List of Naval Officers & Sailors at Sea

With their years and location of service
Note: There may be multiple ships with the same name.

Source: Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vols 1-17

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List of Naval Officers & Sailors at Sea
SeamanEdward 1776brigantine MA Navy Freedom
SeamanJack 1776brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
John 1780ship MA Privateer Junius Brutus
Prize MasterStephen 1777brigantine MA Navy Massachusetts
Stephen 1780ship MA Privateer Junius Brutus
Thomas 1780sloop MA Privateer Race Horse
SeamanRobert 1779frigate USS Boston (1777)
MarinerSimon 1780brigantine MA Privateer Speed
SeamanRobert 1776brigantine MA Navy Independence
LandsmanJoseph 1780brig MA Privateer Adventure
SeamanEbenezer 1778brig MA Navy Hazard
StewardEbenezer 1779brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
SeamanAaron 1782frigate USS Deane (1778)
ColonelBenedict 1775sloop USS Enterprise (1775)
SeamanDavid 1779brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
John 1780brigantine MA Ship Salem
MarineMoses 1779frigate USS Boston (1777)
First LieutenantRhodes 1780ship MA Privateer Deane
MarinerSimon 1780schooner MA Privateer Resolution
MarinerThomas 1779ship MA Privateer Vengeance
Prize MasterJames 1777brigantine MA Navy Massachusetts
SeamanThomas 1782-1783sloop MA Navy Winthrop
SeamanJohn 1781ship MA Navy Protector
SeamanAlban 1782sloop MA Navy Winthrop
CookHenry 1780brig MA Privateer Adventure
PurserWilliam 1778frigate USS Boston (1777)
John 1782frigate USS Deane (1778)
SeamanJohn 1776brigantine MA Navy Massachusetts
SeamanSamuel 1776brigantine MA Navy Massachusetts
SeamanChristopher 1780ship MA Navy Protector
SeamanJames 1780ship MA Navy Protector
GunnerJames 1781ship MA Navy Mars
QuartermasterBartholomew 1780ship MA Privateer Franklin
MarineJohn 1780ship MA Navy Protector
SeamanDavid 1779brigantine MA Navy Active
Edward 1780schooner MA Privateer Cato
SeamanRobert 1777brigantine MA Navy Freedom
SeamanEdward 1780-1781ship MA Navy Protector
BoatswainJohn 1776sloop MA Navy Republic
John 1777-1778brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
Second LieutenantRobert 1779ship MA Privateer Charming Sally
Thomas 1780ship MA Navy Mars
James 1777brigantine MA Navy Massachusetts
SeamanWilliam 1777brigantine MA Navy Nantes
MarineElias 1777brigantine MA Privateer Hawk
SeamanElisha 1776sloop MA Navy Republic
MarineElisha 1777brigantine MA Privateer Hawk
SeamanFreeman 1777brigantine MA Privateer Hawk
MarinerGeorge 1776sloop MA Privateer Swift
SeamanGeorge 1776-1777brigantine MA Navy Freedom
MarinerJohn 1779ship MA Privateer Vengeance
SeamanJoseph 1778schooner MA Privateer Active
Joseph 1779brigantine MA Navy Active
SeamanPrince 1776-1777brigantine MA Navy Freedom
Samuel 1780-1781ship MA Navy Protector
MarinerPhilip 1779ship MA Privateer Vengeance
MidshipmanIsaiah 1781-1782frigate USS Deane (1778)
Isaiah 1783frigate USS Hague
MarinePhilip 1779brig MA Navy Hazard
GunnerJohn 1780brig MA Privateer Union
John 1780ship MA Privateer Franklin
LieutenantRobert 1781galley MA Navy Lincoln
MateWilliam 1781galley MA Navy Lincoln
LandsmanCaleb 1780-1781ship MA Navy Mars
CookCaleb 1781sloop MA Privateer Defence III
SeamanIsaiah 1778brigantine MA Navy Massachusetts
SeamanJohn 1777-1778brigantine MA Navy Freedom
Jonathan W. 1778-1779brig MA Navy Hazard
SeamanPasco 1778brigantine MA Navy Massachusetts
Thomas 1778-1779brig MA Navy Hazard
SeamanBenjamin 1778brigantine MA Navy Massachusetts
SeamanGideon 1777brigantine MA Navy Massachusetts
MarineJohn 1781galley MA Navy Lincoln
SeamanHenry 1776brigantine MA Navy Freedom
CaptainElijah 1781schooner MA Privateer Neashquowoite
SeamanThomas 1776brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
MateElijah 1779-1780schooner MA Privateer Neashquowoite
Masters MateElijah 1781sloop MA Privateer Defence III
Richard 1781ship MA Ship Lion
Mariner 1781sloop MA Privateer Defence III
SeamanPeter 1779brig MA Navy Hazard
SeamanJames 1776schooner MA Navy Diligent
GunnerChristopher 1776-1777brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
John 1780sloop MA Privateer Race Horse
SeamanEnismis 1778schooner MA Privateer Active
SeamanJohn 1780brig MA Privateer Adventure
GunnerSamuel 1780ship MA Privateer General Mifflin
SeamanJames 1781brigantine MA Privateer Defence II
MarinerJohn 1779ship MA Privateer Vengeance
MarinerSam 1779ship MA Privateer Vengeance
Second LieutenantWilliam 1778brigantine MA Privateer Civil Usage
SeamanJohn 1780brig MA Privateer Adventure
SurgeonJacob 1777-1778brigantine MA Navy Freedom
SeamanGeorge 1777brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
SeamanDaniel 1781brigantine MA Privateer Defence II
SeamanJames 1776sloop USS Providence (1775)
John 1780sloop MA Privateer Race Horse
SergeantDavid 1778brig MA Navy Hazard
Eliphalet 1781ship MA Ship Lion
MarineJohn 1779frigate USS Boston (1777)
SeamanNathan 1779brigantine MA Navy Active
SeamanWilliam 1782ship MA Privateer Tartar
SeamanMoses 1779brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
CarpenterJohn 1779ship MA Privateer Vengeance
MateGideon 1778frigate USS Boston (1777)
Joseph 1781galley MA Navy Lincoln
StewardJoshua 1781galley MA Navy Lincoln
SeamanWilliam 1780-1781ship MA Navy Protector
Daniel 1780brig MA Privateer Lexington
John 1780ship MA Privateer America I
CooperSamuel 1781brig MA Privateer Prospect
SeamanAndrew 1776-1777brigantine MA Navy Independence
MarinerIsaac 1780brigantine MA Privateer Speed
SeamanJohn 1777brigantine MA Navy Freedom
SeamanJohn 1777ship MA Navy Versailles
John 1780ship MA Privateer Rambler
SeamanSamuel 1776brigantine MA Navy Freedom
SeamanStephen 1780ship MA Privateer Resource
SeamanSylvanis 1777-1778brig MA Navy Hazard
Thomas 1781ship MA Navy Mars
William 1778frigate USS Boston (1777)
LandsmanBenjamin 1778frigate USS Boston (1777)
William 1782ship MA Privateer Tartar
SeamanWilliam 1778brig MA Navy Hazard
Joseph 1780ship MA Privateer Deane
SeamanBriggs 1780ship MA Navy Protector
John 1777schooner MA Privateer Marblehead
SeamanJonas 1777brigantine MA Navy Freedom
SeamanBartholomew 1781sloop MA Privateer Defence III
Joseph Rea 1776-1777brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
PrivateWilliam 1779ship MA Privateer Vengeance
John 1776brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
SeamanEsau 1780ship MA Privateer Pilgrim
Surgeon's MateIsaac 1779frigate USS Boston (1777)
PrivateJeremiah 1780ship MA Privateer America II
PrivateZebediah 1780ship MA Privateer America II
SeamanBarnabas 1779brig MA Navy Hazard
MarineJohn 1779ship MA Privateer General Putnam
GunnerJohn 1780ship MA Privateer General Pickering
MarineBenjamin 1781-1782frigate USS Deane (1778)
Caleb 1779frigate USS Boston (1777)
Elias 1780ship MA Privateer Thorn (1779)
John 1777-1778brigantine MA Navy Tyrannicide
LandsmanWarren 1780ship MA Navy Mars
LandsmanWilliam 1779frigate USS Boston (1777)
George 1783frigate USS Hague
Joseph 1778-1779sloop MA Navy Republic
SeamanStephen 1780ship MA Privateer Pilgrim
SergeantJohn 1777-1778brig MA Navy Hazard
LandsmanBenjamin 1782frigate USS Deane (1778)

