List of Rectors & Vicars

& Archdeacons, Canons, Prebendaries, with their denomination, and years and location of service

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List of Rectors & Vicars; State: England; County: Berkshire
FirstLastServiceOther RoleStateCountyPlaceOtherSrc
AnglicanMatthew 1679EnglandBerkshireHinton Waldrish, Parish Church
AnglicanJohn (2) 1708CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanPeter 1661EnglandBerkshireHanney, Parish Church
AnglicanAnthony 1698EnglandBerkshireAbingdon, St Helens Church
AnglicanWilliam 1817EnglandBerkshireSunninghill, Parish Church
AnglicanMordecai 1607-1615CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanRobert (1) 1534CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanJohn 1574EnglandBerkshireCompton, Parish Church
AnglicanSimon 1557-1565EnglandBerkshireBray, St Michael Church
AnglicanFrancis 1625EnglandBerkshireKintbury, Parish Church
AnglicanFrancis 1643EnglandBerkshireCompton Beauchamp, Parish Church
AnglicanSimon 1553EnglandBerkshireCookham, Parish Church
AnglicanSimon 1559CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
Roman CatholicWalter 1381DeanEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanRobert 1696-1709EnglandBerkshireAppleton, Parish Church
AnglicanAmon 1597EnglandBerkshireDidcot, Parish Church
AnglicanAntony 1715EnglandBerkshireBrightwell, Parish Church
AnglicanJames 1661-1672EnglandBerkshireBoxford, Parish Church
AnglicanJames 1672EnglandBerkshireBoxford, Parish Church
AnglicanGeorge 1832EnglandBerkshireSutton Courtney, Parish Church
AnglicanMartin 1726-1747EnglandBerkshireBucklebury, Parish Church
AnglicanMartin 1730EnglandBerkshireFrilsham, Parish Church
AnglicanFrederick 1845-1885CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanRichard 1538-1554CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanRichard 1543EnglandBerkshireHanney, Parish Church
AnglicanRichard 1554EnglandBerkshireClewer, Parish Church
AnglicanWilliam 1613EnglandBerkshireBrimpton, Parish Church
AnglicanMatthew 1826EnglandBerkshireShaw cum Donnington, Parish Church
Roman CatholicJohn 1419DeanEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanEdward Albert Henry 1879EnglandBerkshireFyfield, Parish Church
AnglicanArthur 1722EnglandBerkshireSulhampstead Abbots, Parish Church& Bannister
Roman CatholicWilliam (1) 1507CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
Roman CatholicWilliam 1504CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanArthur 1586EnglandBerkshireKingston Bagpuize, Parish Church
AnglicanJohn Thomas 1832EnglandBerkshireAldworth, Parish Church
AnglicanLewis 1681EnglandBerkshireEast Garston, Parish Church
AnglicanDaniel 1683EnglandBerkshireHurley, Parish Church
AnglicanFrancis 1557EnglandBerkshireAldworth, Parish Church
AnglicanWilliam 1699EnglandBerkshireBurghfield, Parish Church
AnglicanPhanuel 1689EnglandBerkshireReading, St Laurences Church
AnglicanJames 1691EnglandBerkshireBisham
AnglicanJoseph 1824EnglandBerkshireBlewbury, Parish Church
AnglicanRichard 1803CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanAlbert 1917-1944DeanEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
Roman CatholicChristopher 1505DeanEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanRichard Henry 1817EnglandBerkshireHanney, Parish Church
AnglicanSamuel 1638-1639CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanWilliam 1708-1715EnglandBerkshirePadworth, Parish Church
AnglicanJohn 1613EnglandBerkshireAldermaston, Parish Church
AnglicanRichard 1598EnglandBerkshireBuckland, Parish Church
AnglicanRichard 1603EnglandBerkshirePusey, Parish Church
AnglicanJohn 1834EnglandBerkshireReading, St Laurences Church
AnglicanJohn 1717EnglandBerkshireBuscot, Parish Church
AnglicanAntony 1541CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanWilliam 1584EnglandBerkshireStreatley, Parish Church
AnglicanAlexander 1556EnglandBerkshireBray, St Michael Church
AnglicanWilliam (1) 1535EnglandBerkshireBisham
AnglicanEdward (2) 1760CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanJoel 1652EnglandBerkshireClewer, Parish Church
AnglicanJoseph 1639EnglandBerkshireEast Ilsley, Parish Church
AnglicanRobert 1630EnglandBerkshireEast Ilsley, Parish Church
AnglicanRobert 1677EnglandBerkshireFarnborough, Parish Church
AnglicanHugh 1685EnglandBerkshireBuckland, Parish Church
AnglicanJohn 1680EnglandBerkshireNew Windsor, Parish Church
AnglicanJohn 1682CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanEdward 1811EnglandBerkshireWallingford, St Leonards Church
AnglicanPhilip 1720-1749EnglandBerkshireDenchworth, Parish Church
AnglicanAlfred Stephen 1879EnglandBerkshireWelford, Parish Church
AnglicanFrederick 1814EnglandBerkshireSulham, Parish Church
Roman CatholicRichard 1478DeanEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanJames 1787CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanHenry 1600CanonEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanHenry 1622DeanEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanJames 1800EnglandBerkshireChildrey, St Marys Church
AnglicanHenry 1630EnglandBerkshirePusey, Parish Church
AnglicanHenry Charles 1885EnglandBerkshireYattendon, Parish Church
AnglicanNicholas 1676EnglandBerkshireBlewbury, Parish Church
AnglicanNicholas 1680EnglandBerkshireMilton, Parish Church
AnglicanRobert 1596DeanEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanWalter 1607EnglandBerkshireLittle Wittenham, Parish Church
AnglicanMartin 1721-1734ArchdeaconEnglandBerkshire
AnglicanEdward 1804EnglandBerkshireShrivenham, Parish Church
AnglicanEdward 1817EnglandBerkshireEnglefield, Parish Church
AnglicanEdward 1832ArchdeaconEnglandBerkshire
AnglicanGeorge 1759-1769EnglandBerkshireBray, St Michael Church
AnglicanEdward 1691EnglandBerkshireBrightwell, Parish Church
AnglicanFrancis 1703EnglandBerkshireBrightwell, Parish Church
AnglicanDaniel 1622EnglandBerkshireWasing, Parish Church
AnglicanFrederick 1817EnglandBerkshireWytham, Parish Church
AnglicanRichard 1541EnglandBerkshireCumnor, Parish Church
AnglicanJames Wilkes 1852EnglandBerkshireCompton, Parish Church
Roman CatholicWilliam 1483DeanEnglandBerkshireWindsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
AnglicanJohn 1672EnglandBerkshireEarls Wittenham, Parish Church
AnglicanHenry 1733EnglandBerkshireFarnborough, Parish Church
Roman CatholicRobert 1529EnglandBerkshireCompton Beauchamp, Parish Church
AnglicanGiles 1642EnglandBerkshireStanford in The Vale, Parish Church
AnglicanHibbert 1838EnglandBerkshireNewbury, Parish Church
AnglicanJohn 1692EnglandBerkshireWantage, Parish Church
AnglicanJohn 1721EnglandBerkshireBinfield, Parish Church
AnglicanOswald 1884EnglandBerkshireBuscot, Parish Church

