List of School Superintendents

With their years and location of service

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List of School Superintendents
John William 1891-1897ALCalhoun CoAnniston
J. A. 1889-1891MNGrant Co
Ephraim Leister 1854-1860PAMontgomery Co
Ruby M. 1910WIFond du Lac CoFond Du Lac
William Alfred 1902-1905NJMorris CoChatham
William Alfred 1905NJSomerset CoSomerville
Samuel Page 1900-1902MEWashington CoEast Machias
Charles C. 1875MIKalamazoo CoAlamo
Charles Francis 1915MAWorcester CoSpencer
Edwin Frank 1887-1890ILWoodford CoMinonk
Emerson Leland 1892-1902MAFranklin CoNew Salem
Emerson Leland 1905-1912RIProvidence CoSaylesville
Frederick A. 1862NJEssex CoOrange
Isaac, Jr 1874-1875MIVan Buren CoPaw Paw
John Porter 1895ILCook CoMaywood
Franklin 1894OHHuron CoNew Pittsburgh
S. Y. 1911-1913TNBradley Co
S. Y. 1913-1917TNBradley Co
S. Y. 1917-1919TNBradley Co
John Nichols 1898ILDeKalb CoSycamore
Edna 1914COProwers CoGranada
William 1870-1871WILafayette Co
Elmer 1912KSPhillips CoPhillipsburg
John W. 1916IABuena Vista CoAlta
Edgar Downing 1892-1893OHWashington CoBelpre
Lewis Miller 1873-1875OHWyandot CoUpper Sandusky
Rnby Janes 1880-1884OHKnox CoGambier
William Penn 1875-1876VTOrleans CoBarton
Grover H. 1916IADickinson CoLake Park
Victor Clifton 1885-1887INWayne CoDublin
Charles Sherman 1897ILFulton CoCanton
George Isaac 1878-1880MANorfolk CoCanton
George Isaac 1900MANorfolk CoBrookline
Edmond 1884NCTyrrell Co
Homer Ellsworth 1897-1899MESagadahoc CoRichmond
Thomas Greene 1881-1884INSwitzerland CoVevay
John Lincoln 1895VTBennington CoBennington
Albert Barney 1898-1902MEFranklin CoWilton
Arch Turner 1907-1910NCAlamance CoGraham
Arch Turner 1910-1917NCRowan CoSalisbury
Arthur Patterson 1876-1877ILShelby CoShelbyville
Arthur Patterson 1881-1886ILMontgomery CoHillsboro
C. H. 1911MOGentry Co
D. S. 1884NCVance Co
Elbridge Cutler 1871MAEssex CoBeverly
George A. Jr. 1912KSNeosho CoErie
J. H. 1902NCSurry Co
J. Henry 1914COMesa CoGrand Junction
Robert Wilson 1907-1911NCLee Co
Robert Wilson 1915-1920NCUnion CoMonroe
Robert Wilson 1920NCAnson Co
T. T. 1918PAClearfield CoDu Bois
William Fernald 1906NCMoore CoSouthern Pines
Orval Duane 1912KSGreenwood CoVirgil
Flora A. 1914COLogan Co
Samuel B. 1916ILCook CoChicago
Frank Elmer 1919KSNemaha CoSeneca
James Eli 1893-1895IACarroll CoCarroll
Benjamin Gould 1876-1886PALancaster CoColumbia
C. E. 1912KSMarion CoBurns
Cecil Erwin 1912-1914KSButler CoAugusta
Thomas R. 1909IAPocahontas CoRolfe
Charles 1893INClark CoCharlestown
Elmer E. 1916ORWashington CoHillsboro
Lionel 1912KSBrown CoFairview
Olaf B. 1919MNSwift CoBenson
Frank Edgar 1887INOwen CoSpencer
H. A. 1862-1864NJMercer CoHamilton
Lionel Andriss 1910-1912KSBrown CoFairview
U. O. 1914CODelta CoPaonia
William Alexander 1908KSMorris CoCouncil Grove
William Tait 1910WIGreen Lake CoBerlin
Elisha Benjamin 1898-1900ILCook CoChicago
L. D. 1902NCUnion Co
Martin Register 1870-1879OHJefferson CoSteubenville
Thomas Wingate 1908-1911NCOrange Co
Thomas Wingate 1917-1924NCRowan CoSalisbury
Thomas Wingate 1924NCGuilford CoHigh Point
William Alexander 1903MOMacon CoMacon
H. B. 1902NCCurrituck Co
J. A. 1902NCCleveland Co
Spencer Butler 1907-1908KSCherokee CoBaxter Springs
Stevenson 1876MSWashington Co
Melvin Franklin 1878-1890IAWebster CoFort Dodge
James Milton 1905-1908SCChester CoChester
James Milton 1908-1909SCLee CoBishopville
James Milton 1909-1912SCLancaster CoLancaster
Carl Elmer 1907COAdams CoBrighton
John Ray 1912NEGage CoBlue Springs
Joseph M. 1893PAPerry Co
Joseph Mitchell 1893-1896PAPerry Co
Fred Monroe 1921NCGuilford CoJamestown
Lester Clyde 1916IASioux CoSioux Center
I!. W. 1902NCBertie Co
E. T. 1902NCWayne Co
Charles Beach 1882-1884ILCook CoSouth Evanston
Clinton Henry 1919NYLewis CoLowville
F. D. 1924KSReno CoBuhler
Alvin W. 1912KSKingman CoKingman
Alvin Wesley 1904-1912KSKingman CoKingman

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Most Recent Entries
1School SuperintendentsCA, Napa Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, Adams Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, Adams Co, Brighton
1School SuperintendentsCO, Alamosa Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Alamosa Co, Alamosa
2School SuperintendentsCO, Arapahoe Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Arapahoe Co, Littleton
1School SuperintendentsCO, Archuleta Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Baca Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Bent Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Bent Co, Las Animas
1School SuperintendentsCO, Boulder Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Boulder Co, Lafayette
1School SuperintendentsCO, Boulder Co, Longmont
1School SuperintendentsCO, Boulder Co, Louisville
