List of Physicians

With their years and location of service

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List of Physicians; State: ME; County: Kennebec Co
Florence J. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
Burt 1897-1901MEKennebec CoAugusta
Lewis King 1917MEKennebec CoAugusta, General Hospital
Harris Clark 1907-1908MEKennebec CoAugusta
David Porter 1877-1906MEKennebec CoAugusta
David P. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
George E. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
George H. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
George Russell 1900MEKennebec CoAugusta
George Appleby 1907MEKennebec CoAugusta
David Benjamin 1893-1896MEKennebec CoAugusta
L. J., Jr 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
Leander James 1894-1904MEKennebec CoAugusta
Oscar Charles Sanborn 1895MEKennebec CoAugusta
Oscar C. S. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
Joseph Willard 1849-1862MEKennebec CoAugusta
Hartwell James 1887MEKennebec CoAugusta
Franklin 1830-1834MEKennebec CoAugusta
Gilbert 1892-1911MEKennebec CoAugusta
Harry Everett 1901-1905MEKennebec CoAugusta
Herbert Wilder 1908MEKennebec CoAugusta, Maine Insane Hospital
H. M. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
W. H. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
Hiram Hovey 1836-1889MEKennebec CoAugusta
Horace B. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
John F. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
W. S. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
Hiram Lionel 1899-1901MEKennebec CoAugusta, Maine Insane Hospital
Hiram Lionel 1910MEKennebec CoAugusta
Herbert Lewis 1885-1897MEKennebec CoAugusta
Albert Joseph 1897-1900MEKennebec CoAugusta
William Townsend 1880-1883MEKennebec CoAugusta
William Berry 1894MEKennebec CoAugusta
D. B. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
David P. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
Charles Jewett 1903-1915MEKennebec CoAugusta
Mary C. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
John Bernard 1904-1907MEKennebec CoAugusta, Maine Insane Hospital
George Washington 1867-1896MEKennebec CoAugusta
R. J. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
Roland Lee 1910MEKennebec CoAugusta
Paul 1857-1860MEKennebec CoAugusta
S. J. F. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
Henry Lambard 1846-1853MEKennebec CoAugusta
James William 1866-1868MEKennebec CoAugusta
Charles Eliakim 1876-1880MEKennebec CoAugusta
James 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
Lorenzo 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
James Deering 1865-1866MEKennebec CoAugusta
Isaac 1838-1839MEKennebec CoAugusta
F. C. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
G. M. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
Isaac 1841-1845MEKennebec CoAugusta
George D. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
Bigelow T. 1886MEKennebec CoAugusta, Maine Insane Hospital
Horatio Southgate 1844-1846MEKennebec CoAugusta
Charles 1828-1833MEKennebec CoAugusta
Issachar 1828-1847MEKennebec CoAugusta
Henry Kingsbury 1900-1905MEKennebec CoAugusta, Maine Insane Hospital
Richard Henry 1903MEKennebec CoAugusta
Albert Ham 1901MEKennebec CoAugusta
W. L. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
Will S. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
William Sylvester 1894MEKennebec CoAugusta
John Wilson 1847-1884MEKennebec CoAugusta
Optometry, OtolaryngologyOliver W. 1917MEKennebec CoAugusta, General Hospital
Optometry, OtolaryngologyOliver W. 1917MEKennebec CoAugusta, State Hospital
Oliver William 1893MEKennebec CoAugusta
Philip Henry Sheridan 1890-1901MEKennebec CoAugusta, Maine Insane Hospital
Stephen E. 1917MEKennebec CoAugusta, State Hospital
George Edward 1898MEKennebec CoAugusta
John Ordway 1875-1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
George Henry 1880MEKennebec CoAugusta
Miss N. T. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta
Nancy T. 1892MEKennebec CoAugusta
Albion G. 1890MEKennebec CoAugusta

