List of Naval Officers & Sailors at Sea

With their years and location of service
Note: There may be multiple ships with the same name.

Source: American War of Independence At Sea

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List of Naval Officers & Sailors at Sea
CaptainDaniel 1775Schooner USS Warren
First LieutenantDaniel 1776Brigantine MA Navy Independence
First LieutenantDaniel 1777Brigantine MA Navy Freedom
First LieutenantDaniel 1779Sloop MA Privateer Driver
First LieutenantDaniel 1782Schooner MA Privateer General Greene
First LieutenantDaniel 1782Schooner MA Privateer Hawk
First LieutenantDaniel 1782Sloop MA Privateer Lively (1779)
CommanderJacob 1782Schooner MA Privateer Mercy
CorporalJohn 1776Sloop VA Navy American Congress
CommanderJohn 1779Brigantine MA Privateer Huntington
CommanderJohn 1779Brigantine MA Privateer Lively (1779)
CommanderJohn 1780Brig MA Privateer Phoenix
CommanderJohn 1781Brigantine MA Privateer George and Fanny
CommanderJohn 1782Brig MA Privateer Dragon
Second LieutenantJoseph 1777Ship USS Hancock (1776)
Second LieutenantThomas 1777Schooner MA Privateer Buckram
SurgeonWilliam 1775Sloop USS Hornet (1775)
SurgeonWilliam 1776-1777Sloop USS Independence (1776)
CaptainWinborn 1775Schooner USS Warren (1775)
MidshipmanJames 1777Sloop USS Providence (1775)
First LieutenantRobert 1776Ship USS Warren
CommanderRobert 1779Ship MA Privateer Renown
CommanderRobert 1781Sloop MA Privateer Revenge
Prize MasterWilliam 1776Schooner USS Lee
CommanderJohn 1781Schooner VA Privateer Non Pareil
CommanderPierre 1778Brig MD Privateer Le Comtesse Denery
CommanderJohn 1781Brigantine MA Privateer Hound
First LieutenantJoseph 1777Schooner MA Privateer Freedom
First LieutenantThomas 1776Schooner USS Mosquito (1775)
CommanderRobert 1781Brigantine PA Privateer Adriana
First MateTimothy 1775Sloop USS Enterprise
MidshipmanJonathan 1782Galley CT Privateer John
CaptainCharles 1776Galley PA Navy Bull Dog
CaptainCharles 1776Galley PA Navy Chatham
CaptainCharles 1776Ship USS Delaware (1776)
CaptainCharles 1776Schooner USS Wasp (1775)
CommanderCharles 1778Sloop PA Privateer Elizabeth
CommanderCharles 1779Brigantine PA Privateer Active
CommanderCharles 1782Ship PA Privateer General O'Reily
Third MatePhilip 1776Ship USS Alfred
Third MatePhilip 1776USS Columbus (1774)
First LieutenantSamuel 1776Galley PA Navy Bull Dog
First LieutenantSamuel 1781PA Privateer Lion
First MateThomas 1777Sloop USS Providence (Unknown)
CommanderBenjamin 1778Schooner MD Privateer Dolphin
CommanderBenjamin 1780Schooner MD Privateer Success
CommanderDavid 1778Sloop MA Privateer Snatch Cat
CommanderDavid 1779Brigantine MA Privateer William
CommanderDavid 1780Schooner MA Privateer Cato
CommanderDavid 1781Sloop MA Privateer Fox
CommanderDavid 1781Brigantine MA Privateer Shark
CaptainEdward 1776Brigantine SC Navy Comet
CommanderJacob 1776Schooner MA Privateer Langdon
First LieutenantJesse 1778Brigantine MA Privateer Franklin
First LieutenantJesse 1782Ship MA Privateer Pilgrim
Prize MasterJohn 1777Schooner MA Privateer Hawke
Prize MasterJohn 1782MA Privateer Newbury
Prize MasterJoseph 1776Snow Kitty
LieutenantJoseph 1776Sloop USS Providence (Unknown)
CommanderJoshua 1779Sloop PA Privateer Betsey
CommanderJoshua 1780Brig PA Privateer Neptune
CommanderJoshua 1781Brigantine PA Privateer Lydia
CommanderOliver 1776Sloop MA Privateer True Blue
CommanderWilliam 1776Sloop SC Privateer Family Trader
MidshipmanWilliam 1776Sloop USS Providence (Unknown)
MidshipmanWilliam 1777Ship PA Navy Montgomery
MidshipmanWilliam 1779Brigantine PA Privateer Convention
MidshipmanBlaney 1776Ship PA Navy Montgomery
MasterBlaney 1776Ship USS Washington
Second LieutenantBlaney 1780Ship USS Saratoga (1780)
CaptainJohn 1776Sloop VA Navy American Congress
CommanderThomas 1778Ship CT Privateer General Putnam