2School SuperintendentsCO, Chaffee Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Chaffee Co, Buena Vista
1School SuperintendentsCO, Chaffee Co, Salida
1School SuperintendentsCO, Cheyenne Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Clear Creek Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Clear Creek Co, Idaho Springs
1School SuperintendentsCO, Conejos Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Costilla Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Crowley Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Crowley Co, Ordway
1School SuperintendentsCO, Crowley Co, Sugar City
1School SuperintendentsCO, Custer Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Delta Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Delta Co, Cedaredge
1School SuperintendentsCO, Delta Co, Delta
1School SuperintendentsCO, Delta Co, Hotchkiss
1School SuperintendentsCO, Delta Co, Paonia
1School SuperintendentsCO, Denver Co
4School SuperintendentsCO, Denver Co, Denver
1School SuperintendentsCO, Dolores Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Douglas Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, Eagle Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, El Paso Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, El Paso Co, Colorado Springs
1School SuperintendentsCO, Elbert Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Fremont Co
3School SuperintendentsCO, Fremont Co, Canon City
1School SuperintendentsCO, Fremont Co, Florence
1School SuperintendentsCO, Garfield Co
3School SuperintendentsCO, Garfield Co, Glenwood Springs
1School SuperintendentsCO, Garfield Co, Glenwood Springs, Garfield County High School
2School SuperintendentsCO, Gilpin Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Gilpin Co, Central City
1School SuperintendentsCO, Grand Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Gunnison Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Gunnison Co, Gunnison
1School SuperintendentsCO, Hinsdale Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, Huerfano Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Huerfano Co, Walsenburg
1School SuperintendentsCO, Jackson Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, Jefferson Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Jefferson Co, Arvada
1School SuperintendentsCO, Jefferson Co, Golden
1School SuperintendentsCO, Jefferson Co, Wheat Ridge
1School SuperintendentsCO, Kiowa Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Kit Carson Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, La Plata Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, La Plata Co, Durango
2School SuperintendentsCO, Lake Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Lake Co, Leadville
1School SuperintendentsCO, Larimer Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Larimer Co, Berthoud
1School SuperintendentsCO, Larimer Co, Fort Collins
1School SuperintendentsCO, Larimer Co, LaPorte
1School SuperintendentsCO, Larimer Co, Loveland
1School SuperintendentsCO, Larimer Co, Wellington
1School SuperintendentsCO, Las Animas Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Las Animas Co, Trinidad
1School SuperintendentsCO, Lincoln Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Logan Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Logan Co, Sterling
1School SuperintendentsCO, Mesa Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Mesa Co, Collbran
1School SuperintendentsCO, Mesa Co, De Beque
1School SuperintendentsCO, Mesa Co, Fruita
1School SuperintendentsCO, Mesa Co, Fruita, Union High School
3School SuperintendentsCO, Mesa Co, Grand Junction
1School SuperintendentsCO, Mesa Co, Grand Junction, High School
2School SuperintendentsCO, Mesa Co, Palisade
1School SuperintendentsCO, Mineral Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Moffat Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Montezuma Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Montezuma Co, Mancos
1School SuperintendentsCO, Montrose Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Montrose Co, Montrose
1School SuperintendentsCO, Morgan Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Morgan Co, Brush
2School SuperintendentsCO, Morgan Co, Brush, Union High School
1School SuperintendentsCO, Morgan Co, Fort Morgan
1School SuperintendentsCO, Otero Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Otero Co, Fowler
1School SuperintendentsCO, Otero Co, La Junta
1School SuperintendentsCO, Otero Co, Manzanola
2School SuperintendentsCO, Otero Co, Rocky Ford
1School SuperintendentsCO, Ouray Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, Ouray Co, Ouray
1School SuperintendentsCO, Park Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, Phillips Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Pitkin Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Pitkin Co, Aspen
