List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships

With their years and location of service
Note: There may be multiple ships with the same name.

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List of Naval Officers & Sailors on Ships
MidshipmanHarry J. 1909USS Georgia (BB15)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignHarry J. 1911USS Helena (PG9)Asiatic Squadron
LieutenantHarry J. 1913USS Virginia (BB13)Atlantic Squadron
Charles W. 1856-1858sloop USS FalmouthBrazil Squadron
Charles W. 1859frigate USS St LawrenceBrazil Squadron
Charles W. 1859-1860steam sloop USS Mohican (1859)Coast of Africa
Charles W. 1861steam sloop USS Pawnee (1859)Atlantic Coast
Charles W. 1862-1863steam sloop USS Brooklyn (1858)West Gulf Squadron
MidshipmanIsaac H. 1822-1823Schooner USS Porpoise (1820)
EnsignJames L. 1913USS Vermont (BB20)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignJames L. 1915USS NeptuneAsiatic Squadron
MidshipmanJames W. 1825-1826Frigate USS Constellation (1797)West India Station
MidshipmanJoel 1816USS Congress (1799)
LieutenantJoel 1819Frigate USS Guerriere (1814)
LieutenantJoel 1822Schooner USS Alligator (1820)
CaptainJoel 1827Sloop USS Warren (1827)
LieutenantJoel 1833Sloop USS Vandalia (1828)
CaptainJoel 1854Sloop USS MacedonianEast India Squadron
PurserJohn P. 1854Sloop USS MarionAfrican Squadron
MidshipmanThomas C. 1816-1818USS Washington (1814)
Lieutenant CommanderTrevet 1864Sloop USS Constellation (1854)European Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderTrevett 1865Fourth Rate USS KennebecWest Gulf Squadron
MidshipmanTreyett 1852Sloop USS Dale (1839)African Squadron
LieutenantWalter 1820-1821Frigate USS Congress (1799)
EnsignWalter 1864Iron Clad Steamer USS New IronsidesSouth Atlantic Blockading Squadron
LieutenantWalter 1865Second Rate USS CanandaiguaSouth Atlantic Blockading Squadron
Second Asst EngineerCharles O. 1865Fourth Rate USS NaiadMississippi Squadron
MasterD. M. 1865Fourth Rate USS Alert (1861)North Atlantic Squadron
EnsignFrancis O. 1865Second Rate USS BienvilleWest Gulf Squadron
BoatswainGeorge C. 1864Steam Sloop USS Mohican (1859)
BoatswainGeorge C. 1865Receiving Ship USS Vandalia (1828)
Masters MateGeorge P. 1865First Rate USS Powhatan (1850)North Atlantic Squadron
EnsignHenry L. 1915USS Montana (ACR13)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignIsaac A. 1865Fourth Rate USS CayugaWest Gulf Squadron
Masters MateJ. G. 1864Steamer USS Petrel (1862)Mississippi Squadron
Masters MateJ. G. 1865Fourth Rate USS Cincinnati (1861)Mississippi Squadron
MidshipmanJohn S. 1905USS Petrel (PG2)Pacific Squadron
LieutenantJohn S. 1909USS Des MoinesPacific Squadron
LieutenantJohn S. 1913USS Dixie (1893)Atlantic Squadron
MidshipmanWalter 1815USS Washington (1814)
MidshipmanWilliam A. 1852Steamer USS Fulton (1837)North Atlantic Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonFrederick G. 1909USS West Virginia (ACR5)Pacific Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonFrederick O. 1911USS West Virginia (ACR5)Pacific Squadron
Asst SurgeonFrederick G. 1905USS Adams
MachinistEdwin W. 1909USS St Louis (C20)Pacific Squadron
MachinistEdwin W. 1911USS Maryland (ACR8)Pacific Squadron
MachinistEdwin W. 1915USS Kansas (BB21)Atlantic Squadron
