List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships

With their years and location of service
Note: There may be multiple ships with the same name.

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List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships; State: SH
LieutenantCharles Albert 1882-1885USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
GunnerHarry 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
CommanderAdelbert 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
LieutenantEdwin A. 1895US Receiving Ship USS Michigan
EnsignEldred B. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderClarence L. 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
ChaplainAlbert Norris 1920USS Michigan (BB27)Methodist
Second Asst EngineerSamuel Loring Percival 1861steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Third Asst EngineerWilliam 1864Steamer USS Michigan
PaymasterAlbert Dabadie 1877-1880USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantDavid W. 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Asst SurgeonL. B. 1890-1893USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
PaymasterR. T. Mason 1895USS Michigan
LieutenantFrancis Morgan 1870-1871Fourth Rate USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Lieutenant CommanderCharles James 1869steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
MidshipmanJames R. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderIvan E. 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonHoratio N. 1873-1874USS Michigan
MachinistCharles F. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderRobert Mallory 1892-1894USS Michigan
CommanderAbraham 1852-1854Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantJohn Bell 1898USS Michigan
PurserWilliam A. 1848Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
CaptainJames T. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MidshipmanJohn 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
First Asst EngineerJohn Livingston Dinwiddie 1871-1873USS Michigan
Asst EngineerJohn Livingston Dinwiddie 1880-1883USS Michigan
Chief EngineerJohn Livingston Dinwiddie 1892USS Michigan
EnsignJohn Marshall 1877-1880USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantJohn Marshall 1884-1887USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantArthur A. 1870-1871USS Michigan
EnsignDonald 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MidshipmanFollett 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
SurgeonMichael 1866Steamer USS Michigan
ChaplainJohn Joseph 1921USS Michigan (BB27)Roman Catholic
MidshipmanClarence K. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Third Asst EngineerWilliam B. 1852USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Chief EngineerWilliam B. 1870USS Michigan
CommanderGeorge 1870-1872Fourth Rate USS Michigan
MidshipmanAndrew 1848Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantThomas A. 1848Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Third Asst EngineerWilliam G. 1859-1860steamer USS Michigan
MasterMarcus B. 1868-1869USS Michigan
LieutenantMarcus B. 1874-1875USS Michigan
CommanderRoscoe C. 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
ChaplainEugene Sebastian 1916-1918USS Michigan (BB27)Roman Catholic
Asst EngineerAlfred B. 1878-1879USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantBruce L. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
CaptainEdward E. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
EnsignLee C. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
LieutenantJames William 1877USS Michigan
CommanderJohn C. 1864Steamer USS Michigan
CommanderStephen 1848Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
SurgeonPeter 1848Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
George Ramsey 1884-1886USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantGeorge Ramsey 1890-1892USS Michigan
Passed Asst SurgeonGlenmore F. 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MasterCharles Ansyl 1875-1876USS Michigan
Asst EngineerHenry T. 1887-1888USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Asst SurgeonAlfred L. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MasterRichardson 1870-1871USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantRichardson 1874USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Asst PaymasterTracy 1865Fourth Rate USS MichiganPacific Squadron
LieutenantNapoleon 1852Steamer USS MichiganEast India Squadron
CarpenterHarry E. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
SurgeonFrederick J. B. 1896USS Michigan
CaptainRichard B. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MasterJ. B. 1852Steamer USS MichiganEast India Squadron
MidshipmanKirby B. 1902USS Michigan
LieutenantThomaa M. 1854Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Masters MateJames 1865Fourth Rate USS MichiganPacific Squadron
Paymaster ClerkJohn B. 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Paymaster ClerkJoseph B. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Francis Olmstead 1866-1867Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Second LieutenantRalph E. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MidshipmanJoseph S. 1852Steamer USS MichiganEast India Squadron
SurgeonRichard C. 1868-1869Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
PaymasterHenry Martyn 1868-1871steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Asst EngineerA. F. 1885-1887USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantStephen 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MasterWebster 1872USS Michigan
SurgeonF. L. 1874-1877Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
SurgeonFrank L. 1874-1877USS Michigan
EnsignAlexander R. Jr 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
EnsignCharles C. 1865Fourth Rate USS MichiganPacific Squadron
MidshipmanWalter A. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
CarpenterGeorge W. 1865Fourth Rate USS MichiganPacific Squadron
EnsignRichard M. Jr 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
LieutenantGeorge T. 1896-1897USS Michigan
EnsignEarl F. 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
First Asst EngineerJames 1869-1870USS Michigan
Lieutenant CommanderWilliam Henry 1898USS Michigan
LieutenantCharles H. 1905USS Michigan
EnsignJohn L. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MachinistCharles 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
LieutenantRaymond F. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
EnsignRaymond F. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MidshipmanHollaway H. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Asst PaymasterWilliam W. 1886-1889USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Second Asst EngineerGeorge Jr 1852Steamer USS MichiganEast India Squadron
CommanderJames H. 1873-1876Fourth Rate USS Michigan
EnsignHarrison R. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Second LieutenantGreen Clay 1875steamer USS Michigan
SurgeonCharles U. 1884-1888USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantCharles 1848Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
MidshipmanFitzhugh 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
LieutenantFrederick William 1881-1883USS Michigan
Lieutenant CommanderJohn W. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderCharles Vernon 1870-1872Fourth Rate USS Michigan
EnsignClarence 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
EnsignRobert S. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
LieutenantGordon W. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonGeorge E. H. 1883-1884USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Asst PaymasterJ. George 1861Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
PaymasterThomas DeF. 1905USS Michigan
MidshipmanJohn E. 1854Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
CommanderGeorge W. 1878-1880USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
EnsignIsaac 1868-1869USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
BoatswainJoseph 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MidshipmanHerbert R. 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
LieutenantJames Meredith 1892USS Michigan
LieutenantSchuyler F. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
EnsignJesse R. 1915USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
EnsignJames Henry 1887-1890USS Michigan
Second Asst EngineerStephen D. 1856-1857steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
PaymasterF. H. 1874-1877USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
PaymasterFrank H. 1874-1877USS Michigan
LieutenantHarry Marsh 1886-1887USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
ChaplainDouglas 1831USS Michigan (BB27)
EnsignDonald 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
MidshipmanAaron K. 1848steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
MasterJohn Jacob (1) 1873Fourth Rate USS Michigan& 76
MasterJohn Jacob (1) 1884-1887USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
First Asst EngineerGeorge P. 1877-1880USS Michigan
EnsignJames 1865Fourth Rate USS MichiganPacific Squadron
MasterWilliam Manning 1879-1881USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
ChaplainWalter Gilbert 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Asst PaymasterCalvin C. 1862-1863Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
GunnerSimon 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
EnsignHoward S. 1913USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
Third Asst EngineerBennett 1865Fourth Rate USS MichiganPacific Squadron
Asst EngineerDavid Phillips 1869-1870US steamer USS Michigan
SurgeonWilliam H. 1881USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
CommanderJames E. 1868-1870Steamer USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantCharles H. 1871Fourth Rate USS Michigan
CommanderAlbert 1880-1883USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
EnsignErnest C. 1902USS Michigan
LieutenantJames Douglas Jerrold 1879USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
Lieutenant CommanderAugustus Greenleaf 1873-1876Fourth Rate USS Michigan
LieutenantWainwright 1879-1881USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
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