List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships

With their years and location of service
Note: There may be multiple ships with the same name.

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Ship: Constellation: List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships
SurgeonJoseph G. 1881Constellation
LieutenantWilliam Jay 1886Practice Ship Constellation
LieutenantEdward Battevant 1884-1885Constellation
MasterCharles Ward 1881Practice Ship Constellation
Assistant SurgeonDaniel N. 1876Constellation
LieutenantJohn Marshall 1893Practice Ship Constellation
Assistant SurgeonJohn C. 1875Practice Ship Constellation
LieutenantCharles Augustus 1879-1881Training Ship Constellation
Lieutenant CommanderWilliam R. 1871-1873gunnery ship Constellation
SurgeonGeorge A. 1885Constellation
Passed Assistant SurgeonJohn Mills 1859Sloop Constellation
MasterBenjamin Horr 1872-1873Gunnery practice-ship Constellation
EnsignWilliam Banks 1877-1879Training Ship Constellation
Executive OfficerColby Mitchell 1871Practice Ship Constellation
Lieutenant CommanderGeorge W. 1871-1872gunnery-ship Constellation
MasterCharles Elwood 1887Constellation
CommanderAugustus P. 1873Practice Ship Constellation
SurgeonGeorge H. 1871-1872gunnery Practice Ship Constellation
MasterWalter Cleveland 1879-1880Training Ship Constellation
LieutenantWilliam Sheffield 1872practice gunnery-ship Constellation
LieutenantJoseph Edgar 1873Constellation
LieutenantJames Cephas 1892-1893Constellation
EnsignAbraham Ellis 1884Constellation
LieutenantDaniel 1881Constellation
Assistant SurgeonEzra Z. 1873ConstellationNorth Atlantic Squadron
Assistant SurgeonS. H. 1885-1887Practice Ship Constellation
SurgeonS. H. 1891Constellation
Harry Mason 1880Irish relief cruise Constellation
Edward John 1880Relief Ship Constellation
John Allen 1879Constellation
Lieutenant CommanderHorace 1883Practice Ship Constellation
LieutenantWilliam Hemsley 1872Gunnery Ship Constellation
Executive OfficerDonald MacNeill 1860Constellation
CommanderNorman H. 1883-1884Constellation
EnsignFrank Friday 1878Constellation
Lieutenant CommanderJames McQueen 1880-1880USS Constellation
EnsignWilliam Freeland 1886Practice Ship Constellation
Assistant SurgeonA. G. 1881Practice Ship Constellation
LieutenantCharles Douglas 1883Practice Ship Constellation
John 1872USS ConstellationNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantEdward Hickman 1884Constellation
James Henry 1875-1877& 87 Constellation& 87
CommanderCasper Frederick 1891-1893Constellation
LieutenantSamuel Lindsay 1880USS Constellation
Executive OfficerCharles Vernon 1877-1878Practice Ship Constellation
Passed Assistant SurgeonS. H. 1891-1893Constellation
CommanderPurnell Frederick 1888-1889Practice Ship Constellation
John Mitchell 1891-1894Practice Ship Constellation
Passed Assistant SurgeonCharles T. 1880USS Constellation
EnsignHarry Marsh 1877-1879Training Ship Constellation
SurgeonA. A. 1871US Practice Ship Constellation
EnsignPatrick William 1886-1889Training Ship Constellation
LieutenantThomas Benton 1887Constellation
CommanderHenry Lycurgus 1878Practice Ship Constellation
MasterEdward Merritt 1873Gunnery Ship Constellation
EnsignHarry McLaren Pinkney 1887Constellation
EnsignHamilton 1879-1880Constellation
LieutenantRoyal Rodney 1885Practice Ship Constellation
LieutenantRobert Thompson 1886-1889Training Ship Constellation
Philip Van Home 1878Constellation
Lieutenant CommanderRichard Phillips 1879Constellation
Executive OfficerEugene Henry Cozzens 1887Practice Ship Constellation
LieutenantAbraham Bruyn Hasbrouck 1877-1878Training Ship Constellation
LieutenantTimothy Augustine 1871-1873Constellation
Lieutenant CommanderTimothy Augustine 1879Constellation
LieutenantHenry Buckingham 1880Constellation
PaymasterEdward 1875Practice Ship Constellation
LieutenantAlexander 1883Practice Ship Constellation
CommanderFrederick Vallette 1879-1881US Practice ship Constellation
Passed Assistant SurgeonEdmund Carlyle Ver 1878Constellation
Executive OfficerWilliam B. 1878Constellation
Lieutenant CommanderFrank William 1892-1893Constellation
MasterJohn Ormond 1885-1887Practice Ship Constellation
LieutenantKossuth 1878Constellation
EnsignJohn Frederick 1877-1878Constellation
LieutenantDavid 1888-1889Training Ship Constellation
LieutenantRobert Grosvenor 1883Practice Ship Constellation
SurgeonThomas N. 1875Practice Ship Constellation
LieutenantEdward E. 1880USS Constellation
John Lewis 1879-1881Constellation
EnsignJohn Gardner 1885-1886Constellation
MasterLazarus Lowrey 1878-1878Constellation
LieutenantWilliam Wagner 1872Gunnery Ship Constellation
LieutenantJohn Augustus 1879-1880Constellation
MasterKarl 1873ConstellationWest India Station
Assistant SurgeonWilliam H. 1877-1878Constellation
Passed Assistant SurgeonAverley Claude Holines 1888-1888USS Constellation
EnsignNathan 1873-1873Gunnery Ship Constellation
Louis C. 1834frigate ConstellationEuropean Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderJohn 1874Practice Ship Constellation
CommanderCharles Dwight 1889Practice Ship Constellation
EnsignRoy Campbell 1885Constellation
MasterOscar F. 1855-1858US ship ConstellationEuropean Squadron
MidshipmanWilliam Grenville 1844frigate Constellation
CommanderCharles Jackson 1888-1889Training Ship Constellation
LieutenantGeorge Whittelsey 1885Practice Ship Constellation
EnsignNathaniel Reilley 1878Constellation
LieutenantHolman 1879-1880Constellation
LieutenantSamuel Williams 1877-1880Practice Ship Constellation
MidshipmanHenry 1829-1831frigate Constellation
Updated: 15 Jun 2019

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