List of Physicians

With their years and location of service

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List of Physicians; State: MA; County: Essex Co
Howard Edwin 1895MAEssex CoLynn
ConsultantCornelius A. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Myra D. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Carl E. 1913-1914MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
J. B. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
John Henry 1915MAEssex CoLynn
M. M. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
William Henry 1916MAEssex CoLynn
John A. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
DermatologyCharles H. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Charles Howard 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Horace C. 1866-1867MAEssex CoLynn
A. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
AssistantJoseph A. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Joseph Armand 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Joseph Armand 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Hamlin P. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Charles A. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Tekla Amelia Joseitna 1915MAEssex CoLynn
F. W. A. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
GynecologyRalph E. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Oliver Edward 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Surgery, AssistantOrrin Curtis 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
John M. 1852-1854MAEssex CoLynn
OrthopedicsBoston 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
SurgeryAlfred Preston 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Alfred Preston 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Bowman Bigelow 1865-1866MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryNathaniel Pope 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
F. F. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Charles Robinson 1873-1907MAEssex CoLynn
Coeleb 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Walter L. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryFrank L. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
George B. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Gladys L. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
William B. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryIsidore H. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
S. W. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
LaryngologyCarlous M. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
LaryngologyCarolus M. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Henry 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Curtis B. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Joseph Arthur 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Alvin Matthew 1865-1880MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryArthur E. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Charles F. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
AssistantStephen R. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Reuben Fletcher 1875MAEssex CoLynn
Archibald S. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Frederick B. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
E. M. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
M. R. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
G. Warren 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Joseph O. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
George Hurlburt 1881-1882MAEssex CoLynn
Martha J. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Roscoe E. 1886-1888MAEssex CoLynn
Charles Benjamin 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Wilfred G. 1910-1911MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Harold Adams 1902MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Joseph W. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
OrthopedicsJoel E. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
J. W. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
RadiologyJames H. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
SurgeryGeorge H. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
George Henry 1893MAEssex CoLynn
GynecologyLoring 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Timothy R. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryMelvin Alphonso 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
William Loring 1846-1851MAEssex CoLynn
Perley 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Arthur E. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Arthur Eugene 1896MAEssex CoLynn
William Deblois 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Leonard W. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryL. F. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Alfred T. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Esther H. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
G. William 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
I. P. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Walter L. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Walter S. D. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryCharles L. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
William E. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
S. W. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
William T. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryWilliam T. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
SurgeryCharles E. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
H. W. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Harold A. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
UrologyHarold A. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
OphthalmologyElgin Wilbur 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
James Ambrose 1915MAEssex CoLynn
T. F. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Charles L. M. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryFrank L. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Frank Luvill 1887MAEssex CoLynn
James A. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
William R. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryGeorge Holland 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Frank E. 1898MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Charles P. De 1892MAEssex CoLynn
William F. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
H. P. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Louis H. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryWilliam B. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
SurgeryFrank T. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
George Woodworth 1910MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryT. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
SurgeryCharles A. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Charles D. S. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Fred W. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
John J. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
GynecologyEdward T. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Wilmont Leighton 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
C. F. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
W. R. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
OtolaryngologyA. H. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
OphthalmologyArchibald H. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
J. Brayton 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Roy Went Worth 1915MAEssex CoLynn
W. A. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
John J. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Frederick J. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Alexander 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryCharles E. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Clarence E. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Charles H. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Butler 1915MAEssex CoLynn
N. R. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Demetrios A. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
James Stewart 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
F. A. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Howard T. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
John Henry 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Harrington B. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
George Henry 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Howard N. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
E. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Herbert W. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Luther 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Avery Lester 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Edward 1892MAEssex CoLynn
OrthopedicsHarvey F. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Herbert W. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Edward Scott 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
James V. 1909-1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
William F. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryJoseph F. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Charles A. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Samuel 1915MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryG. C. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
S. Manning 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
SurgeryJoseph G. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Joseph Gurney 1919MAEssex CoLynn
Philip Chester 1873-1875MAEssex CoLynn
J. H. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
William Buzzell 1865-1877MAEssex CoLynn
Charles E. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
B. F. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
SurgeryEmil C. F. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
SurgeryEmil F. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Chauncey C. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
William G. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
M. C. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
M. O. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
AudiologyMurdock C. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Oscar L. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
I. H. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Clarence Augustus 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Frank Dana Switzer 1882-1896MAEssex CoLynn
S. W. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
Willard Coombs 1902MAEssex CoLynn
Alberto Horatio 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Charles Edwin 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Frank E. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Frank Ellsworth 1886-1910MAEssex CoLynn
Henry E. 1912-1913MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
William Edward 1872-1875MAEssex CoLynn
Nathaniel Carter 1830-1833MAEssex CoLynn
John Wilson 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Edith C. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
Perez William 1913-1914MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
Mabel W. 1915MAEssex CoLynn
W. 1892MAEssex CoLynn
AssociateWilliam Greenleaf 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
James Knight 1906MAEssex CoLynn, Lynn Hospital
John Ordway 1870-1875MAEssex CoLynn
Charles March 1848-1855MAEssex CoLynn
J. Robert 1915MAEssex CoLynn
William Wallace 1888-1889MAEssex CoLynn
Edward Payson 1883-1910MAEssex CoLynn
George F. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
George H. 1915MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Charles Arthur 1903MAEssex CoLynn

