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Rensselaer Co, NY

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Rensselaer Co, NY: List of State Representatives
David 1813NYRensselaer Co& 15
John 1820NYRensselaer Co
James H. 1813NYRensselaer Co
William C. 1821NYRensselaer Co
Nathaniel, Jr 1829NYRensselaer Co
Hosea 1832NYRensselaer Co
Harry 1845NYRensselaer Co
John 1796-1798NYRensselaer Co
William M. 1811NYRensselaer Co
Jonathan 1804NYRensselaer Co
William 1814NYRensselaer Co
Jonathan 1792NYRensselaer Co& 94-95
Randall A. 1837NYRensselaer Co
Alexander 1837NYRensselaer Co
Abial 1830NYRensselaer Co
Archibald 1834NYRensselaer Co
Abijah 1818NYRensselaer Co
Daniel 1817NYRensselaer Co
John 1797NYRensselaer Co& 02, 25
John, Jr 1813NYRensselaer Co
Caleb 1824NYRensselaer Co
Joseph 1823NYRensselaer Co
Samuel S. 1828NYRensselaer Co
John L. 1844NYRensselaer Co
Robert 1826NYRensselaer Co
Jeremiah 1827NYRensselaer Co
George B. 1830NYRensselaer Co
George R. 1819NYRensselaer Co& 31, 42-43
John, Jr 1827NYRensselaer Co
Martin 1829NYRensselaer Co
Garrardus 1840NYRensselaer Co
John D. 1817NYRensselaer Co
David 1820NYRensselaer Co
Samuel 1843NYRensselaer Co
Henry 1824NYRensselaer Co
Gilbert 1807NYRensselaer Co& 23
William O. 1820NYRensselaer Co
Augustus 1826NYRensselaer Co
Andrew 1818-1819NYRensselaer Co
Jacob A. 1797-1800NYRensselaer Co& 02
George 1812NYRensselaer Co
Henry J. 1832NYRensselaer Co
Smith 1834NYRensselaer Co
Daniel 1795NYRensselaer Co& 97-99
David 1796NYRensselaer Co
John 1802-1803NYRensselaer Co
Job 1816NYRensselaer Co
David E. 1816NYRensselaer Co
Joseph 1847NYRensselaer Co
Stephen 1812NYRensselaer Co
Chester 1823NYRensselaer Co& 31, 35
John F. 1826NYRensselaer Co
Myndert 1818NYRensselaer Co
Amos K. 1847NYRensselaer Co
Rowland 1796NYRensselaer Co
Reuben 1827NYRensselaer Co
Alonzo G. 1828NYRensselaer Co
Alonzo O. 1833NYRensselaer Co
Burton 1802NYRensselaer Co& 14, 17
Nicholas B. 1834NYRensselaer Co
Richard P. 1821NYRensselaer Co
William P. 1833NYRensselaer Co
Henry Z. 1846NYRensselaer Co
Ryer 1845NYRensselaer Co
William P. 1829NYRensselaer Co
Richard P. 1839NYRensselaer Co
Ziba 1830NYRensselaer Co
Benjamin 1792NYRensselaer Co
Benjamin 1794-1795NYRensselaer Co
Jonathan 1798-1799NYRensselaer Co
Samuel W. 1840NYRensselaer Co
James L. 1808NYRensselaer Co
David 1796NYRensselaer Co
Daniel, Jr 1811NYRensselaer Co
Hezekiah 1838NYRensselaer Co
Christopher 1792NYRensselaer Co
Ebenezer 1808NYRensselaer Co
James 1822NYRensselaer Co
Day O. 1839NYRensselaer Co
John C. 1832NYRensselaer Co
John I. 1833NYRensselaer Co
Herman 1816NYRensselaer Co
John 1792NYRensselaer Co
John, Jr 1796NYRensselaer Co
John, Jr 1802NYRensselaer Co
John 1806NYRensselaer Co
Henry A. 1815NYRensselaer Co
Derick 1809NYRensselaer Co
Abraham C. 1830NYRensselaer Co
Cornelius 1798-1799NYRensselaer Co
Jacob C. 1825NYRensselaer Co
Martinus 1842NYRensselaer Co
Timothy 1796NYRensselaer Co& 10
Jacob W. 1835NYRensselaer Co
John 1801NYRensselaer Co
Henry 1829NYRensselaer Co
Asa 1804NYRensselaer Co& 07
Josiah 1792NYRensselaer Co& 00-01
Nicholas M. 1832NYRensselaer Co
Bethel 1814NYRensselaer Co
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