CommanderWilliam 1780Sloop MA Privateer Chance
CommanderIsrael 1776RI Privateer Snow Bird
CommanderCharles 1779Sloop MA Privateer Little John
MasterJames 1776Schooner MD Privateer Harlequin
First LieutenantJames 1777MD Navy Baltimore
CommanderJohn 1782Schooner VA Privateer Protector
LieutenantThomas 1783Brigantine CT Privateer Marshall
CommanderGeorge 1779Schooner MA Privateer Porcupine
First LieutenantIshmael 1779VA Navy Accomac
CommanderJedediah 1778Sloop CT Privateer Wooster
CommanderJedediah 1779Boat CT Privateer Kingfisher
CommanderJohn 1782Schooner MA Privateer Tryall
CommanderNehemiah 1780Brigantine MA Privateer Salem
First LieutenantJames 1776-1777Brig CT Navy Defence
First LieutenantJames 1779Sloop CT Privateer American Revenue
First LieutenantJames 1779Ship CT Privateer Recovery
First LieutenantJames 1781Brigantine CT Privateer Minerva
First LieutenantJames 1782Ship CT Navy Retaliation
LieutenantJohn 1776Ship USS Washington
LieutenantJohn 1778Brig MD Privateer Delaware
LieutenantJohn 1779Ship PA Privateer Minerva
CommanderJohn 1780Ship PA Privateer Franklin
CommanderJohn 1783Ship MD Privateer Caroline
First LieutenantHezekiah 1776Brigantine SC Navy Comet
CommanderHezekiah 1777Brig SC Privateer Bellona
First LieutenantHezekiah 1777Sloop SC Privateer General Washington
CaptainHezekiah 1777SC Privateer Sally
CommanderHezekiah 1780Cutter PA Privateer Hazard
CommanderBenjamin 1777Sloop NC Privateer Lydia
Second LieutenantJohn 1777Galley VA Navy Gloucester
Second LieutenantJohn 1777Sloop VA Navy Scorpion
First LieutenantJohn 1778Sloop VA Navy Liberty
LieutenantJames 1776Sloop PA Privateer Chance
LieutenantJames 1779Brigantine PA Privateer Sally
LieutenantJames 1780Brigantine PA Privateer James
LieutenantShewbart 1781Schooner PA Privateer Greyhound
First LieutenantThomas 1780Brig PA Privateer Fame
CommanderWilliam 1780Brigantine MA Privateer Porga
CommanderWilliam 1781Brigantine MA Privateer Little Porga
CommanderWilliam 1781Brigantine MA Privateer Peggy
MasterDavid 1778Ship MA Privateer Angelica
MateFregift 1780Ship USS Alliance (1778)
CommanderJames 1777Schooner NH Privateer Mary
CommanderNathaniel 1781Boat MA Privateer Jack
MidshipmanPeter 1778USS Alfred
LieutenantRhodes 1775Sloop RI Navy Katy
First LieutenantRhodes 1775Ship USS Columbus (1774)
First LieutenantRhodes 1780Ship CT Privateer Deane
CaptainEdmund 1776Sloop USS Providence (1775)
CaptainEdmund 1776-1777USS Alfred
CaptainEdmund 1779Ship USS Queen of France
Second MateJames 1781Brigantine PA Privateer Active
First MateJames 1782Brigantine PA Privateer Sally
CommanderGilbert 1778Brig CT Privateer Fanny
CommanderGilbert 1778Ship CT Privateer Mars
CommanderGilbert 1780Ship MA Privateer St Tamany
CommanderJoseph 1777Brigantine PA Privateer Hetty
First MateJoseph 1780Brigantine PA Privateer Patty
First MateJoseph 1781PA Privateer Lion
CommanderGeorge, Jr 1780Brigantine MA Privateer Cutter
CommanderGeorge, Jr 1781Schooner MA Privateer Lively (1779)
Second LieutenantJohn 1780Sloop PA Privateer Comet
First LieutenantBenjamin 1781CT Privateer Two Sisters
CaptainJohn 1779Brigantine PA Privateer Eagle
CaptainJohn 1781Brigantine PA Privateer Molly
CaptainJohn 1782Ship PA Privateer Anne
CommanderBenjamin 1782Schooner MA Privateer Montgomery
First LieutenantJohn 1777Schooner MA Privateer Scorpion
First LieutenantJohn 1778Schooner MA Privateer Hampden
First LieutenantJohn 1779Brigantine MA Privateer Neptune
CommanderW. 1782Brigantine MD Privateer St Patrick
First MateJohn 1781Ship PA Privateer Hope
CommanderBenjamin 1780MA Privateer Industry
CommanderHenry 1780Brigantine MA Privateer Expedition
CommanderJoseph 1777Schooner MA Privateer True Blue
CommanderJoseph 1780Ship MA Privateer Prosper
CommanderJoseph 1782Brigantine MA Privateer Hibernia
CommanderSilas, Jr 1776Schooner MA Privateer Boston

