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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad


Baltimore and Ohio Railroad: List of Railroad Employees
Charles Jr 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroad
William 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Edward Tullibardine 1862-1864WVMarshall CoBenwoodBaltimore and Ohio Railroadmanifest clerk
Edward Tullibardine 1875-1878OHFranklin CoColumbusBaltimore and Ohio Railroadlocal agent
L. S. 1882-1893MNRamsey CoSt PaulBaltimore and Ohio Railroadpassenger agent
Andrew Jr 1876Baltimore and Ohio Railroadmessenger in transportation dept
Hugh Norman 1915PAAllegheny CoPittsburghBaltimore and Ohio Railroadtransitman
James 1866Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
William Ernest Fishbourne 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadinspector
Joshua I. 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroadsecretary and treasurer
B. N. 1902ILCook CoChicagoBaltimore and Ohio RailroadPassenger Agent
J. H. 1873-1879Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddivision supervisor
E. H. 1902MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadPurchasing Agent
John H. 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Thomas P. 1871-1872Baltimore and Ohio Railroadclerk to passenger agent
C. W. 1902MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadPassenger Agent
R. W. 1891OHLicking CoNewarkBaltimore and Ohio Railroadsupt
Albert J. 1886-1888Baltimore and Ohio Railroadagent
J. H. 1875-1879OHFranklin CoColumbusBaltimore and Ohio Railroadfreight dept
W. F. 1902MDBaltimore CityMount ClareBaltimore and Ohio RailroadMaster Car Builder
J. Summerfield 1866Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Alfred P. 1890-1893ILCook CoChicagoBaltimore and Ohio Railroadwestern traffic agent
George Roberts 1867-1872Baltimore and Ohio Railroadfreight agent
James C. 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
W. 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroadroad master
Arnold J. 1891Baltimore and Ohio Railroadagent
H. L., Jr. 1902MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadAttorney
George W. 1902MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadAsst Comptroller
George Wilson 1890-1893MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadauditor
C. M. 1872-1873VAShenandoah CoStrasburgBaltimore and Ohio Railroadclerk to the joint agent
Allen Strafford 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadattorney
L. 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Duncan Kenner 1926MDBaltimore CoRuxtonBaltimore and Ohio Railroadattorney
Chester H. 1880Baltimore and Ohio Railroadlaying steel
L. R. 1902PAAllegheny CoPittsburghBaltimore and Ohio RailroadFreight Agent
Chauncey 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroadpresident
Lorenzo Starr 1872-1879Baltimore and Ohio Railroademploy
H. D. 1902MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadComptroller
Lewis A. Secretary 1882Baltimore and Ohio Railroadtelegraph operator
Francis 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
William 1866Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
J. K. 1866Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Robert Barr 1892-1893ILCook CoChicagoBaltimore and Ohio Railroadsupt
Chauncey Albee 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadclerk acct dept
F. D. 1902MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadSupt Motive Power
I. Bond 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Galloway 1866Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Charles A. 1870-1871MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadclerk freight office
Charles A. 1877-1878PAAllegheny CoPittsburghBaltimore and Ohio Railroadasst freight agent
Alfred Carleton 1915MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadagent
James C. 1844-1854Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Joseph S. 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
John Andrews 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadrodman
L. M. 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroadticket agent
Lewis M. 1866MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadticket agent
John Walker 1872-1873Baltimore and Ohio Railroadsouthern passenger agent
James 1888-1889Baltimore and Ohio Railroadasst freight agent
James H. 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
John K. 1902MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadCounsel
Charles P. 1880-1893NYNew York CoNew York CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadEastern passenger agent
J. W. 1866Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Thomas W. 1866Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Howard Turner 1926PAAllegheny CoPittsburghBaltimore and Ohio Railroadasst superintendent
William North 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadengineer
I. J. 1893ILCook CoSouth ChicagoBaltimore and Ohio Railroadtime clerk
Henry G. 1843-1857Baltimore and Ohio Railroadbrakeman, conductor
John C. 1866MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadmaster of machinery
Alston Gordon 1887Baltimore and Ohio Railroadsecretary
Benjamin 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Marcus 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Edward 1890-1891Baltimore and Ohio Railroadsupt
H. R. 1870-1871Baltimore and Ohio Railroadtelegraph operator
Orrin Essex 1915MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroaddraftsman
Alonzo 1865Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Thomas 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
John Albert 1880Baltimore and Ohio Railroadtelegraph operator and train dispatcher
John, Jr 1856Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Bradford 1881-1883Baltimore and Ohio Railroadmanager
Bradford 1884-1885MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadasst to VP
A. F. 1882-1893MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadauditor, disbursements
Howard Henry 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadsenior land appr
John T. 1856MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadticket agent
William 1866Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Elijah 1858-1860WVMineral CoPiedmontBaltimore and Ohio Railroadmachinist
John V. L. 1866Baltimore and Ohio Railroaddirector
Albert 1849-1853Baltimore and Ohio Railroadasst to engineer
Rudolph 1853Baltimore and Ohio Railroadasst to principal asst engineer
John Edwin 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadtransitman
Thomas 1902MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadSupt
J. B. 1856WVOhio CoWheelingBaltimore and Ohio Railroadticket agent
Eric Anderson 1915PAAllegheny CoPittsburghBaltimore and Ohio Railroadengineer
Alexander Charles 1926MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadengineer
Albert Henry 1915WVTaylor CoGraftonBaltimore and Ohio Railroadasst engineer
T. W. 1902MDBaltimore CityBaltimore and Ohio RailroadFreight Agent
Frank S. 1881Baltimore and Ohio Railroadsupervisor trains
Frank S. 1890-1893NYNew York CoNew York CityBaltimore and Ohio Railroadsupt
John Work 1858-1884Baltimore and Ohio Railroadpresident
Robert 1879-1884Baltimore and Ohio Railroadvice president
Robert 1884-1887Baltimore and Ohio Railroadpresident
C. H. 1887Baltimore and Ohio Railroadtelegraph department
Updated: 01 Jun 2020

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32RailroadsOH, Muskingum Co, Zanesville, Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad
9RailroadsOH, Richland Co, Mansfield, Pennsylvania Railroad
16RailroadsOH, Summit Co, Barberton, Akron and Barberton Belt Railroad
9RailroadsOH, Tuscarawas Co, Dennison, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway
401RailroadsPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
66RailroadsPA, Lackawanna Co, Scranton, Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway
24RailroadsPA, Lehigh Co, Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley Railroad
618RailroadsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Algoma Central and Hudson Bay Railway
1RailroadsSC, Abbeville Co, Abbeville, Greenville and Columbia Railroad
3RailroadsSC, Anderson Co, Anderson, Blue Ridge Railway
45RailroadsSC, Charleston Co, Charleston, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
16RailroadsSC, Chester Co, Chester, Carolina and North Western Railway
2RailroadsSC, Fairfield Co, Ridgeway, Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad
4RailroadsSC, Greenville Co, Greenville, Blue Ridge Railway
7RailroadsSC, Newberry Co, Helena, Greenville and Columbia Railroad
22RailroadsSC, Richland Co, Columbia, Columbia, Newberry and Laurens Railroad
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10RailroadsWI, Jefferson Co, Cambridge, Chicago and Lake Superior Railway
147RailroadsWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, Abbotsford and Northeastern Railroad
4RailroadsWI, Outagamie Co, Kaukauna, Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway
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13RailroadsWI, Rock Co, Janesville, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
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