List of All Religious Leaders

With their denomination, and years and location of service

About this page: This list compiles occupation and service lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added.  Also see: Minister TransfersMore >>

List of All Religious Leaders
MinistersCongregationalJohn Bayne 1905-1907MANorfolk CoDover, Congregational Church
MinistersMethodistE. W. 1921MDMontgomery CoPoolesville Memorial Methodist Church
MinistersBaptistObadiah B. Bliss 1898GADouglas CoBeulah, Baptist Church
MinistersBaptistSamuel 1829-1833PABucks CoNew Britain, Baptist Church
MinistersBaptistEdward James 1902-1907MAWorcester CoWestminster, Baptist Church
MinistersBaptistEdward James 1910-1913MAWorcester CoFitchburg, Baptist Church
MinistersCongregationalF. R. 1866MASuffolk CoDorchester, Pilgrim Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalFrederic Randolph 1857-1870MAPlymouth CoAbington, First Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalHarry Allen Grant 1901-1904NYRockland CoNyack, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalHarry Allen Grant 1905-1908VTLamoille CoStowe, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalHarry Allen Grant 1912-1918NHCheshire CoDublin, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalHarry Allen Grant 1919MAEssex CoMiddleton, Congregational Church
MinistersUniversalistWilliam 1936-1941MAMiddlesex CoMedford, First Universalist Church
MinistersPresbyterianAbbo Elerd 1919-1920IADubuque CoCascade, Presbyterian Church
MinistersMethodistH. W. 1862KYEstill CoIrvine, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistH. W. 1863KYNicholas CoCarlisle, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistH. W. 1872KYOldham CoLa Grange, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistH. W. 1873KYScott CoGeorgetown, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistH. W. 1877KYBourbon CoMillersburg, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistHenry W. 1860KYBath CoOwingsville, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistW. McD. 1868KYScott CoGeorgetown, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistW. McD. 1872-1873KYMercer CoHarrodsburg, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistWilliam 1838KYMarion CoLebanon, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistWilliam McD. 1845-1846KYWoodford CoVersailles, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistDavid 1884-1885NYChautauqua CoWatts Flats, Methodist Church Circuit
MinistersMethodistDavid 1889-1890NYErie CoHarris Hill, Methodist Church Circuit
MinistersMethodistDavid 1890-1891NYChautauqua CoChautauqua, Methodist Church Circuit
MinistersPresbyterianDavid Avery 1853-1854NYUlster CoRondout, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPresbyterianDavid Avery 1854-1857NYYates CoWest Dresden, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPresbyterianDavid Avery 1857-1862PASusquehanna CoNew Milford, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPresbyterianDavid Avery 1862NYTioga CoApalachin, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPresbyterianEdward W. 1903-1937NYSuffolk CoSmithtown, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPresbyterianEdward William 1874-1879INVigo CoTerre Haute, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPresbyterianEdward William 1880INCass CoLogansport, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPresbyterianEdward William 1898NYSchuyler CoBurdett, Presbyterian Church
MinistersMethodistWilliam 1829-1831NCWake CoGarner, Mt Zion Methodist Church
MinistersBaptistBenjamin Boiling 1904-1908MDBaltimore CoTowson, Baptist Church
MinistersBaptistBenjamin Boiling 1908-1914NJCamden CoCamden, Emmanuel Baptist Church
MinistersCongregationalAbiel 1795CTTolland CoCoventry, First Congregational Church
MinistersUnitarianAlonzo F. 1883-1885MOBuchanan CoSt Joseph, Unitarian Church
MissionariesCongregationalEphraim 1811-1812MEWashington Co
MinistersCongregationalEphraim 1813-1828NHRockingham CoGreenland, Congregational Church
MinistersUnitarianFrancis Ellingwood 1864-1868NHStrafford CoDover, Unitarian Church
MinistersUnitarianFrancis Ellingwood 1869-1873OHLucas CoToledo, Unitarian Church
DeaconsCongregationalGeorge 1744-1785NHMerrimack CoConcord, First Congregational Church
MinistersPresbyterianGorham Dummer 1837-1841NYWestchester CoNew Rochelle, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCongregationalHull 1724-1774MASuffolk CoCharlestown, First Congregational Church
DeaconsCongregationalIsaac 1744-1784MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