EnsignClarence A. 1902USS Massachusetts (BB2)North Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderClarence A. 1911USS Chester (CL1)
LieutenantRobert A. 1911USS CulgoaAtlantic Squadron
MidshipmanJ. B. 1819Frigate USS Macedonian
EnsignRobert A. 1902USS QuirosAsiatic Squadron
EnsignRobert A. 1905USS Massachusetts (BB2)North Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderRobert A. 1913-1915USS Chicago (1885)
SurgeonJ. J. 1859Sloop USS FalmouthBrazil Squadron
Passed Asst SurgeonJohn J. 1848Store Ship USS Lexington (1825)Pacific Squadron
SurgeonJohn J. 1852Sloop USS St MarysPacific Squadron
SurgeonJohn J. 1865Receiving Ship USS North Carolina (1820)
Second Asst EngineerA. H. 1865Third Rate USS PawtuxetNorth Atlantic Squadron
Augustus Henry 1861steamer USS Water WitchBrazil Squadron
Third Asst EngineerAugustus Henry 1862-1863Gunboat USS TiogaWest India Station
Second Asst EngineerAugustus Henry 1863-1864USS PensacolaWest Gulf Squadron
First Asst EngineerAugustus Henry 1864-1865USS Powhatan (1850)North Atlantic Squadron
First Asst EngineerAugustus Henry 1866USS Chattanooga (1864)
First Asst EngineerAugustus Henry 1868-1870USS PlymouthEuropean Squadron
First Asst EngineerAugustus Henry 1871Iron Clad USS TerrorNorth Atlantic Squadron
Chief EngineerAugustus Henry 1875-1878USS Alert (1861)Asiatic Squadron
Chief EngineerAugustus Henry 1884-1887USS Shenandoah (1862)Pacific Station
Chief EngineerAugustus Henry 1890USS Baltimore (C3)
Chief EngineerAugustus Henry 1891-1893USS Newark
CaptainJames 1664HMS Expedition (1637)
CaptainJames 1665HMS Guinea (1649)
CaptainJohn 1664HMS Bear (1652)
Second Asst EngineerJames 1865Fourth Rate USS SirinMississippi Squadron
MachinistPercy K. 1915USS Vermont (BB20)Atlantic Squadron
MasterCharles W. 1854Steamer USS Vixen (1846)North Atlantic Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderAlbert A. 1902USS Kearsarge (BB5)North Atlantic Squadron
CommanderAlbert A. 1909USS PrairiePacific Squadron
EnsignAlbert Ammerman 1883USS YanticGreely Relief Expedition
EnsignAlbert Ammerman 1883-1884Fish Commission steamer USS Albatross (1882)
EnsignAlbert Ammerman 1884US relief steamer USS Alert (1861)Greely Relief Expedition
EnsignAlbert Ammerman 1884-1887USS Ranger
EnsignAlbert Ammerman 1890-1893USS Philadelphia (C4)North Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantAlbert Ammerman 1896USS Oregon
First Asst EngineerThomas F. 1864Iron Clad Steamer USS EastportMississippi Squadron
MidshipmanJames L. 1902USS Iowa (BB4)Brazil Squadron
James L. 1911USS Connecticut (BB18)Atlantic Squadron
ChaplainErnest Lee 1921USS New Hampshire (BB25)Baptist
ChaplainErnest Lee 1930USS Saratoga (CV3)Baptist
ChaplainErnest Lee 1936USS NevadaBaptist
ChaplainErnest Lee 1940USS Pennsylvania (BB38)Baptist
CaptainGeorge 1653-1654HMS Guinea (1649)
MasterCharles 1865Fourth Rate USS TylerMississippi Squadron
Asst SurgeonHenry 1864USS San Jacinto (1850)East Gulf Blockading Squadron
Second Asst EngineerIsaac 1865Fourth Rate USS HuntressMississippi Squadron
CaptainSeth M. 1905USS Mohican (1883)
Seth Mitchell 1867USS Guerriere (1865)North Atlantic Squadron
EnsignSeth Mitchell 1868-1869USS GettysburgNorth Atlantic Squadron
MasterSeth Mitchell 1870-1871USS YanticNorth Atlantic Squadron