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Most Recent Entries
1378Rectors & VicarsEngland, Bedford
1481Rectors & VicarsEngland, Berkshire
1775Rectors & VicarsEngland, Buckinghamshire, Addington, Parish Church
3241Rectors & VicarsEngland, Cambridgeshire, Abington Pigotts, Parish Church
923Rectors & VicarsEngland, Cheshire, Acton, Parish Church
1093Rectors & VicarsEngland, Cornwall
593Rectors & VicarsEngland, Cumberland, Addingham, Parish Church
643Rectors & VicarsEngland, Derbyshire, Alfreton, Parish Church
3228Rectors & VicarsEngland, Devon, Abbotsham, Parish Church
1430Rectors & VicarsEngland, Dorset
862Rectors & VicarsEngland, Durham
4550Rectors & VicarsEngland, Essex
2154Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Abinghall, Parish Church
2071Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hampshire, Abbotts Ann, Parish Church
1345Rectors & VicarsEngland, Herefordshire, Almeley
1555Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Abbots Langley, Parish Church
1009Rectors & VicarsEngland, Huntingdonshire, Abbots Ripton, St Andrew Church
10144Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Abbots Kerswell, Parish Church
890Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lancashire, Aldingham, Parish Church
1728Rectors & VicarsEngland, Leicestershire, Ab Kettleby, Parish Church
4225Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lincolnshire, Addlethorpe, Parish Church
3738Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex
4957Rectors & VicarsEngland, Norfolk
2747Rectors & VicarsEngland, Northamptonshire, Abington, Parish Church
478Rectors & VicarsEngland, Northumberland
1127Rectors & VicarsEngland, Nottinghamshire, Averham, Parish Church
1969Rectors & VicarsEngland, Oxfordshire, Adderbury, Parish Church
381Rectors & VicarsEngland, Rutland, Ashwell, Parish Church
862Rectors & VicarsEngland, Shropshire
3617Rectors & VicarsEngland, Somerset, Abbas Combe, Parish Church
1158Rectors & VicarsEngland, Staffordshire, Abbots Bromley, Parish Church
3624Rectors & VicarsEngland, Suffolk
1241Rectors & VicarsEngland, Surrey
2521Rectors & VicarsEngland, Sussex, Albourne, Parish Church
870Rectors & VicarsEngland, Warwickshire, Alcester, Parish Church
219Rectors & VicarsEngland, Westmorland, Appleby, St Laurences Church
2502Rectors & VicarsEngland, Wiltshire
1206Rectors & VicarsEngland, Worcestershire, Abberton, Parish Church
5527Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Aberford, Parish Church

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