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Most Recent Entries
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2PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Lowell, General Hospital
1PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Lowell, High School
61PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Malden
1PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Malden, Malden Contagious Hospital
30PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Malden, Malden Hospital
25PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Medford
15PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Melrose
2PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Melrose, Isolation Hospital
18PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Melrose, Melrose Hospital
2PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Melrose, New England Sanitarium
15PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Natick
3PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Natick, Leonard Morse Hospital
39PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Newton
13PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Centre
9PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Highlands
4PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Lower Falls
6PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Upper Falls
41PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Newton, Newton Hospital
13PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Newtonville
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105PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Somerville
2PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Somerville, Contagious Hospital
25PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Somerville, Somerville Hospital
11PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Stoneham
22PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Tewksbury, Massachusetts State Hospital
1PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Tewksbury, Mt Sinai Hospital
18PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Wakefield
48PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Waltham
9PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Waltham, Baby Hospital
4PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Waltham, Massachusetts School For Feeble Minded
23PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Waltham, Waltham Hospital
17PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Watertown
4PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Watertown, Florence Crittenden Maternity Home
16PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Waverley, Mclean Hospital
6PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, West Medford
14PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, West Newton
11PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, West Somerville
1PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Winter Hill
19PhysiciansMA, Middlesex Co, Woburn, Charles Choate Memorial Hospital
11PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Braintree
88PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline
5PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline, Channing Sanitarium
3PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline, Contagious Hospital
22PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline, Free Hospital For Women
14PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline, House Of The Good Samaritan
34PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline, St Elizabeths Hospital
4PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline, Talitha Cumi Maternity Home
10PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Canton
7PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Cohasset
17PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Dedham
9PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, East Weymouth
4PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Foxboro, State Hospital
4PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Holbrook
7PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Medfield, State Hospital
5PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Milton
1PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Milton, Cunningham Hospital
3PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Milton, Milton Hospital
9PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Needham
1PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Norfolk, St Vincents Hospital
3PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Norfolk, State Hospital
17PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Norwood
28PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Quincy
30PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Quincy, City Hospital
13PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Randolph
4PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Sharon
3PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, South Braintree
6PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, South Weymouth
4PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley
4PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley Hills
2PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley, Simpson Hospital
4PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, West Quincy
7PhysiciansMA, Norfolk Co, Wollaston
1PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Bridgewater, Almshouse Hospital
7PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Bridgewater, State Asylum For Insane Criminals
11PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Bridgewater, State Hospital And State Farm
9PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Hingham
14PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Plymouth
3PhysiciansMA, Plymouth Co, Plymouth, Jordan Hospital
17PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Allston
1121PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
25PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Berkeley Infirmary
153PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston Dispensary
6PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Burrage Hospital
90PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Childrens Hospital
388PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, City Hospital
13PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Deer Island Hospital
10PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Faulkner Hospital
38PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Floating Hospital
5PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Harvard Medical School
4PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Haymarket Square Relief Station
8PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, House of the Good Samaritan
29PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Infants Hospital
56PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Long Island Hospital
77PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Lying-In Hospital
10PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Massachusetts Babies Hospital
91PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Massachusetts Charitable Eye And Ear Infirmary
301PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital
152PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital
15PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Medical Mission Dispensary
68PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Mt Sinai Hospital
32PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital
6PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Pope Dispensary
61PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, St Elizabeths Hospital
6PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, US Marine Hospital
12PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Brighton
28PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Charlestown
57PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Chelsea
31PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Chelsea, Rufus S. Frost General Hospital
122PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester
6PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester, Boston Home For Incurables
18PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester, Boston State Hospital
3PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester, Convalescent Home
8PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester, Free Dispensary
3PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester, Free Home For Consumptives
16PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester, St Marys Infant Asylum
34PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, East Boston
29PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Hyde Park
8PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Hyde Park, New England Peabody Home For Crippled Children
41PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Jamaica Plain
17PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Jamaica Plain, Adams Nervine Asylum
43PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Infant Asylum
9PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Mattapan
31PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Mattapan, Boston Consumptives Hospital
4PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Neponset
19PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Revere
15PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roslindale
119PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury
3PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Boston Nursery For Blind Babies
6PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Boston Psychopathic Hospital
3PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Channing Home
7PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Cullis Consumptives Home
4PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Cushing Hospital
9PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, New England Baptist Hospital
126PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, New England Hospital For Women And Children
10PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Robert Breck Brigham Hospital
4PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, St Lukes Home For Convalescents
4PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, St Monicas Home
12PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Tremont Dispensary
8PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Vincent Memorial Hospital
9PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Roxbury, Womans Charity Club Hospital
43PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, South Boston
130PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, South Boston, Carney Hospital
11PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, West Roxbury
19PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Winthrop
2PhysiciansMA, Suffolk Co, Winthrop, Metcalf Hospital
33PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Fitchburg
3PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Fitchburg, Burbank Hospital
1PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Gardner, Heywood Memorial Hospital
1PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Milford, Milford Hospital
7PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Rutland, Massachusetts State Sanitorium
2PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Southborough
8PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Westborough, Insane Hospital
4PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Whitinsville
7PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Winchendon
142PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester
12PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, City Hospital
1PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Dale General Hospital
1PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Homeopathic Hospital
5PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Insane Asylum
17PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Insane Hospital
3PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Memorial Hospital
6PhysiciansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, St Vincents Hospital

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