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3Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer General Hancock
5Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer General Heath
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134Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer General Mifflin
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97Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Junius Brutus
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12Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Live Oak
5Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Lively (1777)
14Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Lively (1779)
6Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Liverpool
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Loyal American
19Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Lucy
4Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Lyon (1777)
4Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Lyon (1781)
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31Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Morning Star
4Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Murr
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2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Reprisal (1781)
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25Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Salem Packet
18Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Saratoga (1778)
3Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Saratoga (1779)
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7Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Speed
15Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Speedwell (1780)
19Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Starks I
4Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Starks II
12Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Swift
157Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Tartar
26Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Thomas
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Thorn (1778)
115Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Thorn (1779)
24Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Union
6Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Valiant
4Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Velona
112Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Vengeance
10Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Venus
41Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Viper
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237Naval Ship ServiceUSS Hague
229Naval Ship ServiceUSS Peacock
94Naval Ship ServiceUSS Providence (1775)
15Naval Ship ServiceUSS Trumbull
12Naval Ship ServiceUSS Virginia (1776)
54Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Accomac
6Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Caswell
24Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Congress
7Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Defiance
24Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Diligence
222Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Dragon
7Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Fly
28Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Gloucester
84Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Henry
57Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Hero
40Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Jefferson
13Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Lewis
43Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Liberty
45Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Manley
41Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Musquetto
12Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Norfolk Revenge
39Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Northampton
8Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Page
5Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Patriot
4Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Peace and Plenty
30Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Protector
7Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Raleigh
10Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Revenge
82Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Safeguard
7Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Scorpion
38Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Tartar
92Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Tempest
3Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Washington

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