List of Physicians

With their years and location of service

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List of Physicians; State: NY; County: Kings Co
Megerdich 1886NYKings CoBrooklyn
Megerdick 1910NYKings CoBrooklyn
Daniel 1875-1892NYKings CoBrooklyn
Gabriel Disosway 1853-1876NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward Eugene 1889-1893NYKings CoBrooklyn
Jennie Van Holland 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
H. Sheridan 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Neilson A. 1861-1862NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital
Neilson A. 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Wallace 1892-1911NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Deverell 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Leopold, Jr 1906NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Parker 1896NYKings CoBrooklyn
William C. 1845-1880NYKings CoBrooklyn
Walter Scott 1914NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Henry 1895NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Henry Matuiin 1902NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Torrington 1899-1900NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
William Waldo 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Eddy 1898NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Augustus 1867-1878NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Augustus 1872-1873NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital
Charles Hodge 1890-1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles Lewis 1872-1902NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward William 1884-1885NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Samuel F. 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
William 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Albert Harrison 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
N. Clark 1882-1883NYKings CoBrooklyn, Homeopathic Hospital
N. Clark 1884NYKings CoBrooklyn
Glentworth Reeve 1880NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Morris 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Harrison 1845-1848NYKings CoBrooklyn
John 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank Eddy 1918NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Francis 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Hollenbeck 1908NYKings CoBrooklyn
Samuel B. 1903NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles Augustus 1884-1885NYKings CoBrooklyn
Walter Benajah 1879NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward Perry 1897-1898NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Thomas J. 1912NYKings CoBrooklyn
Stuart 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles Knox 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nathaniel Bryant 1875-1878NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward Everett 1893NYKings CoBrooklyn
Benjamin F. 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
Patrick V. 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward Payson 1883NYKings CoBrooklyn
Albert Marshall 1877NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Hope 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Hale 1851-1862NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles Hermance 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Beeckman 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Joseph Carlisle 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Gideon 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nelson S. 1854NYKings CoBrooklyn
Carroll 1858NYKings CoBrooklyn
Robert Gibson 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Gaston H. 1902-1904NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital
Anton 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Arnold 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edwin Rodney 1895NYKings CoBrooklyn
Penelope McNaughton 1899-1901NYKings CoBrooklyn
Herman P. 1910NYKings CoBrooklyn
Lewis Nathaniel 1897NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nathaniel 1854-1885NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frederick Clifford 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Skidmore 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
James 1852-1856NYKings CoBrooklyn
Merritt Lewis, Jr 1910NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Romaine Crawford 1907-1908NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Isaac McMunn 1902NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Gallagher 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Percy Francis 1912NYKings CoBrooklyn
Alexander Codling 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Stimpson 1894NYKings CoBrooklyn
Joseph H. 1888NYKings CoBrooklyn
Augustus Alphonso 1899NYKings CoBrooklyn
Joel W. 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
Timothy Murphy 1859-1894NYKings CoBrooklyn
Smith Ely 1892-1895NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles 1871-1910NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Shipman 1886NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank Grant 1852-1856NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles Noah Dixon 1884-1890NYKings CoBrooklyn
Dudley Cromwell 1914NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Edward 1908-1909NYKings CoBrooklyn
Joseph Alphonse 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Legrand 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Samuel Thomas 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Howard Tracy 1913NYKings CoBrooklyn
John A. 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nathaniel Wilson 1859-1899NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Minton 1882NYKings CoBrooklyn
Mary Louise 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank Barrett 1898-1899NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
John Cowell 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Daniel Parish 1884-1885NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Francis 1890-1895NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward Frank 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Lewis Duncan 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Lefferts Augusttne 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Hodgson 1895-1896NYKings CoBrooklyn, Homeopathic Hospital
John Abner 1868-1870NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital
Lillian Marion 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Brewster 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
John F. 1869NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Mosely 1840-1848NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry H. 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Walter Alfred 1889-1895NYKings CoBrooklyn
William 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Eliza Maria 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Arthur Richards 1875NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Osborn 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward Linsley 1897NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Thompson 1870-1872NYKings CoBrooklyn
J. B. C. 1903NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Howard 1894NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Horton 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Lewis Stephen 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Ralph Hayward 1891NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Pohlman 1894NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edwin Judson 1881-1884NYKings CoBrooklyn
George M. 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Reese 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Rice 1888NYKings CoBrooklyn
James 1901NYKings CoBrooklyn
Havilah Marcena 1881NYKings CoBrooklyn
Joseph Howard 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Dudley D. 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Nelson 1889-1895NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Nelson 1902NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Gaul 1856-1892NYKings CoBrooklyn
Walter Howard 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Harold A. 1913NYKings CoBrooklyn
Wilbur Fisk 1879-1880NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Godfrey 1892-1893NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Louis 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Peter Lawrence 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Leo Samson 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Irving Frank 1908NYKings CoBrooklyn
Horace Preston 1881-1883NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Evans 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Wesley 1876NYKings CoBrooklyn
Richard Arthur 1912NYKings CoBrooklyn
Francis Jerome 1912NYKings CoBrooklyn
Franklin Edward 1904-1905NYKings CoBrooklyn, Cumberland Street Hospital
Samuel H. 1902NYKings CoBrooklyn
Nelson Buell 1873-1879NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles Carroll 1865NYKings CoBrooklyn, Kings Co Hospital
Horatio Southgate 1847-1875NYKings CoBrooklyn
Edward Horace 1880-1900NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Mckie 1858-1861NYKings CoBrooklyn
W. J. 1903NYKings CoBrooklyn
Richard Henry 1866NYKings CoBrooklyn
Stephen Livingston 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Walter Raymond 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Austin 1891NYKings CoBrooklyn
William Stone 1910NYKings CoBrooklyn
Ira Otis 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Thompson Joseph 1899NYKings CoBrooklyn
John Herbert 1872-1874NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Livesay 1896-1897NYKings CoBrooklyn, Homeopathic Hospital
Lester David 1906-1914NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Peter 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Joseph B. 1866NYKings CoBrooklyn
Charles 1885-1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
George Henry 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn
Henry Goodwin 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Richard W. 1896NYKings CoBrooklyn
John G. 1904NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frank E. 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
James Macfarlane 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Frederick Granville 1882-1903NYKings CoBrooklyn
Allen Mary 1919NYKings CoBrooklyn
Updated: 02 Apr 2020

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