List of Physicians

With their years and location of service

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List of Physicians; State: PA; County: Dauphin Co
John L. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Wilmot 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Snively S. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
William Thomas 1919PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Joseph 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Moses K. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
SurgeryThomas Edward 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Albert F. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Isaac Coleman 1893PADauphin CoHarrisburg
C. J. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Henry Clay 1888-1889PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Joseph Nelson 1919PADauphin CoHarrisburg
William Lee 1926PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Isaac Elmer 1875-1892PADauphin CoHarrisburg
David H. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Eli H. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
F. W. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
H. Ross 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Joseph H. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John F. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John Cecil 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
B. T. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Samuel G. 1919PADauphin CoHarrisburg
William Tyler 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Pennsylvania State Tuberculosis Dispensary
SurgeryWilliam Tyler 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Polyclinic Hospital
William L. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Thomas Justus 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John Henry, Jr 1904PADauphin CoHarrisburg
William H. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Harry P. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
J. Wesley 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Marion W. 1926PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Charles L. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Charles B. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John H. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
O. M. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Samuel 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Adam C. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Michael 1866-1880PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John A. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
W. M. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
David S. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Jane K. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Frank H. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
J. Z. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
M. U. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
S. R. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Leon K. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Andrew J. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
SurgeryHerbert F. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Polyclinic Hospital
Hugh 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
George Willis 1899-1914PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Paul A. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Samuel Freeman 1894-1895PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Samuel Freeman 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John W. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
David Joseph 1896PADauphin CoHarrisburg, State Hospital
David Joseph 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Hiram W. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John C. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Eugene H. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
DermatologyC. E. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Walter 1888-1889PADauphin CoHarrisburg
William H. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
SurgeryOliver Ringwalt 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
SurgeryGeorge Lauman 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Isaac 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John C. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Charles J. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
G. H. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John B. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
A. S. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John King 1843-1844PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Hiram 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Ezra S. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Eugene 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Optometry, AudiologyJohn F. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, State Hospital
William John 1879-1880PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Alvin Isaac 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Jacob A. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John Harvey 1896-1897PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
SurgeryJohn Harvey 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Martha 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Louis Campbell 1892PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
ObstetricsEdwin Arthur 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Polyclinic Hospital
Mortimer 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
William M. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
H. L. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Arthur L. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
SurgeryJ. Walter 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Clarence Reynolds 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
William H. 1886PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Hugh 1880-1897PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Hugh 1908-1911PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Miriam Reywalt 1926PADauphin CoHarrisburg
George W. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Charles A. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Robert A. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
George Wolf 1857PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Richard Frederic Lot 1926PADauphin CoHarrisburg, State Hospital
Melancthon M. 1912-1914PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Polyclinic Hospital
R. Ross 1872PADauphin CoHarrisburg
J. W. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
J. Warren 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
B. Franklin 1903-1908PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Municipal Hospital
John A. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Raymond Smith 1910-1911PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John L. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Isaac B. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John Adam 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
SurgeryElias Lincoln 1903-1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Shope Hospital
SurgeryElias Lincoln 1908-1914PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Polyclinic Hospital
Jacob W. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Polyclinic Hospital
John R. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Luther M. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
C. Dwight 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Adam Leidig 1897-1908PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Samuel H. 1896PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Benjamin Franklin 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Jeremiah P. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John K. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John C. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Harry 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Samuel S. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
John Ross 1880PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Robert D. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
UrologyS. N. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Julia A. H. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Ephraim Le Rue 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
SurgeryHarry Bushey 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Harrisburg Hospital
Paul Chamberlin 1926PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Joseph Weatherhead 1919PADauphin CoHarrisburg
William M. L. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
George H. 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg, Polyclinic Hospital
Theodore L. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Henry C. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Henry O. 1890PADauphin CoHarrisburg
Martin Luther 1917PADauphin CoHarrisburg
William Edward 1926PADauphin CoHarrisburg

