List of Rectors & Vicars

& Archdeacons, Canons, Prebendaries, with their denomination, and years and location of service

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Westminster Abbey, Middlesex, England

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Westminster Abbey, Middlesex, England: List of Rectors & Vicars
FirstLastServiceOther RoleStateCountyPlaceSrc
AnglicanGeorge 1638CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJoseph 1806CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1552CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanLancelot 1601-1605DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanLancelot 1597PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanLancelot 1598CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1679PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Roman CatholicHugh 1509CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1729PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanFrancis 1713PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanFrancis 1713-1723DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJoseph 1759CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1587CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHenry 1716-1740CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1601CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam (2) 1601-1613PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam (2) 1732-1743PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1545-1546CurateEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Roman CatholicThomas 1483PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanSamuel 1697-1715CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRoger 1632CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHenry Vincent 1828CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGeorge (2) 1660PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn (1) 1562-1565CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanAnthony 1540CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanAndrew 1819CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam (3) 1765PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1540-1549DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam Harry Edward 1809CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGeorge 1687CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1560-1561DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanCuthbert 1594PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanPeter 1689CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanSamuel (2) 1662-1668CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanNicholas 1582CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Roman CatholicWilliam 1420-1431PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRobert 1667-1675CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanNicholas 1777-1793PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanSamuel 1708CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanSamuel 1708-1723PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanSamuel 1723-1731DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGeorge Granville 1881-1902DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanFrancis Durant De 1675PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanLaurence 1710PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJonathan 1639CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas (1) 1566CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1540PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1845-1856DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1583PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1741PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1732-1739CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1660CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHenry 1609CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1809PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGerard 1540-1549CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1575PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1560CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanAlured 1731PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1784PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRobert 1778-1792PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHenry 1554CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1673PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1864CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam Henry 1842-1853CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHenry Aldrich 1876CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Roman CatholicThomas 1471-1488PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1549-1553DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1748-1777PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1541PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1849CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGeorge 1607-1631PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas 1694CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1662-1683DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1660CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1560CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRobinson 1875CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1660-1662DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHowell Holland 1803PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1556-1559DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1683-1691PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRobert Poole 1781-1803PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRobert (2) 1765-1771PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn (2) 1603-1623PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdmund 1564-1572PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1744-1756PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdmund 1564CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1701-1730PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1701-1730CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanCharles 1662-1681CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdmund 1826-1831PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGabriel 1560PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGabriel 1561-1601DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGodfrey (2) 1607-1623PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas 1661-1667PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas 1661-1667CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1577CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1577-1601PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGabriel 1613CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGabriel 1613-1638PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas (2) 1756-1757PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1833-1873PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdmund 1552-1554CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1560-1567PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanFrederick Kill 1861CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJames (1) 1725PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanErnest 1864CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanSimon 1540-1552PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas 1739-1749PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1638CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1723CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1743-1759PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanPeter 1631-1662CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1561CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanAnthony 1693CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanAnthony 1693-1696PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanSamuel 1793-1802DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanMatthew (1) 1565-1568PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanMatthew (2) 1739-1743PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanBenjamin 1724-1725PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGeorge 1724-1763CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1802PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1816-1842DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas 1782-1792PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWalter 1660CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1547-1554PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanBenjamin 1770PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanScawen 1729-1753PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHenry 1660CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJonathan 1711CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJonathan 1711-1720PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1613CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn (10) 1613-1638PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Roman CatholicJohn 1438-1445PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanPaul de 1938-1946DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJames (3) 1660-1664CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanBenjamin 1639-1663PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1560-1583PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1621-1628PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1621CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanFrancis Knyvett 1868CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGeoffrey 1577PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanAdam 1669CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanPhilip 1763-1765PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1697CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard (2) 1697-1715PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGeorge William 1797PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas 1700CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas 1700-1724PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanFrancis 1553-1558PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1722-1725PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas (1) 1720-1750PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHenry Hart 1835-1849CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJames Henry 1830CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGeorge 1610-1617DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGabriel 1632CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGabriel (2) 1633-1652PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanCharles 1792PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas 1585CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1605-1610DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRobert 1607-1642PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRobert 1620CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas (2) 1757-1761PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanMatthew 1642CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam Foxley 1925-1937DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1672CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn (1) 1673-1683PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Roman CatholicHugh 1493-1504CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanNicholas 1672-1724CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanLambert 1629CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1670-1679PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1812-1817PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanSimon (2) 1672-1689CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam (1) 1694-1697PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanZachary 1756-1768DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1543CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanAndrew (3) 1552-1557CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRichard 1664PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHumphrey 1724CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1568-1570CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWalter 1568-1570CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Roman CatholicJohn (2) 1401-1436PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanTheodore 1623-1631CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1795CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanGeorge 1869CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam 1554CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1553CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanRobert 1571-1575CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1577CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn (2) 1540-1551CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanEdward 1838CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanThomas 1545CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanNicholas 1545-1547CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanArmitage 1902-1911DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJoseph Armitage 1899-1902CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanWilliam (10) 1608-1642PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanJohn 1576CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHerbert Edward 1911-1925DeanEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanBernard 1546-1554PrebendaryEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanAdrian A. 1601CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
AnglicanHadrianus de 1602CanonEnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey

