State SenatorsKY, Calloway Co
10State SenatorsKY, Campbell Co
1State SenatorsKY, Carroll Co
2State SenatorsKY, Carter Co
2State SenatorsKY, Casey Co
10State SenatorsKY, Christian Co
11State SenatorsKY, Clark Co
5State SenatorsKY, Clay Co
8State SenatorsKY, Cumberland Co
10State SenatorsKY, Daviess Co
3State SenatorsKY, Estill Co
12State SenatorsKY, Fayette Co
10State SenatorsKY, Fleming Co
8State SenatorsKY, Floyd Co
10State SenatorsKY, Franklin Co
5State SenatorsKY, Gallatin Co
7State SenatorsKY, Garrard Co
2State SenatorsKY, Grant Co
3State SenatorsKY, Graves Co
3State SenatorsKY, Grayson Co
11State SenatorsKY, Green Co
8State SenatorsKY, Greenup Co
1State SenatorsKY, Hancock Co
13State SenatorsKY, Hardin Co
3State SenatorsKY, Harlan Co
11State SenatorsKY, Harrison Co
2State SenatorsKY, Hart Co
6State SenatorsKY, Henderson Co
11State SenatorsKY, Henry Co
2State SenatorsKY, Hickman Co
5State SenatorsKY, Hopkins Co
35State SenatorsKY, Jefferson Co
12State SenatorsKY, Jessamine Co
7State SenatorsKY, Kenton Co
5State SenatorsKY, Knox Co
1State SenatorsKY, Larue Co
3State SenatorsKY, Laurel Co
3State SenatorsKY, Lawrence Co
1State SenatorsKY, Letcher Co
2State SenatorsKY, Lewis Co
10State SenatorsKY, Lincoln Co
4State SenatorsKY, Livingston Co
12State SenatorsKY, Logan Co
15State SenatorsKY, Madison Co
18State SenatorsKY, Mason Co
15State SenatorsKY, Mercer Co
11State SenatorsKY, Montgomery Co
4State SenatorsKY, Morgan Co
14State SenatorsKY, Nelson Co
11State SenatorsKY, Nicholas Co
7State SenatorsKY, Ohio Co
3State SenatorsKY, Owen Co
2State SenatorsKY, Owsley Co
2State SenatorsKY, Pendleton Co
14State SenatorsKY, Pulaski Co
4State SenatorsKY, Rockcastle Co
4State SenatorsKY, Russell Co
15State SenatorsKY, Scott Co
12State SenatorsKY, Shelby Co
3State SenatorsKY, Spencer Co
1State SenatorsKY, Taylor Co
6State SenatorsKY, Todd Co
4State SenatorsKY, Trigg Co
1State SenatorsKY, Trimble Co
8State SenatorsKY, Union Co
11State SenatorsKY, Warren Co
12State SenatorsKY, Washington Co
4State SenatorsKY, Wayne Co
1State SenatorsKY, Whitley Co
8State SenatorsKY, Woodford Co
31State SenatorsLA,
308State SenatorsMA,
95State SenatorsMD,
160State SenatorsME,
226State SenatorsMI,
10State SenatorsMI, Allegan Co
7State SenatorsMI, Barry Co
23State SenatorsMI, Berrien Co
15State SenatorsMI, Branch Co
16State SenatorsMI, Hillsdale Co
55State SenatorsMN,
17State SenatorsMN, Blue Earth Co
21State SenatorsMN, Douglas Co
12State SenatorsMN, Grant Co
20State SenatorsMN, Morrison Co
19State SenatorsMN, Todd Co
47State SenatorsMO,
17State SenatorsMO, Jackson Co
45State SenatorsMS,
5State SenatorsMT,
257State SenatorsNC,
14State SenatorsND,
20State SenatorsNE,
75State SenatorsNH,
13State SenatorsNH, Coos Co
44State SenatorsNJ,
13State SenatorsNJ, Morris Co
6State SenatorsNM,
10State SenatorsNV,
251State SenatorsNY,
216State SenatorsOH,
41State SenatorsOH, Butler Co
31State SenatorsOH, Crawford Co
50State SenatorsOH, Delaware Co
87State SenatorsOH, Franklin Co
20State SenatorsOH, Mahoning Co
29State SenatorsOH, Marion Co
11State SenatorsOK,
16State SenatorsOR,
168State SenatorsPA,
34State SenatorsPA, Beaver Co
5State SenatorsPA, Carbon Co
2State SenatorsPR,
51State SenatorsRI,
125State SenatorsSC,
15State SenatorsSD,
68State SenatorsTN,
36State SenatorsTX,
7State SenatorsUT,
109State SenatorsVA,
110State SenatorsVT,
41State SenatorsVT, Rutland Co
9State SenatorsWA,
51State SenatorsWI,
12State SenatorsWI, Lafayette Co
23State SenatorsWV,
9State SenatorsWY,

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