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York Minster Church, York, Yorkshire, England

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York Minster Church, York, England: List of Rectors & Vicars
FirstLastServiceOther RoleStateCountyPlaceSrc
AnglicanWilliam 1767PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1802PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1851PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanTheophilus 1591PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1558-1560CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicWilliam 1421PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJust 1797PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRoger 1683-1714PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanNicholas (2) 1681-1689PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRichard 1452-1477DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicSimon of 1194-1214DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas 1556PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRoger 1559PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRobert 1441PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicHugh 1515PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanArthur Howard 1853CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1674PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanGilbert 1708-1709PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas (1) 1559-1571PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJoseph 1739PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1660PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanGiles 1550PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1544PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicThomas (1) 1448PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry 1667PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicChristopher 1503-1507DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicChristopher (1) 1503PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanSamuel 1735CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry 1595CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1695-1715PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1623CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1600-1613PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1590CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanBarnabas 1640CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanEmanuel 1602CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanTheophilus 1826-1855PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicFulk 1239-1243DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry 1605CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHerbert 1932-1941DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas 1536CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanAnthony 1549PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanGeorge 1717-1734PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas (2) 1614-1637PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanGilbert 1667-1669PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWalter 1608CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas 1625CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanSamuel 1735CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanFrancis 1750PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanAnthony 1562-1570PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanCharles 1715CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanMarmaduke 1618-1623CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas 1623CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1567CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1702PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicGeoffrey 1493PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicGeoffrey 1497-1503DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicJohn 1484PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicJohn 1457PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicLaurence 1452PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRobert 1477-1488DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicJohn 1397PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicSewal de 1252-1256DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1707CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn (1) 1707PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas 1666-1670CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1633PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1539PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanSamuel 1722-1736PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1690PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry 1660CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1685-1696PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanGriffin 1589-1608PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanPhilip 1548CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanSamuel (2) 1723-1731PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1613CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanSamuel 1723-1732CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanCuthbert 1681CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanLloyd Stewart 1873CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1615-1617PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanEdmund 1570DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanEdmund 1575CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1677CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn (5) 1677-1700PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRichard (3) 1613-1645PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas (2) 1587-1589PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas (5) 1716PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRobert 1158-1186DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanAndrew 1600CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanAndrew 1606DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas 1567-1599CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanCharles Edward 1882CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanAndrew Ramsay 1871PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1588CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRichard 1815PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanArchibald Hamilton 1800PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRichard 1424PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1752-1784PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1752-1784PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1574PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanCharles 1625PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1671PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicJohn 1464PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanEdward 1841PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas (3) 1742PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1709-1756CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam (2) 1549-1554PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicWilliam 1530CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicWilliam 1532PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRichard 1398-1400DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicGamaliel 1500-1541PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1823-1858DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJames 1585CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicWilliam de 1333-1336DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicMartin 1494PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicLancelot 1510CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas (2) 1677PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn Josias 1803PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanTobias 1670-1687PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry (2) 1722-1750PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanBiarmaduke 1661-1684PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert Bryan 1843-1865PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanAmbrose (2) 1619PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas 1553CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas 1553-1555PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRalph 1573-1582PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanCharles 1736-1774CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicJohn 1467-1478PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1617PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanStephen 1841PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1801PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas Hutton 1831PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1537-1554PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas (4) 1660PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas (5) 1723-1736PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanSamuel 1680-1690PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicJohn 1497PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1550-1558PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanDarcy 1713-1734PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1561PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam (1) 1560-1566PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1780-1797PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn (1) 1694-1709PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHeneage (1) 1705-1750PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanEdmund (2) 1663-1688PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanTheophilus 1662PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry William 1825PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanFrancis (2) 1755-1806PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1813PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1742CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicGeoffrey (1) 1532PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanFrancis (3) 1688-1713PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn (4) 1716-1742PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanNathan 1703CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanNathan (1) 1703-1729PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJonathan 1683CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJonathan (2) 1682PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRichard 1508CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1569CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanAugustus 1858-1880DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1576CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanEleazar 1640PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanField 1720CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanFieldan 1720-1738PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicAdam 1382-1385DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanAntony 1660DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1814PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1721CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanWilliam 1721-1740PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanLewis 1754-1773PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1774PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry 1645-1655CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry (1) 1645-1665PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJames 1691-1711CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert 1670DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicWilliam 1436-1451DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanEdward (2) 1704PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry 1702-1728DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry (2) 1695-1704PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert (6) 1731-1739PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicChristopher 1507PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicGeorge 1475-1505PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRobert 1418-1431PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1756-1774PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanLionel 1926-1932DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanPhilip 1605PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1733CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas (1) 1660PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1747-1802DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicEdward 1527PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicWilliam (1) 1526-1556PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRobert 1491-1507PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJames 1689CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanThomas 1697-1702DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn (1) 1666-1678PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRobert of 1147-1157DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanJohn 1571CanonEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Roman CatholicRobert 1426-1436DeanEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanEdmund 1824PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanRobert Philip 1805PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
AnglicanHenry (1) 1752-1801PrebendaryEnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church

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