DeaconsCongregationalIsaac 1794-1836MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
MinistersUnitarianJacob 1798-1826NHRockingham CoHampton Falls, Unitarian Church
MinistersUnitarianJacob 1827-1828MAEssex CoBeverly, Unitarian Church
DeaconsCongregationalJohn 1711-1720MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
MinistersUnitarianJohn Emery 1815-1819MAEssex CoSalem, North Unitarian Church
DeaconsCongregationalJohn, Jr. 1720MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
DeaconsCongregationalJoseph, Jr 1744-1776MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
DeaconsCongregationalNathan 1794-1801MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
DeaconsCongregationalNehemiah 1720-1750MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalThomas 1773-1783MASuffolk CoWest Roxbury, First Congregational Church
MinistersUnitarianWilliam Ebenezer 1837-1839MAMiddlesex CoBillerica, Unitarian Church
DeaconsCongregationalZebadiah 1785-1793MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
MinistersMethodistA. O. 1861NYAllegany CoBirdsall, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistA. O. 1875CTHartford CoWethersfield, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistA. V. R. 1855-1856CTNew Haven CoNaugatuck, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistA. V. R. 1859-1860CTLitchfield CoWatertown Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistA. V. R. 1877CTFairfield CoNew Canaan Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistA. V. R. 1881-1882CTMiddlesex CoDurham, Methodist Church
MinistersBaptistAaron 1824-1827NYSeneca CoCovert, Baptist Church
MinistersBaptistAaron 1828-1833NYTompkins CoTrumansburg, Baptist Church
MinistersBaptistAaron D. 1875-1876NYSchuyler CoMecklenburg, Baptist Church
MinistersBaptistAaron D. 1877-1878NYTompkins CoEnfield, Baptist Church
MinistersMethodistAbial H. 1855MEFranklin CoStrong, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistAlden Owen 1878CTNew Haven CoNaugatuck, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistAlden Owen 1881MAHampden CoBlandford, Methodist Church
MinistersBaptistAlexander Hewes 1911-1918NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Baptist Church
MinistersCongregationalAmos 1850-1851NHHillsborough CoManchester, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalAmos 1851-1856NHRockingham CoPortsmouth, North Congregational Church
MissionariesCongregationalAmos 1857-1869India
MinistersCongregationalAmos 1874-1887NEJefferson CoSteele City, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalAmos 1877-1878NEClay CoFairfield, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalAndrew J. 1894-1895MAFranklin CoWarwick, First Congregational Church
MinistersMethodistB. F. 1891CTNew Haven CoWest Haven, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistB. T. 1874CTLitchfield CoWinsted, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistB. T. 1880-1881NYSuffolk CoRiverhead, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistBenjamin 1782DEKent CoSmyrna Methodist Church Circuit
MinistersMethodistBenjamin 1791NYKings CoBrooklyn, Old Sands St Methodist Church
MinistersCongregationalBenjamin 1834-1835VTOrange CoOrange, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalBenjamin 1834-1835VTOrange CoTopsham, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalBenjamin 1837-1842VTWindsor CoBethel, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalBenjamin 1843-1846VTRutland CoPittsfield, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalBenjamin 1846-1853VTAddison CoAddison, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalBenjamin 1854-1856VTOrange CoWilliamstown, Congregational Church
MinistersUnitarianCary Fletcher 1885-1889MASuffolk CoRevere, First Unitarian Church
MinistersUnitarianCary Fletcher 1893-1897MAHampden CoChicopee, First Unitarian Church
MinistersCongregationalCharles Frederick 1861NHGrafton CoBristol, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalCharles Henry 1875-1879ILMcHenry CoHuntley, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalCharles Henry 1879-1883MAHampshire CoWest Springfield, First Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalCharles Henry 1884-1890ILKane CoGeneva, Congregational Church
MinistersCongregationalClifford Belcher 1897MASuffolk CoBoston, Congregational Church
MinistersMethodistD. 1794CTNew London CoNew London, Methodist Church
MinistersMethodistD. Q. 1876-1877GAHarris CoCataula, Methodist Church

