List of Rectors & Vicars

& Archdeacons, Canons, Prebendaries, with their denomination, and years and location of service

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List of Rectors & Vicars; State: Wales; County: Glamorgan
FirstLastServiceOther RoleStateCountyPlaceSrc
AnglicanWilliam 1619PrebendaryWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanJohn 1597CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanRichard 1610CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanPhilemon 1608CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanWilliam 1575CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanMorgan 1603CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanRobert 1681CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanGavin 1802PrebendaryWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanGeorge 1686ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanThomas 1819PrebendaryWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanThomas 1630PrebendaryWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanJenkin 1671PrecentorWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanJohn 1630CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanEdward 1727CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanFrancis 1660ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanDaniel 1743-1766CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanJohn 1722-1749ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanMorgan 1713CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanChristopher 1711PrebendaryWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanJohn 1749-1777ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanEdward 1665CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanEdward 1668ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanThomas 1613CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanThomas 1718-1731CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanJames 1704CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanCadwalader 1601ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanJohn 1611PrecentorWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanLewis 1670CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanGiles 1564ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanJohn 1679CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanThomas 1660CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanMaurice 1661CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanHenry 1588-1595PrebendaryWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanEvan 1599PrecentorWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanPeter (2) 1757-1797PrebendaryWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanGeorge 1663CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanRobert 1681CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanEvan 1620CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanGeoffrey 1588CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanThomas 1626ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanRobert 1603PrecentorWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanRobert 1607ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanJohn 1564ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanGriffin 1674CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanRichard 1618CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanRichard 1598CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanWilliam 1720CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanJohn 1672CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanWilliam 1707ArchdeaconWalesGlamorganLlandaff
AnglicanThomas 1668CanonWalesGlamorganLlandaff Cathedral
AnglicanJenkin 1660PrecentorWalesGlamorganLlandaff
Updated: 07 Nov 2019

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11Rectors & VicarsWales, Anglesey, Rhoscolyn, Parish Church
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9Rectors & VicarsWales, Breconshire, Crickhowell, Parish Church
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12Rectors & VicarsWales, Denbighshire, Abergele, Parish Church
17Rectors & VicarsWales, Denbighshire, Denbigh, Parish Church
3Rectors & VicarsWales, Denbighshire, St Asaph
107Rectors & VicarsWales, Denbighshire, St Asaph Cathedral
9Rectors & VicarsWales, Flintshire, Bodfari, Parish Church
19Rectors & VicarsWales, Flintshire, Caerwys, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsWales, Flintshire, Cwm, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsWales, Flintshire, Halkin, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsWales, Flintshire, Hanmer, Parish Church
3Rectors & VicarsWales, Flintshire, Holywell, Methodist Church
3Rectors & VicarsWales, Flintshire, Holywell, Parish Church
13Rectors & VicarsWales, Flintshire, Northop, Parish Church
21Rectors & VicarsWales, Flintshire, Whitford, Parish Church
16Rectors & VicarsWales, Glamorgan, Llandaff
35Rectors & VicarsWales, Glamorgan, Llandaff Cathedral
14Rectors & VicarsWales, Merionethshire
11Rectors & VicarsWales, Merionethshire, Corwen, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsWales, Merionethshire, Trawsfynydd, Parish Church
18Rectors & VicarsWales, Monmouthshire, Chepstow, St Marys Church
4Rectors & VicarsWales, Monmouthshire, Dingestow, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsWales, Monmouthshire, Tredunnock, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsWales, Montgomeryshire, Bettws, Parish Church
16Rectors & VicarsWales, Montgomeryshire, Darowen, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsWales, Montgomeryshire, Hirnant, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsWales, Montgomeryshire, Newtown, Parish Church
15Rectors & VicarsWales, Montgomeryshire, Pennant, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsWales, Pembrokeshire, St Davids
68Rectors & VicarsWales, Pembrokeshire, St Davids Cathedral
8Rectors & VicarsWales, Radnorshire, Boughrood, Parish Church

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