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List of Postmasters; State: VT; County: Rutland Co
Charles 1849-1853VTRutland CoRutland
John 1853-1860VTRutland CoRutland
William R. 1839-1842VTRutland CoWest Rutland
Jonathan C. 1842-1844VTRutland CoRutland& 45-49
Amos 1826-1829VTRutland CoWest Rutland
Martin G. 1861-1870VTRutland CoRutland
James L. 1864-1885VTRutland CoWest Rutland
Prentiss L. 1853-1864VTRutland CoWest Rutland
Jesse 1841-1842VTRutland CoRutland
Nathaniel 1796-1801VTRutland CoRutland
Horace 1829-1831VTRutland CoWest Rutland
John Merritt 1860-1860VTRutland CoRutland
Moses 1845-1845VTRutland CoRutland
Frederick 1793-1796VTRutland CoRutland
Thomas 1805-1810VTRutland CoRutland
John B. 1870-1874VTRutland CoRutland
Joseph E. 1885VTRutland CoWest Rutland
Isaac 1860-1861VTRutland CoRutland
Thomas J. 1836-1841VTRutland CoRutland
Asa 1842-1849VTRutland CoWest Rutland
Josiah 1853-1853VTRutland CoRutland
Samuel 1804-1805VTRutland CoRutland
Lyman William 1885VTRutland CoRutland
Francis 1849-1853VTRutland CoWest Rutland
William W. 1842-1842VTRutland CoWest Rutland
David 1801-1804VTRutland CoRutland
William Douglas 1810-1822VTRutland CoRutland
Jonathan C. 1838-1839VTRutland CoWest Rutland
Reuben R. 1822-1829VTRutland CoRutland
Lucius L. 1831-1838VTRutland CoWest Rutland
Albert H. 1874-1885VTRutland CoRutland
Royal H. 1829-1836VTRutland CoRutland

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