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Northern Central Railway


Northern Central Railway: List of Railroad Employees
C. G. 1856Northern Central Railwaysupt
William Charles 1864-1868PALycoming CoWilliamsportNorthern Central Railwayapprentice
William Ashbridge 1873-1881Northern Central Railwaysupt
Zenas 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
J. N. Du 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaysupt
Edward C. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central Railwaydirector
S. S. 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaysupt Baltimore division
Edmund S. 1864-1866Northern Central Railwayresident engineer
J. D. 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaypresident
Simon 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
James Mason 1856Northern Central Railwayattorney
Alexander J. 1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central RailwayPresident
Charles A. 1890-1893PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central Railwayfreight agent
Joseph M. 1893MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaymaster mechanic
W. 1866PADauphin CoHarrisburgNorthern Central Railwaydirector
George W. 1891-1893PANorthumberland CoSunburyNorthern Central Railwaysupt
John C. 1856Northern Central Railwaymaster of machinery
G. W. 1866PAYork CoYorkNorthern Central Railwaymaster of car repairs
P. R. 1856Northern Central Railwaydivision engineer
W. H., Jr. 1902MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central RailwayDiv Freight Agent
Frank 1890-1891Northern Central Railwaysupt
A. R. 1866PANorthumberland CoShamokinNorthern Central Railwaysupt Shamokin division
William E. 1902PALycoming CoWilliamsportNorthern Central RailwayDiv Freight Agent
O. P. 1856Northern Central Railwayconductor
H. S. 1866PADauphin CoHarrisburgNorthern Central Railwaychief engineer
John P. 1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central RailwayVP
I. H. 1856PADauphin CoHarrisburgNorthern Central Railwayticket agent
W. D. 1866PABerks CoHamburgNorthern Central Railwaysupt Susquehanna division
A. W. 1902MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central RailwayTreasurer
John 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
Michael 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
John C. 1902MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central RailwayAsst Secretary
Robert S. 1856Northern Central Railwaysecretary
James 1856PAYork CoYorkNorthern Central Railwayticket agent
Johns 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
Jacob P. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central Railwaydirector
William Henry 1869Northern Central Railwayemployed in local freight depot
Hosea W. 1883-1893MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaysupt
John M. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central Railwaydirector
John P. 1856Northern Central Railwaypresident
A. E. 1866PANorthumberland CoNorthumberlandNorthern Central Railwaydirector
John S. 1854-1855Northern Central Railwaysecretary
Joseph 1855-1875MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwayjoint freight and ticket agent
C. M. 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaymaster of machinery
Eli 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
John S. 1856Northern Central Railwaytreasurer
Henry P. 1893PANorthumberland CoSunburyNorthern Central Railwayasst engineer Shamokiti division
Stephen 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwayauditor
Alford 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaydirector
R. M. 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
R. C. 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
William E. 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
John F. 1865-1882Northern Central Railwayclerk accounting dept
William 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
Spencer 1881-1893NYChemung CoElmiraNorthern Central Railwaysupt
Charles G. 1866NYErie CoBuffaloNorthern Central RailwayVP
Wistar 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central Railwaydirector
W. Heyward 1902PALycoming CoWilliamsportNorthern Central RailwaySupt
Robert 1883-1893PALycoming CoWilliamsportNorthern Central Railwaysupt all lines
B. F. 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaydirector
William F. 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
Joseph D. 1866PALycoming CoWilliamsportNorthern Central Railwaydirector
Sutherland M. 1864-1865Northern Central Railwayrodman
Courtland S. 1865-1867Northern Central Railwaytrack foreman
Charles E. 1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central RailwayVP
Q. W. 1856Northern Central Railwayconductor
Samuel 1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central RailwayVP
Lloyd N. 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
A. 1856Northern Central Railwayconductor
I. H. 1856Northern Central Railwayconductor
T. A. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central Railwaydirector
Samuel L. 1868-1882Northern Central Railway
Emanuel B. 1865-1872Northern Central Railwaytelegraph operator and clerk
George 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaydirector
John M. 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwaydirector
Joshua Vansant 1871MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwayfreight clerk
Richard Hermann 1879-1881Northern Central Railwaysupt motive power
Arthur Burr 1881Northern Central Railwaysupt
D. S. 1866PALycoming CoWilliamsportNorthern Central Railwaysupt Elmira division
James 1866-1893NYChemung CoElmiraNorthern Central Railwaymaster mechanic
Alfred 1875-1878Northern Central Railwaysupervisor
A. B. 1856Northern Central Railwaychief engineer
L. H. 1856MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwayticket agent
H. 1866PAYork CoYorkNorthern Central Railwaydirector
Ezra B. 1893PALycoming CoWilliamsportNorthern Central Railwaysupt Eastern & Susquehanna
F. P. 1902MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central RailwayCashier
Francis 1856Northern Central Railwaydirector
Horace A. 1864-1874Northern Central Railwayconductor
Stephen W. 1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaNorthern Central RailwaySecretary
George C. 1902MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central RailwayAgent
Levin 1856Northern Central Railwayroad master
Joseph 1869-1872Northern Central Railwayresident engineer
E. S. 1866MDBaltimore CityNorthern Central Railwayfreight and ticket agent

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3RailroadsVA, Norfolk, Norfolk and Western Railway
1RailroadsVA, Surry Co, Dendron, Surry, Sussex and Southampton Railway
2RailroadsVA, Wise Co, Stonega, Interstate Railroad
14RailroadsVT, Rutland Co, Rutland, Rutland Railroad
2RailroadsWI, Jefferson Co, Jefferson, Wisconsin Central Railway
1RailroadsWI, Jefferson Co, Lake Mills, Wisconsin Central Railway
1RailroadsWI, Jefferson Co, Waterloo, Wisconsin Central Railway
15RailroadsWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Central Railway
1RailroadsWI, Milwaukee Co, North Milwaukee, Wisconsin Central Railway
6RailroadsWI, Portage Co, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Central Railway
2RailroadsWI, Walworth Co, Elkhorn, Wisconsin Central Railway
2RailroadsWI, Walworth Co, Whitewater, Wisconsin Central Railway
1RailroadsWV, McDowell Co, Elkhorn, Mount Airy and Eastern Railway
6RailroadsWV, Mercer Co, Bluefield, Norfolk and Western Railway
1RailroadsWV, Preston Co, Irona, West Virginia Northern Railroad
6RailroadsWY, Laramie Co, Cheyenne, Union Pacific Railroad
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