List of School Superintendents

With their years and location of service

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List of School Superintendents
J. A. 1889-1891MNGrant Co
Charles C. 1875MIKalamazoo CoAlamo
Frederick A. 1862NJEssex CoOrange
S. Y. 1911-1913TNBradley Co
S. Y. 1913-1917TNBradley Co
S. Y. 1917-1919TNBradley Co
William 1870-1871WILafayette Co
C. H. 1911MOGentry Co
J. H. 1902NCSurry Co
H. A. 1862-1864NJMercer CoHamilton
L. D. 1902NCUnion Co
H. B. 1902NCCurrituck Co
J. A. 1902NCCleveland Co
Melvin Franklin 1878-1890IAWebster CoFort Dodge
Joseph M. 1893PAPerry Co
I!. W. 1902NCBertie Co
E. T. 1902NCWayne Co
E. U. 1884PAPerry Co
Alvin 1881-1887TNDeKalb Co
Henry Augustus 1874-1878OHMuskingum CoDresden
Abner Anderson 1897-1899MESomerset CoSkowhegan
Abner Anderson 1905-1909MANorfolk CoWeymouth
John C. 1850ILSchuyler Co
G. W. 1859PAGreene Co
James Frank 1883-1891KSClay CoClay Center
R. N. 1874-1876TNAnderson Co
V. B. 1875-1877PABeaver CoBeaver Falls
T. M. 1881PACarbon Co
Thomas Meinhard 1888-1904MAHampshire CoSpringfield
James M. 1867MIAllegan Co
William 1836ILCrawford Co
W. M. 1887-1891MNTodd Co
J. L. 1904-1906TNAnderson Co
John 1883-1887MNTodd Co
M. E. 1907-1919MNMorrison Co
Albert LeRoy 1888-1897MAEssex CoHaverhill
S. R. 1902NCTyrrell Co
Levi 1868-1869WIColumbia Co
Daniel 1828INCarroll Co
Benjamin 1828-1829INCarroll Co
Alpha Reeve 1875-1878NYJefferson CoWatertown
W. 1863NYWyoming Co
John R. 1867-1868MNBlue Earth Co
Sim 1931-1938TNBradley Co
Sim 1949-1961TNBradley Co
John George 1893-1903PALycoming Co
Charles H. 1878MIKalamazoo CoCharleston
A. S. 1896PACarbon Co
Henry C. 1844OKLe Flore CoFort Coffee Academy
George R. 1859-1861ILSchuyler Co
Daniel T. 1849ILSchuyler Co
Henry B. 1835ILSchuyler Co
Thomas 1859-1866OKMcIntosh CoAsbury Manual Labor School
James J. 1902PACarbon Co
J. S. 1902NCHarnett Co
Lowell L. 1876-1878MIKalamazoo CoAlamo
D. D. 1880-1883INLawrence CoBedford
Joseph Harrison 1893-1895MEKennebec CoWaterville
C. C. 1847-1850NJMercer CoEast Windsor
George Newman 1886-1898RIProvidence CoProvidence
Smith 1873-1875MNDouglas Co
A. E. 1867-1869TNBradley Co
C. J. 1897-1902PABeaver CoBeaver Falls
C. E. 1902NCCabarrus Co
George 1854-1855INCarroll Co
W. L. 1857MOJackson Co
Matthew 1832-1833INCarroll Co
Benjamin K. 1863-1864NJEssex CoOrange
Simon Leonard 1887-1889OHUnion CoRichwood
P. G. 1873ILCrawford Co
T. C. 1887-1888OKKay CoChilocco Indian School
Stephen C. 1902NCBeaufort Co
T. H. 1902NCHalifax Co
W. R. 1885-1886OKKay CoChilocco Indian School
Clarence E. 1933-1937TNDeKalb Co
Blanche L. 1913MNGrant Co
Street 1902NCSampson Co
Nathan 1850-1851MILenawee CoAdrian
Thomas H. 1875-1882INCarroll Co
Billie 1873-1876TNHenderson Co
T. J. 1880-1886TNHenderson Co
Charles, Jr 1879MIKalamazoo CoBrady
E. W. 1891-1895TNDeKalb Co
J. O. 1919-1921TNHenderson Co
Josiah 1844-1847INCarroll Co
Warren S. 1859NYWyoming Co
G. F. 1858IASac Co
A. Volney 1879MIKalamazoo CoAlamo
George 1851VTWashington CoMiddlesex
George E. 1876-1877MIBarry CoBaltimore
George S. 1866MOJackson Co
James G. 1871OKLe Flore CoNew Hope Seminary
E. H. 1896PAPerry Co
John O. 1856MOJackson Co
T. P. 1857PAPerry Co
William H. 1838-1839INCarroll Co
Jeremiah Edmund 1891-1893MEKennebec CoWaterville
M. R. M. 1885-1893TNBradley Co
E. H. 1897-1902WIColumbia Co
Leroy J. 1872-1875WIColumbia Co

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Most Recent Entries
3School SuperintendentsIA, Henry Co
15School SuperintendentsIA, Sac Co
3School SuperintendentsIA, Webster Co, Fort Dodge
16School SuperintendentsIL, Crawford Co
19School SuperintendentsIL, Schuyler Co
11School SuperintendentsIL, Wayne Co
25School SuperintendentsIN, Carroll Co
3School SuperintendentsIN, Fayette Co, Connersville
9School SuperintendentsIN, Johnson Co
2School SuperintendentsIN, LaPorte Co
3School SuperintendentsIN, Lawrence Co, Bedford
5School SuperintendentsIN, Putnam Co, Greencastle
3School SuperintendentsKS, Atchison Co, Atchison
3School SuperintendentsKS, Chautauqua Co, Sedan
3School SuperintendentsKS, Clay Co, Clay Center
2School SuperintendentsKS, Coffey Co, Waverly
2School SuperintendentsKS, Jefferson Co, Winchester
3School SuperintendentsKS, Labette Co, Oswego
3School SuperintendentsKS, Marion Co, Peabody
2School SuperintendentsKS, Osage Co, Overbrook
2School SuperintendentsKS, Pawnee Co, Garfield
2School SuperintendentsKS, Sedgwick Co, Cheney
2School SuperintendentsKS, Shawnee Co, Rossville
4School SuperintendentsMA, Barnstable Co, Falmouth
3School SuperintendentsMA, Essex Co, Haverhill
4School SuperintendentsMA, Hampshire Co, Springfield
