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Ship: USS Java

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Ship: USS Java: List of Naval Officers & Sailors at Sea
MidshipmanNathaniel 1816USS Java
Second LieutenantF. N. 1829Frigate USS Java
BoatswainJohn 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanFrancis E. 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanCarter 1830Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam W. 1830Frigate USS Java
LieutenantGeorge S. 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam W. 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJohn M. 1816USS Java
MidshipmanHenry 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJames K. 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanGeorge 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanFranklin 1816USS Java
SailmakerBenjamin B. 1829-1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanOverton 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanDaniel 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
LieutenantNathaniel, Jr 1820-1821Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanFranklin 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanRichard S. 1829Frigate USS Java
LieutenantThomas 1816Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanRobert 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJacob 1824Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanLachlan 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanOscar 1815Frigate USS Java
SurgeonThomas 1830-1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanThomas 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanEzra T. 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanBenjamin M. 1829-1831Frigate USS Java
CaptainJohn 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanPeleg K. 1816USS Java
LieutenantWilliam 1816Frigate USS Java
GunnerJohn 1815Frigate USS Java
PurserEdward 1816USS Java
PurserEdward 1818-1819Frigate USS Java
LieutenantDulaney 1815Frigate USS Java
LieutenantDulany 1816Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanHenry 1829-1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanHelmuth J. 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanGeorge W. 1831Frigate USS Java
LieutenantJames T. 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanEdwin L. 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanAlberto 1829-1831Frigate USS Java
First LieutenantJoseph O. 1829Frigate USS Java
LieutenantWilliam S. 1830-1831Frigate USS Java
ChaplainHarvey H. 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
CaptainJohn 1816USS Java
LieutenantSamuel 1819Frigate USS Java
BoatswainJustus 1829-1831Frigate USS Java
LieutenantThomas 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJohn 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanCharles G. 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanHarry D. 1815Frigate USS Java
Asst SurgeonLewis B. 1833-1834Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJoseph W. 1831Frigate USS Java
SurgeonJacob 1830Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanCranstoun 1830-1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanSamuel 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanSamuel Phillips 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam B. 1829-1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanDominick, Jr 1831Frigate USS Java
LieutenantJoseph S. 1816Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanRobert F. 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam Lewis 1831Frigate USS Java
LieutenantEdward R. 1816Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJames T. 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam W. 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanEdward 1830-1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanGeorge 1830-1831Frigate USS Java
CaptainCharles 1818Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanEzekiel 1829Frigate USS Java
MasterJacob 1823-1824Frigate USS Java
LieutenantThomas M. 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam B. 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanPatrick H. 1816Frigate USS Java
SurgeonGeorge W. 1830Frigate USS Java
Asst SurgeonGeorge W. 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJohn W. 1815Frigate USS Java
SurgeonUsher 1816-1818Frigate USS Java
LieutenantElisha 1829Frigate USS Java
CaptainOliver Hazard 1816USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam H. 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
CarpenterSamuel 1829-1831Frigate USS Java
Asst SurgeonWilliam 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanCharles H. 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanRobert 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam H. 1816Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanNathaniel A. 1822-1823Frigate USS Java
Second LieutenantJohn G. 1830Frigate USS Java
LieutenantRobert 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJohn H. 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
Asst SurgeonSamuel W. 1829Frigate USS Java
Asst SurgeonSamuel W. 1831Frigate USS Java
LieutenantJohn L. 1829Frigate USS Java
LieutenantHenry D. 1830Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanMerit 1815Frigate USS Java
LieutenantIrvine 1830Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanBenjamin S. 1830Frigate USS Java
LieutenantThomas Holdup 1818Frigate USS Java
LieutenantGeorge W. 1819Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanR. M. 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanAugustus 1815Frigate USS Java
LieutenantDugomier 1816Frigate USS Java
LieutenantWilliam V. 1816USS Java
LieutenantAbraham S. 1830Frigate USS Java
SurgeonGeorge 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanOliver 1831Frigate USS Java
PurserSamuel P. 1829-1831Frigate USS Java
GunnerBenjamin 1830-1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJohn E. 1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanJohn R. 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
LieutenantDaniel 1816Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanHenry E. 1815Frigate USS Java
LieutenantGeorge 1820Frigate USS Java
PurserThomas 1820Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanWilliam 1829-1831Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanZeb. P. 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
CaptainLewis 1819-1820Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanS. A. 1829Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanS. A. 1831Frigate USS Java
Asst SurgeonThomas W. 1816Frigate USS Java
MasterJoseph 1829-1830Frigate USS Java
Asst SurgeonThomas V. 1815Frigate USS Java
MidshipmanA. S. 1831Frigate USS Java
LieutenantThomas W. 1830-1831Frigate USS Java

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