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2PhysiciansPA, Dauphin Co, Wiconisco
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2PhysiciansPA, Lackawanna Co, Waverly
81PhysiciansPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster
1PhysiciansPA, Lancaster Co, Wakefield
2PhysiciansPA, Lancaster Co, Willow Street
1PhysiciansPA, Lancaster Co, Witmer
1PhysiciansPA, Lawrence Co, Volant
1PhysiciansPA, Lawrence Co, Wurtemburg
2PhysiciansPA, Lehigh Co, Slatedale
3PhysiciansPA, Lehigh Co, Trexlertown
1PhysiciansPA, Lehigh Co, Zionsville
1PhysiciansPA, Luzerne Co, Town Hill
1PhysiciansPA, Luzerne Co, Upper Lehigh
1PhysiciansPA, Luzerne Co, Wapwallopen
1PhysiciansPA, Luzerne Co, West Nanticoke
7PhysiciansPA, Luzerne Co, White Haven
84PhysiciansPA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre
1PhysiciansPA, Lycoming Co, South Williamsport
1PhysiciansPA, Lycoming Co, Trout Run
1PhysiciansPA, Lycoming Co, Unityville
3PhysiciansPA, Lycoming Co, Warrensville
2PhysiciansPA, Lycoming Co, White Pine
64PhysiciansPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport
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1PhysiciansPA, Mifflin Co, Siglerville
10PhysiciansPA, Monroe Co, Stroudsburg
2PhysiciansPA, Montgomery Co, Skippack
2PhysiciansPA, Montgomery Co, Trappe
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2PhysiciansPA, Montgomery Co, Worcester
1PhysiciansPA, Montgomery Co, Wynnewood
2PhysiciansPA, Montour Co, Washingtonville
24PhysiciansPA, Northampton Co, Easton
1PhysiciansPA, Northampton Co, Weaversville
1PhysiciansPA, Northampton Co, Wind Gap
1PhysiciansPA, Northumberland Co, Sunbury, Maternity Hospital
4PhysiciansPA, Northumberland Co, Trevorton
5PhysiciansPA, Northumberland Co, Turbotville
5PhysiciansPA, Northumberland Co, Watsontown
2564PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
11PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Childrens Hospital
23PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, German Hospital
163PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Hahnemann Hospital
45PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Jefferson Medical College Hospital
9PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Medico Chirurgical Hospital
7PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane
17PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Hospital
27PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Presbyterian Hospital
7PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, St Timothys Hospital
24PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Wills Eye Hospital
4PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Roxborough, St Timothys Hospital
11PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, West Philadelphia, Blockley Hospital
5PhysiciansPA, Potter Co, Ulysses
1PhysiciansPA, Schuylkill Co, Pottsville, St Christophers Hospital
4PhysiciansPA, Schuylkill Co, Tremont
4PhysiciansPA, Snyder Co, Middleburg
1PhysiciansPA, Snyder Co, Troxelville
1PhysiciansPA, Somerset Co, Somerfield
1PhysiciansPA, Somerset Co, Ursina
1PhysiciansPA, Somerset Co, Wellersburg
3PhysiciansPA, Sullivan Co, Laporte
1PhysiciansPA, Sullivan Co, Shunk
1PhysiciansPA, Susquehanna Co, Union Dale
1PhysiciansPA, Tioga Co, Ogdensburg
9PhysiciansPA, Tioga Co, Wellsboro
4PhysiciansPA, Tioga Co, Westfield
2PhysiciansPA, Venango Co, Utica
1PhysiciansPA, Venango Co, Venus
2PhysiciansPA, Venango Co, Wallaceville
1PhysiciansPA, Venango Co, Wesley
18PhysiciansPA, Warren Co, Warren
3PhysiciansPA, Warren Co, Warren, State Hospital
1PhysiciansPA, Warren Co, Youngsville, Rouse Hospital
1PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, Allenport
1PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, South Strabane
2PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, Vanceville
2PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, Venetia
6PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, West Alexander
2PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, West Finley
3PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, West Middletown
4PhysiciansPA, Wayne Co, Waymart
4PhysiciansPA, Westmoreland Co, Donegal
1PhysiciansPA, Westmoreland Co, Smithton
1PhysiciansPA, Westmoreland Co, Southwest
2PhysiciansPA, Westmoreland Co, West Fairfield
6PhysiciansPA, Westmoreland Co, West Newton
9PhysiciansPA, Wyoming Co, Tunkhannock
2PhysiciansPA, York Co, Shrewsbury
2PhysiciansPA, York Co, Siddonsburg
1PhysiciansPA, York Co, Springvale
2PhysiciansPA, York Co, Windsor
1PhysiciansPA, York Co, Winterstown
2PhysiciansPA, York Co, Yocumtown
44PhysiciansPA, York Co, York
1PhysiciansPA, York Co, York Furnace

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