3School SuperintendentsMA, Norfolk Co, Weymouth
4School SuperintendentsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
6School SuperintendentsME, Androscoggin Co, Auburn
4School SuperintendentsME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston
3School SuperintendentsME, Cumberland Co, Portland
3School SuperintendentsME, Hancock Co, Ellsworth
3School SuperintendentsME, Kennebec Co, Augusta
5School SuperintendentsME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
9School SuperintendentsME, Knox Co, Rockland
3School SuperintendentsME, Sagadahoc Co, Bowdoinham
3School SuperintendentsME, Somerset Co, Skowhegan
4School SuperintendentsME, York Co, Biddeford
5School SuperintendentsMI, Allegan Co
3School SuperintendentsMI, Allegan Co, Hopkins Township
2School SuperintendentsMI, Barry Co
4School SuperintendentsMI, Barry Co, Baltimore
4School SuperintendentsMI, Barry Co, Barry Township
4School SuperintendentsMI, Branch Co
3School SuperintendentsMI, Kalamazoo Co, Alamo
3School SuperintendentsMI, Kalamazoo Co, Brady
3School SuperintendentsMI, Kalamazoo Co, Charleston
2School SuperintendentsMI, Kalamazoo Co, Climax
11School SuperintendentsMI, Lenawee Co, Adrian
12School SuperintendentsMN, Blue Earth Co
10School SuperintendentsMN, Douglas Co
14School SuperintendentsMN, Grant Co
5School SuperintendentsMN, Morrison Co
9School SuperintendentsMN, Todd Co
17School SuperintendentsMO, Gentry Co
8School SuperintendentsMO, Jackson Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Alamance Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Alexander Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Alleghany Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Anson Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Ashe Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Beaufort Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Bertie Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Bladen Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Brunswick Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Buncombe Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Cabarrus Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Caldwell Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Camden Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Carteret Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Catawba Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Chatham Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Cherokee Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Chowan Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Clay Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Cleveland Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Columbus Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Craven Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Cumberland Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Currituck Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Davidson Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Davie Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Duplin Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Durham Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Edgecombe Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Forsyth Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Franklin Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Gaston Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Gates Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Graham Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Greene Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Guilford Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Halifax Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Harnett Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Haywood Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Henderson Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Hertford Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Hyde Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Jackson Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Jones Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Lenoir Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Lincoln Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Madison Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Martin Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, McDowell Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Mecklenburg Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Mitchell Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Montgomery Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Moore Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, New