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Most Recent Entries
1PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, East Livermore
10PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Greene
4PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Leeds
98PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston
13PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Lisbon Falls
10PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Livermore
12PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Livermore Falls
18PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Mechanic Falls
3PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Poland
3PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Bridgewater
12PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Caribou
1PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Dyer Brook
2PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Eagle Lake
12PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Fort Fairfield
1PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Fort Kent
1PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Frenchville
3PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Hodgdon
21PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Houlton
3PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Linneus
1PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Littleton
2PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Mapleton
4PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Monticello
10PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Presque Isle
2PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Sherman
1PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Smyrna Mills
1PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Upper Frenchville
2PhysiciansME, Aroostook Co, Van Buren
13PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Bridgton
25PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Brunswick
6PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Casco
1PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Chebeague Island
1PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, East Deering
1PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Edes Falls
6PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Falmouth
22PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Gorham
9PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Naples
3PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, North Windham
1PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Peaks Island
234PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Portland
3PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, West Harpswell
3PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Woodfords
18PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Yarmouth
5PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Chesterville
3PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, East Dixfield
25PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Farmington
3PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Farmington Falls
5PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Kingfield
16PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Phillips
9PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Rangeley
2PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Weld
1PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, West Farmington
9PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Wilton
9PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Blue Hill
16PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Bucksport
9PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Castine
1PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, East Sullivan
20PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Ellsworth
3PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Franklin
9PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Orland
4PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Penobscot
1PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, South Deer Isle
5PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Sullivan
1PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Trenton
1PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, West Brooksville
9PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, China
11PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Clinton
1PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, East Vassalboro
42PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Gardiner
4PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Litchfield Corners
1PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, North Pittston
9PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, North Vassalboro
2PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Randolph
1PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Rome
3PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, South China
6PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Togus
41PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
8PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Wayne
1PhysiciansME, Knox Co, Hope
1PhysiciansME, Knox Co, North Haven
48PhysiciansME, Knox Co, Rockland
7PhysiciansME, Knox Co, Rockport
2PhysiciansME, Knox Co, South Thomaston
13PhysiciansME, Knox Co, Thomaston
10PhysiciansME, Knox Co, Washington
7PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, Boothbay
5PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, Bristol
6PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, Dover
2PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, Edgecomb
1PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, Head Tide
4PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, North Whitefield
2PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, Pemaquid
1PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, Somerville
9PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, Waldoboro
11PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Brownfield
7PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Canton
5PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Denmark
9PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Dixfield
1PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, East Hiram
7PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Fryeburg
3PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Hebron
3PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Kezar Falls
1PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Mexico
16PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Norway
1PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Norway Lake
1PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Rumford Point
6PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, West Sumner
13PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Brewer
4PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Carmel
5PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Corinna
18PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Dexter
12PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Dixmont
6PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, East Corinth
4PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, East Eddington
9PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Garland
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Greenfield
8PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Hampden
3PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Hermon
2PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Holden
5PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Kenduskeag
3PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Kingman
3PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Levant
8PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Lincoln
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Lowell
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Mattawamkeag
12PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Newport
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, North Bangor
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, North Bradford
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Olamon
25PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Old Town
2PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Passadumkeag
7PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Plymouth
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Spragues Mill
8PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Springfield
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, West Hampden
6PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Winn
2PhysiciansME, Piscataquis Co, Atkinson
5PhysiciansME, Piscataquis Co, Brownville
4PhysiciansME, Piscataquis Co, Greenville
8PhysiciansME, Piscataquis Co, Guilford
3PhysiciansME, Piscataquis Co, Parkman
2PhysiciansME, Piscataquis Co, Sangerville
9PhysiciansME, Sagadahoc Co, Bowdoinham
6PhysiciansME, Sagadahoc Co, Topsham
1PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Brighton
7PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Canaan
1PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, East New Portland
14PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Fairfield
8PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Harmony
8PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Hartland
8PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Madison
3PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Mercer
1PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Moose River
11PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, North Anson
1PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, North New Portland
11PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Pittsfield
31PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Skowhegan
10PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Solon
6PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Brooks
8PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Center Montville
1PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Jackson
4PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Liberty
5PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Lincolnville
6PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Monroe
2PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Morrill
5PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Palermo
1PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Prospect
7PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Searsmont
2PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Swanville
9PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Winterport
3PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Brookton
2PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Columbia Falls
1PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Deblois
4PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Dennysville
5PhysiciansME, Washington Co, East Machias
17PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Eastport
3PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Harrington
7PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Jonesport
8PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Lubec
1PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Machiasport
4PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Milltown
7PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Princeton
3PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Robbinston
1PhysiciansME, Washington Co, South Robbinston
2PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Topsfield
2PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Vanceboro
1PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Whiting
11PhysiciansME, York Co, Cornish
6PhysiciansME, York Co, Goodwins Mills
16PhysiciansME, York Co, Kennebunk
7PhysiciansME, York Co, Kittery
1PhysiciansME, York Co, Kittery Point
9PhysiciansME, York Co, Newfield
34PhysiciansME, York Co, Saco
4PhysiciansME, York Co, Shapleigh
1PhysiciansME, York Co, South Eliot
8PhysiciansME, York Co, Springvale
6PhysiciansME, York Co, Waterboro
7PhysiciansME, York Co, Wells
6PhysiciansME, York Co, West Buxton
2PhysiciansME, York Co, West Newfield

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