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Prince Georges Co, MD

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Prince Georges Co, MD: List of Sheriffs
Thomas 1696MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas 1696-1699MDPrince Georges Co
William 1699-1702MDPrince Georges Co
Josiah 1702-1705MDPrince Georges Co& 08-11
Thomas 1705-1708MDPrince Georges Co
Henry 1712-1713MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas 1713-1716MDPrince Georges Co& 19-23
James 1717-1719MDPrince Georges Co
Philip 1723-1725MDPrince Georges Co
Robert 1725-1727MDPrince Georges Co
Richard 1728-1731MDPrince Georges Co& 34-37
Thomas 1731-1734MDPrince Georges Co
William 1737-1740MDPrince Georges Co
John 1740-1743MDPrince Georges Co
John 1743-1746MDPrince Georges Co& 50-52
Joseph, Jr 1746MDPrince Georges Co
William 1747MDPrince Georges Co
Osborn 1747-1750MDPrince Georges Co
Turner 1753-1755MDPrince Georges Co
Edward 1756MDPrince Georges Co
Colemore 1756-1757MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas 1757-1758MDPrince Georges Co
Joshua 1759-1761MDPrince Georges Co
John 1761-1762MDPrince Georges Co
George 1763-1765MDPrince Georges Co
William Turner 1766-1768MDPrince Georges Co
John 1769-1771MDPrince Georges Co
Ralph 1772-1775MDPrince Georges Co
Frank 1775-1777MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas 1777-1779MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas 1780-1782MDPrince Georges Co
John 1783-1785MDPrince Georges Co
Nicholas 1786-1789MDPrince Georges Co
Edward Lloyd 1789-1792MDPrince Georges Co
William Dent 1793MDPrince Georges Co
William John 1793-1795MDPrince Georges Co
Joseph 1796-1797MDPrince Georges Co
Notley 1798-1800MDPrince Georges Co& 06-09
Thomas 1800-1803MDPrince Georges Co
Alexius 1803-1806MDPrince Georges Co
John 1809-1812MDPrince Georges Co
George 1812-1814MDPrince Georges Co& 24-27
Basil 1815-1817MDPrince Georges Co
Joseph 1818MDPrince Georges Co& 26
George H. 1818-1821MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas 1821-1824MDPrince Georges Co
Edward W. 1828-1830MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas 1831-1833MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas 1834-1836MDPrince Georges Co
Samuel 1837-1839MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas H. 1839-1841MDPrince Georges Co
John R. 1841-1843MDPrince Georges Co& 46-48
Eli S. 1843-1845MDPrince Georges Co
John T. 1849-1851MDPrince Georges Co
Charles S. 1852-1853MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas H. 1853-1855MDPrince Georges Co
Daniel R. 1855-1857MDPrince Georges Co& 59-61
John W. 1858-1859MDPrince Georges Co
Peter G. 1861-1863MDPrince Georges Co
J. F. 1863-1865MDPrince Georges Co
John E. 1865-1867MDPrince Georges Co
Nathan 1871-1873MDPrince Georges Co
Harrison 1873-1875MDPrince Georges Co
James N. W. 1877-1879MDPrince Georges Co
James H. 1879-1881MDPrince Georges Co
John H. 1881-1883MDPrince Georges Co
Pinkney A. 1883-1885MDPrince Georges Co
Richard W. 1889-1891MDPrince Georges Co
Thomas M. 1895-1897MDPrince Georges Co
Benjamin F. 1897-1899MDPrince Georges Co
Edward T. 1899-1901MDPrince Georges Co
Benjamin N. 1901-1903MDPrince Georges Co
Theodore B. 1903-1905MDPrince Georges Co
James A. 1905-1907MDPrince Georges Co& 21-23
Frank P. 1907-1909MDPrince Georges Co
Samuel E. 1909-1911MDPrince Georges Co
Arthur B. 1911-1913MDPrince Georges Co
George W. 1913-1915MDPrince Georges Co
Robert F. 1915-1917MDPrince Georges Co
W. Wesley 1917-1919MDPrince Georges Co
Eli S. 1919-1921MDPrince Georges Co
John J. 1923-1926MDPrince Georges Co
Charles S. 1926-1930MDPrince Georges Co
W. Curtis 1930-1934MDPrince Georges Co
J. Guy 1934-1938MDPrince Georges Co
William E. 1938-1942MDPrince Georges Co
R. Earle 1942-1946MDPrince Georges Co
Updated: 01 Jan 0100

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