List of Physicians

With their years and location of service

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List of Physicians; State: PA; County: Philadelphia Co
Alexander Crever 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Jedidiah Howe 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Knight 1903PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
David J. 1888-1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Herbert Eugene 1893-1894PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
George James 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Alfred R. 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternCharles Clifford 1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
Henry Croskey 1901-1909PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternArthur Chase 1920-1921PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Presbyterian Hospital
William Stroud 1893-1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternLewis Brownson 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, St Lukes Hospital
Lewis Brownson 1899-1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Howard S. 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
James Meschter 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Daniel M. 1885PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Reuben H. 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Edward Pollock 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternWilliam S. 1905-1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
William Easterly 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Emily Partridge 1926PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternJohn Lowree, Jr 1897-1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternHenry, Jr 1871-1872PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Benjamin H. 1896-1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Anthony George 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
George Fales 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Franklin 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John Montgomery 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternFranklin Endress 1902-1903PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
James O. 1874-1885PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternHugh Bailey 1901-1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternFrank Steele 1894-1895PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Benjamin 1874PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternFrank Ferdinand 1910-1911PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, St Lukes Hospital
John M. 1890-1894PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John M. 1894-1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternOthmar F. 1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Othmar F. 1906-1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charles Orin William 1903PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Clarence 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Clyde Edwin 1897-1904PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PathologyJohn Trexler 1926PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Hospital
InternFrank Levi 1911-1912PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
William Henry 1901-1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternCharles 1893PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
Charles H. 1881-1903PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Franklin M. 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Jacob Edgar 1883PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Conrad 1883PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
David Hendricks 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Benjamin Franklin 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternGeorge Henry 1895PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternBernard Eugene 1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Charles Albert 1890-1904PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternCharles Albert 1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Barnabas 1781-1786PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Herman Hoffman 1926PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternHerbert Fiske 1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternJohn Garretson 1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternEdgar Maule 1914-1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternWilliam Gottlob 1907PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, St Lukes Hospital
William Benjamin 1897-1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Benjamin 1899-1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Herbert A. 1912PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Lucius Stillman 1863-1873PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Gustav Eugene 1912PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternGeorge Hughes 1894-1895PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Leonard Napoleon 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Thomas Lindsley 1877PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Daniel Heister 1899-1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternMark S. 1911PAPhiladelphia CoWest Philadelphia, Homeopathic Hospital
Daniel Garrison 1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Lewis 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternBenjamin Frank 1873-1874PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternJohn Alfred 1896-1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
John Alfred 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Samuel Horton 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Thomas 1876-1878PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Evans 1891-1893PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Edgar Pennyp Acker 1879PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternWilliam Ralph 1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
Francis 1879-1889PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Francis 1889PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Horatio Bardwell 1856-1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John 1865-1869PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternMartin Salisbury 1895PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternJulius Arthur 1872-1874PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Joseph A. 1859PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternFrederick I. 1881-1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternN. Clark 1881-1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Charles Walts 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John H. 1903PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Frank Eddy 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternAnson Mayers 1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Hugh Angus 1896-1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Archibald Barrington 1853-1857PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternDuncan 1895-1896PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternBernardo A. 1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, St Lukes Hospital
Thomas Harrison 1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Spencer 1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Henry Ware 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Percival Owen Beverly 1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William C. 1870PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Robert Howland 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Harold Stevens 1922-1923PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Methodist Hospital
Jefferson Hamer 1926PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John Goodrich 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Francis Mann 1922-1923PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Presbyterian Hospital
InternLeon 1912-1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Samuel McCloskey 1875-1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Benjamin 1874PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternJames Harwood 1886-1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
InternCharles Higginson 1899-1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
InternSamuel Williams 1897-1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
George Morrison 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternArthur R. 1891PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Arthur R. 1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Jacob Da Silva Solis 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Solomon Solis 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Thomas Luther 1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
James 1865-1895PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John Jay 1869-1871PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternHarry Dellmarr 1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Womens Homeopathic Hospital
Robert Grier Le 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternAlfred 1895-1896PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
William M. L. 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternWalter Adelbert 1894PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
John C. Da 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John Chalmers Da 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Walter H. 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
David 1853-1861PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John Redman, Jr 1850-1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Herbert Byron 1909PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charles C. 1855-1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternMacpherson 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
George W. 1888-1889PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Alfred C. 1903PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternJames F. 1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
John D. J. 1912PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Herbert Howard 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Gibbons 1884-1885PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Ralph Livingston 1917PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Polyclinic Hospital
Gwilym G. 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William 1877-1878PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John B. 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternClaire H. 1894-1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
InternGeorge M. 1900-1901PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
InternClarence Henry 1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternFullerton Johnson 1896-1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, St Lukes Hospital
InternElwood Emerson 1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
Robert 1913-1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Episcopal Hospital
William Clifton 1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charles Elmer 1869-1872PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
George I. S. 1890-1894PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charles Winslow 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternEarle Spence 1911PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Clarence Swan 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John Thomas Francis 1912PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternHarold Edmund 1901-1902PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
William J. 1880PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternFrank Marsland 1879-1880PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Childrens Homeopathic Hospital
InternArthur Maynard 1879-1880PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
InternHarry Martin 1898-1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Seneca 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternAmos Dolbier 1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Thomas Cox 1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Ralph Landis 1926PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Augustus A. 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Benjamin F. 1891PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
William Wilberforce 1926PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charlotte 1902-1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Ernest Albert, Jr 1905-1907PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Harvey 1896-1900PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Harvey Walter 1861-1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Matthew Doughty 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternWilliam Jacobs, Jr 1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Womens Homeopathic Hospital
William Jacobs, Jr 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Lemuel E. 1881PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternWalter Ernest 1904PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, St Lukes Hospital
John Adolph 1895-1915PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternAndrew, Jr 1912-1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Benjamin 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternFrank Reynolds 1911-1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Lawrence F. 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Harry Hale 1885-1886PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Walter Augustus 1882PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Molton Hooks 1894PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Albert Philip 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charles Harrison 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
InternVictor Joseph Bernard 1909-1910PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
Victor Joseph Bernard 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Wallace 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
James H. P. 1865-1868PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Howard Leslie 1911-1912PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Howard Leslie 1912-1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Glenn Raymer 1921-1922PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Presbyterian Hospital
Charles Leroy 1918PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charles Lincoln 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Hilton Howard 1919PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Mugurdich Choghauji 1892-1895PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia

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