List of Naval Officers & Sailors at Sea

With their years and location of service
Note: There may be multiple ships with the same name.

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Ship: USS Maine (BB10)Wiki

Service: 1901-1922

Designer/Builder: William Cramp and Sons Shipbuilding Co

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Ship: USS Maine (BB10): List of Naval Officers & Sailors at Sea
LieutenantBurrell C. 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderFrank P. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanJohn W., Jr 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MachinistJohn L. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
CarpenterCharles R. 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
CarpenterErnest L. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantCortlandt C. 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
LieutenantReginald R. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanHarold M. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
MidshipmanRichard F. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
BoatswainJoseph W. 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
ChaplainJohn Joseph 1914USS Maine (BB10)
Lieutenant CommanderWilliam H. G. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
MidshipmanRobert W. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantHarry H. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
CaptainWilliam Banks 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
GunnerJoseph F. 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
LieutenantJames F. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
PaymasterJoseph J. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
MachinistJohn W. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
GunnerThomas P. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantAlbert Morris 1915-1916USS Maine (BB10)
MachinistGeorge B. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
ChaplainEdward Patrick 1919USS Maine (BB10)
CommanderRobert Kyle 1913USS Maine (BB10)
LieutenantRoland I. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
SurgeonLloyd W. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
BoatswainJohn 1907USS Maine (BB10)
MidshipmanGuy E. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
Passed Asst SurgeonFrederick W. S. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanWalter B. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
EnsignRoscoe F. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
EnsignMilo F. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanWhitford 1907USS Maine (BB10)
Lieutenant CommanderCharles P. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderJohn R. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
GunnerKieran J. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
ChaplainWilliam Wytche 1916USS Maine (BB10)
EnsignHerbert F. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanJoseph S. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
EnsignFrank J. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MachinistPaul R. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
BoatswainWilliam 1907USS Maine (BB10)
EnsignJohn C., Jr 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
A brillian officer and a successful commander;
served in Spanish-American War on USS St Louis;
later saw service in China Squadron;
in World War I served with distinction in command of destroyer squadrons from Queenstown, Ireland;
Awarded Navy Cross;
Advisory member shipping section;
Supreme Economic Council;
Treaty of Versailles;
Awarded officer of legion of honor by France;
In World War II supervisor Third Naval District
EnsignDouglas W. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainNewt H. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
CaptainGiles Bates 1907-1908USS Maine (BB10)
EnsignFrank M. 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
CarpenterFrancis J. 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
MidshipmanStanton L. H. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanAndrew S. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
LieutenantJonas H. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
PaymasterEdward T. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainCharles Thomas 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanRalph M. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderAlfred Wilkinson 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
EnsignLee P. 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
SurgeonIsaac W. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanHoward M. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignLamar R. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
CaptainEugene Henry Cozzens 1902-1904USS Maine (BB10)
First LieutenantBenjamin A. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
MachinistWilliam P. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderGeorge Wood 1914USS Maine (BB10)
MidshipmanRobert T. S. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
ChaplainWilliam Augustus 1918USS Maine (BB10)
MachinistEdward A. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignByron 1907USS Maine (BB10)
BoatswainJohn 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
SurgeonAlbert M. D. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonLee W. 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
CommanderAlexander Neely 1913USS Maine (BB10)
CommanderAlexander Neely 1914USS Maine (BB10)
CommanderWilliam Adger 1913USS Maine (BB10)
CaptainRoscoe Charles 1919-1920USS Maine (BB10)
CommanderCasey Bruce 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanWilliam R. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
CaptainNathan Errick 1905-1907USS Maine (BB10)
Asst PaymasterJohn F. 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignEdson C. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
BoatswainAugust 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
BoatswainGerald 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
CommanderJoseph Wallace 1911-1913USS Maine (BB10)
CarpenterMcCall 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderJoel R. P. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
CommanderJames Joseph 1917-1918USS Maine (BB10)
Asst SurgeonJames A. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
CommanderMilton Eugene 1913-1914USS Maine (BB10)
CaptainJoseph Mason 1918-1919USS Maine (BB10)
MachinistJohn P. 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
ChaplainTruman Post 1916USS Maine (BB10)
LieutenantWilliam H. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
Lieutenant CommanderThomas S. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
Asst PaymasterByron D. 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderBias C. B. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
MachinistMartin M. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanWilliam P., Jr 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
Paymaster ClerkBurnice W. 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
MidshipmanCharles C. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
LieutenantWilbert 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
CommanderLouis Rodolph De 1915USS Maine (BB10)
MidshipmanLaurance S. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanLeigh M. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
CaptainMontgomery Meigs 1916-1917USS Maine (BB10)
GunnerWilliam 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderWarren J. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MachinistGeorge K. 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MachinistGeorge R. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
MidshipmanElmer W. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
EnsignLawrence 1915USS Maine (BB10)Asiatic Squadron
MidshipmanLawrence P. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
ChaplainJoseph Francis 1917USS Maine (BB10)
Second LieutenantWilliam P. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
CaptainGeorge 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
EnsignHugh M. 1907USS Maine (BB10)
Lieutenant CommanderPope 1914USS Maine (BB10)
CommanderPope 1916USS Maine (BB10)
GunnerHarry 1909USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
GunnerLouis M. 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
Paymaster ClerkJohn L. 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
MachinistWilliam S. 1913USS Maine (BB10)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignWalter E. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantArthur L. 1905USS Maine (BB10)North Atlantic Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonRichard B. 1907USS Maine (BB10)

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