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USS Yantic

Ship: USS YanticWiki

a wooden-hulled screw gunboat built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, was launched on 19 March 1864

Service: 1864-1929

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Ship: USS Yantic: List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships
EnsignAlbert Ammerman 1883USS YanticGreely Relief Expedition
MasterSeth Mitchell 1870-1871USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderSeth Mitchell 1893-1894USS YanticBrazil Squadron
MasterJames Dexter 1868USS Yantic
Chief EngineerCipriano 1884-1885USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
First Asst EngineerAlbert 1872-1873Steamer USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
Asst PaymasterAlbert W. 1867US steamer USS Yantic
MasterCharles Johnston 1881-1882USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst PaymasterR. T. Mason 1886-1889USS Yantic
LieutenantFrancis Morgan 1868-1869Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Second Asst EngineerH. C. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderSamuel 1891-1893USS YanticBrazil Squadron
EnsignWilliam Shepherd 1882-1884USS Yantic
Passed Asst SurgeonH. G. 1889-1891Training Ship USS Yantic
EnsignReuben Oscar 1890-1891USS Yantic
LieutenantLewis E. 1875-1878USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
EnsignCharles Grimes 1872-1874USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderRobert 1869Steamer USS YanticWest India Squadron
EnsignFrederick Roland 1886-1889USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst EngineerJefferson 1868USS Yantic
Asst EngineerJefferson 1887-1890USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst PaymasterJohn R. 1868-1869USS YanticWest Indies
LieutenantRobert Emmett 1883-1885USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
EnsignJ. F. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst EngineerHugh H. 1874-1876US steamer USS Yantic
LieutenantFrederick W. 1895USS Yantic
EnsignDe Witt 1883-1885USS Yantic
EnsignJohn Charles 1880-1883USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Second Asst EngineerGeorge, Jr 1891-1894USS YanticBrazil Squadron
Francis Henry 1868-1869USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst SurgeonDwight 1870-1871USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Executive OfficerFrancis William 1875-1876USS Yantic
Asst SurgeonDwight 1870-1871USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
EnsignWebster 1870-1871USS Yantic
James Calhoun 1884-1885USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantBenjamin Long 1873-1875third rate USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
Asst EngineerRobert W. 1872USS Yantic
LieutenantEdward Hickman 1887-1890USS Yantic
LieutenantWilliam C. 1881-1883USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantWilliam Wilberforce 1872-1875USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderFernando P. 1895-1897USS Yantic
LieutenantW. W. 1872-1875USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
First Asst EngineerBurdett Chase 1874USS Yantic
Passed Asst SurgeonCharles U. 1875-1877USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
CommanderFrancis M. 1885-1887USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
MasterFrancis Emerson 1880-1883USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderT. C. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
CommanderOscar Frederick 1887-1889USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Third Asst EngineerGeorge 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst PaymasterS. B. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
First Asst EngineerRichard 1884-1886USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantRoyal Rodney 1875USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
CommanderJohn 1871Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
MasterHarry Muhlenburg 1874-1877USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
LieutenantJames Douglas Jerrold 1890-1891USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
EnsignFrank Woodruff 1885-1888USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst PaymasterLeeds C. 1889-1891USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
SurgeonHomer L. 1883USS Yantic
SurgeonHomer L. 1883-1885USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantFrederick Herbst 1886-1888USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
CommanderR. F. R. 1874USS Yantic
Richard Mason 1866USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantWilliam 1880USS Yantic
EnsignJ. C. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Third Asst EngineerH. F. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Chief EngineerJohn 1883-1883USS Yantic
CommanderHenry Ware 1893-1893USS Yantic
MasterS. C. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
SurgeonAlexander Fitzhugh 1885-1888USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantHenry Newman 1875-1876Steamer USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
LieutenantHenry Buckingham 1875-1877USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
LieutenantWilliam John 1896USS Yantic
EnsignHenry Thomas 1882-1885USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantEdward P. 1871-1872USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantWalter 1890-1893USS YanticBrazil Squadron
CommanderFrederick Vallette 1875USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
LieutenantGeorge William 1885-1889USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantAlbert 1891-1893USS YanticBrazil Squadron
Second Asst EngineerW. H. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst EngineerJoseph P. 1887USS YanticWest India Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderJames M. 1896-1897USS Yantic
CommanderMerrill 1880USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantRichard 1891-1894USS YanticBrazil Squadron
EnsignWilliam Carpenter Pendleton 1889-1890USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst EngineerCharles F. 1880-1883USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Executive OfficerWilliam B. 1880-1881USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
EnsignJohn Thomas 1883-1885USS Yantic
Second Asst EngineerJ. J. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantJ. E. 1876-1879USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
EnsignJohn Madison 1885-1887USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst PaymasterWilliam M. 1872third rate USS Yantic
LieutenantEbenezer Scudder 1881-1883USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst PaymasterCharles M. 1880-1883USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantWilliam Wagner 1884-1886USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantClayton Scott 1889-1891USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
EnsignJohn Marshall 1876-1879USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
CommanderCharles H. 1889-1891USS Yantic
LieutenantCharles Custis 1889USS Yantic
EnsignWaldemar d'Arcy 1889-1891Apprentice Ship USS Yantic
LieutenantCharles Wister 1883-1884USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
Asst SurgeonWilliam H. 1891-1894USS YanticBrazil Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderEdwin M. 1875USS Yantic
Chief EngineerWalter D. 1880USS Yantic
First Asst EngineerWilliam S. 1866USS Yantic
EnsignB. B. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
MasterLyman G. 1872-1875USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
First Asst EngineerJames P. 1869-1870USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
CommanderOscar F. 1873-1874US steamer USS Yantic
LieutenantJohn William 1889-1890USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantDaniel Delehanty Vincent 1897USS Yantic
John C. 1875-1876USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
EnsignFranklin 1886-1887USS Yantic
Lieutenant CommanderHenry Curtis 1868-1869Steamer USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantFrederick Halsey 1888-1889USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantEdmund Beardsley 1892-1894USS YanticBrazil Squadron
LieutenantLouis Sayre 1893-1894USS YanticBrazil Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderClifford Hardy 1895USS Yantic
Asst SurgeonH. K. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
MasterEdwin 1868-1869USS Yantic
CommanderWilliam 1876-1877Third Rate USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
CommanderFrank 1882-1885USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantJohn K. 1870-1871USS Yantic
EnsignEd. 1865Fourth Rate USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
MasterFrancis 1884-1885USS Yantic
Asst PaymasterWilliam W. 1867-1868USS Yantic
CommanderEdwin Tully 1881-1882USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantEdward Everett 1887-1890USS Yantic
Asst PaymasterLouis A. 1872-1875USS YanticAsiatic Squadron
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