List of Physicians

With their years and location of service

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List of Physicians; State: MD; County: Baltimore City
Abraham T. 1890MDBaltimore City
Alexander C. 1890MDBaltimore City
John J. 1919MDBaltimore City
Anna Detring Schultze 1926MDBaltimore City
John Robert 1926MDBaltimore City
Ronald Taylor 1926MDBaltimore City
James Frederick 1894MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
SurgeryJames Frederick 1896MDBaltimore CityUS Marine Hospital
John 1855-1859MDBaltimore City
Harry 1926MDBaltimore City
Ashton 1801-1803MDBaltimore CityGeneral Dispensary
Ashton 1812MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Hospital
Victor Felix 1870-1906MDBaltimore City
Y. F. 1890MDBaltimore City
L. M. 1896-1897MDBaltimore CityLying-in Hospital
Joseph 1801-1802MDBaltimore CityGeneral Dispensary
Robert Turner 1926MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
Willis, Jr 1903-1904MDBaltimore CityUniversity Hospital
Edwin Pascal 1926MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
Delano 1892MDBaltimore City
Robert 1890MDBaltimore City
J. Ridgway 1892MDBaltimore City
James 1890MDBaltimore City
Edwin Cowles 1926MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
L. F. 1892MDBaltimore City
Samuel 1839-1845MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Almshouse
Robert Harris 1798-1805MDBaltimore City
J. 1892MDBaltimore City
John 1811-1814MDBaltimore CityGeneral Dispensary
Abraham B. 1890MDBaltimore City
Abram B. 1892MDBaltimore CityHebrew Hospital
A. T. 1892MDBaltimore City
Thomas A. 1875-1879MDBaltimore CityUniversity Hospital
Thomas A. 1875-1879MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Thomas Almond 1919MDBaltimore City
Caleb Noble 1900MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
A. 1892MDBaltimore City
A. Duvall 1895-1896MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
PathologyA. Duvall 1898-1899MDBaltimore CityHospital for Crippled and Deformed Children
Algernon Duval 1926MDBaltimore City
I. E. 1892MDBaltimore City
Thomas C. 1850MDBaltimore City
John Forsyth 1926MDBaltimore City
Charles Robert 1926MDBaltimore City
J. 1892MDBaltimore City
J. 1892MDBaltimore City
Margaret 1892MDBaltimore City
J. A. 1892MDBaltimore City
Charles J. 1846MDBaltimore City
E. Ridgely 1890MDBaltimore City
Michael Shellman 1822-1826MDBaltimore CityGeneral Dispensary
SurgeryWilliam Stevenson 1899-1900MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
William Stevenson 1926MDBaltimore City
Frederick Henry 1919MDBaltimore City
Walter Albert 1926MDBaltimore City
Cecil Hopkins 1926MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
Charles, Jr 1926MDBaltimore City
Marshall H. 1894MDBaltimore CityCity Hospital
James 1821-1823MDBaltimore City
William W. 1890MDBaltimore City
E. C. 1892MDBaltimore City
John Cook 1926MDBaltimore City
S. 1892MDBaltimore City
John J. 1890MDBaltimore City
Edwin K. 1890MDBaltimore CityHospital for the Women of Maryland
SurgeryWilliam Hewson (2) 1890-1893MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
Edward 1890MDBaltimore City
De Lancey H. 1892MDBaltimore City
De Lancy H. 1890MDBaltimore City
Charles W. 1890MDBaltimore City
Lewellys Franklin 1894-1895MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins Hospital
Lewellys Franklin 1926MDBaltimore City
George W. 1892MDBaltimore City
James S. 1892MDBaltimore City
Francis Merriman, Jr 1907MDBaltimore City
W. 1892MDBaltimore City
William M. 1890MDBaltimore City
J. 1892MDBaltimore City
John 1890MDBaltimore CityGovanstown
Edward H. 1890MDBaltimore City
Robert C. 1892MDBaltimore City
Kemp B. 1892MDBaltimore City
Kemp Battle 1889-1890MDBaltimore CityUniversity Hospital
Kemp Battle 1890MDBaltimore CityLying-in Hospital
J. Anson 1890MDBaltimore City
J. W. P. 1892MDBaltimore City
H. 1892MDBaltimore City
H. M. 1892MDBaltimore City
Henry Willis 1826-1829MDBaltimore CityGeneral Dispensary
Henry Willis 1849-1850MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Almshouse
J. Brown, Jr 1884-1892MDBaltimore CityGeneral Dispensary
J. Brown, Jr 1890MDBaltimore City
John Ward 1926MDBaltimore City
Nathaniel Munroe 1926MDBaltimore City
J. J. 1865-1866MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
G. Franklin 1890MDBaltimore City
G. B. 1892MDBaltimore City
A. T. 1892MDBaltimore City
S. A. 1892MDBaltimore City
A. M. 1892MDBaltimore City

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Most Recent Entries
28PhysiciansMD, Allegany Co, Cumberland
9PhysiciansMD, Allegany Co, Frostburg
1PhysiciansMD, Allegany Co, Mt Savage
1PhysiciansMD, Allegany Co, Oldtown
1PhysiciansMD, Allegany Co, Vale Summit
29PhysiciansMD, Anne Arundel Co, Annapolis
1PhysiciansMD, Anne Arundel Co, Parole
1PhysiciansMD, Anne Arundel Co, Rutland
3PhysiciansMD, Anne Arundel Co, South River
2PhysiciansMD, Anne Arundel Co, St Margarets
1PhysiciansMD, Anne Arundel Co, Sudley
1PhysiciansMD, Anne Arundel Co, Waterbury
2PhysiciansMD, Anne Arundel Co, West River
1171PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City
23PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Baltimore Almshouse
8PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Baltimore Hospital
15PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Bayview Asylum
27PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Bayview Hospital
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Bellevue Hospital
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Cholera Hospital
9PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Church Home and Infirmary
27PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, City Hospital
1PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, College of Physicians and Surgeons
10PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Eastern Dispensary
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Evening Dispensary
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Eye and Ear Institute
15PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Eye Ear and Throat Hospital
34PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, General Dispensary
5PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Good Samaritan Hospital
11PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Hebrew Hospital
3PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Hospital for Crippled and Deformed Children
14PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Hospital for the Women of Maryland
155PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Johns Hopkins Hospital
16PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Johns Hopkins Hospital Dispensary
7PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Johns Hopkins University
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Kelso Orphan Asylum
6PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Lying-in Hospital
13PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Maryland General Hospital
1PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Melvale, Asylum for the Insane and Inebriates
1PhysiciansMd, Baltimore City, Melvale, Industrial Home for Colored Girls
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Mt Hope Retreat
14PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Presbyterian Eye Ear and Throat Hospital
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Quarantine Hospital
6PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Special Dispensary
7PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, St Agnes Hospital
11PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, St Josephs Hospital
13PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Union Protestant infirmary
25PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, University Hospital
25PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, University of Maryland
13PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, US Marine Hospital
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City, Washington University
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City Co, Mt Washington
4PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City Co, Mt Winans
4PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City Co, Orangeville
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore City Co, Woodberry
3PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co
9PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Catonsville, Sielings Sanitarium
9PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Catonsville, Spring Grove State Hospital
1PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Mt Wilson
1PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Owings Mills
1PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Parkton
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Parkville
5PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Pikesville
8PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Reisterstown
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Rossville
1PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Stablersville
1PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Texas
1PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Timonium
10PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Towson
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Towson, Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital
2PhysiciansMD, Baltimore Co, Upper Falls
1PhysiciansMD, Calvert Co
5PhysiciansMD, Calvert Co, Plum Point
1PhysiciansMD, Calvert Co, Port Republic
1PhysiciansMD, Calvert Co, Prince Frederick
1PhysiciansMD, Calvert Co, Solomons
5PhysiciansMD, Calvert Co, Sunderland
2PhysiciansMD, Calvert Co, Wallville
7PhysiciansMD, Caroline Co, Federalsburg
1PhysiciansMD, Caroline Co, Potters Landing
2PhysiciansMD, Caroline Co, Preston
2PhysiciansMD, Caroline Co, Templeville
1PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co
2PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Eldersburg
1PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Finksburg
1PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Middleburg
8PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, New Windsor
5PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Sykesville
1PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Sykesville, Maryland Hospital for the Insane
8PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Taneytown
2PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Taylorsville
1PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Tyrone
8PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Union Bridge
2PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Union Mills
3PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Uniontown
1PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Warfieldsburg
15PhysiciansMD, Carroll Co, Westminster
1PhysiciansMD, Cecil Co
9PhysiciansMD, Cecil Co, Elkton
1PhysiciansMD, Cecil Co, Perryville
8PhysiciansMD, Cecil Co, Port Deposit
3PhysiciansMD, Cecil Co, Principio
3PhysiciansMD, Cecil Co, Rising Sun
2PhysiciansMD, Cecil Co, Rock Springs
3PhysiciansMD, Cecil Co, Rowlandsville
2PhysiciansMD, Cecil Co, Zion
1PhysiciansMD, Charles Co, Nanjemoy
1PhysiciansMD, Charles Co, Pisgah
4PhysiciansMD, Charles Co, Pomonkey
5PhysiciansMD, Charles Co, Popes Creek
1PhysiciansMD, Charles Co, Port Tobacco
1PhysiciansMD, Charles Co, Tompkinsville
1PhysiciansMD, Charles Co, Waldorf
1PhysiciansMD, Charles Co, Wicomico
2PhysiciansMD, Dorchester Co
3PhysiciansMD, Dorchester Co, Cambridge, United Charities Hospital
2PhysiciansMD, Dorchester Co, Taylors Island
2PhysiciansMD, Dorchester Co, Vienna
1PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co
4PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Adamstown
2PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Centerville
30PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Frederick
1PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Frederick, Montevue Hospital for the Insane
1PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Ladiesburg
1PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Libertytown
5PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Middletown
1PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Motters
2PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Myersville
3PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, New Market
2PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Petersville
1PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Point Of Rocks
3PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Urbana
1PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Wolfsville
4PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Woodsboro
1PhysiciansMD, Frederick Co, Woodville
3PhysiciansMD, Harford Co
7PhysiciansMD, Harford Co, Bel Air
3PhysiciansMD, Harford Co, Perryman
2PhysiciansMD, Harford Co, Prospect
1PhysiciansMD, Harford Co, Shawsville
1PhysiciansMD, Harford Co, Taylor
1PhysiciansMD, Harford Co, Wimbledon
10PhysiciansMD, Howard Co, Ellicott City
1PhysiciansMD, Howard Co, Pine Orchard
2PhysiciansMD, Howard Co, Savage
1PhysiciansMD, Howard Co, Simpsonville
3PhysiciansMD, Howard Co, West Friendship
1PhysiciansMD, Kent Co
11PhysiciansMD, Kent Co, Chestertown
2PhysiciansMD, Kent Co, Kennedyville
4PhysiciansMD, Kent Co, Millington
1PhysiciansMD, Kent Co, Sassafras
2PhysiciansMD, Kent Co, Still Pond
2PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co
3PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co, Clarksburg
2PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co, Norbeck
3PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co, Olney
4PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co, Poolesville
1PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co, Potomac
10PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co, Rockville
1PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co, Sandy Spring
4PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co, Spencerville
1PhysiciansMD, Montgomery Co, Wheaton
3PhysiciansMD, Prince Georges Co
3PhysiciansMD, Prince Georges Co, Muirkirk
3PhysiciansMD, Prince Georges Co, North Keys
1PhysiciansMD, Prince Georges Co, Piscataway
5PhysiciansMD, Prince Georges Co, Upper Marlboro
7PhysiciansMD, Queen Annes Co, Church Hill
6PhysiciansMD, Queen Annes Co, Queenstown
1PhysiciansMD, Queen Annes Co, Ruthsburg
5PhysiciansMD, Queen Annes Co, Sudlersville
1PhysiciansMD, Somerset Co
1PhysiciansMD, Somerset Co, Rehobeth
1PhysiciansMD, Somerset Co, Widgeon
1PhysiciansMD, St Marys Co
1PhysiciansMD, St Marys Co, Newmarket
1PhysiciansMD, St Marys Co, River Springs
1PhysiciansMD, St Marys Co, St Marys City
1PhysiciansMD, Talbot Co
20PhysiciansMD, Talbot Co, Easton
5PhysiciansMD, Talbot Co, Oxford
5PhysiciansMD, Talbot Co, St Michaels
2PhysiciansMD, Talbot Co, Trappe
3PhysiciansMD, Talbot Co, Wittman
1PhysiciansMD, Talbot Co, Wye Mills
49PhysiciansMD, Washington Co, Hagerstown
1PhysiciansMD, Washington Co, Ringgold
2PhysiciansMD, Washington Co, Sharpsburg
2PhysiciansMD, Washington Co, Smithsburg
2PhysiciansMD, Washington Co, Stanley
7PhysiciansMD, Washington Co, Williamsport
3PhysiciansMD, Wicomico Co, Pittsville
1PhysiciansMD, Wicomico Co, Powellville
1PhysiciansMD, Wicomico Co, Quantico
14PhysiciansMD, Wicomico Co, Salisbury
1PhysiciansMD, Wicomico Co, Tyaskin
1PhysiciansMD, Worcester Co
6PhysiciansMD, Worcester Co, Pocomoke City
8PhysiciansMD, Worcester Co, Snow Hill

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