List of Naval Officers & Sailors at Sea

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Note: There may be multiple ships with the same name.

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Ship: USS Washington (ACR11)Wiki

Service: 1905-1946

Designer/Builder: New York Shipbuilding Co

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Ship: USS Washington (ACR11): List of Naval Officers & Sailors at Sea
CaptainJames Dexter 1906-1907USS Washington (ACR11)
EnsignAndrew H. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonAbraham H. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantClarence L. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
PaymasterGeorge P. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignHerbert S. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
EnsignWilliam 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
EnsignAlfred H. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Asst SurgeonJohn R. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignWilliam C., Jr 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainEdward Latimer, Sr 1914-1915USS Washington (ACR11)
Asst PaymasterHenry L. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
CommanderEdward L. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderJohn R. Y. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Rear AdmiralJohn Russell Young 1918-1919USS Washington (ACR11)
CaptainDeWitt 1916-1917USS Washington (ACR11)
EnsignBryson 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
MidshipmanClarkson J. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanStuart S. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignBryson 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MachinistWalter A. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantFrancis D. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
EnsignEdmund W. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonFranklin E. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
MidshipmanJames C. Van de 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
BoatswainFrank 1913USS Washington (ACR11)
EnsignCalvin H. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Paymaster ClerkWilliam C. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantJames R. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
ChaplainCharles Joseph 1946USS Washington (ACR11)
CommanderThomas T. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Rear AdmiralWalter Selwyn 1919-1920USS Washington (ACR11)
Passed Asst SurgeonHoy 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Rear AdmiralBenton Clark 1915-1916USS Washington (ACR11)
CarpenterHarry L. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
SurgeonCharles M. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
EnsignMorton L. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
GunnerJames 1913USS Washington (ACR11)
Passed Asst SurgeonBenjamin H. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderJames Grebory 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
AdmiralEdward Walter 1914USS Washington (ACR11)
MachinistWalter S. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
ChaplainJohn B. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Vice AdmiralCharles Seymour 1926-1927USS Washington (ACR11)
CaptainJohn Charles 1927USS Washington (ACR11)
GunnerOtto 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
EnsignConrad D. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignHarrison R. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
ChaplainVincent James 1944USS Washington (ACR11)
LieutenantCommnnder Andrew T. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantStephen V. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
MachinistWilliam C. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
GunnerJohn P. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Paymaster ClerkKflinger E. 1913USS Washington (ACR11)
ChaplainCarl Andrew 1946USS Washington (ACR11)
GunnerClarence D. 1913USS Washington (ACR11)
MachinistWilliam W. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignBushrod B. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainJames McE. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
Lieutenant CommanderCharles F. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
CaptainRichard Morris 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
SurgeonJohn H. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
ChaplainRaymond Joseph 1946USS Washington (ACR11)
EnsignHoward S. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonBurt F. 1913USS Washington (ACR11)
MachinistClarence R. 1913USS Washington (ACR11)
EnsignCarl H. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanEarl W. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderLouis A. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
Rear AdmiralClarence Selby 1925-1926USS Washington (ACR11)
MidshipmanSherman S. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignErnest G. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainAustin Melvin 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
EnsignForney M. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainRalph A. 1936USS Washington (ACR11)
MachinistStephen 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MachinistFrank G. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
GunnerArthure 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignRobert A. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderRichard H. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
MidshipmanHoward K. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
ChaplainRainus Albin 1945USS Washington (ACR11)
MachinistHarold I. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
CarpenterFrancis X. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantDaniel S. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderDaniel P. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonHenry A. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MachinistJohn L. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignJohn S. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantTracy L. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantWilliam S. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignJohn J. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
MidshipmanPreston H. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
LieutenantEdward W. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
MidshipmanErnest D. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
PaymasterWilliam A. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
MidshipmanGeorge R. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignEdward S. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
First LieutenantEmile P. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignGordon W. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignAlbert 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
LieutenantEdgar G. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainFrederick Lansing 1932-1936USS Washington (ACR11)
Lieutenant CommanderCharles Truesdale 1928-1932USS Washington (ACR11)
MidshipmanOrmond C. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainWilliam Hubbel 1940USS Washington (ACR11)
MidshipmanRobert R. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Paymaster ClerkErnest W. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignFranklin G. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
PaymasterFrederick K. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
GunnerGeorge H. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
CaptainTheodoric 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
LieutenantFred H. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanChauncey E. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
LieutenantButler Y. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanEvan U. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
LieutenantHarold H. 1913USS Washington (ACR11)
LieutenantClyde R. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
ChaplainJohn Frederick 1942USS Washington (ACR11)
CaptainCharles C. 1909-1910USS Washington (ACR11)
EnsignFrank 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantWilliam R., Jr 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
CaptainWilliam Randall, Jr 1923USS Washington (ACR11)
EnsignJohn L. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
BoatswainCharles 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
EnsignDavid A. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
MidshipmanMajor C. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
Rear AdmiralHarry Earl 1939-1940USS Washington (ACR11)
MidshipmanHenry G. 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
EnsignIsaac C. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
EnsignThomas C. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantEdward E. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanPaul E. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MachinistFriedrick G. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderJohn L. 1913USS Washington (ACR11)
BoatswainJohn 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
Vice AdmiralGeorge Loring Porter 1923USS Washington (ACR11)
BoatswainJohn L. 1911USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
SurgeonCharles M. De 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
LieutenantWilbur R. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
CaptainGeorge 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignHervey A. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanBruce R., Jr 1907USS Washington (ACR11)
CarpenterLewis S. 1909USS Washington (ACR11)Pacific Squadron
Second LieutenantLester S. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignPhilip R. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainWilliam Benefiel 1927USS Washington (ACR11)
ChaplainWarren Wyeth 1945USS Washington (ACR11)
BoatswainAugust 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron
CarpenterWilliam J. 1915USS Washington (ACR11)Atlantic Squadron

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