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Ship: USS Cyane (1815)

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Ship: USS Cyane (1815): List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships
GunnerJoseph 1824-1827USS Cyane (1815)
PurserMatthew C. 1822-1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanHenry J. 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
SurgeonWilliam D. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanTheodorus, Jr 1820-1821Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
Asst SurgeonHenry W. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanRobert B. 1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
CarpenterRichard 1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
CaptainJames 1816Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantWilliam 1820USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanArchibald R. 1821-1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJoshua J. 1826Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanT. McKean 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
PurserSilas 1819Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJerome 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanPhilander F. 1824-1827Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MasterJohn 1820USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantBenjamin 1819-1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainJohn O. 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
GunnerWesley 1820Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
GunnerWesley 1822-1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantAugustus 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJoseph, Jr 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantRichard 1821-1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn C. 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanThomas 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
SurgeonJohn 1821-1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MasterBriscoe S. 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJames F. 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantSilas 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantFrank 1826USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainFrank 1827USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainJesse D. 1827Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainJesse D. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
MasterJames 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanRobert 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantEdgar 1822Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn 1820-1821Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantBeekman V. 1815USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanAbraham 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanWilliam L. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
GunnerJonathan 1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MasterWilliam L. 1819-1821USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanStern 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MidshipmanGeorge 1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJonathan 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MidshipmanFrederick 1820-1824Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantFrederick 1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MidshipmanWilliam J. 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanZachariah F. 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanRobert 1824-1826Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
SurgeonElnathan 1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJames A. 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
SurgeonBenjamin P. 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanNathaniel C. 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanWilliam 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
LieutenantUriah P. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainUriah P. 1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanEdward S. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
First LieutenantBenjamin 1825-1826Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MidshipmanEdward Y. 1818Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn 1818Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantGeorge B. 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MidshipmanRichard R. 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn G. 1818Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantWilliam 1820-1822Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantWilliam 1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MidshipmanRichard D. 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantJohn B. 1820-1821Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn W. 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
Asst SurgeonCornelius 1825-1827Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MidshipmanCharles V. 1818Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanH. A. H. 1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanHenry W. 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanHumphrey A. H. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanAlexander M. 1818Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJoseph 1823-1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantJoseph 1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MidshipmanJoseph M. 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantOtho 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanGabriel A. 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanWilliam W. 1820Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantGeorge 1822Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanGarret J. 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantMatthew C. 1820-1821Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantSamuel B. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainSamuel B. 1827USS Cyane (1815)
Asst SurgeonManuel 1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
CarpenterSamuel 1821-1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanHenry 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJames M. 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
SurgeonHyde 1820USS Cyane (1815)
BoatswainWilliam L. 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJames H. 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn 1822Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanEdward C. 1820-1821Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainEdward C. 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanFrancis 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanThomas 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanWilliam 1823-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn C. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn O. 1827USS Cyane (1815)
BoatswainJohn 1820Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
BoatswainWilliam 1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
BoatswainWilliam 1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
BoatswainWilliam 1826Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
BoatswainWilliam 1827USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainRobert Trail 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantWilliam A. 1826USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantSilas H. 1820-1825USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanSamuel 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJon. W. 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
PurserJoseph H. 1824-1827Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
PurserFrancis A. 1820-1821Sloop USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanBenjamin J. 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
MidshipmanJohn S. 1820USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainEdward 1818-1822Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanPeter 1826-1827USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJames K. 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJames R. 1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
SailmakerHenry 1820-1821USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantRalph 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantPhilip F. 1823Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantHenry R. 1822Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MasterNahum 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
Asst SurgeonSilas D. 1818Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
SurgeonSilas D. 1819Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
LieutenantJob G. 1827USS Cyane (1815)
Asst SurgeonWilliam 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanWilliam G. 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanThomas H. 1823-1824Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
MidshipmanJohn 1824-1825Corvette USS Cyane (1815)European Squadron
LieutenantJohn Paul 1821Corvette USS Cyane (1815)
CaptainJohn Paul 1827USS Cyane (1815)
Updated: 10 Jul 2019

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