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Most Recent Entries
3MinistersAL, Perry Co, Uniontown, Church of the Holy Cross
13MinistersCA, Yolo Co, Woodland, Methodist Church
1MinistersCanada, Nova Scotia, Lunenburg, Episcopal Church
11MinistersCO, Denver Co, Denver, Congregational Church
12MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Bridgeport, Episcopal Church
2MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Danbury, Episcopal Church
4MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Danbury, St James Episcopal Church
2MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Darien, Episcopal Church
5MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Huntington, Episcopal Church
1MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Monroe, Episcopal Church
1MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, New Canaan, Episcopal Church
14MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, New Canaan, St Marks Episcopal Church
28MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Redding, Christ Episcopal Church
18MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Sherman, Congregational Church
16MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Stratford, Christ Episcopal Church
2MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Wilton, Episcopal Church
13MinistersCT, Hartford Co, Broad Brook, Grace Episcopal Church
19MinistersCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, Christ Episcopal Church
11MinistersCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, Episcopal Church
5MinistersCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, St Thomas Episcopal Church
6MinistersCT, Hartford Co, Manchester, Congregational Church
1MinistersCT, Hartford Co, New Britain, Episcopal Church
28MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, Bethlehem, Christ Episcopal Church
1MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, Bridgewater, Episcopal Church
21MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, Marbledale, Episcopal Church
15MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, Milton, Congregational Church
5MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, New Milford, All Saints Episcopal Church
14MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, New Milford, Episcopal Church
14MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, Sharon, Episcopal Church
12MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, Watertown, Christ Episcopal Church
9MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, Winsted, Episcopal Church
16MinistersCT, Middlesex Co, Essex, Episcopal Church
13MinistersCT, Middlesex Co, Middlefield, First Congregational Church
5MinistersCT, New Haven Co, East Haven, Christ Episcopal Church
6MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Hamden, Grace Episcopal Church
2MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Meriden, All Saints Memorial Episcopal Church
3MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Meriden, Episcopal Church
5MinistersCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Christ Episcopal Church
7MinistersCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Episcopal Church
5MinistersCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, St Lukes Episcopal Church
5MinistersCT, New Haven Co, North Haven, Episcopal Church
6MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Northford, St Andrews Episcopal Church
4MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Quaker Farms, Christ Episcopal Church
3MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Seymour, Episcopal Church
10MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Episcopal Church
10MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, St Johns Episcopal Church
3MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Westville, Episcopal Church
4MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Westville, St James Episcopal Church
9MinistersCT, New London Co, New London, St James Episcopal Church
3MinistersCT, New London Co, Norwich, Episcopal Church
5MinistersCT, New London Co, Yantic, Grace Episcopal Church
12MinistersCT, Tolland Co, Gilead, Congregational Church
9MinistersCT, Tolland Co, Hebron, Episcopal Church
3MinistersDE, Kent Co, Smyrna, Episcopal Church
3MinistersDE, Kent Co, Woodside, Methodist Church
4MinistersDE, New Castle Co, Wilmington, Episcopal Church
8MinistersDE, New Castle Co, Wilmington, St Andrews Episcopal Church
3MinistersDE, New Castle Co, Wilmington, Trinity Episcopal Church
