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La Harpe, Allen Co, KS

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La Harpe, Allen Co, KS: List of School Superintendents
Morris 1901-1904KSAllen CoLa Harpe
J. L. 1912KSAllen CoLa Harpe
A. O. 1920KSAllen CoLa Harpe

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2School SuperintendentsKS, Crawford Co, Girard
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2School SuperintendentsKS, Crawford Co, Pittsburg
1School SuperintendentsKS, Crawford Co, Walnut
1School SuperintendentsKS, Decatur Co, Oberlin
1School SuperintendentsKS, Dickinson Co, Chapman
3School SuperintendentsKS, Dickinson Co, Enterprise
2School SuperintendentsKS, Dickinson Co, Herington
2School SuperintendentsKS, Dickinson Co, Solomon
1School SuperintendentsKS, Doniphan Co, Elwood
2School SuperintendentsKS, Doniphan Co, Troy
1School SuperintendentsKS, Doniphan Co, Wathena
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3School SuperintendentsKS, Douglas Co, Lawrence
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2School SuperintendentsKS, Ellis Co, Ellis
1School SuperintendentsKS, Ellis Co, Hays
3School SuperintendentsKS, Ellsworth Co, Ellsworth
2School SuperintendentsKS, Ellsworth Co, Wilson
2School SuperintendentsKS, Finney Co, Garden City
2School SuperintendentsKS, Ford Co, Bucklin
2School SuperintendentsKS, Ford Co, Dodge City
1School SuperintendentsKS, Ford Co, Spearville
6School SuperintendentsKS, Franklin Co, Ottawa
2School SuperintendentsKS, Geary Co, Junction City
2School SuperintendentsKS, Graham Co, Hill City
3School SuperintendentsKS, Greenwood Co, Eureka
1School SuperintendentsKS, Greenwood Co, Severy
1School SuperintendentsKS, Greenwood Co, Virgil
1School SuperintendentsKS, Hamilton Co, Coolidge
2School SuperintendentsKS, Hamilton Co, Syracuse
1School SuperintendentsKS, Harper Co, Anthony
2School SuperintendentsKS, Harper Co, Harper
4School SuperintendentsKS, Harvey Co, Newton
1School SuperintendentsKS, Hodgeman Co, Jetmore
2School SuperintendentsKS, Jackson Co, Holton
1School SuperintendentsKS, Jackson Co, Netawaka
1School SuperintendentsKS, Jefferson Co
1School SuperintendentsKS, Jefferson Co, Meriden
4School SuperintendentsKS, Jefferson Co, Oskaloosa
1School SuperintendentsKS, Jefferson Co, Perry
2School SuperintendentsKS, Jefferson Co, Valley Falls
1School SuperintendentsKS, Jewell Co, Esbon
2School SuperintendentsKS, Jewell Co, Mankato
1School SuperintendentsKS, Johnson Co, Edgerton
3School SuperintendentsKS, Johnson Co, Olathe
1School SuperintendentsKS, Johnson Co, Spring Hill
1School SuperintendentsKS, Kearny Co, Lakin
1School SuperintendentsKS, Kingman Co, Cunningham
3School SuperintendentsKS, Kingman Co, Kingman
1School SuperintendentsKS, Kingman Co, Norwich
1School SuperintendentsKS, Kingman Co, Spivey
2School SuperintendentsKS, Labette Co, Chetopa
4School SuperintendentsKS, Labette Co, Oswego
3School SuperintendentsKS, Labette Co, Parsons
1School SuperintendentsKS, Lane Co, Dighton
1School SuperintendentsKS, Leavenworth Co, Easton
1School SuperintendentsKS, Leavenworth Co, Lansing
6School SuperintendentsKS, Leavenworth Co, Leavenworth
1School SuperintendentsKS, Leavenworth Co, Linwood
2School SuperintendentsKS, Leavenworth Co, Tonganoxie
2School SuperintendentsKS, Lincoln Co, Lincoln
1School SuperintendentsKS, Linn Co, La Cygne
1School SuperintendentsKS, Logan Co, Oakley
3School SuperintendentsKS, Lyon Co, Emporia
1School SuperintendentsKS, Lyon Co, Neosho Rapids
1School SuperintendentsKS, Lyon Co, Reading
1School SuperintendentsKS, Marion Co, Durham
3School SuperintendentsKS, Marion Co, Florence
1School SuperintendentsKS, Marion Co, Hillsboro
1School SuperintendentsKS, Marion Co, Lost Springs
3School SuperintendentsKS, Marion Co, Marion
5School SuperintendentsKS, Marion Co, Peabody
3School SuperintendentsKS, Marshall Co, Blue Rapids
3School SuperintendentsKS, Marshall Co, Frankfort
3School SuperintendentsKS, Marshall Co, Marysville
1School SuperintendentsKS, Marshall Co, Summerfield