Hanover Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Northampton Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Onslow Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Orange Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Pamlico Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Pasquotank Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Pender Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Perquimans Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Person Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Pitt Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Polk Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Randolph Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Richmond Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Robeson Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Rockingham Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Rowan Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Rutherford Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Sampson Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Scotland Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Stanly Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Stokes Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Surry Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Swain Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Transylvania Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Tyrrell Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Union Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Vance Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Wake Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Warren Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Washington Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Watauga Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Wayne Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Wilkes Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Wilson Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Yadkin Co
1School SuperintendentsNC, Yancey Co
4School SuperintendentsNH, Hillsborough Co, Nashua
3School SuperintendentsNJ, Essex Co, Orange
8School SuperintendentsNJ, Mercer Co, East Windsor
7School SuperintendentsNJ, Mercer Co, Hamilton
13School SuperintendentsNJ, Mercer Co, West Windsor
3School SuperintendentsNJ, Passaic Co, Paterson
3School SuperintendentsNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown
3School SuperintendentsNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga Springs
10School SuperintendentsNY, Wyoming Co
5School SuperintendentsOH, Franklin Co, Worthington
5School SuperintendentsOH, Morrow Co, Chesterville
3School SuperintendentsOH, Muskingum Co, Dresden
3School SuperintendentsOH, Union Co, Richwood
2School SuperintendentsOK, Cherokee Co, Cherokee Orphan Asylum
2School SuperintendentsOK, Kay Co, Chilocco Indian School
8School SuperintendentsOK, Le Flore Co, Fort Coffee Academy
6School SuperintendentsOK, Le Flore Co, New Hope Seminary
16School SuperintendentsOK, McIntosh Co, Asbury Manual Labor School
2School SuperintendentsOK, Pittsburg Co, Perryville, Colbert Institute
4School SuperintendentsOK, Seminole Co, Seminole Female Academy
9School SuperintendentsPA, Adams Co
8School SuperintendentsPA, Beaver Co, Beaver Falls
7School SuperintendentsPA, Carbon Co
7School SuperintendentsPA, Franklin Co
11School SuperintendentsPA, Greene Co
8School SuperintendentsPA, Lehigh Co
3School SuperintendentsPA, Lycoming Co
15School SuperintendentsPA, Perry Co
3School SuperintendentsRI, Providence Co, Providence
21School SuperintendentsTN, Anderson Co
27School SuperintendentsTN, Bradley Co
20School SuperintendentsTN, DeKalb Co
16School SuperintendentsTN, Henderson Co
10School SuperintendentsTN, Weakley Co
5School SuperintendentsVA, Rockingham Co
14School SuperintendentsVT, Washington Co, Middlesex
11School SuperintendentsWI, Columbia Co
9School SuperintendentsWI, Lafayette Co
17School SuperintendentsWI, Sheboygan Co

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04 Jul 2019Officers of Navy Yards, Vessels, 18654,6932
03 Jul 2019Naval Officers of the War of 1812424
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17 Apr 2019Sutton Mass List of Teachers175
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11 Apr 2019Smith College Catalogue 1875-19109,183
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