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USS Potomac (1822)

Ship: USS Potomac (1822)Wiki

Service: 1822-1877

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Ship: USS Potomac (1822): List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships
Asst PaymasterRobert W. 1870Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonHosea J. 1868-1869Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
PaymasterAlbert Dabadie 1872-1874Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanJames M. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanJoseph N. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanTheodore B. 1833-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
PurserGarret R. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MasterJohn 1832-1833Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonRobert T. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MasterW. W. 1853frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantCharles H. 1873-1874Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanRobert M. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonJohn C. 1876Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanEugene 1832-1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanThomas M. 1834-1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)European Squadron
CommanderS. Livingston 1872-1873Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
GunnerWilliam B. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonGeorge Rawson 1861-1864US Frigate USS Potomac (1822)West Gulf Squadron
MidshipmanJohn W. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantOwen 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanJohn C. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanHenry Logan 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanM. G. L. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
PaymasterGeorge 1868-1870USRS USS Potomac (1822)
PaymasterGeorge 1874-1875USRS USS Potomac (1822)
First LieutenantHenry Clay 1867-1868Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MasterCharles Elwood 1875-1876Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
First LieutenantGeorge W. 1861USS Potomac (1822)West Gulf Squadron
MasterCharles E. 1875-1876Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MasterSamuel Pancoast 1873Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanWilliam T. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
GunnerJohn R. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantJacob 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Executive OfficerJohn Lee 1861Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
SurgeonRobert J. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanBenjamin More 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanJesse Elliott 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
First LieutenantAlvin 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanHenry 1855frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantDonald MacNeill 1855Flag Ship USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanJohn C. 1844-1845frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanHenry C. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonJonathan M. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Executive OfficerJames McQueen 1869-1870Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantEdward Hickman 1875Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
William 1845Frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanSylvanus 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanJoseph F. 1835-1837frigate USS Potomac (1822)European Squadron
ChaplainJohn W. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanWilliam C. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanHenry C. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst PaymasterHorace M. 1854-1856Frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanFrancis P. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantHenry 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantJoseph B. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanCharles 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantJonathan 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantRichard A. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantRobert W. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
SurgeonWilliam H. 1875-1877USRS USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanLewis S. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Edward 1867Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantLewis A. 1861-1862frigate USS Potomac (1822)West Gulf Squadron
MidshipmanJames B. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanLevi, Jr 1832-1833Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanLovi, Jr 1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantWilliam 1873-1874Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
Asst PaymasterGeorge A. 1866-1867Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)Gulf Squadron
MidshipmanWilliam H. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanJohn B. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
CaptainWard 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
E. O. 1855-1856frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanWilliam 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonHenry O. 1856Frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
PaymasterCharles A. 1875-1876Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanAllen 1832Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Passed Asst SurgeonDaniel 1870-1870Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
BoatswainJohn 1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonJ. D. 1861-1863Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonJ. D. 1869-1873Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
Merrill 1861-1862frigate USS Potomac (1822)Atlantic Coast
MidshipmanGeorge 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanCharles W. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonHugh 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
James D. 1862Store Ship USS Potomac (1822)West Gulf Squadron
SailmakerChristian 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
CaptainJoseph J. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Lieutenant CommanderH. C. 1875-1876Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
Charles S. 1855-1857frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanJames L. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonHenry Do Witt 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanAlexander M. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanMatthew C. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantR. H. 1833Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantR. R. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantHenry 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanJames H. 1832Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonAbel F. 1875Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
CommanderWalter W. 1871-1872Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantAllen V. 1861USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanWilliam 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Second LieutenantJabez C. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MasterCharles Wister 1875-1876Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
William T. 1861frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Executive OfficerCharles A. 1866-1867U. S. Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MasterWinfield S. 1861-1862frigate USS Potomac (1822)
CarpenterWilliam E. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantIrvine 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanRobert W. 1839-1841frigate USS Potomac (1822)
CarpenterWilliam L. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Montgomery 1855-1856frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanGeorge T. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantJoseph S. 1855-1856frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
PurserWilliam A. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
SurgeonJohn C. 1874-1875USRS USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanJames G. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanGeorge A. 1840-1843Frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
MasterH. T. 1873-1874Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MasterRobert S. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanJohn W. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanWilliam Grenville 1844-1845frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
Second LieutenantGeorge H. 1832-1833Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
SurgeonGeorge 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Second LieutenantGeorge H. 1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantCharles Mitchell 1872-1872Receiving Ship USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanHenry 1832Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanGeorge M. 1832-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
SailmakerWilliam 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanA. H. 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
MidshipmanBayse N. 1844Frigate USS Potomac (1822)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanRufus Stanley 1836Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
Asst SurgeonRobert 1875-1876RS USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantStephen B. 1833-1834Frigate USS Potomac (1822)
LieutenantStephen P. 1832Frigate USS Potomac (1822)

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