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42Naval Ship ServiceUSS Peary (DD226)
44Naval Ship ServiceUSS Pecos (AO6)
23Naval Ship ServiceUSS Pelican (AM27)
224Naval Ship ServiceUSS Pennsylvania (BB38)
64Naval Ship ServiceUSS Pensacola (AK7)
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7Naval Ship ServiceUSS Philadelphia
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21Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-14
17Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-2
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-3
12Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-4
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS Radford (DD120)
25Naval Ship ServiceUSS Rail (AM26)
123Naval Ship ServiceUSS Raleigh (CL7)
55Naval Ship ServiceUSS Ramapo (AO12)
19Naval Ship ServiceUSS Ramsay (DD124)
30Naval Ship ServiceUSS Rathburne (DD113)
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15Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-28
10Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-29
16Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-30
20Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-31
18Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-32
20Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-33
15Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-34
18Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-35
13Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-36
25Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-37
16Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-38
16Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-39
14Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-4
17Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-40
18Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-41
16Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-42
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29Naval Ship ServiceUSS Schenck (DD159)
16Naval Ship ServiceUSS Sciota (AT30)
68Naval Ship ServiceUSS Seagull (AM30)
113Naval Ship ServiceUSS Seattle (ACR11)
34Naval Ship ServiceUSS Sicard (DD346)
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS Simpson
56Naval Ship ServiceUSS Sirius (AK15)
25Naval Ship ServiceUSS Smith Thompson (DD212)
31Naval Ship ServiceUSS Sonoma (AT12)
100Naval Ship ServiceUSS South Carolina (BB26)
21Naval Ship ServiceUSS Southard (DD207)
36Naval Ship ServiceUSS Stewart (DD224)
39Naval Ship ServiceUSS Sturtevant (DD240)
15Naval Ship ServiceUSS Sunnadin (AT28)
21Naval Ship ServiceUSS Swallow (AM4)
22Naval Ship ServiceUSS Swan (AM34)
24Naval Ship ServiceUSS Talbot (DD114)
25Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tanager (AM5)
19Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tarbell (DD142)
26Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tatnuck (AT27)
22Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tattnall (DD125)
16Naval Ship ServiceUSS Taylor (DD94)
24Naval Ship ServiceUSS Teal (AM23)
264Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tennessee (BB43)
22Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tern (AM31)
63Naval Ship ServiceUSS Texas (1892)
275Naval Ship ServiceUSS Texas (BB35)
14Naval Ship ServiceUSS Thrush (AM18)
15Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tillman (DD135)
28Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tracy (DD214)
98Naval Ship ServiceUSS Trenton (CL11)
13Naval Ship ServiceUSS Trever (DD339)
29Naval Ship ServiceUSS Truxtun (DD229)
55Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tulsa (PG22)
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS Tutuila (ARG4)
20Naval Ship ServiceUSS Twiggs (DD127)
23Naval Ship ServiceUSS Umpqua (AT25)
19Naval Ship ServiceUSS Undaunted (AT58)
22Naval Ship ServiceUSS Upshur (DD144)
269Naval Ship ServiceUSS Utah (BB31)
51Naval Ship ServiceUSS Vega (AK17)
114Naval Ship ServiceUSS Vestal (AR4)
27Naval Ship ServiceUSS Vireo (AM52)
11Naval Ship ServiceUSS Walke (DD34)
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13Naval Ship ServiceUSS Wasmuth (DD338)
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15Naval Ship ServiceUSS Wickes (DD75)
25Naval Ship ServiceUSS Widgeon (AM22)
36Naval Ship ServiceUSS William B. Preston (DD344)
31Naval Ship ServiceUSS Williamson (DD244)
22Naval Ship ServiceUSS Woodcock (AM14)
216Naval Ship ServiceUSS Wright (AV1)
304Naval Ship ServiceUSS Wyoming (BB32)
19Naval Ship ServiceUSS Yarnall (DD143)
18Naval Ship ServiceUSS Zane (DD337)

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