1School SuperintendentsCO, Prowers Co
6School SuperintendentsCO, Prowers Co, Granada
1School SuperintendentsCO, Prowers Co, Holly
1School SuperintendentsCO, Prowers Co, Lamar
1School SuperintendentsCO, Prowers Co, Lamar, Union High School
1School SuperintendentsCO, Prowers Co, Wiley
2School SuperintendentsCO, Pueblo Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Pueblo Co, Colorado City
2School SuperintendentsCO, Pueblo Co, Pueblo
1School SuperintendentsCO, Rio Blanco Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Rio Grande Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Rio Grande Co, Del Norte
2School SuperintendentsCO, Rio Grande Co, Monte Vista
1School SuperintendentsCO, Routt Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Saguache Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, San Juan Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, San Juan Co, Silverton
1School SuperintendentsCO, San Miguel Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, San Miguel Co, Telluride
1School SuperintendentsCO, Sedgwick Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Summit Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Summit Co, Breckenridge
1School SuperintendentsCO, Teller Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Teller Co, Cripple Creek
1School SuperintendentsCO, Washington Co
2School SuperintendentsCO, Weld Co
1School SuperintendentsCO, Weld Co, Ault
2School SuperintendentsCO, Weld Co, Eaton
2School SuperintendentsCO, Weld Co, Greeley
1School SuperintendentsCO, Weld Co, Windsor
1School SuperintendentsCO, Yuma Co
1School SuperintendentsCT, Fairfield Co, Stamford
3School SuperintendentsIA, Cerro Gordo Co, Mason City
3School SuperintendentsIA, Clay Co, Spencer
1School SuperintendentsIA, Guthrie Co, Stuart
2School SuperintendentsIA, Harrison Co, Logan
2School SuperintendentsIA, Harrison Co, Magnolia
1School SuperintendentsIA, Jasper Co, Kellogg
1School SuperintendentsIA, Jasper Co, Monroe
2School SuperintendentsIA, Marion Co, Knoxville
1School SuperintendentsIA, Marshall Co, Marshalltown
2School SuperintendentsIA, Muscatine Co, Muscatine
4School SuperintendentsIA, Poweshiek Co, Grinnell
1School SuperintendentsIA, Shelby Co, Harlan
2School SuperintendentsIA, Story Co, Ames
1School SuperintendentsIA, Union Co, Creston
1School SuperintendentsIA, Van Buren Co, Bentonsport
1School SuperintendentsIA, Wayne Co
13School SuperintendentsIL, Cook Co, Chicago
1School SuperintendentsIL, Marion Co, Centralia
2School SuperintendentsIL, Pike Co, Pittsfield
1School SuperintendentsMA, Essex Co, West Newbury
1School SuperintendentsMA, Middlesex Co, Maynard
1School SuperintendentsMA, Norfolk Co, Needham
1School SuperintendentsMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton
2School SuperintendentsMA, Worcester Co, Spencer
12School SuperintendentsMD, Baltimore City
2School SuperintendentsMD, Cecil Co, Port Deposit
1School SuperintendentsME, Androscoggin Co, Livermore Falls
1School SuperintendentsME, Aroostook Co, New Sweden Station
4School SuperintendentsME, Cumberland Co, Portland
1School SuperintendentsME, Cumberland Co, Westbrook
1School SuperintendentsME, Hancock Co, Deer Isle
4School SuperintendentsME, Kennebec Co, Augusta
1School SuperintendentsME, Kennebec Co, Winthrop
1School SuperintendentsME, Knox Co, Camden
1School SuperintendentsME, Oxford Co, Bethel
1School SuperintendentsME, Oxford Co, Ridlonville
2School SuperintendentsME, Piscataquis Co, Sangerville
1School SuperintendentsMI, Chippewa Co, Sault Ste Marie
4School SuperintendentsMN, Rice Co, Northfield
1School SuperintendentsMO, St Louis Co, Kirkwood
1School SuperintendentsND, Grand Forks Co
2School SuperintendentsNE, Nuckolls Co, Superior
1School SuperintendentsNJ, Atlantic Co
1School SuperintendentsNY, Orange Co, Cornwall-on-Hudson
1School SuperintendentsOR, Wasco Co, The Dalles
1School SuperintendentsPA, Beaver Co, Monaca
1School SuperintendentsRI, Bristol Co, Barrington
1School SuperintendentsRI, Washington Co, Wakefield
1School SuperintendentsSD, Pennington Co, Rapid City
1School SuperintendentsVT, Windsor Co, South Royalton
2School SuperintendentsVT, Windsor Co, Woodstock
1School SuperintendentsWV, Braxton Co, Sutton
1School SuperintendentsWV, Jefferson Co, Harpers Ferry
1School SuperintendentsWV, Kanawha Co, Montgomery
2School SuperintendentsWV, Lewis Co, Weston
1School SuperintendentsWV, Logan Co, Logan
1School SuperintendentsWV, McDowell Co, Maybeury
1School SuperintendentsWV, Mineral Co, Keyser
1School SuperintendentsWV, Ohio Co
1School SuperintendentsWV, Preston Co, Rowlesburg
1School SuperintendentsWV, Ritchie Co, Harrisville
1School SuperintendentsWV, Roane Co, Spencer
1School SuperintendentsWV, Tucker Co, Parsons

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