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USS Sabine (1855)

Ship: USS Sabine (1855)Wiki

a sailing frigate built by the USN

Service: 1855-1883

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Ship: USS Sabine (1855): List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships
CaptainHenry A. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Asst PaymasterRobert W. 1872Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Frank H. 1863Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
Elliott J. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
BoatswainPaul 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Asst SurgeonHosea J. 1867-1868apprentice ship USS Sabine (1855)
EnsignH. R. 1867Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantGeorge Beall 1860frigate USS Sabine (1855)
Edward Battevant 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Lieutenant CommanderJohn R. 1869frigate USS Sabine (1855)
MidshipmanF. S. 1869-1870Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
BoatswainThomas 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Albert Gleaves 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Asst SurgeonJ. C. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Masters MateA. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Lewis E. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
ChaplainJohn 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
T. Dix 1869USS Sabine (1855)
Charles Augustus 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Lieutenant CommanderWilliam R. 1869-1870frigate USS Sabine (1855)
John Bradford 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Benjamin Horr 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
MasterFrench Ensor 1868Apprentice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Charles Ansyl 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
John Huntington Crane 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Samuel Pancoast 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Lieutenant CommanderFrancis Augustus 1875-1876Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
MasterR. Frank 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
GunnerJames M. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderPhilip Henry 1869frigate USS Sabine (1855)
CarpenterJoseph 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
EnsignJ. M. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Clinton Kidd 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Francis Olmstead 1865-1866frigate USS Sabine (1855)
Richard Graham 1869USS Sabine (1855)
SurgeonFred. M. 1876Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantFrancis Henry 1875-1876Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
William E. B. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
MasterFrancis William 1868Apprentice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
William Hale 1869USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantAndrew 1874-1876Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Asst SurgeonHenry C. 1863frigate USS Sabine (1855)
Edward A. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
James 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Asst SurgeonBenjamin F. 1865-1866school ship USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantWilliam 1858-1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Paraguay expedition
ChaplainThomas Augustus 1874RS USS Sabine (1855)Baptist
James W. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Fleet SurgeonJames M. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Asst PaymasterGeorge H. 1874-1876Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
William A. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
GunnerWilliam H. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Henry O. 1869-1870Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
EnsignGiles Bates 1870USS Sabine (1855)
Asst PaymasterJ. George 1861-1863Frigate USS Sabine (1855)North Atlantic Blockading Fleet
Uriah Rose 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Passed Asst SurgeonJames F. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
SailmakerH. J. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantGeorge W. 1865-1866practice ship USS Sabine (1855)
First LieutenantCharles A. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
CaptainCharles 1862Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
ChaplainWilliam A. 1866USS Sabine (1855)Episcopal
Joseph B. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Nelson Townsend 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Asst SurgeonAdrian 1864-1865apprentice ship USS Sabine (1855)
CommanderJohn 1873-1875RS USS Sabine (1855)
CarpenterWilliam D. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderTheodore Frelinghuysen 1869-1870Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
Lieutenant CommanderMortimer L. 1873-1874Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
SailmakerJohn 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Wainwright 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
William Wirt 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
MidshipmanLouis 1865-1866School Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Asst SurgeonHomer L. 1874-1875Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Passed Asst SurgeonHomer L. 1875-1876RS USS Sabine (1855)
Asst SurgeonF. B. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantR. F. R. 1858Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
William Franklin 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
First LieutenantHoratio B. 1869-1870Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
Lieutenant CommanderR. B. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
EnsignDennis Hart 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantHenry De Haven 1866School ship USS Sabine (1855)
Masters MateC. F. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Newton Eliphalet 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Sidney H. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantWilliam P. 1858-1859frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
LieutenantWilliam P. 1859-1862USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantCharles S. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
MasterA. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Passed Asst SurgeonDaniel 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Executive OfficerJohn Fairfield 1872Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Richard 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Henry T. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
John Henry 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantWilliam H. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
EnsignFrederick Irvin 1863frigate USS Sabine (1855)
Arthur Phillips 1870USS Sabine (1855)
SurgeonHenry C. 1868apprentice ship USS Sabine (1855)
MasterJ. D. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
ChaplainChester 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantL. H. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
EnsignJohn Augustine Heard 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Kossuth 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
John Alexander 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
EnsignJ. C. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Asst SurgeonA. S. 1861frigate USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantSumner Cummings 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Nathaniel Jordan Knight 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
SurgeonGeorge 1869Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
MasterN. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
MasterGeorge Hamilton 1859USS Sabine (1855)
MidshipmanThomas 1866School Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Passed Asst SurgeonRemus C. 1876Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
William Parker 1870USS Sabine (1855)
Masters MateE. M. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
MidshipmanGeorge Cook 1865-1866School Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Lieutenant CommanderGeorge C. 1869-1870frigate USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantW. W. 1876Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Karl 1869-1870Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
ChaplainThomas G. 1866-1866USS Sabine (1855)Episcopal
PaymasterG. A. 1865Practice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Samuel 1867Training Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Sidney Augustus 1874Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
PurserJohn F. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Asst SurgeonHenry 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Daniel Delehanty Vincent 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Lieutenant CommanderHenry Curtis 1868Apprentice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
CaptainRobert 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
E. H. 1869USS Sabine (1855)
Alexander M. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantCharles Jackson 1869-1870steam frigate USS Sabine (1855)
William Henry 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
MidshipmanAbraham H. 1865-1866School ship USS Sabine (1855)
MidshipmanHolman 1865-1866School Ship USS Sabine (1855)
CommanderJohn G. 1869-1870frigate USS Sabine (1855)
MasterJ. Crittenden 1861frigate USS Sabine (1855)
Henry M. 1864Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantGeorge P. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Asst PaymasterEdward N. 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
Second LieutenantThomas S. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderGilbert C. 1868Appentice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Francis 1873Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
George F. 1865-1867Frigate USS Sabine (1855)
Passed Asst SurgeonGeorge F. 1874-1875Apprentice Ship USS Sabine (1855)
Herbert 1869-1870USS Sabine (1855)
LieutenantM. 1859Frigate USS Sabine (1855)Brazil Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderDavid Clarence 1873-1873Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
CommanderArthur R. 1875-1877Receiving Ship USS Sabine (1855)
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