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16Rectors & VicarsEngland, Devon, Alphington, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Devon, Burrington, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Devon, Clannaborough, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Devon, Collumpton, Parish Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Devon, Stokenham, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Devon, West Putford, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Dorset, Bincombe, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Dorset, Blandford Forum, Parish Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Dorset, Bradford Peverell, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Dorset, Swanage, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Dorset, Wareham, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Dorset, West Knighton, Parish Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Dorset, Winterbourne Abbas, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Durham, Durham, St Giles Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Durham, Durham, St Nicholas Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Essex, Barnston, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Essex, Booking, Parish Church
16Rectors & VicarsEngland, Essex, Boreham, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Essex, Earls Colne, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Essex, Great Clacton, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Essex, High Roding, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Essex, Wendon Lofts, Parish Church
16Rectors & VicarsEngland, Essex, Wennington, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Ampney Crucis, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Badgeworth, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Bristol, St James Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Broadwell, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Marshfield, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Newent, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Rockhampton, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Wickwar, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hampshire, Andover, Parish Church
18Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hampshire, Freshwater, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hampshire, Hound, Parish Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hampshire, Longstock, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hampshire, Whitsbury, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Herefordshire, Brockhampton, Parish Church
23Rectors & VicarsEngland, Herefordshire, Bromyard, Parish Church
396Rectors & VicarsEngland, Herefordshire, Hereford Cathedral
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Herefordshire, Llandinabo, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Herefordshire, Vowchurch, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Herefordshire, Weobley, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Cottered, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Hexton, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Hinxworth, Parish Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Hunsdon, St Dunstan Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Reed, Parish Church
14Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Sarratt, Parish Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Shenley, Parish Church
19Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Stevenage, Parish Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Walden, St Pauls Church
27Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Watford, Parish Church
20Rectors & VicarsEngland, Huntingdonshire, Buckden, Parish Church
17Rectors & VicarsEngland, Huntingdonshire, Offord Darcy, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Barfrestone, Parish Church
14Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Bearsted, Holly Cross Church
15Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Bekesbourne, Parish Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Bonnington, Parish Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Borden, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Walmer, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Wickhambreux, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Willesborough, Parish Church
33Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lancashire, Blackburn, St Marys Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lancashire, Blackley, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lancashire, Deane, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lancashire, Westhoughton, Parish Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Leicestershire, Barrow upon Soar, Prarish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Leicestershire, Barwell, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Leicestershire, Hoby, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Leicestershire, Melton Mowbray, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lincolnshire, Bolingbroke, Parish Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lincolnshire, Dunsby, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lincolnshire, Miningsby, Parish Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lincolnshire, Tydd St Mary, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lincolnshire, Waddingham, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lincolnshire, Waddingworth, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lincolnshire, Wilksby, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lincolnshire, Winceby, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, Clerkenwell, St James Church
16Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, Finchley, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, Sunbury, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, Wapping, Parish Church
271Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, Westminster Abbey
19Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, Westminster, St Martin in the Fields
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Alby, Parish Church
18Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Aylsham, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Babingley, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Bagthorpe, Parish Church
16Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Banham, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Barningham Town, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Besthorpe, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Brisley, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Brunstead, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Colveston, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Fincham, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Fishley, Parish Church
17Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Hardingham, Parish Church
14Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Hingham, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Homingtoft, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Howe, Parish Church
15Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Pulham, Parish Church
44Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Redenhall, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Waxham, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, West Lexham, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Westwick, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Whinburgh, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Whissonsett, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk, Wimbotsham, Parish Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Northamptonshire, Aynho, Parish Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Northamptonshire, Wakerley, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Northamptonshire, Weldon, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Northumberland, Bellingham, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Nottinghamshire, Basford, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Nottinghamshire, Widmerpool, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Oxfordshire, Alkerton, Parish Church
29Rectors & VicarsEngland, Oxfordshire, Bampton, Parish Church
15Rectors & VicarsEngland, Oxfordshire, Oxford, St Aldates Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Oxfordshire, Rousham, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Rutland, Whissendine, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Shropshire, Battlefield, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Shropshire, Burford, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Shropshire, Llanymynech, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Shropshire, Stokesay, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Shropshire, Welshampton, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Corston, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Earnshill, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Fivehead, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Martock, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Milborne Port, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Tolland, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Wayford, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Winscombe, Parish Church
14Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Winsford, Parish Church
14Rectors & VicarsEngland, Staffordshire, Alrewas, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Staffordshire, Brewood, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Staffordshire, Elford, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Staffordshire, Leek, Parish Church
15Rectors & VicarsEngland, Suffolk, Beccles, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Suffolk, Washbrook, Parish Church
14Rectors & VicarsEngland, Suffolk, Westerfield, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Suffolk, Westhall, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Surrey, Send, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Surrey, Windlesham, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Sussex, Beeding, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Sussex, Bersted, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Sussex, Berwick, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Sussex, Burpham, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Sussex, Walberton, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Sussex, Waldron, Parish Church
14Rectors & VicarsEngland, Sussex, Westham, Parish Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Warwickshire, Alcester, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Warwickshire, Ansley, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Warwickshire, Ansty, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Warwickshire, Wellesbourne, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Westmorland, Beetham, Parish Church
14Rectors & VicarsEngland, Wiltshire, Boscombe, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Wiltshire, Box, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Wiltshire, Corsham, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Wiltshire, North Bradley, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Wiltshire, West Dean, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Wiltshire, Whiteparish, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Worcestershire, Feckenham, St John The Baptist Church
11Rectors & VicarsEngland, Worcestershire, Inkberrow, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Worcestershire, Wichenford, Parish Church
17Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Bainton, Parish Church
8Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Bentham, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Bilton, Parish Church
12Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Birstall, Parish Church
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Brompton, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Chapelthorpe, Parish Church
5Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Cowlam, Parish Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Hessle, Parish Church
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Hornsea, Parish Church
13Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Langton, Parish Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Nafferton, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Waghen, Parish Church
6Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, West Riding
10Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Whitby, Parish Church

Do you have a minister in your tree, but don't know when and where he served? Do you have a church in your research, and want to know who served there? Or likewise for many other positions? This is the best place to answer those questions, compiling lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. A few features:

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13 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 19101,718
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09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 18801,052
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 1870532
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 19001,906
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26 Mar 2021Delaware County Public Schools 1904-597
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21 Mar 2021Directory of the Chicago public schools, 1916-77,811
21 Mar 2021Washington City Directory, 192192
20 Mar 2021Directory of Indianapolis public schools, 1937-82,413
19 Mar 2021Indianapolis City Directory, 1891551
19 Mar 2021High schools of New York city, 19212,582
18 Mar 2021Directory of teachers in the public schools, NYC, 190514,207
16 Mar 2021Directory, Minneapolis Public schools1,730
16 Mar 2021History of the city of Toledo248
15 Mar 2021Cleveland OH City Directory, 1879470
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15 Mar 2021New Haven City Directory, 1892537
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12 Mar 2021Directory of the schools of Baltimore, 1926-73,128
11 Mar 2021DC School Graduates, 1914447
11 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to DC, 191484
11 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to DC, 189482
10 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to Commissioners of District of Columbia176
10 Mar 2021DC Grade School Graduates, 1889825