LieutenantSeth Mitchell 1872-1873USS OmahaSouth Pacific Station
LieutenantSeth Mitchell 1874-1875SS USS Onward
LieutenantSeth Mitchell 1876-1877Receiving Ship USS Wyoming
LieutenantSeth Mitchell 1877Coast Survey Steamer USC&GS Blake
LieutenantSeth Mitchell 1878-1880USC&GS Eagre
LieutenantSeth Mitchell 1881-1883USS Palos
LieutenantSeth Mitchell 1887-1889USS QuinnebaugEuropean Squadron
Lieutenant CommanderSeth Mitchell 1893-1894USS YanticBrazil Squadron
EnsignRobert 1865Fourth Rate USS James L. DavisEast Gulf Blockading Squadron
First Asst EngineerW. D. 1864Steamer USS AntonaWest Gulf Squadron
MidshipmanRobert 1815Frigate USS Essex (1799)
Asst PaymasterAlfred B. 1864Steamer USS Fort HindmanMississippi Squadron
ChaplainAnthony Charles 1946USS Prometheus (AR3)Roman Catholic
Second Asst EngineerC. B. 1865Third Rate USS Black HawkMississippi Squadron
Asst PaymasterC. C. 1865Third Rate USS ProteusEast Gulf Blockading Squadron
EnsignC. W. 1864Steam Sloop USS Ossipee (1861)West Gulf Squadron
MasterC. W. 1865Fourth Rate USS Tennessee (1865)Mississippi Squadron
EnsignCassilly 1864Steamer USS LindenMississippi Squadron
EnsignCharles Albert 1870-1872USS Ossipee (1861)Pacific Squadron
MasterCharles Albert 1873USS Shenandoah (1862)European Squadron
LieutenantCharles Albert 1874-1876USS Congress (1841)European Squadron
LieutenantCharles Albert 1878-1879USS RangerAsiatic Squadron
LieutenantCharles Albert 1879-1881USS PalosAsiatic Squadron
LieutenantCharles Albert 1882-1885USS MichiganNorth West Lakes
LieutenantCharles Albert 1885-1888USS PensacolaEuropean Squadron
LieutenantCharles Albert 1888-1892Receiving Ship USS Vermont
LieutenantCharles Albert 1892-1894USS Philadelphia (C4)Pacific Station
Lieutenant CommanderCharles Albert 1896Receiving Ship USS Richmond (1860)
Lieutenant CommanderCharles Albert 1897-1898USS Monterey (BM6)
GunnerCharles F. 1865Third Rate USS PontiacSouth Atlantic Blockading Squadron
Third Asst EngineerCharles M. 1865Fourth Rate USS HydrangaSouth Atlantic Blockading Squadron
ChaplainCharles Wesley 1945USS Portsmouth (CL102)Episcopal
ChaplainDavid Phineas 1814USS Essex (1799)
ChaplainDavid Phineas 1815USS Franklin (1815)
ChaplainDavid Phineas 1820-1821USS Columbus (1819)
Masters MateEd. F. 1864Bark USS Ethan AllenSouth Atlantic Blockading Squadron
MasterEnos O. 1864Schooner USS OrvettaWest Gulf Squadron
MasterEnos O. 1865Fourth Rate USS AmaranthusSouth Atlantic Blockading Squadron
ChaplainFrancis Riul 1945USS Randolph (CV15)Roman Catholic
EnsignFrank G. 1865Fourth Rate USS HondurasEast Gulf Blockading Squadron
MidshipmanGeorge 1820-1821Sloop USS Peacock
MidshipmanGeorge 1823-1824Frigate USS Congress (1799)
MidshipmanGeorge 1826-1827USS Grampus (1821)
LieutenantGeorge 1831-1832Sloop USS Concord (1828)
EnsignGeorge W. 1864Steamer USS Commodore JonesNorth Atlantic Blockading Fleet
Masters MateGeorge W. 1865Third Rate USS OctoraraWest Gulf Squadron
MasterGeorge W. 1865Receiving Ship USS Vandalia (1828)
LieutenantH. A. 1859Steam Sloop USS Brooklyn (1858)North Atlantic Squadron
GunnerHarry 1911USS MichiganAtlantic Squadron
GunnerHarry 1915USS OklahomaAsiatic Squadron
MidshipmanHenry A. 1815USS Independence (1814)

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