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Newton Theological Institute, Middlesex Co, MA

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Newton Theological Institute, Middlesex Co, MA: List of Professors
Irah 1825-1845MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Henry Jones 1826-1860MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
James Davis 1832-1838MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Barnas 1836-1848MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Horatio Balch 1839-1868MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewOakman Sprague 1846-1847MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewDavid Barnes 1847-1849MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewAlvah 1849-1854MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
TheologyAlvah 1854-1899MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewSamson 1855-1856MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Ecclesiastical HistoryAlbert Nicholas 1855-1857MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewJames Alpheus 1856-1857MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
RhetoricRobert W. 1858-1859MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Baron 1858-1859MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Arthur Savage 1859-1866MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewSamuel 1860-1861MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewJoseph Henry 1861-1862MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewHenry Melville 1862-1863MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewFrederick Dana 1863-1864MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewJosiah Nelson 1864-1866MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Ecclesiastical HistoryGeorge Dana Boardman 1865-1867MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewFrancis Emory 1866-1868MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HomileticsGalusha 1866-1873MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Gaeusha 1866-1873MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Ezra Palmer 1868-1882MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Ecclesiastical History, RhetoricHeman 1868-1887MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Oakman Sprague 1868-1893MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
ElocutionStacy 1870-1874MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Ecclesiastical HistorySamuel Lunt 1873-1878MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
ElocutionSebrun T. 1874-1879MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Ezekiel Gilman 1878-1879MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
RhetoricElisha Benjamin 1879-1882MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
ElocutionLucius Alonzo 1879-1884MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
TheologyJames Ferdinand 1882-1883MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
RhetoricJohn Mahan 1882-1890MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Charles Rufus 1883MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Ernest Dewitt 1883-1892MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Jesse Burgess 1888MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
TheologyShailer 1888-1890MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
HebrewArthur Leonard 1890-1892MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
James Nelson 1890-1898MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
George 1891-1897MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Rush 1892-1900MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
TheologyHenry Todd De 1893-1895MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
TheologyHugh Ross 1893-1897MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
TheologyWinfred Nichols 1898-1901MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Nathan Eusebius 1899-1908MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Frederick Lincoln 1900MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
George Edwin 1904MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Henry Kalloch 1906MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
GreekIlsley 1908-1909MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
George 1909MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
James Percival 1909MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
TheologyFrederick George 1910-1911MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute

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1ProfessorsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1ProfessorsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Portia Law School
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