6MinistersFL, Orange Co, Winter Park, Congregational Church
4MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Episcopal Church
8MinistersIL, Marshall Co, Lacon, Congregational Church
2MinistersIN, Benton Co, Fowler, Methodist Church
30MinistersIN, Blackford Co, Hartford City, Methodist Church
2MinistersIN, Clay Co, Knightsville, Methodist Church
24MinistersIN, Clinton Co, Frankfort, Methodist Church
23MinistersIN, Elkhart Co, Elkhart, Methodist Church
2MinistersIN, Lake Co, Hobart, Methodist Church
8MinistersKS, Greenwood Co, Eureka, Congregational Church
4MinistersLA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans, Episcopal Church
20MinistersMA, Barnstable Co, Sandwich, Congregational Church
7MinistersMA, Bristol Co, Assonet, Congregational Church
13MinistersMA, Essex Co, Amesbury, Congregational Church
7MinistersMA, Essex Co, Andover, Congregational Church
4MinistersMA, Essex Co, Lawrence, Episcopal Church
3MinistersMA, Essex Co, Marblehead, Episcopal Church
2MinistersMA, Essex Co, Newburyport, Episcopal Church
14MinistersMA, Essex Co, Newburyport, St Pauls Episcopal Church
10MinistersMA, Essex Co, Pigeon Cove, Congregational Church
5MinistersMA, Hampden Co, Holland, Congregational Church
13MinistersMA, Middlesex Co, Billerica, Congregational Church
6MinistersMA, Norfolk Co, Norfolk, Congregational Church
7MinistersMA, Norfolk Co, North Weymouth, Congregational Church
3MinistersMA, Norfolk Co, Norwood, First Congregational Church
7MinistersMA, Plymouth Co, East Marshfield, Congregational Church
3MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, Hyde Park, Episcopal Church
5MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, South Boston, Congregational Church
12MinistersMA, Worcester Co, Boylston, Congregational Church
15MinistersMA, Worcester Co, Phillipston, Congregational Church
3MinistersME, Cumberland Co, Woodfords Corner, Methodist Church
10MinistersME, Cumberland Co, Woodfords, Methodist Church
11MinistersME, Franklin Co, Phillips, Congregational Church
4MinistersME, Hancock Co, Mount Desert, Congregational Church
8MinistersME, Kennebec Co, Augusta, Episcopal Church
3MinistersME, Kennebec Co, Hallowell, Episcopal Church
5MinistersME, Knox Co, Union, Congregational Church
11MinistersME, Knox Co, Warren, Congregational Church
8MinistersME, Lincoln Co, Boothbay, Congregational Church
6MinistersME, Lincoln Co, Bremen, Congregational Church
12MinistersME, Lincoln Co, Bristol, Congregational Church
6MinistersME, Lincoln Co, Waldoboro, Congregational Church
12MinistersME, Oxford Co, Andover, Congregational Church
9MinistersME, Oxford Co, Brownfield, Congregational Church
9MinistersME, Oxford Co, South Paris, Congregational Church
13MinistersME, Penobscot Co, Bangor, Episcopal Church
12MinistersME, Penobscot Co, Brewer, Congregational Church
4MinistersME, Penobscot Co, East Orrington, Congregational Church
6MinistersME, Somerset Co, Bath, Episcopal Church
8MinistersME, Washington Co, Calais, Congregational Church
10MinistersME, Washington Co, East Machias, Congregational Church
5MinistersME, Washington Co, Jonesport, Congregational Church
14MinistersME, York Co, Limington, Congregational Church
11MinistersME, York Co, Wells, Congregational Church
2MinistersMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Episcopal Church
3MinistersNE, Hall Co, Wood River, Methodist Church
13MinistersNH, Belknap Co, Alton, Congregational Church
11MinistersNH, Carroll Co, Tamworth, Congregational Church
8MinistersNH, Cheshire Co, Alstead, Congregational Church
12MinistersNH, Grafton Co, Orford, Congregational Church
7MinistersNH, Rockingham Co, Newington, Congregational Church
3MinistersNJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City, Episcopal Church
2MinistersNY, Albany Co, Albany, Episcopal Church
18MinistersNY, Albany Co, Albany, St Peters Episcopal Church
6MinistersNY, Albany Co, Watervliet, Methodist Church
2MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Aurora, St Pauls Episcopal Church
8MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Meridian, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Moravia, Episcopal Church
8MinistersNY, Clinton Co, Peru, Methodist Church
2MinistersNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh, Episcopal Church
7MinistersNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Hamden, Methodist Church
6MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, Methodist Church
2MinistersNY, Essex Co, Essex, Episcopal Church
1MinistersNY, Greene Co, Athens, Episcopal Church
2MinistersNY, Greene Co, Prattsville, Episcopal Church
2MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown, Episcopal Church
3MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Calvary Episcopal Church
4MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Church of the Holy Trinity
13MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Episcopal Church
4MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, Episcopal Church
2MinistersNY, Nassau Co, Glen Cove, Episcopal Church
2MinistersNY, Nassau Co, Oyster Bay, Episcopal Church
7MinistersNY, Nassau Co, Rockville Centre, Methodist Church
33MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Episcopal Church
8MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Madison Square Presbyterian Church
17MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Methodist Church
12MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Trinity Episcopal Church
10MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, University Place Presbyterian Church
2MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, St James Episcopal Church
9MinistersNY, Ontario Co, Geneva, Methodist Church
14MinistersNY, Ontario Co, Phelps, Methodist Church
18MinistersNY, Ontario Co, Port Gibson, Methodist Church
2MinistersNY, Orange Co, Warwick, Episcopal Church
2MinistersNY, Queens Co, Flushing, Episcopal Church
9MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga, Methodist Church
10MinistersNY, Schenectady Co, Schenectady, Methodist Church
29MinistersNY, Seneca Co, Seneca Falls, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Seneca Co, Seneca Falls, Trinity Episcopal Church
33MinistersNY, Seneca Co, Waterloo, Methodist Church
2MinistersNY, Ulster Co, Marlboro, Episcopal Church
13MinistersNY, Ulster Co, Saugerties, Congregational Church
4MinistersNY, Washington Co, West Hebron, Presbyterian Church
24MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Butler, Methodist Church
3MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Clyde, First Methodist Church
9MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Lyons, Methodist Church
19MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Newark, Methodist Church
7MinistersNY, Wayne Co, North Rose, First Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Ontario, Baptist Church
18MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Rose, Methodist Church
21MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Sodus, Methodist Church
14MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Sodus, Presbyterian Church
16MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Walworth, Methodist Church
12MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Wolcott, Baptist Church
30MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Wolcott, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Wolcott, St Stephens Episcopal Church
17MinistersNY, Westchester Co, North Salem, St James Episcopal Church
3MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Sing Sing, Episcopal Church
2MinistersNY, Westchester Co, White Plains, Episcopal Church
37MinistersNY, Yates Co, Penn Yan, Methodist Church
3MinistersOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Episcopal Church
3MinistersPA, Allegheny Co, Woods Run, Methodist Church
3MinistersPA, Berks Co, Reading, Episcopal Church
5MinistersPA, Berks Co, Reading, St Barnabas Episcopal Church
2MinistersPA, Bucks Co, Bristol, Episcopal Church
11MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton, St Peters Episcopal Church
2MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre, Episcopal Church
17MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Episcopal Church
6MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, St Peters Episcopal Church
3MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Trinity Episcopal Church
1MinistersPA, Susquehanna Co, Dundaff, Episcopal Church
3MinistersPA, Wayne Co, Honesdale, Episcopal Church
3MinistersPA, York Co, York, Episcopal Church
10MinistersPA, York Co, York, St Johns Episcopal Church
3MinistersRI, Providence Co, Lonsdale, Christ Episcopal Church
3MinistersRI, Washington Co, Wakefield, Church of the Ascension
1MinistersTX, San Saba Co, San Saba, Episcopal Church
16MinistersVT, Caledonia Co, St Johnsbury, North Congregational Church
3MinistersVT, Essex Co, Island Pond, Episcopal Church
4MinistersVT, Franklin Co, St Albans, Episcopal Church
4MinistersVT, Windham Co, Brattleboro, Episcopal Church
12MinistersVT, Windsor Co, Windsor, St Pauls Episcopal Church

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