1School SuperintendentsKS, Marshall Co, Vermillion
2School SuperintendentsKS, McPherson Co, Lindsborg
1School SuperintendentsKS, McPherson Co, Marquette
5School SuperintendentsKS, McPherson Co, McPherson
1School SuperintendentsKS, Meade Co, Meade
3School SuperintendentsKS, Miami Co, Osawatomie
3School SuperintendentsKS, Miami Co, Paola
1School SuperintendentsKS, Mitchell Co, Glen Elder
2School SuperintendentsKS, Montgomery Co, Caney
3School SuperintendentsKS, Montgomery Co, Coffeyville
3School SuperintendentsKS, Montgomery Co, Independence
3School SuperintendentsKS, Morris Co, Council Grove
1School SuperintendentsKS, Morris Co, Dwight
1School SuperintendentsKS, Nemaha Co, Corning
2School SuperintendentsKS, Nemaha Co, Sabetha
3School SuperintendentsKS, Neosho Co, Erie
1School SuperintendentsKS, Neosho Co, Thayer
1School SuperintendentsKS, Ness Co, Ness City
1School SuperintendentsKS, Ness Co, Utica
1School SuperintendentsKS, Norton Co, Norton
4School SuperintendentsKS, Osage Co, Burlingame
2School SuperintendentsKS, Osage Co, Lyndon
2School SuperintendentsKS, Osage Co, Osage City
3School SuperintendentsKS, Osage Co, Scranton
2School SuperintendentsKS, Osborne Co, Osborne
1School SuperintendentsKS, Osborne Co, Portis
1School SuperintendentsKS, Ottawa Co, Delphos
2School SuperintendentsKS, Ottawa Co, Minneapolis
1School SuperintendentsKS, Pawnee Co, Larned
1School SuperintendentsKS, Phillips Co, Logan
2School SuperintendentsKS, Phillips Co, Phillipsburg
1School SuperintendentsKS, Pottawatomie Co, Havensville
1School SuperintendentsKS, Pottawatomie Co, Louisville
3School SuperintendentsKS, Pottawatomie Co, Wamego
1School SuperintendentsKS, Pratt Co, Coats
1School SuperintendentsKS, Pratt Co, Pratt
2School SuperintendentsKS, Rawlins Co, Atwood
4School SuperintendentsKS, Reno Co, Hutchinson
1School SuperintendentsKS, Reno Co, Turon
3School SuperintendentsKS, Republic Co, Belleville
1School SuperintendentsKS, Rice Co, Geneseo
1School SuperintendentsKS, Rice Co, Little River
2School SuperintendentsKS, Rice Co, Lyons
3School SuperintendentsKS, Rice Co, Sterling
3School SuperintendentsKS, Riley Co, Manhattan
2School SuperintendentsKS, Rooks Co, Plainville
2School SuperintendentsKS, Rooks Co, Stockton
2School SuperintendentsKS, Russell Co, Russell
1School SuperintendentsKS, Saline Co, Gypsum
4School SuperintendentsKS, Saline Co, Salina
1School SuperintendentsKS, Scott Co, Scott City
1School SuperintendentsKS, Sedgwick Co, Clearwater
1School SuperintendentsKS, Sedgwick Co, Valley Center
4School SuperintendentsKS, Sedgwick Co, Wichita
2School SuperintendentsKS, Seward Co, Liberal
4School SuperintendentsKS, Shawnee Co, Topeka
1School SuperintendentsKS, Sheridan Co, Hoxie
2School SuperintendentsKS, Sherman Co, Goodland
3School SuperintendentsKS, Smith Co, Smith Center
1School SuperintendentsKS, Stafford Co, Macksville
2School SuperintendentsKS, Stafford Co, Stafford
4School SuperintendentsKS, Sumner Co, Caldwell
2School SuperintendentsKS, Sumner Co, Conway Springs
1School SuperintendentsKS, Sumner Co, Mulvane
2School SuperintendentsKS, Sumner Co, Wellington
1School SuperintendentsKS, Thomas Co, Colby
1School SuperintendentsKS, Trego Co, Wakeeney
3School SuperintendentsKS, Wabaunsee Co, Alma
1School SuperintendentsKS, Wabaunsee Co, Eskridge
1School SuperintendentsKS, Wabaunsee Co, Maple Hill
1School SuperintendentsKS, Wabaunsee Co, Paxico
1School SuperintendentsKS, Wallace Co, Sharon Springs
1School SuperintendentsKS, Washington Co, Greenleaf
2School SuperintendentsKS, Washington Co, Hanover
3School SuperintendentsKS, Washington Co, Washington
1School SuperintendentsKS, Wichita Co, Leoti
2School SuperintendentsKS, Wilson Co, Fredonia
3School SuperintendentsKS, Wilson Co, Neodesha
1School SuperintendentsKS, Woodson Co, Toronto
2School SuperintendentsKS, Wyandotte Co, Bonner Springs
1School SuperintendentsKS, Wyandotte Co, Edwardsville
3School SuperintendentsKS, Wyandotte Co, Kansas City

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